The Haste of Flowers

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English Title: The Haste of Flowers
Japanese Title: 花のいそぎ
Romanized Title: Hana no Isogi

Troupe: Star
Year: 2004
Performances: Bow Hall, 7/22 - 8/2; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 8/7 - 8/12

Based On:
Author/Director: Oono Takuji
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Aoki Tomoko, Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Yamamura Waka, Nishizaki Mine

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 12/23/10)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: None


Ono no Takamura (a student at the Monjou'in)Matobu Sei
San no Kimi (Natsuno's daughter)Koto Marie
Kiyowara no Natsuno (Fuyutsugu's right arm)Ban Akira
Fujiwara no Fuyutsugu (Minister of the Right, head of the northern branch of the Fujiwaras)Itsuki Chihiro
Saion'in Kijyou (a nun, lecturer at the Monjou'in) Mari Yuzumi
Ono Takio (a government official, Takamura's uncle) / Ono Munemori (Takamura's father)Nishiki Ai
Hieda no Uzume (chief of the shrine maidens who serve the emperor)Ayame Hikaru
Fujiwara no Yushifusa (a student at the Monjou'in, Fuyutsugu's son)Mine Keito
Ichi no Kimi (San no Kimi's sister)Suzuno Katsuki
Nagamine no Takana (a student at the Monjou'in)Yuuho Satoru
Achime (Takamura's mother)Haoto Rino
Fujiwara no Takafuji (a student studying at Kangaku'in)Mashio Shin
Fujiwara no Tsunezugu (from a branch of the northern Fujiwaras)Yuzuki Reon
Minamoto no Kiyohime (imperial princess, a daughter of emperor Saga) Minami Mari
Hieda no Yobuko (a shrine maiden, Uzume's sister)Mashiro Fuari
Tomo no Sugao (a student at the Monjou'in)Ginga Ami
Awata no Ietsugo (a student at the Monjou'in)Ayami Haya
Fuku (Achime's lady-in-waiting)Hanami Yuuka
Kiyohara no Toshikage (San no Kimi's brother)Rinka Sera
Saeki no Yasumichi (a student at the Monjou'in)Tsurumi Mayuu
Hieda no Sanshi (a student at the Monjou'in, a temple servant, Uzume and Yobuko's brother)Yumeno Seika
Fujiwara no Yoshimi (a student studying at Kangaku'in)Mizuki Ryou
Takamura as childHisaki Seara



The image of a clear-headed government official as documented by history, the image of a frank poet as indicated by his poetry, the image of a nobleman unhappy in love as painted by the Noh chants, the image of a magical super human as told by the tales.... It doesn't seem that it could be the same man, though he is known for a great number of unusual facets. This is a work depicting the school days of Ono no Takamura, a man who cut quite a figure in the early part of the Heian Period. Our protagonist, Takamura, didn't spend his school days alone; his school life was characterized by many opportunities of friendship, competition, aspirations, defiances, and loves. Here he is drawn as the figure who would later become so well known, as he and the other students reach for maturity.

The 4th year of the Kounin Era, early spring. Still a small child, when Takamura goes to visit his mother (who is undergoing medical treatment in a detached residence), she has lost her memory and doesn't remember the face of her child. "If it's you, what's gone wrong?" His father's words remain in Takamura's heart....

The 13th year of the Kounin Era, late spring. Takamura, son of a middle-level government official (Ono no Minemori), has cheerfully passed his exams and been accepted into the Daigakuryou Monjou'in.

One day he is invited along with other students of his school, when the most influential man, Minister of the Right Fujiwara no Fuyutsugu, opens his gardens for the "Tanka Banquet". The "Tanka Banquet" was a celebratory banquet to which all those who passed the Chinese-style civil service examinations were invited, the plan of which was a competition to find the most beautiful peony in the gardens (thus "tanka: searching-for-flowers"). In attendance at the banquet were the lord of Sanuki Province Kiyowara no Natsuno, along with other high officials of the imperial court, the Monjou'in student Fujiwara no Tsunezugu, the Kangaku'in student and son of Fuyutsugu, Yoshifusa, and the Saga imperial princess Minamoto no Kiyohime. Fuyutsugu makes it a competition to find the flower between the Monjou'in students, and the Fujiwara youngsters and students of their private school, the Kangaku'in.

The Monjou'in students give up without being able to find a flower at all, and only Tsunezugu (who has lost his heart to Kiyohime) finds motivation in the reward that the winner will receive directly from the princess. Then Fuyutsugu, Kiyohime, and Yoshifusa arrive. When Kiyohime creates an uproar, Kijou (a lecturer at Monjou'in who knows them) chides them to be more restrained in their words and deeds. Fuyutsugu also is severe to Tsunexugu and the others, as he discriminates on their social status. Fuyutsugu has been displeased by Tsunezugu's actions as a member of the northern Fujiwaras who went contrary to expectations not to the Kangaku'in, but to the Monjou'in. At last the Kangaku'in students and Tsunezuguu begin to brawl, and Takamura (who has been merely a bystander up to that point) swiftly moves in to stop them. Thanks to this, Takamura and Tsunezugu remember each other fondly.

As Takamura continues searching for the flower, two girls suddenly appear before him. From one girl who is angered and unable to forgive such a "tanka", he learns that not a single peony grows in these gardens that Fuyutsugu has sent them searching in, and that he has created an advantage for the Kangaku'in students. From that girl, called San no Kimi, he receives a slightly withered peony which had been used in a dance. With the girl's help and Takamura's own "power", the Monjou'in are able to win the competition.

On their way home from the banquet, Hieda no Sanshi condemns Takamura for using his "power", and warns him to restrain himself from standing out like that if he wants to continue as a student. Takamura's actions are always closely watched over by the Hieda family.

Through his uncle Ono no Takio's introduction Takamura is entrusted with the position of private tutor for Kiyohara no Toshikage. While paying a call on their residence, he meets an unexpected person. The sister of Toshikage (the boy Takamura is to teach), is the girl who collaborated with the Monjou'in students on the day of the banquet. As Takamura and the girl, San no Kimi, talk, they begin to feel fondly towards each other.

One day, the Kangaku'in and Monjou'in students become engaged in a dance competition at a private dinner in the imperial palace, and Tsunezugu and Takamura become participants. Knowing that, Hieda Uzume emphasizes with Takamura that his "power" is from long ago a secret among secrets, and absolutely must not come to the attention of the emperor and others. Furthermore, he must break off all relations with San no Kimi. As Uzume speaks of avoiding eye contact, begrudging of close friendships, and at all costs living in secret until the time should come when the emperor needs the Ono family power, Takamura is at a loss for words.

So that Takamura and the others might learn the dance through observation, Kiyohara Natsuno visits the school dormitory, bringing along with him San no Kimi, Ichi no Kimi, and Toshikage. Natsuno, who has summoned Yoshifusa to that place, begins to talk in front of everyone of Yoshifusa and San no Kimi, and then Yoshifusa and Kiyohime's betrothals. Shocked by the sudden news, San no Kimi runs away, and Takamura follows after her. While understanding how important it is for her father to have strong ties with Fujiwara no Fuyutsugu, it makes San no Kimi sorrowful. Takamura feels that her circumstances resemble his own, and begins to cherish her. It is than that Toshikage appears, having followed after his sister. While hunting for a flower to console his sister, Toshikage has recived a horrible injury, which Takamura heals with his "power". To the startled San no Kimi, Takamura at last reveals his secret---

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