Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds!


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English Title: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds!
Japanese Title: 落陽のパレルモ / ASIAN WINDS!-アジアの風-
Romanized Title: Rakuyou no Parerumo / ASIAN WINDS! - Ajia no Kaze -

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2005-06
Performances: Takarazuka, 11/4 - 12/13 (2005); Tokyo, 1/2 - 2/12 (2006)
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka, 11/29; Tokyo, 1/17

Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun:

Author: Ueda Keiko
Director: Ueda Keiko
Music Composed/Adapted By: Yoshida Yuuko, Saitou Tsuneyoshi
Choreography: Masaki Rino
Fighting Co-ordinator: Atsumi Hiroshi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Inaba Daichi
Conductor (Takarazuka): Misaki Megumi
Conductor (Tokyo):

Asian Winds!:

Author: Okada Keiji
Director: Okada Keiji
Music Composed/Adapted By: Yoshizaki Kenji, Takahashi Kuni, Kai Masato
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Sha Tamae, Ootani Morio, Muromachi Akane, Miori Yumino

Available on DVD: Yes (DVD release date 2/5/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No

RoleCastShinko Cast
Vittorio RossiHaruno Sumire Hanagata Hikaru
Anrietta Claudia di Cavare Fuzuki Miyo Sakurano Ayane
Vittorio Fabrizio Rossi di Cavare Ayabuki Mao Asaka Manato
Count Rodrigo Salvatore Fontini Matobu Sei Mochizuki Rise
Giuditta Ferri Toono Asuka Kashiro Kiho
Duke Alessandro Fabrizio di Cavare Natsumi You Mineki Ayato
Elvira Felicita Maria di Cavare Rika Masumi Sakura Ichika
EnricoMayuzuki Kou Uraki Hiroto
Duchess Maria Conzetta di Cavare Kou Hizuru Hanagiri Wakana
Mathilda Conzetta Amalia di Cavare Sakurano Ayane Miono Seira
Beatrice Bianca di CavareKayou Kirari Hanazuki Yuma
Duke Mario Francesco di Donbouille Ban Akira Shihou Nanami
Nicola Gilotti Ranju Tomu Ougi Megumu
LuciaSakura Ichika Maina Rion
FeliccitaKashiro Kiho Nanase Kira
Vittorio as a little boyNono Sumika Aura Maki
Giorgio FondiMisuzu Aki Ayashiro Rea
Annabella FondiNanase Kira Hanano Juria
Father MiguelOotomo Reika Tsukiji Kanade
Stefano FondiYuuma Rin Natsuzora Momomi
General BrunoMineki Ayato Yuuzumi Shun
Colonel MassimoShihou Nanami Yuugiri Rai
Duchess BeccadelliUtahana Yumi Kayou Kirari
Count TrigonaNatsuzora Momomi Shiyou Rene
Countess TrigonaEri Chiaki Shiou Miyabi
Marchioness Valentini Suzuha Ranno Hatsuhime Saaya
Count CazzaroTachibana Riya Mineno Kazuma
Countess CazzaroHanagiri Wakana Shizuka China
CarloTakashou Mizuki Hinata San
RicardoAine Harei Nozomi Fuuto
LucaKiryuu Sonoka Amon Machi
SaroTaka Reira Tsukio Kazusa
LuchianoHanagata Hikaru Yuuna Hayaki
LauraSuzukake Miyuki Tama Mayura
MartaKasumi Fuuka Aizumi Moeri
SandraMaishiro Nodoka Hanasaki Ririka
TadzioMochizuki Rise Amamiya Nao
TheresaMaina Rion Hitomi Yuyu
PepeAyashiro Rea Saezuki Runa

Nono Sumika was out for the Takarazuka run beginning on 11/25. She was replaced by Aura Maki from 11/26 - 12/7. However, Aura Maki was out for the Takarazuka run beginning 12/8, and all of the Tokyo run. At this point, Hitomi Yuyu took over the role for the rest of the Takarazuka run and also the Tokyo shinjin kouen.

Other Cast: Shima Arata, Seika Mai, Tonan Sakira, Hatsuki Yoshiya, Koko Maria, Mebuki Yukina, Ryou Kagura, Umesaki Ibu, Seto Kazuya, Natsushiro Ranka, Shiraki Akari, Ootori Mayu, Kachou Shiho, Hanamine Chiharu, Haruhana Kirara, Kira Masato, Ayasaki Mei



Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun

In 1942, a budding opera director Vittorio Fabrizio comes back with his girlfriend Giuditta to a mansion of the Ducal House of Cavare which, in the past, had been powerful and prosperous in Palermo, Italy. Although Vittorio is heir to the Ducal House of Cavare, he left Palermo and now lives in Milan. The present head of the house is Vittorio's grandmother Elvira, who welcomes her grandson's homecoming with joy. Giuditta marvels at the splendor of the mansion. In the sitting room, Vittorio draws her attention to a large portrait of his great-grandfather Vittorio Rossi and great-grandmother Anrietta Claudia di Cavare. His great-grandfather was a hero of the Italian liberation forces, while his great-grandmother was the eldest daughter of the Ducal House of Cavare. Vittorio tells Giuditta the story of his great-grandparents who had persevered in their true love.

In the spring of 1860 in Sicily under the rule of the Neapolitan Bourbons, the unification movement of Italy or the Risorgimento grows stronger. Garibaldi's landing on the island provides an opportunity to Vittorio and his childhood friend Nicola to join the revolution army as volunteers. Vittorio wishes for the coming of a new age of Sicily. The revolution army forces the soldiers of the Bourbons to evacuate Palermo the capital of Sicily thereby winning a victory.

In the spring of the following year, Italy is unified under the authority of the Kingdom of Sardinia whose capital is Turin, Piedmont. Vittorio is promoted to lieutenant colonel of the government army for his distinguished war service even though he is a commoner by birth. One day Vittorio accompanies his superior officer, Count Rodrigo Fontini who is from an illustrious Sicilian noble family, to a dinner party given by the influential noble in Palermo, Duke Cavare. The duke says that he is somewhat disappointed by the new government. Vittorio tells him that Sicily needs to change in order to keep abreast with the times. The duke's eldest daughter Anrietta sees a lot of dignity in Vittorio who speaks out in conviction of what the future should be for Italy. She agrees with his belief that all men are equal before God. Vittorio feels she is wise, highly cultured and just, and is attracted to her. Before his departure, he tells her he wants to see her again alone at his village Mondello on the day of the village festival.

Vittorio returns to his village on the day of the promise and waits for Anrietta at the church. She comes to the church before long. She asks him to tell her about himself. He tells her that he was born to a noble man and a common woman. His mother, separated from his father for the reason that they belonged to different classes, died in deep grief. Vittorio therefore wishes for such a world where people are equal to become a reality. Anrietta is impressed by his determination and feels attracted to him. They join in with the villagers dancing in a ring and continue dancing as if they were destined to be always together.

Government troops arrive and order the villagers to immediately end the festival in compliance with a law set forth by the new government. Rodrigo is surprised to find Anrietta among the villagers. When he draws near her to bring her back with him, she breaks his grip and tells him that she loves Vittorio. Rodrigo in love with Anrietta feels so humiliated that he finds himself bound in honor of his courtship to challenge Vittorio to a duel. Duke Cavare who has been looking for his daughter arrives and discourages them from dueling. The duke exclaims that he will ask the head of the government army to transfer Vittorio to a new post so that he would not meet with his daughter anymore.

In the evening, Anrietta deeply grieves at Vittorio's being transferred far away from Sicily. Her mother, Duchess Maria, reminds Anrietta that she is heir to the ducal house and tries to persuade her into giving up on Vittorio who is from a different class. However, Anrietta insists that she cannot forget him. Later in the evening, Vittorio steals into Anrietta's bedroom. When she bursts into joy crying out, "Why, indeed, have I fallen so deeply in love with you?" he strongly embraces her. He vows that he will come back to marry her after he changes the world into a world of equality, while she promises to wait for him. As they have confirmed their mutual love, they further feel bound to each other.

Shortly afterward, Vittorio receives a letter from Anrietta. He learns that she has lost her mother, and she is now more aware of her duty to succeed the ducal house notwithstanding the fact she loves him. Her loyalty to the ducal house leaves a vacuum in his life. He had fought till then in the belief that the world where all men are equal shall one day become a reality. Anrietta and Vittorio decide in despair to separate under the vow that they will love each other eternally. However...

Asian Winds!

Act 1 : Prologue : Dawn of Asia (Mongolia)

People dance and sing in praise of heroes in the expanse of an Asian plain.

Scene 1 :

An old man with his morin khuur (Monglian horsehead violin) sits on a rock on the plain and sings about eternity while playing his instrument.

Old man with his morin khuur ~ Natsumi You

Scenes 2 and 3 :

When the thunder rolls, a Mongolian hero appears at the center of the stage and sings the theme song under a sky thick with stars. From behind a dune, brave Mongolian warriors come out with banners. They dance while vigorously running. The hero and warriors all dance in a group, leading to a thunderous chorus.

Hero of the plain ~ Haruno Sumire
Warriors A ~ Ayabuki Mao, Matobu Sei, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei

Act 2 : The Ultramarine Sea (Okinawa)

Scene 4 :

In addition to the boom of the sea, the faint sound of a samisen (Japanese lute instrument with three strings and a long neck) can be heard. Young woman S and other Young women of the Islands sing together.

Young woman S of the islands ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Young woman A of the Islands ~ Toono Asuka
Female samisen player ~ Rika Masumi
Young women of the islands ~ Sakura Ichika, Hanano Juria, Kashiro Kiho, Sakurano Ayane, Kayou Kirari

Scenes 5 and 6 :

Men and women of the islands lively dance and sing to a swinging rhythm.

Young man S of the Islands ~ Haruno Sumire
Young woman S of the islands ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Young men A of the Islands ~ Ayabuki Mao, Matobu Sei, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei
Young women A of the Islands ~ Suzukake Miyuki, Kasumi Fuuka, Maishiro Nodoka, Toono Asuka

Act 3 : The Highest Goodness is like Water (China)

Historical persons of China lightly dance on the slow-moving waters of a large river.

Scene 7 :

An old woman recites Lao Tse's teachings. An emperor stands in a vast space. A drop of water that seems to have come from the large river falls down from the heavens when the emperor serenely begins to sing. Several itinerant monks in black slowly dance as if they are practicing Tai Chi Chuan.

Emperor Shou (Long Life) ~ Haruno Sumire
Warlords A ~ Takashou Mizuki, Matobu Sei, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei
Woman reciter ~ Rika Masumi

Scenes 8 and 9 :

Pretty imperial concubines enter and dance while swinging the long sleeves of their costumes. Warlords join in and energetically dance with the imperial concubines. Shortly afterward, the emperor sings again on the waters of the large river.

Emperor Shou (Long Life) ~ Haruno Sumire
Imperial Concubine Chia (Beautiful) ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Warlords A ~ Takashou Mizuki, Matobu Sei, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei

Act 4 : Ryoichi Hattori's Hit Numbers in Medley

Ryoichi Hattori's hit numbers are presented.

Scene 10 :

Ryoichi Hattori's hit numbers in medley (Shanghai): My Dream, My Song (Waga yume, waga uta).

Master of ceremonies ~ Natsumi You
Ryoichi Hattori's shadow ~ Ayabuki Mao

Scene 11 A and B : China Tango

Tango women A ~ Matobu Sei, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei
Tango women ~ Toono Asuka, Kashiro Kiho, Sakurano Ayane

Scene 11 C : Is Love a Rose (Koi ha bara no hana ka)

Rose singer ~ Utahana Yumi

Scene 11 D : Ever Dear Tango (Natsukashino tango)

Tango woman S ~ Fuzuki Miyo

Scene 11 E : Suzhou Nocturne (Soshu yakyoku)

Tango woman S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Man of Suzhou A ~ Ayabuki Mao

Scene 12 : Adieu Shanghai

Ryoichi Hattori's shadow ~ Haruno Sumire

Scene 13 :

Ryoichi Hattori's hit numbers in medley (Ginza, Tokyo).

Master of ceremonies ~ Ootomo Reika

Scene 14 A : Blue Mountains (Aoi sanmyaku)

Young man A ~ Matobu Sei
Young men ~ Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki, Kiryuu Sonoka, Hanagata Hikaru, Mochizuki Rise, Hinata San

Scene 14 B : Over a Cup of Coffee (Ippai no kohi kara)

Young man A ~ Ayabuki Mao
Young woman A ~ Kashiro Kiho

Scene 14 C : Lakeside Inn (Kohan no yado)

Young woman S ~ Fuzuki Miyo

Scene 14 D : A Buddhist Monk in a Mountain Temple (Yamadera no Osho-san)

Young men (singers) ~ Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki, Kiryuu Sonoka, Hanagata Hikaru, Mochizuki Rise, Hinata San

Scene 14 E : Under the Skies of Tokyo (Tokyo no sora no shita)

Young man A ~ Ranju Tomu

Scene 14 F : CanCan Girls of Ginza (Ginza kankan musume)

Cancan girl A ~ Toono Asuka
Cancan girls ~ Sakura Ichika, Nanase Kira, Hanano Juria, Tama Mayura, Maina Rion, Sakurano Ayane

Scene 15 : Tokyo Boogie-Woogie

Boogie-woogie man S ~ Haruno Sumire
Young woman S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Young men A ~ Matobu Sei, Ranju Tomu
Cancan girl A ~ Toono Asuka
Young woman A ~ Kashiro Kiho

Act 5 : Korean Fantasy

The good old days and the music of today's young people fuse in Korea.

Scene 16 : Korean Fantasy (Myongdong)

In the busy street of the Myongdong area in Seoul, Korea, a group of young people dance and then perform a street dance.

An old pair, who seem to have just come from the deep countryside, are painfully walking through the crowded street. The old woman runs into a passerby and falls. The old man helps her to stand up and picks up her handbag from which a music box falls. It starts to play the sweet old melody of Febuga (Song of Onara) which is a song of longing for one's lover.

Man of street dance A ~ Ayabuki Mao
Old man named Kim ~ Natsumi You
Old woman named Kim ~ Rika Masumi
Men of street dance ~ Takashou Mizuki, Mayuzuki Kou, Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki, Kiryuu Sonoka

Scene 17 : Korean Fantasy (Fields in a countryside)

The country unrolls itself in a pastoral distance. Children sing juvenile songs. Farmers till the field. Young men join in the young women's dance. A young man named Lee comes and joins the group of dancing young men and women. Lee runs into a child who bursts into tears. Lee wipes the child's tears away and sings.

Lee ~ Haruno Sumire

Scene 18 : Korean Fantasy (Palace)

A part of today's Myongdong area appears. Present-day Korean people come into the area. Then, the sublime palace of the Lee Dynasty appears. A king and queen exit from the center followed on both sides by warriors and pompously dressed aristocrats. The people of the present and those from the Lee Dynasty vividly sing in chorus.

Young man named Lee ~ Haruno Sumire
Queen ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Man of street dance A ~ Ayabuki Mao
Old man named Kim ~ Natsumi You
Old woman named Kim ~ Rika Masumi
King ~ Ootomo Reika

Act 6 : Sanpaguita (The Philippines)

People dance and sing in front of a church adorned with sanpaquitas (white jasmine flowers).

Scene 19 A :

A young man sings the Phillippine song Sanpaguita.

Singer of Sanpaguita ~ Matobu Sei
Boy playing a kolitong (Philippine bamboo zither) ~ Mineno Kazuma

Scene 19 B :

At a plaza in front of a church where white sanpaguitas are in full bloom, a newlywed couple receives congratulations from their friends and joyfully goes through an arch made up of sabers by their friends. The couple dances, and the singer of Sanpaguita joins the couple.

Singer of Sanpaguita ~ Matobu Sei
Romero ~ Ranju Tomu
Imelda ~ Toono Asuka
Young women of sanpaguita A ~ Maishiro Nodoka, Hanano Juria, Kashiro Kiho, Sakurano Ayane

Interlude : '"Dahil Sa Iyo''

Scene 20 : Dahil Sa Iyo

Elegantly-dressed main stars come onto the front bridge-stage and sing in duet.

Man of Dahil Sa Iyo S ~ Haruno Sumire
Woman of Dahil Sa Iyo S ~ Fuzuki Miyo

Act 7 : Asian Rocket

Scene 21 :

A light and merry prelude leads to the precision dance of Takarazuka's 32 Rocket Girls.

Act 8 : Bolero of the Asian Winds

Dances are performed to the theme music arranged to the tune of bolero.

Scene 22 :

Men in black tailcoats dance on the grand staircase to the theme music The Asian Winds arranged to the tune of bolero.

Gentleman S ~ Haruno Sumire

Act 9 : Finale

A parade of splendor unfolds on and around the grand staircase to the rhythm of the theme music.

Scenes 23 and 24 :

A grand finale unfolds with a combination of the theme music and a variety of songs.

Gentleman of finale S1 ~ Haruno Sumire
Gentlewoman of finale S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Gentleman of finale S2 ~ Ayabuki Mao
Gentleman of finale S3 ~ Matobu Sei
Gentleman of finale S4 ~ Ranju Tomu
Gentlemen of finale A ~ Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki
Gentlewoman of finale A ~ Toono Asuka
Etoile ~ Kashiro Kiho

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Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds! (Flower 2005-06) - Reviewed by Chioco

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