Takahashi Kuni



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Standard Profile Information

Name: Takahashi Kuni
Kanji: 高橋 城
Position: Composer
Former Takarasienne: No

Birthday: 1939
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kyoto

First Takarazuka Work: YEAR Name of Performance


YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
2018Mélancolique GigoloNational TourFlower
2017In the Amber-Hued RainNational TourSnow
2017 Partial Time TravelBow HallCosmos
2016Caleb Hunt, Private Eye / Greatest Hits!MainSnow
2015-16GOLDEN JAZZMainMoon
2015A Night for StargazingMainSnow
2015StardomBow HallFlower
2015Takarazuka FantasiaMainFlower
2015Mélancolique Gigolo / Citrus Breeze IIINational TourCosmos
2015Fancy Guy!MainSnow
2015BanditoBow HallMoon
2014Passionate Takarazuka!MainStar
2014The KingdomDrama CityMoon
2013Lupin -Arsène Lupin-MainMoon
2013Black JackDrama City / Nippon SeinenkanSnow
2012In the Amber-Hued Rain / CelebrityNational TourStar
2012Danza Serenata / CelebrityMainStar
2012Too Short a Time to Fall in Love / Heat on Beat!National TourMoon
2012InfinityBow HallSnow
2011Luna RossaMainCosmos
2010Roget / Rock On!MainSnow
2010Mélancolique Gigolo / Love SymphonyNational TourFlower
2010Carnevale: A Sleeping DreamMainSnow
2009Last Play / Heat on BeatMainMoon
2009Raindrops Fall on Roses / Amour, it's something like...MainCosmos
2009SAUDADEDrama CityMoon
2009Sorrowful CórdobaNational TourFlower
2008-09Floating Bridge of DreamsMainMoon
2008The Wind of Buenos AiresBow HallStar
2008Mélancolique Gigolo / Love SymphonyChunichiFlower
2008King Solomon's Ring / La MariposaMainSnow
2008Red Hot SeaMainFlower
2007-08Revue Orchis -A Star Named Orchis-MainStar
2007A Magician's MisfortunesMainMoon
2007Never SleepBow HallCosmos
2007Space Fantasista!MainCosmos
2007Tuxedo JazzMainFlower
2007Fancy Dance MainMoon
2006-07I Love ChopinMainCosmos
2006Too Short a Time to Fall in Love/Neo Dandyism!MainStar
2006Appartement CinémaUmeda Art TheaterFlower
2006Albatross, Go SouthNippon Seinenkan Hall & Bow HallSnow
2006Fete ImperialBow HallStar
2006ScoutBow HallFlower
2005-06Asian Winds!MainFlower
2005Soul of Shiva!!ToursStar
2005Soul of Shiva!!MainStar
2005Neo VoyageMainCosmos
2005Silver WolfNational TourSnow
2005Sky BlueDinner ShowStar
2005Bourbonstreet BluesBow HallMoon
2005Hotel Stella Maris / The Legend of the RevueMainCosmos
2005Sleeping MoonDrama CitySnow
2005Takarazuka Revue Charity ConcertSpecialVarious
2004-05Takarazuka's Dream KingdomMainSnow
2004Romantica Takarazuka '04MainStar
2004Takarazuka Splendor IIMainMoon
2004BelovedBow Hall & Nippon SeinenkanMoon
2004La Esperanza / Takarazuka's Dancing DreamsMainFlower
2004Takarazuka SplendorMainStar
2004Takarazuka Glory!MainSnow
2004Applause Takarazuka!MainFlower
2004Javanese DancerNational TourMoon
2004Hana no IsogiBow HallStar
2003-04Lightning in the Daytime / Temptation!MainCosmos
2003GanryuuBow Hall & Nippon SeinenkanStar
2003Lica-Rika/L.RDrama CityMoon
2003A Revue is BornMainFlower
2003The Star Dust PartyMainCosmos
2002-03The Glassy Landscape / BabylonMainStar
2002Winter GartenBow HallStar
2002With a Song in My Heart MainMoon
2002Memories of Barcelona / On the FifthMainSnow
2002The ShowstopperMainCosmos
2002Diamond EyesDrama CityFlower
2002CocktailHakataza TheaterFlower
2002Southern Cross Revue in ChinaChina TourStar
2002In the Amber-Hued Rain / CocktailMainFlower
2001-02Rose GardenMainSnow
2001Practical JokeDrama CityMoon
2001Southern Cross Revue IIMainStar
2001Over the Moon -Tsukikage Hitomi Chronicle-Bow HallSnow
2001CanaryDrama CityFlower
2001PassageHakataza TheaterSnow
2001Blood and SandBow HallMoon
2001Dreams Fly Around the WorldMainStar
2000-01Asian SunriseMainFlower
2000Profile of a SaintBow HallStar
2000Sarani KuruwajiBow HallMoon
2000Mayerling / Glorious!!National TourCosmos
2000Department StoreMainSnow
2000Love InsuranceDrama CityStar
2000Blue Moon BlueMainMoon
1999-00My Love Lies Over the MountainsTakarazuka & 1000 Days TheatersStar
1999Bravo! TakarazukaChina TourMoon
1999EpiphanyBow HallStar
1999The Revue '99MainFlower
1999CrossroadDrama CityCosmos
1999Orpheus in SpiralMainMoon
1999Passion -Jose and Carmen- / The Revue '99MainCosmos
1999Say It AgainBow HallSnow
1999Much Ado About NothingBow HallMoon
1999The TempestBow HallCosmos
1998-99Citrus BreezeMainCosmos
1998-99Dark Brown Eyes / Le Bolero RougeMainMoon
1998/99Buenos Aires no KazeDrama CityMoon
1998Christmas StoryDrama CityStar
1998Frozen Tomorrow: Bonnie & ClydeBow HallSnow
1998Hemingway RevueMainStar
1998This is TAKARAZUKAHong KongCosmos
1998Angels at Dawn -The Sorrow of Bullets-Bow HallStar
1997-98Let's Jazz!MainSnow
1997Fascination IIMainStar
1997El DoradoMainMoon
1997Fake LoveBow HallMoon
1997Angels at DawnJapanese Youth HallStar
1997Southern Cross RevueMainFlower
1997Golden DaysMainSnow
1997AlasDrama CityMoon
1996-97Descendant of BaronMainMoon
1996La Jeunesse!MainSnow
1996Who is Bad? / Passion BlueMainMoon
1996Beyond the EndNippon SeinenkanMoon
1996Gin-chan's LoveBow HallMoon
1996Nightless Castle in ManhattanMainMoon
1996Ma Belle EtoileTourSnow
1996Yellow HandkerchiefsBow HallStar
1995Ma Belle EtoileMainSnow
1995Beyond the EndBow HallMoon
1995Hard-Boiled EggMainMoon
1995Action!Drama CityStar
19951001 Baroque NightsMainSnow
1995Sorrowful Córdoba / Mega VisionMainFlower
1995Last DanceBow HallFlower
1995Goodbye Merry-Go-RoundBow HallSnow
1995Aria Dream SongDrama City / Aichi AnnuitySnow
1994-95Burning Wings of LoveBow HallStar
1994-95Le MistralDrama CityMoon
1994Black Jack / PhoenixMainFlower
1994Ride OnBow HallFlower / Snow
1994Jump Orient!MainStar
1994The Afterglow of EireMainMoon
1994WantedBow HallMoon
1994Hyper Stage!MainFlower
1994A Battlefield for the Two of UsBow Hall & Nippon SeinenkanSnow
1993-94Light & ShadowTheater Drama CityStar/Snow
1993-94Seal of the Bourbons / La Côte d'AzurMainSnow
1993The Door to Here / Million DreamsMainMoon
1993Mélancolique Gigolo / La Nova!MainFlower
1993Manhattan StoryBow HallMoon
1993Mayerling / PapalagiMainStar
1993Parfum de ParisMainStar
1993Take OffMainSnow
1992-93Hello, George!Bow HallStar
1992Takarazuka "Dreams"NYC & Drama CitySelect
1992Jump For JoyDrama CityMoon / Snow
1992Sparkling TwilightDinner ShowFlower
1992Memories of YouMainMoon
1992Legend of the Midnight Sun / One Night MirageMainStar
1992Fancy TouchMainFlower
1992Flower Drum SongBow HallFlower
1992Junction 24National TourFlower
1992Lovers' ConcertoChunichiSnow
1992Dreamy FragranceMainMoon
1992Fantastic "N"Bow HallStar
1991Lovers' ConcertoMainSnow
1991Say Hello to E.T.Dinner ShowFlower
1991Sweet TyphoonMainSnow
1991Narcisse NoirMainStar
1991Silver WolfMainMoon
1991The Flash!MainFlower
1991Junction 24MainFlower
1991The Beautiful BeastBow HallFlower
1990The Beautiful BeastBow HallFlower
1990Citylight MelodyBow HallStar
1990BluffBow HallMoon
1990Mayflower / Takarazuka Revue '90MainStar
1990Paradise TropicanaMainSnow
1990Love PotionMainMoon
1990Bright Delight TimeMainSnow
1989-90The Romanov Jewelry / Gitan des GitansMainFlower
1989Diga Diga DooMainStar
1989Waterfront LullabyBow HallMoon
1989The DreamerMainMoon
1989Red Hot LoveMainMoon
1989La Passion!MainSnow
1988Viva! Shiva!MainMoon
1988Too Hot!MainStar
1988Velvet ColorBow HallFlower
1987Pear Blossoms - Dancing in the PalaceMainSnow
1987Pale KissBow HallStar
1987Show Up ShowMainFlower
1987What's the Title...!Bow HallStar
1987Touch Me -Takashio Tomoe's World- Bow Hall/Nippon SeinenkanFlower
1986-87La NostalgieMainMoon
1986Boogie Woogie FoliesMainStar
1986PuppetBow HallStar
1986Love CantataBow Hall & abc HallStar
1986The HeroesMainFlower
1985-86The SwingMainMoon
1985Tender Green / AndrogynyMainFlower
1985Habatake Ougon no Tsubasa yoMainSnow
1985And Now!MainSnow
1985If There's Love, I'll Live Forever -Napoleon and Josephine-MainFlower
1985Sorrowful Cordoba / LumiereMainStar
1984-85Guys and DollsMainMoon
1984Love and Fire / Full BeatMainSnow
1983-84Heart JackMainMoon
1983Mayerling / Happy Ending StoryMainSnow
1983Happy Ending StoryMainSnow
1983Mayerling / Grand EleganceMainSnow
1983Lonely HeartBow HallStar
1983The Window of OrpheusMainStar
1983UnderlineBow HallFlower
1983Opera TropicalMainFlower
1983Venice, Dream of LionsBow HallFlower
1982-83Passionate BarcelonaMainMoon
1982-83Golden DreamMainSnow
1982Japan OvertureMainFlower
1982Slowdance On the EveBow HallFlower
1982Joli ChapeauMainMoon
1981-82Sun Orient Sun MainSnow
1981Takarazuka Spring Dance (Child Floral Diary) / First Love MainFlower
1980New Fancy GameMainStar
1980Fancy GameMainStar
1977-78Boy Meets GirlMainMoon
1974Romance RomantiqueMainMoon
1974Romance RomantiqueMainSnow
1974Romance RomantiqueMainMoon

Musical Director

YearTitleType of PerformanceTroupe
1999West Side StoryMainStar
1998West Side StoryMainMoon

Non-Takarazuka Projects

YearTitleMain or Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant
YEARName of PerformanceMain / Assistant


  • Is married to former musumeyaku Yoshino Mana (class of 1971).