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Arch of Triumph / Passage

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Show Information
English Title: Arch of Triumph / Passage
Japanese Title: 凱旋門 / パッサージュ
Romanized Title: Gaisenmon / Passaaju

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2001
Performances: Hakataza Theater, 8/1 - 8/23

Arch of Triumph:

Based On: the novel of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director/Choreographer: Sha Tamae
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Saitou Tsuneyoshi
Choreographer: Iga Yuuko


Author/Director: Ogita Kouichi
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Kai Masato, Saitou Tsuneyoshi
Choreographer: Iga Yuuko, Miori Yumino, Kawasaki Etsuko, Hirasawa Satoshi

Available on DVD: No


Ravic (German refugee; a surgeon)Todoroki Yuu
Joan Madou (aspiring actress from Italy)Tsukikage Hitomi
Boris Morosow (Russian refugee; doorman at a nightclub)Emao Yuu
Weber (director of a private hospital in Paris/Ravic's friend)Shiokaze Kou
Francoise (owner of Hotel International)Yashiro Kou
Schneider (Gestapo officer)Ban Akira
Andre Duran (director of a private hospital in Paris)Asuka Yuu
Eugenie (head nurse at Weber's hospital)Asaki Yumemi
Jaime Alvarez (Spanish refugee)Mirai Yuuki
Markus Meyer (refugee with the nickname "Bird of Death")Naruse Kouki
Rosenfeld (man on the run with a world-famous painting)Amase Izuru
Ruth Goldberg (German refugee)Aida Megu
Aaron Goldberg (Ruth's husband) Kazahaya Yuu
Henri Jardin (film star) / God of DeathAmaki Kaori
Julia (Jaime's childhood friend)Chisaki Maria
Wiesenhoff (German refugee, Ruth's illicit lover)Aomi Taku
Mr. Binder (German refugee) Machika Meguru
Mrs. Binder (German refugee) Arisa Miho
Otto Binder (son of Mr. & Mrs. Binder) Yumezono Mai
Kate (American woman; Ravic's girlfriend)Itsumine Aki
Lucienne (prostitute)Kasumi Fuuka
Pepe (Lucienne's lover)Hijiri Rei
Abel (Refugee Police Director)Kazami Yoshiki
Sybil (Ravic's former lover)Jin Reika
Marthe Suzuhana Risa
Bartender Misumi Kanon
YvetteKaho Anna
Prostitute AAi Youko
Prostitute B Morisaki Kaguya
ClariceMio Urara
Ravic's Shadow Hijiri Rei
Accordion Player Kibune Nao



Arch of Triumph

The setting is Europe in 1938, where signs of the outbreak of World War II begin to cast a shadow over the land. Fearing the fires of war, waves of people seek refuge from all over Europe to Paris, the only remaining city of light. But no one can guess how much longer that light will last.

Ravic, a surgeon, is a refugee from Germany making a living in Paris as an unlicensed doctor. On a cold rainy night, Ravic meets a woman who is standing off in a daze, apparently about to jump off Alma Bridge into the River Seine. He rescues her just in time, and inquires about her background although he isn’t very interested.

The woman’s name is Joan Madou. She explains that she came to Paris from Italy, but her husband had just died from illness at the hotel where they were staying. Deeply shaken, Joan was in a state of confusion from fright and despair. Ravic heads over to the hotel with her to deal with the corpse. Feeling sorry for Joan, who is out of luck with nowhere to go, Ravic later asks his friend Boris, a doorman at a nightclub, to find her a job. Joan begins to work as a singer at the club, aspiring to become an actress. It has been three weeks since Joan started her job at the club and Ravic has not seen her since. He feels he has no bright future as a refugee, and this grim reality makes him hesitant about harboring any feelings for Joan.

By the time he finally visits her, she has become a popular singer at the nightclub. They go together to the bistro where they went on the night they met. Joan has been waiting for Ravic to come see her, because on that fateful night, in the clutches of despair, Ravic had given her hope to survive. Joan tells him, “I’ve been reborn.” Ravic finds himself becoming attracted to Joan’s beauty as she sings at the club. The night is rainy, just like the night they met. Shoulders touching, Ravic and Joan walk together to Ravic’s apartment.

Eventually, Ravic and Joan fall deeply in love with each other. But even during their sweetest moments, a shadow flickers across Ravic’s mind. The footsteps of war sneak closer to Paris, growing louder day by day. Ravic begins to feel a vague uneasiness towards Joan’s passionate love for him. He is unable to explain to her that he is in no position to give her any promises of the future.

Nazi Germany attacks Czechoslovakia. The news makes people shudder with fear and throws the city into an uproar. Ravic finds a familiar face in the bustling city crowd. Four years earlier, when Ravic was still in Germany, he was tortured for hiding and freeing a friend being pursued by the Gestapo. The torture and humiliation was worse than death itself. The man Ravic sees before him is the Gestapo officer, Franz von Schneider. Schneider even killed Ravic’s girlfriend at the time, Sibyl. Ravic later escaped from the camp and came to Paris. He is suddenly caught by a fierce desire for revenge, but loses sight of Schneider. Shaken by the experience, Ravic finds himself standing before Joan’s room. Did he really want to get his revenge on Schneider and in turn give up his present life in Paris, especially his beloved Joan? As an illegal immigrant, he cannot cause any problems in this city. Ravic tells Joan his true identity, and together they decide to head for the Riviera to leave everything behind.

The Riviera is filled with warm sunshine. Life here is a long way from the current situation in Paris, which is suffering from war, inflation and poverty. Joan meets the wealthy actor Henri and behaves as she pleases with his circle of friends. She confesses excitedly that she has always wanted to live such a frivolous and glamorous life, admitting that she is a “silly woman.” But Ravic cannot help but forgive Joan, the beautiful and foolish woman who is radiantly alive. Their love for each other appears as though nothing could tear it apart. Fate, however, is merciless.

One freezing day in February back in Paris, Ravic happens upon a wounded construction worker and gives him first aid. From this action, the police find out that he is an illegal immigrant, and he is banished from the country. Without even enough time to say goodbye to Joan, Ravic is forced to leave Paris behind.

After three long months of impatience and yearning for Joan, Ravic returns illegally to Paris once again. But his beloved Joan is now here to be seen. She has quit the nightclub, and Boris does not know her whereabouts, One evening, Ravic happens to bump into Joan, who is with Henri. Ravic and Joan embrace tightly, overjoyed by their reunion. Joan, however, is currently dating Henri because she had thought that Ravic was gone for good and could not bear the solitude of living in a foreign country alone. Ravic is hurt by this confession, as he loves Joan more than ever, and leaves her in a jealous fury.

The “Hotel International” where Ravic is staying is a hotel for refugees run by Francoise. Staying there are Boris, a Russian refugee; Hyme and Julia from Spain; Marcus, a refugee with the nickname “Bird of Death”; Rosenfeld, who is on the run with a painting by Van Gogh; the Goldbergs, a German married couple; Wiezenhoff; and the Binders, a Jewish family all live there. All carrying their own painful past and anxiety for the future; they survive the best they can by helping one another. But when Mr. Goldberg commits suicide one day, his tragic death begins to cast an inexplicable sense of anxiety over the people in the hotel.

With information from Boris, Ravic encounters Schneider once again. While Ravic is keeping an eye on Schneider in a restaurant, Joan appears. She tells Ravic that she has broken up with Henri, who has a jealous nature, and she wants to be with Ravic again. But Ravic is so intent on following Schneider’s movements that he hurts her feelings. After Joan leaves, Ravic is taken by surprise by Schneider who begins to talk to him.

Schneider explains that he has come from Berlin on business and that he is unfamiliar with Paris, and asks Ravic to show him around. It turns out Schneider has completely forgotten Ravic’s face. Ravic seizes his chance and takes Schneider,a lewd man, out to a whorehouse in the Boulogne Forest and finally gets his revenge.

The lights of Paris are shut down by a blackout. Henri comes to see Ravic, who has finally been freed from his past hatred. Henri tells Ravic that he has shot Joan from jealousy that her heart is with Ravic and not himself. Ravic hurries over to Joan with Weber, the director of a private hospital, but her wound is far too deep for surgery. The only thing Ravic can do is talk softly to Joan, who is in great pain. Joan whispers words of love in his arms. But as her pain becomes unbearable, Ravic respects her final wishes and frees her from the pain with his own hands. Joan dies peacefully in the end.

France finally declares war on Germany. The people of “Hotel International” all go their own ways. Some flee to America, some decide to be taken to the camps. Ravic asks Boris to take care of Joan’s funeral. and chooses to be imprisoned. Just as Ravic is about to be taken away by the police. He looks up and sees the Arch of Triumph standing quietly in the darkness, just as it was on that night in his memory.


A nostalgic-themed revue show with a time slip back to Paris a hundred years ago.

Scene 1 Preface

A poet dreams of the scene of a girl dreaming of an angel.

Poet: Todoroki Yuu

Angel: Amase Izuru
Girl: Chisaki Maria
Shadow Solo: Mio Urara

Scene 2 Crystal Gallery I

A beautiful prologue where gentlemen in black tailcoats dance and sing dynamically with ladies in dresses.

Gentleman S: Todoroki Yuu
Lady S: Tsukikage Hitomi

Gentlemen A: Emao Yuu, Shiokaze Kou
Ladies A: Itsumine Aki, Aida Megu
Gentlemen B: Naruse Kouki
Ladies B: Arisa Miho, Ai Youko, Kasumi Fuuka, Mio Urara

Scene 3 Beneath the Crystal Ceiling

Singer S: Todoroki Yuu
Lady S: Tsukikage Hitomi

Singer: Yashiro Kou

Scene 4 Afternoon in the Crystal Streets ~ Reminiscence

Man in Unrequited Love: Shiokaze Kou
The Young Woman He Longs For: Aida Megu
A Lover: Amaki Kaori
Garcon A: Mirai Yuuki
Clown: Amase Izuru
Girl: Chisaki Maria

Woman: Tsukikage Hitomi
Young Man: Naruse Kouki
Woman of the Night S: Itsumine Aki
Woman of the Night: Arisa Miho
Wife: Yashiro Kou

Scene 5 Night in the Crystal Streets

A youth wanders the streets. The night passage has gigolos and ladies dancing.

Youth: Emao Yuu
Woman of the Night S: Itsumine Aki
Gigolo A: Naruse Kouki
Gigolos: Aomi Taku, Hijiri Rei, Kamizuki Akane
Women of the Night: Arisa Miho, Ai Youko (1993|Ai Youko)), Mio Urara

Scene 6 Hellish Crystal Streets

A little circus room with black mirrors. The youth from before is lost and wandering, this is the circus from hell. Following the sound of a girl's voice, the youth is possessed by the lord of hell.

Lord of Hell: Todoroki Yuu

Youth: Emao Yuu
Girl: Chisaki Maria
Fallen Angel: Amase Izuru
Circus Leader: Ban Akira
Woman of the Night S: Itsumine Aki
Gigolo A: Naruse Kouki
Knife Thrower: Amaki Kaori
Night Singer: Ai Youko
clown (Man) A: Tachibana Riya
Clown (Woman) A: Kasumi Fuuka

Scenes 7~8 Crystal Gallery II

The passage of a lovely carnival. A masquerading singer sings, while the fiesta man and woman dance. Then everyone joins the dance.

Masquerade Singer: Shiokaze Kou

Carnival Man A: Naruse Kouki

Fiesta Man S: Todoroki Yuu
Fiesta Woman S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Singer: Yashiro Kou
Fiesta Men A: Emao Yuu, Shiokaze Kou, Naruse Kouki
Fiesta Women A: Itsumine Aki, Arisa Miho, Ai Youko, Aida Megu, Kasumi Fuuka
Fiesta Man B: Mirai Yuuki

Scenes 9~10 Memory of a Sky of Mirrors

In a crumbling glass town, a man meets a woman.

Dying Woman: Itsumine Aki
Man: Amaki Kaori

Man S: Todoroki Yuu
Woman S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Angel: Amase Izuru
Girl: Chisaki Maria
Men: Asuka Yuu, Amaki Kaori, Kazahaya Yuu, Mirai Yuuki, Aomi Taku
Women A: Itsumine Aki, Arisa Miho
Women: Ai Youko, Kasumi Fuuka, Asaki Yumemi
White Light: Machika Meguru, Misumi Kanon, Tachibana Riya, Hijiri Rei, Kamizuki Akane, Hiiragi Tomoe

Scenes 11~12 Crystal Gallery III

Elegant and nostalgic finale.

Espoir Singer: Naruse Kouki

Bird of Paradise A: Itsumine Aki
Lady: Aida Megu

Bird of Paradise S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Bird of Paradise A: Itsumine Aki, Morio Kazumi
Bird of Paradise B: Ai Youko

Le Belle Gentleman S: Todoroki Yuu
La Belle Lady S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Le Belle Gentlemen A: Emao Yuu, Amaki Kaori, Naruse Kouki, Mirai Yuuki, Aomi Taku
Le Belle Ladies: Arisa Miho, Aida Megu, Jin Reika

Parade Gentleman S: Todoroki Yuu
Parade Lady S: Tsukikage Hitomi
Parade Gentlemen A: Emao Yuu, Shiokaze Kou
Parade Lady A: Yashiro Kou
Parade Gentlemen B: Naruse Kouki, Mirai Yuuki

Etoile: Asaki Yumemi

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