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English Title: Michelangelo: The Man Who Would Become God/Viva!
Japanese Title: ミケランジェロ―神になろうとした男― /VIVA!
Romanized Title: Mikeranjero - Kami ni Narou to Shita Otoko/VIVA!

Troupe: Hanagumi
Year: 2001
Performances: Takarazuka, 07/06 - 08/13; Tokyo, 9/29 - 11/11
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka , 7/24; Tokyo, 10/16


Based On:
Author/Director: Tani Masazumi
Music Composed/Adapted By: Yoshizaki Kenji, Miyahara Tooru
Choreography: Shou Sumire
Shinjin Kouen Director: Oono Takuji


Based On:
Author/Director: Miki Akio
Music Composed/Adapted By: Takahashi Kuni, Yoshida Yuuko, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Nakura Kayoko, Ai Erina, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa

Available on DVD: VHS only


RoleCastShinko Cast
Michelangelo Buonarroti (great artist excellent in sculpture, painting, poem and architecture)Aika Mire Ranju Tomu
Contessina de' Medeci (Countess Ridolphi, in love with Michelangelo)Ootori Rei Sawaki Kurumi
Giuliano Bugiardi (painter) Takumi Hibiki Aine Harei
Mendolini (leader of robbers) Juri Sakiho Kiryuu Sonoka
Mariola (mother of a Carrara quarryman named Niccolo)Mai Chizuru Mimori Sayaka (1)
Julius II (the Supreme Pontiff)Natori Rei (2)Yuuma Rin
Giovanni Cardinal Medici (Contessina's elder brother, future Pope Leo X)Natsumi You Sou Kazuho (3)
Leonardo Da Vinci (a painter)Yabuki Shou Ouka Reiya
Carla (tavern owner)Rika Masumi Yumeji Honoka
Luisa de' Medici (Contessina's elder sister who died young)Nagisa Aki (4)Ayakaze Ran
Alexander XVI (emperor of Rome)Kazato Yuma Ouka Reiya
Lucrecia BorgiaMachikaze Kana Hanaki Yuina
Clarice (Guiliano's lover)Ayano Kanami (5)Maina Rion
Piero Soderini (gonfalonier of the Republic of Florence)Kaede Saki Mihiro Seisa
Cardinal BramanteOotomo Reika Shima Arata
Cardinal GloriceTakashou Mizuki Mochizuki Rise
Cardinal CaraffaMayuzuki Kou Taka Reira
Raphaello Sanzio (painter)Haruno Sumire Kaou Remi
Ascanio Condivi (Michelangelo's disciple)Sena Jun Misuzu Aki
Antonio Franzzese (Michelangelo's disciple)Ayabuki Mao Mineki Ayato
Vittoria (the Contessina's handmaid)Sawaki Kurumi Sakura Ichika
Catherina (Michelangelo's housekeeper)Takayagi Midori Maikaze Rira
Romano (mercenary in the Church military)Asazono Miki Otose Shuka
Giorgione (Florence silk goods merchant)Kizuki Ayumu Shima Arata
Angelico (Florence silk goods merchant)Sagami Rei Tsukiji Kanade
Cellini (Florence silk goods merchant)Masaoka Nao Natsuzora Momomi
Rodovigo (pirate)Tatsu Tsukasa Shihou Nanami
Gina (Carla's younger sister)Shou Tsukasa Suzuha Ranno
Rossana (Carla's younger sister)Futaba Karen Hosaki Rinna
Filippo (furniture maker)Shiran Masumi Yuuma Rin
Matilda (stonecutter's wife)Misono Erika Kurosawa Daria (6)
Stonemason 1 Matake Suguru -
Monica (townsperson)Suzukake Miyuki Maishiro Nodoka
Alida (townsperson)Momoka Sari Hayabusa Satsuki
Roberto (townsperson)Kaou Remi Rune Maika
Leda (townsperson)Sakura Ichika Tama Mayura
Church GuardMasaki Kazusa Seiki Hanna
Messenger from FlorenceAyukawa Natsuki Hinata San
Angelo 1Sachimi Anna Ayano Kanami (7)
Angelo 2Utahana Yumi Sendou Kaho (8)
Angelo 3Eri Chiaki Nanase Kira (9)
Angelo 4Maikaze Rira (10)Fuzuki Miyo (11)
Angelo 5Fuzuki Miyo (12)Hanagiri Wakana (13)
Angelo 6Ayakaze Ran (14)Hanano Juria (15)
Townsman 1Saki Nozomi (16)Shiyou Rene
Townsman 2Muko Ayumi Chihiro Yuu
Townswoman 1Yumeji Honoka Shiou Miyabi
Townswoman 2Mimori Sayaka -

Other Cast: Kouno Marika, Nazuki Mika, Hanagata Hikaru




In the sixteenth century, at the Villa Medici in Rome, the nobles, ecclesiastics and artists invited to a banquet congratulate Giovanni de' Medici on his promised accession to the Holy See for the next term. Contessina, Giovanni's younger sister talks to Raphaello eminent for most beautifully portraying women. Knowing that he has come to Rome to see Michelangelo's Pieta`, she admiringly speaks of Michlangelo as a man of eternal burning passion. Then, Raphaello has no sooner finished saying that the Pieta` is winning high praises than Leonardo da Vinci breaks the silence he has theretofore kept.

He declares that he never acknowledges the sculpture as an art and that Michelangelo is only a stone chiseller.Michelangelo is called in by Contessina and confronted by da Vinci. However, Giuliano, a painter, cuts in between them, and leads da Vinci and Raphaello to a dining hall. Left alone with Michelangelo, Contessina earnestly asks him to tell her all he knows about the sudden death of her elder sister, Luisa, on the day of her marrying into the Ridolphi family. However, Michelangelo says nothing as though isolating himself within his own world.

In the year celebrating the fifteen hundredth anniversary of Jesus Christ's birth, Christians from the four corners of the world visit the Holy City and are moved to tears by the Pieta` installed at the chapel in the Saint Peter's Basilica. While Raphaello and Michelangelo's two disciples, Ascanio and Antonio, are admiring Michelangelo's skill before the Pieta`, Giuliano warns that, in Rome, values of everything are determined by words or even a gesture of the Pope. Then, Pope Alexander VI comes before the Pieta` and walks away paying no interest. Ascanio and Antonio become offended by the Pope for his indifference toward the Pieta` of their master. Giuliano soothes them by deploring that few can understand real values of artistic works these days in Rome. Every time Giuliano feels sorry that he is not so gifted as Michelangelo, he reminds himself of his determination to live positively, and tries to behave pleasantly all the time however ill he is. One day, he coughs up blood.However, he keeps it secret from Clarice whom he loves.

In downtown Rome, Mendolini, chieftain of robbers and his friends are dancing while singing songs which make fun of the Pope and nobles in a tavern, where Michelangelo enters. While the guests in the tavern are applauding him for his Pieta`, a personal letter from Piero Soderini, gonfalonier of the Florentine republic reaches him.In the letter, Soderini is requesting Michelangelo to make a statue of a hero that can symbolize the liberty of which the Florentine republic is proud. However, Giorgione and Angelico, respectively representing the silk fabrics guild and the merchant guild of Florence, cannot totally agree with Soderini of his choice of the artist. Giorgione and Angelico believe that the Florentine republic is not anymore ruled by a powerful house such as the Medicis but by its working citizens. While on the other hand, Michelangelo who had studied at the art school of the Medicis is regarded by them as a loyal follower of the Medicis. Soderini turns down their protest and convinces them that no artists can excel Michelangelo in intelligence and elegance. Then, Soderini is surprised to hear that Michelangelo is about to make the statue out of the huge marble abandoned for more than forty years at the backyard of the Duomo.

Soderini tries in vain to dissuade Michelangelo from using the old marble.Michelangelo says that the marble is living and only dormant, and starts working on it in spite of the worrying disciples. Contessina comes to the workshop where Michelangelo keeps working without taking meals. She cannot help confessing her love to him, though knowing he will hardly accept it. She tells him that although she is about to go to Bologna for her second marriage by order of her elder brother, she loves nobody but Michelangelo. However, no reply comes from him. Only his chisel keeps sounding in the workshop.

Michelangelo's David is completed. As soon as it is installed at the Piazza, people stare at it in speechless wonder. Michelangelo reveals his next project to decorate the mausoleum of Pope Julius II with forty statues. Then, while watching Michelangelo leave the square, Raphaello, deeply impressed by David, resolves to rival him.

Michelangelo is working with quarrymen at Carrara famous for producing quality marble. A huge block of marble is carried out, and, all of a sudden, makes a sound of sliding down. Just at that moment, a quarryman named Niccolo sacrifices himself and saves Michelangelo's marble from breaking. Niccolo's mother implores Michelangelo to carve her son's life into the marble.


Chapter I: VIVA ! Legend of the Beauty

When light is born inthe darkness, the Beauty standing on a glinting letter "V" starts singing of loveto the world. As the Beauty shouts "VIVA !", the show gaily opens with Latin rhythms and glittering illuminations.

Act 1-Act 3

Miracle"V" - Aika Mire
VIVA Man S - Takumi Hibiki
VIVA Woman S - Ootori Rei
VIVA Man A - Juri Sakiho, Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun
VIVA Woman A - Nagisa Aki

Chapter II: VIVA ! Angel !

In Paris, an artist who sold his soul to the devil completes a red violin. He goes to an evening party held by Satan living in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, and delivers an angel from Satan. They dance to Sarasate's "Zigeunerweisen" arranged into a rock and roll.

Act 4-Act 6

Artiste - Haruno Sumire
Satan - Sena Jun
Ange - Ayano Kanami

Chapter III: VIVA ! Tropicana !

In the day, a Havana Dandy falls in love with three beautiful birds and dances Latin dances with them. In the night, King Tropicana beats gamblers. Then, he receives the sweetest feliciations and the beauties sensually dance to hard rock.

Act 7-Act 8

Havana Dandy - Takumi Hibiki
Havana Singer (woman) - Nagisa Aki

Act 7-Act 8

King Tropicana - Aika Mire
Lady Tropicana - Ootori Rei
Gigolo Tropicana - Juri Sakiho

Chapter IV: VIVA ! Hollywood !

In Hollywood of good old days. The scene reaches the intermediate climax which, in homage to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, reproduces their best scenes from "Night and Day", "Dancing in the Dark" and so on.

Act 11

The Stars - Nagisa Aki

Act 12

Lonely Guy A - Takumi Hibiki

Act 13

Fred - Aika Mire
Ginger - Ootori Rei

Act 14 A-Act 15

Fred - Aika Mire
Hollywood Lady S - Ootori Rei
Hollywood Guy A - Takumi Hibiki, Juri Sakiho, Kaede Saki, Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun
Hollywood Lady A - Nagisa Aki

Chapter V: VIVA ! La Musique !

When a musician is seeking an idea, all of a sudden, a beautiful melody sounds and a passionate rhythm comes out. Then, the musician completes a piece of music with the spirit of melody and spirit of rhythm.

Act 16-Act 17

Musician - Takumi Hibiki
The Melody - Juri Sakiho
The Rhythm - Kaede Saki

Chapter VI: VIVA ! La Vie !

In winter, a man sings of his longing for liberty. His hope and despair assume the shapes of a gypsy in white and a gypsy in black, and the two gypsies start dancing in search of their lost dream. In summer, his lover appears in phantom, but, an instant later, she disappears with his sweet recollection of the days they spent together. In spring, he flies high into the sky with the gypsies in pursuit of a new life.

Act 18-Act 20

Phenix - Aika Mire
Lover - Ootori Rei

Chapter VII: VIVA ! L'amour !

The Latin medley of Ricky Martin's hit numbers develops into a chorus line of the kingbirds.

Act 21

Super Latino - Sena Jun

Act 22

Paradise birds

Act 23 A-C

Eternal Star - Aika Mire
Eternal Woman Dancer S - Ootori Rei
Eternal Dancer S - Takumi Hibiki
Eternal Dancer - Juri Sakiho, Haruno Sumire, Sena Jun

Act 24 A-B

Man of Finale Singer S - Aika Mire
Woman of Finale Singer S - Ootori Rei
Etoile - Haruno Sumire

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