The Glassy Landscape/Babylon

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English Title: The Glassy Landscape/Babylon
Japanese Title: ガラスの風景/バビロン
Romanized Title: Garasu no Fuukei/Babiron

Troupe: Star
Year: 2002-2003
Performances: Grand Theater, 11/22- 12/24; Tokyo Theater, 02/14 - 03/23
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 12/10; Tokyo Theater, 02/25

The Glassy Landscape:

Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director: Sha Tamae
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Saitou Tsuneyoshi, Tama Shouichi
Choreographer: Sha Tamae
Shinjin Kouen Director: Suzuki Kei


Author: Ogita Kouichi
Director: Ogita Kouichi
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Kai Masato, Saitou Tsuneyoshi
Choreographer: Iga Yuuko, Masaki Rino, Miori Yumino, Kawasaki Etsuko, Hirasawa Satoshi

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 12/25/05); Shinjin Kouen: VHS only
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


RoleCastShinjinkoen Cast
Joy Buxter (American trader)Kouju Tatsuki Suzumi Shio
Laura Simmons (English woman. Elder daughter of the Simmons family)Nagisa Aki Sendou Kaho
Gregory Clement (Dutch university professor)Hatsukaze Midori Ooma Miran
Piccola Ponti (Italian resident of a villa)Suzuka Teru Marino Yui
(revue only)Yashiro Kou
Alto Ponti (Piccola's younger sister)Misa Noeru Hoshikaze Erena
Spencer Simmons (Laura's father)Ema Naoki Aozora Yahiro
Helene Simmons (Laura's mother)Mari Yuzumi Kanou Chika
Franco Mira (Inspector of the Milan police station)Aran Kei Yuzuki Reon
Pietro Greco (Italian superintendent of the villas)Yumeki Noa Ayaka Rei
Mario Grande (Son of an Italian banker)Asazumi Kei Ayami Haya
Leonardo Barone (Italian university student, son of a politician)Matobu Sei Mine Keito
Pia Barone (Leonardo's younger sister) Hizuki Hana Hanami Yuuka
Lisa Clement (Gregory's wife)Akisono Mio Koto Marie
Clara Simmons (Laura's younger sister, Mario's lover)Sendou Kaho Minami Mari
Paul Simmons (Laura's younger brother)Suzumi Shio Ginga Ami
Giovanni (Inspector Mira's subordinate)Narumi Jun Mishiro Ren
Kent Costner (a famous painter) Nishiki Ai Yuuho Satoru
Mr. Fellini (an Italian) Takao Rio Taiga Mutsumi
Mrs. Fellini Marioka Tomomi Hiiro Moe
Smith (an American) Asazono Miki †  Mashio Shin
Mrs. SmithShinobu Murasaki Haoto Rino
Mr. Sturm (a German) Miki Chigusa Ryouma Tomo
Mrs. Sturm Asamine Hikari Suzuno Katsuki
Amedeo (Pietro's employee) Yuuho Satoru Amao Keika
Roberto (Pietro's employee) Yuzuki Reon Tsurumi Mayuu
Priscilla (Pietro's employee) Kanou Chika Hizuki Hana
Jim Oaks (Joy's employee) Shiran Masumi Amagiri Mayo
Clint (Joy's employee. A butler at the villa.) Mine Keito Rinka Sera
Gino (Paul's friend) Ooma Miran Kano Seiya
Marina (Clara's friend) Momoka Sari Umezono Sachi
Lara (Clara's friend) Marino Yui Mashiro Fuari
Nina Ayame Hikaru Kosaki Hiyori
Emilio Aozora Yahiro Kazuki Shin
Carlo Ryouma Tomo Yumeno Seika
Maurice (a man who has been killed) Matou Kanata Kurenai Yuzuru
Wheelchair mandolin-player Mishiro Ren Amagiri Mayo
SingerTakamiya Chinatsu Kawai Mizuho

†  Asazono Miki was absent for both runs. Her replacement was Mashio Shin.

Other Cast: Hatsuse Yuka, Mikoto Sanae, Otohana Yuri, Minaho Sari, Maiha Megumi, Junka Marii, Otomi Yuuma, Nanakaze Umi, Hana Nonomi, Mizuki Ryou, Hanasono Miyuu, Mahiro Shun, Hisaki Seara, Yashio Yuumi


The Glassy Landscape

Every year, the scenic shores of Lake Como in northern Italy turn into a sort of social club for wealthy people who come to escape the heat of summer. Their lavish villas adorn the lakeside, and the villa of the Simmonses is found among them. In the early summer of 1972 just like other years, the Simmonses are celebrating in the living room the opening of their villa with the residents of the neighboring villas. These residents include artists, university professors, and businessmen. They all enjoy the reunion after a year's separation. In the course of the party, a young gentleman who has recently become a resident in the neighborhood shows up. He introduces himself as Joy Buxter, an American trader living in Switzerland. Immediately, the eyes of the guests converge upon him, and he becomes the topic of all conversation. Soon after he leaves, the guests hear a gunshot. Alarmed, they rush to the backyard, where they find a man lying on the ground. Clara, the younger daughter of the Simmons family, is standing aghast by his side, clasping a pistol in her hand. Maurice, the victim, had been seen in the neighborhood from time to time since the end of last season, but no one knows precisely who and what he was. Did Clara really shoot him? Pietro, the superintendent of the villas, and Inspector Mira of the Milan police station, responsible over the resort area, undertake an investigation.

On the next afternoon, Laura, the elder daughter of the Simmons family who is married and living in Paris, rushes to the villa after learning of the murder. Later that night, Clara, still stupefied by the shock of the incident, suddenly jumps aboard a motorboat on the shore of the lake and starts it at full speed. At that very moment, a man jumps into the boat and rescues her safely to the shore. He turns out to be none other than Joy. Laura, who has followed Clara to the lake, comes face to face with him, finding the same distress as hers in his eyes.

Some people cannot provide an alibi on the day of the crime. They include the painter Kent, Leonardo, a student, Mario who is the son of a banker, Clara and Joy. Kent indulges in drawing Lisa, the wife of Professor Clement. Leonardo is in love with Lisa. Moreover, Kent, Leonardo and Mario confess that they had been blackmailed by the man who was killed. Is this new fact linked to the murder? And who is the real criminal? Joy, who felt a curious presentiment from the murder, has started to investigate on his own.

Joy and Laura have felt deeply attracted to each other since they first met by the lake. As they confide about their past, they come to feel that they are both standing at the crossroads of their lives. Laura, who in the past gave up a career as an actress, finds in her encounter with Joy the motivation to nurture again her dream of acting. She tells Joy of her decision and of her irrepressible passion for him. Their love grows into a quiet flame, but Laura is married and Joy cannot tell her who he really is. Aware of each other's situation, neither of them can make a move forward.

Three weeks after the murder, a party takes place at Joy's villa. Knowing that all the suspects have been invited, the guests waver between staying and leaving. Joy, who is confident that he has found the truth, prepares to approach the culprit...

The culprit was a most unexpected person. The case is near conclusion and the short summer of the lake is showing signs of its end. The social life of the resort is restoring its gaiety. But Inspector Mira uncovers Joy's concealed past and identity. Conscious of a crime he committed in the past, Joy has refrained from professing his love to Laura. He now resolves to leave the resort without telling her. However, he realizes he cannot suppress his feelings for her and returns to the lake to tell her that he will come back when he deserves her. Laura, who has been told of Joy's secret by Inspector Mira, again shows her determination to become an actress and promises to wait for him in New York. They pledge to meet again and embrace while the song "Arrivederci" is heard in the background.


Act 1 A : Opening (Ruined City)

Man S strays into a mysterious street without nationality and meets Woman S. Captured by her bewitching charm, Man S is lured deep into the ruined capital, Babylon.

Man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Woman S - Nagisa Aki

Act 1 B : Hanging Garden 1 (Babylon Tower)

Women in fine and sexy dress dance like flowers in a hanging garden of the ancient Babylon. Babylon men sing to start the prologue.

Babylon man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Babylon woman S - Nagisa Aki

Act 2 : Interlude

A young man sings while young girls dance during a short interlude.
Young man S - Hatsukaze Midori

Act 3 : Hanging Garden 2
(Floating Skyscrapers)

Countless doves flock together and dance in a modern city that seems in ruins. Man S wanders amid the group of mineral doves. Man S notices a dying white dove in the group. He involuntarily follows the white dove. A black dove that quietly watches the scene sings a requiem for the repose of the city.

Man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Black dove - Aran Kei
White dove - Asazumi Kei

Act 4 : Ruined City

As lights turn on all at once in the ruins of the preceding scene, a lively night district appears. Voluptuous women and men in tuxedo dance. Man S from the preceding scene notices Woman S in the crowd but loses sight of her. Men in blue tuxedo provoke him. Women lean coquettishly against Man S. A singer sings in a suggestive way in the night scene.

Man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Woman S - Nagisa Aki

Act 5 : Moonlight

The noisy night yields to the morning. However, the pale moon stays on and casts a faint light on Man S and Woman S. They sing in duet. In the arms of Man S, Woman S dreams of her native place, a faraway city which was swallowed by a sea of sand and disappeared. Their illusions come to be surrounded by gold sand.

Man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Woman S - Nagisa Aki

Act 6 : Sandstorm

Marlene, a woman in a swallow-tailed coat, dances with men from the foreign legion in a street of sand at the end of the world. Soon the same Man S and Woman S appear in a bar in the desert where Bedouin women are singing. The two are still dreaming and walk on the sea of sand. A sandstorm surrounds them. Man S loses Woman S in the violent sandstorm.

Man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Woman S - Nagisa Aki
Marlene - Yumeki Noa

Act 7 : Historic Ruins (Ishtar Gates)

Man S has been left behind. He sadly sings the loss of the woman. His alias dances.

Man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Man's alias - Yumeki Noa / Asazumi Kei / Matobu Sei

Act 8 : From the Illusions of Ancient Times to a Festival~Mardigras

Woman S in the form of a princess appears in the historic ruins of the preceding scenes. Prince A from ancient times sings, and princesses dance in a dreamy faraway world.

Princess S from ancient times - Nagisa Aki
Bedouin man A - Aran Kei

Act 8 : B

Soon the ruins buried in the sand rise to the surface and the Gate of Ishtar, the symbol of Babylon, appears. Men in gold and wild animals from the ancient times bravely dance while young female dancers dance gracefully. The princess, who has changed her attire and taken the appearance of a golden temple's maiden, dances with the king of Babylon. In their duet, the dreamy scene of ancient times gradually changes into a modern festival scene.

King of Babylon - Kouju Tatsuki
Golden temple's maiden S - Nagisa Aki
Priest S - Hatsukaze Midori

Act 8 : C

Man A in black swallow-tailed coat dances, leading other men in black swallow-tailed coat. Man S, who has finally changed into a bright red swallow-tailed coat, joins them and everyone dances. The music goes on and introduces a chorus line.

Mardi Gras man S- Kouju Tatsuki
Mardi Gras woman S - Nagisa Aki

Act 9 A : Finale

Soon gentlemen in white swallow-tailed coat and ladies in white dress fill the stage. White snow falls on the desert in a pathetic way.

Finale man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Finale woman S - Nagisa Aki

Act 9 B : Finale

The curtain stops at mid-course. Then a mirror-ball turns on the sound of a pompous music and a gorgeous parade begins.

Finale man S - Kouju Tatsuki
Finale woman S (Etoile) - Nagisa Aki
Finale man A - Hatsukaze Midori / Aran Kei / Yumeki Noa / Asazumi Kei

Other Information

ENAK Sumire Style Stage GRAPH


Glassy Landscape - Review by Ekusudei

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