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Black Jack / Phoenix

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Show Information
English Title: Black Jack: A Lucky Bet / Phoenix
Japanese Title: ブラック・ジャック : 危険な賭け / 火の鳥
Romanized Title: Burakku Jakku / Hi no Tori

Troupe: Hanagumi
Year: 1994
Performances: Takarazuka, 3/25 - 5/9; Tokyo, 7/3 - 7/29
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka, 4/12; Tokyo, 7/12

Black Jack:

Based On: The Black Jack manga by Tezuka Osamu.
Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Composer: Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Sha Tamae
Shinjin Kouen Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko


Based On: Stories by Tezuka Osamu.
Author/Director: Kusano Akira
Music By: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Takahashi Kuni
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire, Nakura Kayoko, Sha Tamae


RoleTakarazuka CastTokyo CastShinko CastTokyo Shinko Cast
Black JackAnju Mira Maya Miki
Iris / Kisaragi MegumiMorina Miharu Morina Miharu Tsukikage Hitomi Nagisa Aki
CainMaya Miki Aika Mire Iori Naoka Haruno Sumire
Noble SnowdonMisa Noeru Misa Noeru Kochou Asuka Kizuki Ayumu
SecretaryIchihara Kei
Queen VictoriaMachikaze Kana Himiya Reiko
BowdyAmachi Hikari Sagami Rei
BelindaMitsuki Ayu Nagisa Aki
SutherlandKaikyou Hiroki Kaikyou Hiroki
JoanneShino Yuka Asaki Yui
General EnriqueTakaragi Meri Kizuki Ayumu
JoeyAika Mire Takumi Hibiki Mayuka Reo Masaoka Nao
Black Jack's ShadowTakumi Hibiki Hatsukaze Midori Asami Hikaru Chinami Yuu
News Reporter Shibuki Jun Kazato Yuma
PinokoAsaki Yui Yuuka Eri Yuuka Eri
YolandaNagisa Aki Shihou Akeno
LolaTsukikage Hitomi Chihiro Reika Suzukake Miyuki

Other Cast: Kokonoe Haruka, Yumeno Chikoto, Moemi Serika, Shou Tsukasa, Ootomo Reika, Morotori Ai, Futaba Karen, Mizuki Ai, Yuuya Naho, Sachimi Anna, Otoki Mika, Sakuragi Emi, Hama Shioka, Shiraho Mari, Natsushiro Rei, Aya Hiromi, Asakura Aoi, Ai Miyabi, Nanase Kai, Asazono Miki, Minami Shizuka, Futaba Miki, Chihiro Reika, Ayana Mai, Sena Jun, Mao Natsuki, Utahana Yumi, Eri Chiaki, Kikuho Rina, Hiro Miyoshi, Mutsuki Mao, Amano Yuka, Mizuhono Seika, Otowa Ryou, Asahina Kei, Ayukawa Natsuki, Kouno Marika, Masaki Kazusa, Saki Nozomi, Muko Ayumi

Other Cast (Grand Theater only): Maio Tsubasa, Kochou Asuka

80th Class - Group A (Tokyo): Kiriya Hiromu, Miya Erika, Matake Suguru, Aida Megu, Mei Karen, Minase Ao, Mizusawa Hazuki, Minaho Karin, Kazu Yuuto, Yumena Saya, Asagi Yuuna, Masumi Urara, Nazuki Mika



Black Jack

In the mid 1980s there was a coup d'etat in a certain South American country which was a former British colony. A plot to kill the British Queen almost succeeded but MI6 the secret spy agency rescued the Queen by putting her in the care of a rogue unlicensed doctor, Black Jack. The coup d'etat failed and Black Jack became famous. He was a strange but romantic looking character. His long black hair, streaked with gray, made him look debonair. He had a nasty scar on his face and he always wore a black cape.

Meanwhile in London, two retired MI6 agents Cain and Joey now are bookmakers who specialize in collecting and analyzing information from around the world. They bet there would be a coup d'etat. The day the coup failed Joey tells Cain a man called Sutherland is looking for him. Sutherland is an international arms dealer. Joey guesses Cain gave Sutherland information about the coup. When it failed Sutherland probably lost a lot of money and blames Cain. Joey takes Cain to Heathrow Airport. When they are trying to escape, Cain suddenly collapses. Sutherland gives up the chase. Just by coincidence Black Jack is at the airport. He examines Cain and then Cain is taken to the hospital.

Black Jack meets an MI6 official, Noble Snowdon, to receive a reward for his services to the Queen. Snowdon offers Black Jack a legal medical license if he agrees to work for MI6. Black Jack thrives on independence and he refuses the offer.

An MI6 Lieutenant General, Iris, comes to meet Black Jack. She is the image of a girl Black Jack had been in love with, Megumi Kisaragi. He had operated on Megumi for cancer. The operation was successful but Megumi would never be able to have children. Megumi left Black Jack and eventually became a ship's doctor.

Black Jack leaves the MI6 office. While walking and thinking of the past he meets Iris. She shows him an x-ray of someone's head. A piece of a bullet is lodged in the brain. Iris tells Black Jack that the man was shot trying to help her. She wants Black Jack to try to remove the bullet. Black Jack knows Iris and the man were in love but even with an operation the man would not live and so, he says no. A photograph falls to the ground. Black Jack sees the face. It is Cain.

Iris looks so much like Megumi. It makes Black Jack think deeply about the importance of life. He visits Cain in the hospital. Cain tells Black Jack he knows recovery is hopeless and he does not want to live like a vegetable. Black Jack advises him to cheer up and enjoy each day of life.

It's no use, Cain runs away from the hospital. He tries to leave the country again but Sutherland stops him.

While Cain was in the hospital Sutherland broke into Cain's house and found some documents that Cain had secretly and illegally taken from the MI6 computer room when he was an MI6 employee. Sutherland kidnaps Joey and tells Cain to obey or he will never see Joey alive again.

Black Jack finds out Cain has left the hospital. He asks Iris to do whatever she can to help Cain. Iris goes to Cain's house. She is shocked, disappointed and angry when she discovers Cain betrayed her by stealing MI6 secrets. Iris loses interest in helping Cain. Black Jack can't understand why. He knows how Cain feels. He thinks Cain can't stand the idea of not being able to take care himself and being forced to depend on Iris, a former colleague.

Meanwhile, Cain sneaks into the computer room at MI6 to get what Sutherland wants in exchange for Joey's life. The password has been changed. Cain has to go home to break an MI6 coded telegram and figure out the new password. Cain has 24 hours to save Joey's life. The telegram is gone but Cain finds Iris's handkerchief and knows she has taken the telegram. Cain goes to Iris and gets what he wants but just then Noble Snowdon comes in. Snowdon appeals to Cain for help in breaking Sutherland's arms smugging ring.

When Black Jack hears the story he tells Cain it is too dangerous. Cain decides to help MI6. Cain would rather die helping other people than in a hospital. Iris does not stop Cain. Black Jack grumbles that Cain can do what he likes but he is sad and angry that people can not seem to live happily in peace.

Sutherland gets the information he wants but Cain realizes Sutherland has planned to kill Joey from the beginning. They start to fight but Cain collapses just as Iris rushes in. Sutherland shoots Iris. Cain crawls towards Iris. Sutherland takes aim at Cain. Black Jack arrives just in the nick of time. He takes Cain and Iris to the hospital. Black Jack operates on Iris and saves her life. Cain realizes how much Iris had wanted him to live and he knows she is the woman he loves. Cain decides to have Black Jack operate on him.

Some time later Black Jack is at the airport on his way to see new patients in Japan.


People say there is a mysterious bird which lives forever. The bird shines in paradise and blazes in Hell. The bird is beautiful like a fire and mysterious like an illusion. Since the universe was formed, this bird has been watching every living creature. This legendary bird is the Phoenix.

Scenes 1-4 Prologue

People on a glittering planet of light quietly wait for the birth of a Phoenix. The land cracks open and a Phoenix is born. The moment all the people have long been waiting for has arrived.

Phoenix ~ Anju Mira (Tokyo: Maya Miki)
Light man S ~ Maya Miki (Tokyo: Aika Mire)
Light woman S ~ Morina Miharu

Scenes 5-7 Jurassic Planet

2994 A.D. The cartoon characters of Osamu Tezuka fly in a spaceship called Phoenix to a far off Galaxy to look for a mysterious creature called the Phoenix.

Jurassic hunters come to the Jurassic planet to hunt dinosaurs. The Phoenix gently teaches the hunters how important life is.

Jurassic Hunter ~ Maya Miki (Tokyo: Aika Mire)

Scenes 8-10 Flora Planet

The Flora Planet wakes up once every hundred years when the Phoenix visits. When the Phoenix arrives the flowers dance with joy but when the Phoenix leaves they wither and die. The Phoenix sings about the joy and the sadness which all creatures know.

Phoenix ~ Anju Mira (Tokyo: Maya Miki)
Flora (Singer) ~ Morina Miharu
Flora S ~ Aika Mire

Scenes 11-14 Android Planet

An Android is a robot which looks like a human but has no heart and no feelings. They try to make real humans but is impossible until the Phoenix arrives. The Phoenix gives hearts to the Androids.

Phoenix ~ Anju Mira (Tokyo: Maya Miki)
Android S ~ Kaikyou Hiroki
Doll ~ Morina Miharu

Scenes 15-17 Our World

A man and a woman are in love. But the woman is about to die. The man is praying she will live. The Phoenix gives its blood to her and the woman comes back from the edge of the death. However, the Phoenix dies. The Phoenix is reborn from fire. Only the power of love can grant eternal life.

Phoenix ~ Anju Mira (Tokyo: Maya Miki)
Man ~ Maya Miki (Tokyo: Kaikyou Hiroki)
Woman ~ Shibuki Jun (Tokyo: Takumi Hibiki)

Scenes 18-20 Terra

From beyond time and beyond the universe, the Phoenix comes back to earth. The Phoenix drops its feathers on the earth to bless all people with its wishes for peace. What a beautiful place the earth is! Young birds soar up into the sky.

Scenes 21-24 Finale

A passionate fire flowers into flame. The Phoenix sings of eternal love.

Phoenix ~ Anju Mira (Tokyo: Maya Miki)
Phoenix (woman S) ~ Morina Miharu
Etoile ~ Tsukikage Hitomi

Other Information

  • The Tokyo run of the show coincided with the London Tour, so many of the cast were absent, including the top star Anju Mira. The regular cast did return for the last three nights of the Tokyo run, however (7/27 - 7/29).
  • Final performance for Maio Tsubasa and Kochou Asuka (retired after Takarazuka run), as well as Shihou Akeno


Black Jack (Takarazuka) - Review by Ekusudei

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