Please read the information below carefully before attempting to use this database.

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What's A Wiki?

A wiki database is set up so that the general public can contribute information to a common website. They can create pages of new information, or edit existing pages, so the rest of the site's visitors may benefit from their knowledge.

The Takarazuka Wiki, or TakaWiki, has been set up as such a database in the hopes that English-speaking fans around the world will contribute their knowledge in the attempt to build as exhaustive a resource as possible on the Takarazuka Revue.

The Rules

In order for this community to remain open for public additions, we ask that you abide by the following rules.

1. All entries must be Takarazuka-related.

2. Absolutely no adult content may appear on this site. This includes profanity and pornographic materials. If you attempt to post such content, you will be banned.

3. Debates and discussions of differences of opinion are encouraged. Arguing, bickering, and pettiness are not. If you cause problems of that nature, you may be banned.

4. Please be respectful of your fellow Takarazuka fans and their hard work. While you are welcome to correct mistakes and add new information where appropriate, please don't rewrite something someone else has posted or delete sections of text. If you feel a huge edit is necessary, post the information in the Site Discussion forum so the author may review it.

5. We have created templates for many different types of entries (reviews, glossary definitions, actress profiles, performances, etc.) Please learn how to use the templates so that TakaWiki looks as uniform as possible. If your entry is very different from the template, it may be edited or even deleted.

6. When posting news in the forums, please cite your sources (the official website, a Japanese news site, etc.) If the information you are posting is simply rumour or conjecture, make sure you specify it as such. Do not post information considered by Hankyu to be private, e.g. the real names and ages of current Takarasiennes; if you see such information has been posted, please let an editor know.

7. The exchange of bootlegs is not permitted on this site. Don't ask for bootlegs and don't offer them for sale; such actions harm the theatre, violate copyright law, and would not be received kindly by those of us who have invested hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in this hobby. Trading and selling official merchandise, and trading television broadcasts, is permitted, and we have a forum where you may conduct such trades if you'd like.

8. Public information that is available in other places on the web as well as on TakaWiki may be reposted as you wish. This includes cast lists, performance lists, and basic information about Takarasiennes, e.g. height, birthday, and hometown. (However, if you are taking this data from a private fan page, in any language, please honour any requests not to use their data.)

9. Images posted to TakaWiki should be scanned or screencapped from your personal Takarazuka collection, rather than borrowed from elsewhere on the web. Likewise, images contributed to TakaWiki by its members should not be borrowed for use elsewhere on the web without the permission of the original contributor.

10. None of the information in TakaWiki's Translations section should be considered in the public domain. If you wish to use any of these translations for personal projects (websites, journals, subtitled videos, re-translations, etc.) you must contact the original translator for permission first. Anyone found disobeying this rule may be banned from the TakaWiki permanently.

The TakaWiki Editors

To preserve the quality of the information in the Takarazuka Wiki as much as possible, many of its pages will be locked for Editor access only.

There is a group of TakaWiki users who have been classified as Editors. Editors have the ability to make changes to more pages than the general public. If you are an English-speaking Takarazuka fan who has a good deal of Takarazuka knowledge, and/or the ability to translate Japanese, and you would like to apply for an Editor position, please write to the TakaWiki Webmistress.

Please include the following information in your email: your TakaWiki user name, your email address, how long you have been a Takarazuka fan, some details about how insane you are, and any other information that you feel qualifies you to serve as a TakaWiki Editor.

How Do I Edit / Add An Entry?

It's really simple. First, though, you have to register for an account here. You won't be able to add or edit anything until you've logged in. Once you've signed up for an account, if you have access to edit a particular page, you'll see an "EDIT" button below the entry.


Click on the button and you'll be taken to a page where you can edit the text. Please keep in mind, you CANNOT USE HTML. Instead, you can use the editing buttons to create underlined/bold/italic/colored text, insert images and line breaks, etc.

More Information:

Adding An Entry - Walkthrough
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Formatting Tips
Using Templates
Adding Images
Page Naming Guidelines
Practice Page

But I Have Information For An Entry I Can't Edit!

Go to the Site Discussion forum forum, or click on the "comment" button at the bottom of the entry, and leave us a note about what you'd like to see added. If you find you have lots of information on a lot of entries you don't have access to, please consider becoming an Editor so you can add the information yourself. :)

OH NO!! I Tried To Edit A Page and Messed It Up!!

Don't panic. Whatever you do, don't re-save the page a billion times trying to fix it, because we might not be able to restore the old version if you create too many new ones. Just drop us a line in the Site Discussion forum and let us know which entry got mangled. We can usually restore the old version without too much trouble, and you can try your edits again.