A Battlefield for the Two of Us

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English Title: A Battlefield for the Two of Us
Japanese Title: 二人だけの戦場
Romanized Title: Futari Dake no Senjou

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1994
Performances: Bow Hall, 1/15 - 1/30; Nippon Seinenkan, 2/4 - 2/13; Aichi Annuity Hall, 10/1 - 10/3

Author / Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Composer: Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Sha Tamae

Available on VHS: Yes


Thierry Sinclair (a new ensign in frontier base)Ichiro Maki
Lyla (a Gypsy)Hanafusa Mari
Clifford (Sinclair's friend)Todoroki Yuu
Strozek (Lyla's father, state parliament)Natori Rei
Colonel Howser (commander of the base)Kodai Mizuki
Major Quaid (deputy commander of the base)Izumi Tsukasa
Alva (Lyla's older brother)Wao Youka
Elsa (hostess of a cafe)Saotome Sachi
Sergeant Rushmore (soldier in the base, Elsa's lover)Katsuragi Nanaho
Lena (a Gypsy)Asagiri Mai
Shiek (a Gypsy)Aran Kei
Lisa (a Gypsy)Marioka Tomomi
Griffin (soldier)Mashio Izuru
Rettorio (sergeant)Takakura Kyou
Novaro (soldier in the base, hates Sinclair)Yabuki Shou
A writerAran Kei
AttorneyKazahaya Yuu

Other cast: Akari Nami, Haruno Wakaba, Asakage Rui, Marika Nami, Nakahara Kurea, Kasai Hitomi, Chishiro Ayumu, Kishiro Miki, Ounami Tsubasa, Mayo Sakura, Mashio Izuru, Hazuki Rei, Mayuzuki Kou, Yumeki Noa, Hibiki Maria



A Battlefield for the Two of Us

Written and Directed by Masatsuka Haruhiko

(Taken from Japanese Wikipedia)

A military trial is being held in a certain federal state in a corner of Europe. The defendant's name is Thierry Sinclair, and the charge is murder of his superior. Why did he, a well-behaved young officer from a prestigious family and a soldier who was loyal to his duties, commit the crime of murdering his superior?

A few years before this trial, Sinclair graduated from the military academy with his best friend Clifford and other classmates. Sinclair and Clifford have been assigned to Kreutzer base in Lucosta, where independence is swirling. Unlike Clifford, the third son of a fallen aristocrat who can't choose his post, Sinclair, who's burning with ideals and volunteered to be assigned to Kreutzel, surprised him. On graduation night, at a bar, Sinclair catches the eye of a beautiful gypsy dancer. And she, along with a young man she was dancing with, sees them getting tangled up with three drunken soldiers and helps them out. Her daughter's name is Lyla, and the young man who's with her is her brother.

The next day, Sinclair delivers the necklace that was dropped by Lyla. Lyla is surprised when Sinclair shows up at the gypsy camp. It should be unthinkable for a man of the main race, let alone an officer, to step into a gypsy's bed. She feels kindness and understanding towards them, even if they are of a different race, and she opens her heart to Sinclair. Sinclair tells her that she will be assigned to Lucosta, along with her people. The two part, anticipating that they would meet again. Shortly after, Sinclair triumphantly arrives at the Kreutzer base where a worried Clifford is waiting.

Hauser, the chief of the Kreutzer base, is keeping good relations with the local peacful gypsies, and has a personal friendship with Strosek, the head of the gypsies. Sinclair runs into Lyla at Strosek's home, where the chief takes him. She is Strozek's daughter. Guided by Lyla, Sinclair is shown the village where gypsies live. By interacting with them directly, Sinclair realizes the smallness and meaninglessness of ethnic differences. He loved his hometown, loved his daily life, and there was no such thing as ethnic differences in his heart. After befriending the gypsies, Sinclair attends their festival. Lucosta have a sad legend: "A long time ago, a gypsy girl fell in love with the son of the Sultan, who sent an invading army, and ran away with her, both of them were shot dead by the Sultan." On the night of the festival, in connection with the legend, men and women pair up and the whole village dances until morning. After dancing with Lyla, Sinclair reveals to her the feelings he had since the first time he saw her. Lyla is confused because of her ethnicity, but she can't hide her own feelings, and she accepts his love. However, as if to tear the two apart, a gunshot roars, and the peaceful atmosphere of night of the festival changes completely.

The gunshot was an attack by a terrorist group composed of local gypsy youths. The gypsy extremists, who have been quiet lately, suddenly spring into action, casting suspicion on Alva, Lyla's brothet, who has just returned home from a touring show. In fact, Alva has a criminal record for acts of terrorism, and he has disappeared since the night of the festival. When Sinclair finds out about Alva's suspicion in the army, he asks Lyla where he is, but Laila is furious that Sinclair, like other soldiers, suspects her brother because he is a gypsy. However, she is persuaded by Elsa, the waitress of a café, to choose the path of nurturing love while understanding each other's positions. Elsa is also in love with a base soldier, Sergeant Rushmore, and she's trying to overcome the difference in status.

Sinclair continues to frequent Elsa's café as tensions between the base and the locals remain unresolved. At night, Sinclair is unexpectedly stopped by Alva as he rushes back to the base. Alva confesses that the previous attack was designed from the beginning to frame him. Up until a few years ago, Alva belonged to the extremists, but with the persuasion of his father, Strozek, he turned to the peaceful faction next the base. The primary purpose of the extremist attack was to cut off the base from Strozek family, who is working hard to maintain the federal system. Sinclair is stunned to learn the truth, and Alva advises him to flee Lucosta with Lyla. Conflicts between the base and the local people are no longer inevitable. If that happens, the one who will be most saddened would be Lyla, she will be torn between her hometown and her lover. But as a soldier, Sinclair can not choose to run away.

Even in a time like this, Clifford urges Sinclair to restrain himself, as he continues to visit Elsa's cafe, a gathering place for gypsies, and maintains a close relationship with the Strozek family. In a war of independence, he could become an ally or an enemy to the gypsies. Sinclair rejects his best friend's advice, but Clifford's hunch is right. With the death of the president who was the symbol of the federal system, Lucosta finally became independent. If one state becomes independent, other states may follow suit and declare their independence one after another. The Kreutzer base is in turmoil as the federal system is starting to collapse. However, Hauser has one chance of winning...

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