Lucifer's Tears / Tarantella!


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English Title: Lucifer's Tears / Tarantella!
Japanese Title: 堕天使の涙 / タランテラ!
Romanized Title: Datenshi no Namida / Tarantera!

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2006
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 9/22 - 10/30; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 11/17 - 12/24
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 10/17; Tokyo Theater, 11/28

Lucifer's Tears:

Based On:
Author/Director: Ueda Keiko
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreographer: Ishii Jun, Masaki Rino
Stage Planning: Ohashi Yasuhiro
Conductor (Takarazuka): Sasada Aiichirou
Conductor (Tokyo): Izawa Ichirou
Shinjin Kouen Director: Koyanagi Naoko


Author/Director: Ogita Kouichi
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Kai Masato, Aoki Tomoko, Saitou Tsuneyoshi, Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Iga Yuuko, Miori Yumino, Kawasaki Etsuko
Conductor (Takarazuka): Sasada Aiichirou
Conductor (Tokyo): Kiyokawa Tomomi

Available on DVD: Yes (DVD release date 12/15/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Lucifer (Ex-archangel banished to Hell by God)Asami Hikaru Ouki Kaname
Lillith (Blind ballerina who lost her prestigious position)Maikaze Rira Ootsuki Sayu
Jean-Paul Doret (Up-and coming choreographer)Mizu Natsuki Ozuki Tooma
Sister Agnes (Head nun of a church)Kou Hizuru Mariki Towa
Duke Robert de Leblanc (Jean-Paul's stepfather, a person of influence in the Parisian theatrical world)Ban Akira Manami Sora
Duchess Justine de Leblanc (Jean-Paul's mother, a legendary former diva of the Opera House of Paris)Itsumine Aki Suzuhana Risa
Anton Vermet (Producer)Asuka Yuu Shiraho Rin
Sister Theresa (Nun)Akari Nami Hanao Konomi
Henri (Tricky playwright)Mirai Yuuki Tani Mizuse
Edmond de Rainier (Musician in a slump)Sou Kazuho Saou Kurama
Sebastian Legris (Pianist, a devout Christian)Otozuki Kei Daigo Seshiru
Marcel Dreyfus (Edmond's pupil)Ayana Oto Renjou Makoto
Countess GrefielMiho Keiko Aihara Mika
SilvieArisa Miho Yumeka Ayari
Count Frederich du DunoisYuu Naoki Shiyuu Mirei
Camille RostandAi YoukoHaruka Midori
LadyYurika Shiho Yoshino Honoka
AdelaAmase Izuru Junya Chitose
AurerieAsaki Yumemi Hozuki Haruna
CharlotteYamashina Ai Sahana Mako
NinaMaisaki Rin Hanaka Yurin
Duran GildanSouno Haruto Isaki Maoto
MargoMorisaki Kaguya Sen Hafuri
AnnaJin Reika Murasaki Itsumi
MayaSuzuhana Risa Satsuki Aina
SarielOuki Kaname Saeki Chihaya
AugusteOzuki Tooma Oonagi Mao
EmileSaou Kurama Karyou Shizuru
AlessandraYumeka Ayari Yuuzuki Rena
CharlesDaigo Seshiru Yuuki Senju
YvetteOotsuki Sayu Manaka Ayu

Senka: Yashiro Kou (Tarantella)

Snow Troupe:
Kaho Anna, Hiiragi Tomoe, Aya Mizuki, Misaki Rei, Aoi Fubuki, Saika Ryou, Aiki Yuma, Kaon Yuuki, Ouju Hirari, Suzuse Miuto, Azusa Haruki, Chikaze Karen, Asakaze Rei, Suzune Ryou, Ouka Reno, Seiga Ryou, Konohana Inori, Touma Kazuki, Utakaze Sui, Shiranagi Suzu, Hinazuki Otoha, Ouga Mitsuki, Kise Mirano, Toumi Sarasa, Rinjou Kira, Shouno Chio, Momohana Hina, Mana Haruto, Oosumi Rei, Hanashiro Mai, Kizuki Mirei, Kenzaki Yuuka



Musical Fantastique

Lucifer's Tears

Paris reaches a cultural maturity that reeks of decadence and immorality in the early twentieth century. One evening, opening night at the Musard, a club famous for its costume balls, features Lucifer in Hell. An eerie forest of Hell provides a backdrop for the lead dancer. He icily and violently dances, representing the demonic magic of the fallen angel Lucifer, who appeared before Adam and Eve in the disguise of a snake to tempt them away from God thus and seek his own revenge against God. The audience spellbound by the unreal dance, lavishly praises the performer. Shortly afterward, the dancer returns to the stage, and upon recognizing the up-and-coming choreographer Jean-Paul, says to him: "My name is Lucifer. I have come from Hell to see you". Jean-Paul realizes that he alone can hear Lucifer's voice. He invites the astonished Jean-Paul to pay a visit at his mansion and then suddenly disappears.

A few days later, Jean-Paul learns that production of a play based on Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal has been discontinued, due to its immoral content. Duke and Duchess Leblanc arrive and find Jean-Paul raged by the decision: He had been choreographing the piece. Duchess Justine Leblanc, who is Jean-Paul's mother, and her husband, stepfather to Jean-Paul, have wielded their influence to abandon the project. Justine does not appreciate her son's work, condemning it as a disgrace to the art of dance. Justine and her son hate, and hurt, each other. Sinking in depression, Jean-Paul remembers Lucifer's invitation.

At dusk on the following day, Jean-Paul visits Lucifer's mansion. His host leads him into a garden filled with blooming roses blooming "blue" roses. Lucifer asks the choreographer to create a work to be titled A Dance in Hell. He is sure that his magical dancing skills will fascinate people and thereby make them revere him. He also reveals that he will use A Dance in Hell as blasphemy and, therefore, as revenge against God. Jean-Paul cannot resist Lucifer's magnetism.

The production of A Dance in Hell begins. Lucifer has the privilege of choosing the heroine from among dancers. He selects Yvette, a favorite of Count Dunois (a patron of Jean-Paul), and appoints her to the role of heroine. Sebastian, a pianist and her boyfriend, objects to Yvette taking advantage of the Count's favoritism. However, Lucifer seduces her into taking the role by convincing her that she will never have such an opportunity again. Jean-Paul dislikes the musical compositions of Edmond, who is suffering from a creative slump, and impatiently demands that the composer start over from scratch. Before Edmond can finish, Jean-Paul learns that Edmond's pupil Marcel has remarkable talent, therefore asking Marcel to compose the pieces of music. Jean-Paul then suggests that Edmond announce that the pieces are his own compositions. Edmond wavers in his decision to plagiarize his pupil's work, as he finds dishonesty contemptible. Lucifer approaches Edmond and fans his jealousy for Marcel's talent, thus inflaming his evil spirit. Edmond and Yvette begin obtaining what they desire by obeying Satan instead of God. Lucifer says that this human world filled with ugly desires is the image of A Dance in Hell, sneering at the real human nature loved by God.

Lucifer, who was thrown out of Heaven by God, eternally lives in darkness, suffering from profound loneliness. He strolls through Paris and comes to a small church in a popular quarter. A blind prostitute, who has fallen nearby, is brought into the church. Lucifer notices that she has been cutting herself, and asks her why she has attempted suicide. He learns that she was named Lilith after the female devil, and sympathizes with her in her loneliness, which he realizes is similar to the darkness in his own heart.

Lucifer captivates and manipulates important persons of society one after another. People reverse themselves about their critical views they have had toward Jean-Paul's works. Jean-Paul questions Lucifer about his true purpose in making A Dance in Hell. Lucifer answers that he wants to discover why God created human beings. Jean-Paul tells Lucifer that human beings are predestined that they often shall become devils instead of themselves and that their innocent souls shall become dirty. Then, he talks of his twin sister from whom he has been separated. Lucifer identifies Lilith, whom he saw at the church, as Jean-Paul's twin sister who had been praised as a ballerina only angels dancing in Heaven can match. Lucifer rushes to the church to see her.

Lilith lost her prestigious position and will likely die in a few days. Lucifer asks her if she bears a grudge against God who gave her nothing but suffering. She replies that she wants to believe that God loves even a woman like her and that she accepts God's wishes whatsoever.

Lucifer wonders if people live only for the sake of suffering. In the end, he discovers the true nature of human beings, in the course of his contacts with individuals, who struggle to live on while longing for salvation.

Revue Arabasque


Author/Director: Ogita Kouichi
Composer: Ogita Kouichi

Act 0

The introduction aims at enlivening the revue to begin.

Pied Piper - Otozuki Kei
Young Girl - Yamashina Ai

Act 1: Prologue

Tarantella comes on to the stage and dances. Other performers join him and move around.

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Spiderwoman S - Maikaze Rira
Spiderman S - Mizu Natsuki

Act 2: Spanish

Tarantella in a guise of matador appears in the midst of a Spanish scene.

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Matador S - Mizu Natsuki
Gypsy (Man) A - Sou Kazuho, Otozuki Kei

Act 3: Interlude - River La Plata

At River La Plata, Tarantella meets with a butterfly. He falls in love with her but later leaves her.

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Butterfly S - Maikaze Rira

Act 4: Buenos Aires - Amsterdam

The lyric scene in Buenos Aires changes into the one in Amsterdam filled with the sound of accordion.

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Woman in streets S - Maikaze Rira
Man in streets A - Mizu Natsuki

Act 5: The Atlantic

Tarantella dances in duet enjoying the vastness of the ocean.

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Woman of the sea S - Maikaze Rira

Act 6: Amazon

A lively and Latin jungle revue unfolds with samba numbers.

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Woman of the Amazon S - Maikaze Rira
Man of the Amazon A - Mizu Natsuki

Act 7: Finale

A duet dance changes into a mass dance.

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Gentlewoman S / Latin Woman S - Maikaze Rira
Gentleman A / Latin Man A - Mizu Natsuki
Latin Men A - Sou Kazuho, Otozuki Kei

Act 8: Parade

Tarantella - Asami Hikaru
Gentlewoman of Parade S - Maikaze Rira
Gentleman of Parade A - Mizu Natsuki
(All Other Performers)

Other Information

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Review of Lucifer's Tears by Shimonu

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