Mahoroba - Longing for the Faraway Land of Excellence - Yamato - / A Magician's Misfortunes

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English Title: Mahoroba -Longing for the Faraway Land of Excellence - Yamato - / A Magician's Misfortunes
Japanese Title: MAHOROBA -遥か彼方YAMATO-/ マジシャンの憂鬱
Romanized Title: Mahoroba -Haruka Kanata Yamato-/ Majishan no Yuutsu

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2007
Performances: Grand Theater, 8/3 - 9/17; Tokyo Theater, 10/5 - 11/11
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 8/21; Tokyo Theater, 10/16


Based On:
Author/Director/Choreographer: Sha Tamae
Music: Yoshida Yuuko, Saitou Tsuneyoshi
Shamisen Music: Agatsuma Hiromitsu
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Iga Yuuko
Conductor (Takarazuka): Okada Yoshiki
Conductor (Tokyo): Kiyokawa Tomomi

A Magician's Misfortunes

Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Music: Takahashi Kuni, Tama Shouichi, Oota Takeshi
Choreography: Iga Yuuko, Masaki Rino, Hirasawa Satoshi
Conductor (Takarazuka/Tokyo): Kiyokawa Tomomi
Shinjinkouen Director (Takarazuka): Inaba Daichi
Shinjinkouen Director (Tokyo): Masatsuka Haruhiko

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 11/05/07)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


A Magician's Misfortunes

RoleCastShinko Cast
Sandor (an elite magician) Sena Jun Ryuu Masaki
Veronika (Marek's lady-in-waiting) Ayano Kanami Yumesaki Nene
Boldizsar (crown prince) Kiriya Hiromu Asumi Rio
Zsigmond (Inventor, Sandor's friend) Oozora Yuuhi Kouzuki Ruu
Aldeheid (Grave-keeper, Stormfeld's wife) Yashiro Kou Miyume Himari
Newspaper Reporter Yashiro Kou Asahana Rinka
Stormfeld (Grave-keeper, Adelheid's husband) Misa Noeru Ayazuki Seri
Baron Misa Noeru Kao Amiri
Gizella (Fortuneteller, Sandor's friend) Izumo Aya Kagetsu Miyako
Laszlo (Private detective, Sandor's friend) Yoshizuki Eri Atsuki Renka
Janos (Actor, Sandor's friend) Ryouga Haruhi Ryuuki Kazuto
Salamon (Pastor) Kiryuu Sonoka Ayao June
Kornel (Missing nobleman) Aoki Izumi Uzuki Hayate
Princess Marek (Prince Boldizsar's consort) Shirosaki Ai Shirahana Remi
Leó (Poet, Sandor's friend) Ryuu Masaki Ayahoshi Rion
Minister Bartok Kitajima Mami Enoki Touya
Lorand Koshino Ryuu Isuzu Hikari
IlonaTakigawa Sueko Moeka Yuria
Newspaper Reporter Hanase Mizuka
Newspaper Reporter Isshiki Ruka
Commander Andras Takaki Amane Hibiki Reona
Watchmaker Takaki Amane Tsuzumi Eika
Newspaper Reporter Ken Ruisu
Newspaper Reporter Houjou Rumi
Newspaper Reporter Mihou Aya
Newspaper Reporter Suzushiro Marina
Newspaper Reporter / Store Clerk Amano Hotaru
Szkharosi / Newspaper Reporter Seijou Kaito Mizuha Kanato
Charlotte Touka Yurino Kotone Kazuha
Eva Yumesaki Nene Ranno Hana
Nekcsei Asumi Rio Shimon Yuriya
Servant Asanagi Mana*

  • Absent for part of Takarazuka run for health reasons.

Senka: Yashiro Kou (Magician's Misfortune only), Ban Akira (Mahoroba only), Misa Noeru

Other Cast: Otoki Sunao, Aoba Michiru, Hihou Kokoro, Shiki Erio, Asagiri Shino, Kusakaze Nana, Hazaki Mana, Saran Erika, Sawaki Rizu, Hino Anji, Mishou Kazuki, Remi Kurea, Kahou Shiori, Kaidou Nozomu, Tokiwa Mizuno, Takachi Ao, Shirayuki Sachika, Urara Moe, Saki Akane, Harusaki Koron, Takamura Yuuki, Arise Sou, Kana Mikari, Chinami Karan, Maino Yuka, Akizuki Saya, Takasumi Hayato, Maai Suzuka, Fuuri Mizuka, Houzuki An, Aina Yuuri, Kijou Mitsuru, Hanahi Mira, Sana Yuzuha, Marin Kanna, Hoshiki Tsubasa, Tsuzuki Mia, Hoshina Yutaka, Misora Karen, Rinka Moe, Shouga Tsubaki



Mahoroba -Longing for the Faraway Land of Excellence - Yamato -

Traditional public performances passed down through the ages. A revue show which weaves the rhythms and brilliance of Western music with the essance of pleasurable old classics. The extremities of the past and the future, life and death, the north and the south. The budding of spring, the ferociousness of summer, the fall harvest, the severity of winter, replayed again and again, though the bounty of the four seasons of Japan doesn't change.

Scene 1: The Milky Way - The Creation

Celestial nymphs are dancing in the purple land between heaven and earth. The god Izanagi appears.

Izanagi (god): Sena Jun
Izanami (goddess): Ayano Kanami

Scene 2: God's Poem - The creation of the lands, gods and goddesses

From the union of Izanagi and Izanami, the 8 great islands are born. Shortly afterwards, they give birth to all the gods and goddesses. Sarume and Sadaru introduce the gods and goddesses one after another.

Izanagi: Sena Jun
Izanami: Ayano Kanami
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 3 A: The Dawn - The birth of Yamato's heroes

Ousu: Sena Jun
Ototachibana: Ayano Kanami
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 3 B: The Three Deities

Sumeramikoto orders his son Ousu to go on an expedition against the Land of Fire, Kumaso.

Ousu: Sena Jun
Ototachibana: Ayano Kanami
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 4 A-B : The Burning Island

In the Land of Fire, Kumaso, the god of fire is dancing while men sing and dance.

Ousu: Sena Jun
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 5: Niraikanai

As Ousu dreams of the utopian land Niraikanai, he is lured into a world free of the limit of time and space.

Ousu: Sena Jun
Ototachibana: Ayano Kanami
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 6 A: The Three Deities

The god of forests and mountains, Oyamatsumi, the goddess of grasses, Kayanohime, and the god of trees, Kukunochi, appear dancing with ears of rice.

Oyamatumi: Ryouga Haruhi

Scene 6 B: Ears of Rice

In the autumnal Yamato, Sadaru and his group dance with sedge hats while Sarume and her group dance with parasols praying for good harvest.

Ousu: Sena Jun
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 6 C-D : The Three Deities

Ousu longs for his dear Yamato on his way home.

Yamatotakeru (Ousu): Sena Jun
Ototachibana: Ayano Kanami

Scene 7 A: Tempest

As soon as the god of the sea, Owatatsumi, mutters, the sea becomes rough.

Yamatotakeru (Ousu): Sena Jun
Ototachibana: Ayano Kanami
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 7 B: Prayer

While Sarume and Sadaru sing in prayer, celestial nymphs dance in order to console Ousu for his misfortunes

Yamatotakeru (Ousu): Sena Jun
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 8: Snowstorm

In the desolate land, the god of wind , Shinatsuhiko, opposes the advance of Ousu and his company.

Yamatotakeru (Ousu): Sena Jun
Sarume: Kiriya Hiromu
Sadaru: Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 9 A-B : Spring Comes Again in the Land of Excellence

Ousu dies longing for Yamato. He changes into a snowy heron and flies off toward Yamato.

Yamatotakeru (Ousu): Sena Jun
Ototachibana: Ayano Kanami

(All other performers)

A Magician's Misfortunes

In Europe in the middle of the 20th century, the close-up magician Sandor is enjoying great popularity in high society. One day when he hears a noblewoman in the audience complain that her beloved dog is missing, he performs magic that gives her a hint of the dog's whereabouts. Shortly afterward, the dog is discovered exactly where he hinted. Sandor is now earning a reputation as a magician gifted with clairvoyant powers, much to the delight of his friends Zsigmond, an inventor, and Gizela, a fotuneteller, who work as his assistants. Thinking they can profit from Sandor's clairvoyance, they accept all requests pouring in to the magician.

One day when Sandor is walking along the street, he notices that someone is shadowing him. Suspicious, he asks her why she is following him. Then she introduces herself as Veronika, a servant of the Court, and requests that he meet with someone at once. She says that he is not being asked to find someone but to help resolve an important problem likely to shake the nation. Sandor immediately declines the request with consternation saying that he is of no help to such a problem. However, Veronika and her followers try to take him away by force. He gives way to her boldness, and goes with her.

Led by Veronika, Sandor arrives at Prince Boldizsar's mansion, where he is asked by the prince to examine the traffic accident that claimed Princess Marek's life three years ago. The princess was an enlightened person, and the prince had been dreaming of building a perfectly democratic country together with her. He suspects that their opponents assassinated her, and reveals that Princess Marek appears at his bedside every night saying that she was in fact murdered. The prince ardently asks Sandor to exercise his clairvoyance at the spot of the traffic accident, as he has no person other than Sandor upon whom he can rely for finding out the truth. Giving in to the prince’s earnestness, Sandor ends up accepting the prince's request.

At Sandor's house, his staff, consisting of Zsigmond, Gizella, the private detective Laszlo, the actor Janos and the would-be poet Leo, is busy collecting information on the traffic accident that killed Princess Marek. Sandor's clairvoyances, up to this time, have all been successful thanks to the information gathered by his staff. However, when Sandor asks them for some clues, they say that there is not the slightest inkling of evidence at the accident. Sandor understands that it is dangerous to carry out Boldizsar's request. He decides to make the prince abandon any further investigation by insisting that his clairvoyant powers confirm that it was indeed an accident. He also declares to his staff that he will never again accept requests similar to the prince's, because of the danger involved.

Sandor goes to the spot of the accident as promised, and is almost killed by a sniper. Boldizsar and Veronika suspect that someone who is afraid of Sandor's clairvoyance has tried to seal his lips forever. They again ask for his help in securing positive evidence that Princess Marek was assassinated. Sandor, having narrowly dodged death, ponders his escape. However, with Veronika watching Sandor day and night since the attempted sniping, it is impossible for him to find out a way out. Seeing Veronika, who is standing guard over him at the risk of her life, Sandor realizes that he can no longer flee.

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