Prisoner of Zenda / Jazzmania


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English Title: Prisoner of Zenda / Jazzmania
Japanese Title: ゼンダ城の虜 / ジャズマニア
Romanized Title: Zendajou no Toriko / Jazumania

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2000
Performances: Grand Theater, 9/29 - 11/6
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 10/17

Prisoner of Zenda:

Based On: The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
Adaptor/Director: Kimura Shinji
Composer: Kai Masato
Choreographer: Takemura Rui, Miura Tooru
Fighting Coordinator: Atsumi Hiroshi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Koyanagi Naoko


Author/Director: Miki Akio
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Yoshida Yuuko, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Nakura Kayoko, Ai Erina, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa

Available on DVD: VHS only


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Rudolf Rassendyll (a British nobleman)Makoto Tsubasa Kiriya Hiromu
Princess Flavia (King Rudolph's cousin)Dan Rei Saijou Mie
Count of HentzauKouju Tatsuki Yamato Yuuga
Sapt (retainer of the royal household of Ruritania)Misa Noeru Ayura Kao
Fritz (retainer of the royal household of Ruritania)Hatsukaze Midori Isshiki Ruka
Johan (master of the Zenda inn)Ritsu Tomomi Asama Moyu
Helga (a lady of Flavia's court)Natsukawa Yura Kanou Chika
de Chad (Michael's henchman)Kouki Subaru Keiju Mana
Antoinette de Mauban (Michael's mistress)Mihara Shiho Hanase Mizuka
Amanda (Ruritanian citizen)Mimi Anri Shirahane Yuri
Percy (retainer of the royal household of Ruritania)Yoshizuki Eri Hokushou Kairi
Helena (Johan's wife)Natsuno Saki Kanon Shiori
Hagen (Michael's henchman)Nashiro Aoi Akizuki Shou
King RudolphKitajima Mami Natsume Rin
Archduke Michael (King Rudolph's half-brother)Shiomi Maho Ryouga Haruhi
de Gaute (Michael's henchman)Oozora Yuuhi Mano Sugata
Næss (Michael's henchman)Taiju Maki Takaki Amane
Zelter (Michael's henchman)Koshino Ryuu Ken Ruisu
Welhelm (retainer of the royal household of Ruritania)Kiriya Hiromu Kusunoki Keika
Anthony (retainer of the royal household of Ruritania)Yamato Yuuga Shijou Rui
Oscar (retainer of the royal household of Ruritania)Kusunoki Keika Ayana Oto

Other Cast: Suzuna Mio, Honami Aria, Mizushima Aoi, Kaji Yuuki, Akane Mitsuki, Ariaka Jun, Kou Suzuka, Kazaho Yuuri, Chigusa Kotomi, Isshiki Ruka, Madoka Sakura, Ayadori Kanna, Memu Chisato, Koizumi Kirara, Mamiya Yuki, Houjou Rumi, Fuuga Minato, Moeki Ayato, Shiina Aoi, Seo Mitsuki, Yukina Tsugumi, Asabuki Yuika, Mihou Aya, Otoki Sunao, Suzushiro Marina, Aoki Izumi, Hazuki Sara, Amano Hotaru, Touka Yurino, Shirosaki Ai, Seijou Kaito, Natsuki Reo, Aoba Michiru, Hihou Kokoro, Shiki Erio, Aino Riho, Asagiri Shino



The tiny European country of Ruritania in the later half of the 1800's. Rudolf the Fifth is crowned king amongst great fanfare, surrounded by the glittering majesty of the court.

However, his half-brother, Black Michael, so called because he does not bear the signature red hair of the dynasty, has the love and admiration of the lower classes and is scheming to overthrow his brother's rule.
After the coronation, the new king and Princess Flavia, his betrothed, wave to the happy crowds from a balcony. The princess bids the king goodnight and offers him a rose, saying she will see him on the morrow. As she leaves, the king smiles a trifle sadly.

He knows he will not see her tomorrow, because he is not in fact the king of Ruritania. He is an Englishman, Rudolf Rassendyll, who by lucky chance is the mirror image of the king. On the eve of the coronation, the king was drugged by Black Michael's men, and his loyal servants found Rassendyll and convinced him to take the king's place for a day. Rassendyll, an English nobleman, is actually a distant relative of the real king. Only Colonel Sapt and Captain Fritz von Tarlenheim are aware of the switch, but they agree that it is necessary to let four other loyal men know in order to be evenly matched against Black Michael's six henchmen, led by the formidable but dashing Count Rupert of Hentzau.

Now that the coronation is over, poor Rudolf can't wait to get out of his role. Sapt and Fritz, along with Percy, Welhelm, Anthony, and Oscar, ride with him back to the hunting lodge where they left the king yesterday night. However, when they get there, they are horrified to find that the king has been abducted. Hearing voices, they hide as Rupert and his men come back to follow up. The loyalists, led by Rudolf, attack, and then everyone disappears into the night.

Back at the castle, Rudolf talks with Princess Flavia in the garden. She is very concerned for him, because he has a bandage on his hand. Black Michael is announced, and Rudolf annoys him thoroughly. Michael presents his men: de Chad, Hagen, de Gaute, Næss, Zelter, and last but not least, the Count of Hentzau, who shakes Rudolf's injured hand much too hard for his liking.

Once everyone else is gone, Sapt and Fritz congratulate Rudolf on making good progress with the princess - because it would be good if she could fall in love with the king. Rudolf is not really pleased with that idea. The princess is charming and lonely, and he is beginning to be strongly attracted to her.

A letter arrives for Rudolf from an anonymous sender, revealing that the king is being held in Zenda castle, which belongs to Michael. From the initials given, they deduct that it is from Antoinette de Mauban, a Frenchwoman who is madly in love with Michael and thus does not want him to take the thrown. If he did, he would have to marry his cousin Flavia. The letter asks for Rudolf to meet with Antoinette at the inn where she is staying. Rudolf, despite Sapt and Fritz's protests, declares that he will go.

Once he arrives, Mlle. de Maubaun reveals that it is a trap, set by Rupert. Even as she quickly tells him where the king is, Rupert arrives at the door. He says he is alone and unarmed, which Rudolf of course does not believe. Antoinette gives him a sword, then he picks up a chair and charges through the door. Rupert is furious that he escapes, but he is interested in Antoinette, who slaps him soundly.

A ball is held in Strelsau, the capital, and the peasants dance in their traditional costumes. The king amazes them by joining in with the princess, then the two of them sneak out to the garden. Flavia laughs at how the king was so eager to escape the ball. They talk, and he confesses that he loves her. She admits that she never loved him before, because he was rather rude and often hurt her feelings. He says he never realized how lovely she was before, and asks when she did first start to care for him. When she says it was not until the coronation, Rudolf realizes with a jolt that she has fallen in love with HIM, not the king. He is about to ask her if she would love him even if he were not a king... and Sapt and Fritz interrupt.

After Flavia goes back inside, Sapt congratulates him for his realistic acting. Rudolf grabs him and declares that he does not care about the king; he loves Flavia for his own sake and if he wanted to, since he is technically the king, he could have all of them executed and he could marry her and no one would ever stop him.

Sapt admits that this is true, but that he knows Rudolf will never do it, because he is a man of honor. "Then let's rescue the king!" Rudolf begs him.

Rudolf and his loyal men move out to the hunting lodge to be closer to Zenda so they can plan their attack. Rupert of Hentzau comes for a visit, and declares to Rudolf in private that if he will make him his right hand man, he will kill the king and Sapt so then everyone will be happy: Rupert will get Antoinette, and Rudolf can have Flavia. Rudolf laughs at him.

Flavia comes to see him, worried that she did something to offend him. He says that is not true; he would love to stay in the capital with her but he must do a dangerous job first. She is frightened that he will be killed, but he reassures her, saying that even if he were killed she would do her best to rule in his stead. He gives her his seal ring an gently sends her home.

At the castle of Zenda, Black Michael is growing impatient with the king's obstinacy in refusing to give up the throne, despite being in prison. He is also growing frustrated with Rupert's advances in Antoinette's direction. The night that Rudolf, Sapt, and Fritz have planned their attack, Rupert kills Michael and takes over the castle.
A fierce battle ensues, and the king is found but then Rupert and the old followers of Michael close in. Rudolf goes off after Rupert, determined to finish this once and for all. They fight: Rudolf with two long knives, Rupert with his sword and using his cloak as a distraction. Eventually Rudolf kills Rupert, and Sapt and Fritz and their men overwhelm the other traitors. The king is finally safe.

Later, when everyone has rested, the king thanks Rudolf for helping him regain his kingdom, explaining that the Englishman has shown him that he could be a much better king. Rudolf leaves him, and Sapt tells him that Flavia has come to Zenda and wishes to see him. Rudolf is afraid, but goes to see her.

Kneeling before Flavia, not as a king but as a man, Rudolf tells her he still loves her and will never stop, no matter what comes between them. And at last Flavia says aloud that she loves him, and only him. She promises that she will always treasure the ring he gave her, and never forget him. They embrace, knowing that they will never see each other again.

Sapt and Fritz accompany Rudolf to the border to bid him goodbye. Gruffly, Sapt comments that fate does not always make the right men kings. And so Rudolf, no longer a king, sets off for home at last.


S 1~2 Prologue

Men in soft overcoats appear to the cool sounds of jazz. The tempo goes up as the theme music "Jazzmania" plays, and the ladies appear. Everyone dances to the swing music prologue.

Jazzmania Man S: Makoto Tsubasa
Jazzmania Man A: Kouju Tatsuki
Jazzmania Woman S: Dan Rei
Jazzmania Men B: Hatsukaze Midori, Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga

S 3 Adlib 1

Trumpet musicians adlib.

Ad: Kiriya Hiromu
Lib: Yamato Yuuga

S 4~5 Harlem Nocturne

A man returns home to Harlem and indulges for a moment in a memory of love for the woman he left behind. He stands in isolation.

Harlem Guy S: Kouju Tatsuki
Guys: Yoshizuki Eri, Kaji Yuuki, Arika Jun, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga
Harlem Dolls: Natsukawa Yura, Mizushima Aoi, Kanou Chika, Koizumi Kirara, Shiina Aoi

S 6 Adlib 2

Ad and Lib play the sax.

Ad: Kiriya Hiromu
Lib: Yamato Yuuga

S 7~9 My Funny Valentine

A secret bar that a gang is using for their headquarters. Eliot Ness arrives wrapped in a coat, and is arrested by the women. The gang boss and Eliot argue.

Eliot Ness: Makoto Tsubasa
Gang S / Boss: Hatsukaze Midori
Valentine: Saijou Mie
Mistresses: Mihara Shiho, Honami Aria, Hanase Mizuka, Shirahane Yuri
Gang: Kouki Subaru, Yoshizuki Eri, Shiomi Maho, Kaji Yuuki, Oozora Yuuhi, Koshino Ryuu, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga, Kusunoki Keika, Ryouga Haruhi, Shijou Rui, Hokushou Kairi

S 10~12 Black and White Fantasy

A man and woman dance against a backdrop of black and white, the starting point of jazz.

Black Boy: Kiriya Hiromu
White Boy: Yamato Yuuga

Black Singer: Kouju Tatsuki
Black Singer A: Shiomi Maho
Black Singer A (Woman): Saijou Mie

White Singer (Woman): Dan Rei
White Gentleman S: Oozora Yuuhi
White Lady S: Mihara Shiho
White Gentlemen A: Taiju Maki, Arika Jun
White Ladies A: Natsuno Saki, Kitahara Rima

S 13 Stormy Weather

One man sings "Stormy Weather" as the sun sets.

the Singer: Makoto Tsubasa
Stormy Dancers: Hatsukaze Midori, Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga
Chorus Mania Men: Koshino Ryuu, Ayura Kao
Chorus Mania Women: Mimi Anri, Hanase Mizuka, Chigusa Kotomi, Shiina Aoi

S 14 Boogie Woogie New York

Everyone sings and dances passionately to the boogie rythym.

The Man: Makoto Tsubasa
White Singer: Kouju Tatsuki
Black singer: Hatsukaze Midori

S 15 Love Song

A love duet on the Silver Bridge.

The Man: Makoto Tsubasa
The Woman: Dan Rei

S 16 Adlib 3

Ad plays ragtime piano.

Ad (pianist): Kiriya Hiromu

S 17 Stars and Stripes

GIs back from the war in Europe and their lovers.

GI Joe: Kouju Tatsuki
Girlfriend Amy: Saijou Mie
GI Billy: Oozora Yuuhi
GI Tony: Yamato Yuuga
Girlfriend Kathy: Kanou Chika
Girlfriend Suzie: Koizumi Kirara
GI (A): Koshino Ryuu, Arika Jun, Keiju Mana, Isshiki Ruka, Kusunoki Keika, Ken Ruisu, Ryouga Haruhi, Natsume Jin

S 18 Adlib 4

Lib plays dixie land.

Lib: Yamato Yuuga
Minstrel Boys: Mano Sugata, Aoki Izumi, Ayana Oto

S 19 Fantasy

Central Station. A man remembers and sings a song about a brothel in New Orleans. A love tango about a woman he can't forget.

Stranger: Makoto Tsubasa
Lover: Dan Rei
Gigolo S: Hatsukaze Midori
Old Gigolo: Ritsu Tomomi
Gigolos: Kouki Subaru, Yoshizuki Eri, Nashiro Aoi, Shiomi Maho, Kaji Yuuki, Koshino Ryuu, Arika Jun, Kiriya Hiromu
Prostitutes: Natsukawa Yura, Mihara Shiho, Mizushima Aoi, Saijou Mie, Shiina Aoi, Mihou Aya

S 20~21 Finale

Young men and girls sing "The Continental" passionately, then as the jazz man sings, the rockette girls perform.

Singing young men: Shijou Rui, Hokushou Kairi
Singing girls: Hanase Mizuka, Kanou Chika, Koizumi Kirara, Shirahane Yuri

Singing Gentlemen: Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi
Singing Ladies: Natsukawa Yura, Mihara Shiho
Rockette Boy: Kiriya Hiromu

S 22 Charade

3 couples dance a duet dance to "Charade".

Star Man S: Makoto Tsubasa
Star Woman S: Dan Rei
Star Man Singer: Kouju Tatsuki
Star Man A: Hatsukaze Midori
Star Woman A: Saijou Mie
Star Man B: Yamato Yuuga
Star Woman B: Shijou Rui

S 23~24 Parade

Etoile: Mimi Anri

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