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English Title: Puck / Memories of You
Japanese Title: PUCK / メモリーズ・オブ・ユー
Romanized Title: PUCK / Memoriizu Obu Yuu

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1992
Performances: Grand Theater, 7/3 - 8/18; Tokyo Theater, 11/2 -11/27


Based On: Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream
Author/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Kai Masato, Matsutouya Yumi
Choreographer: Shou Sumire, Maeda Kiyomi

Memories of You:

Author/Director: Kusano Akira
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshizaki Kenji, Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Kita Hiroshi, Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire, Nakura Kayoko, Ieki Hiroshi, Paddy Stone
Dance Advisor: Maho Shibuki
Conductor: Nomura Youji


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Puck (a newly born fairy)Suzukaze Mayo Maori Yuki
Hermia (Grandaughter of Greyville, a girl who believes in fairies)Asano Kayo Kazahana Mai (Grand Theater)
Natsuno Saki (Tokyo)
Sir Edward Greyville (current head of the Greyville family)Natori Rei Mayama Haru
Matthew (Helene's father)Aoi Miya Koshi Haruki
Martin (loanshark)Asahi Mari
Maria (Greyville family nurse)Rika Masumi
Rachael (Sir Greyville's daughter, Helene's mother)Maiki Aya Mihara Shiho
Abraham (Daniel's bodyguard)Sachikaze Irene
Quince (in Bobby's band)Oomine Mayu
Barry (Greyville family butler)Namine Michiru (Grand Theater)
? (Tokyo)
Taka Yuuki
Lionel (son of a noble family, in love with Hermia)Wakao Risa Juri Sakiho
Daniel (son of a hotel king, in love with Hermia)Kuze Seika Naruse Kouki
Titania (queen of the fairies)Hane Chisato Asabuki Minami
Mustard Seed (fairy)Natsukawa Yura
Benjamin (Daniel's bodyguard)Kouki Subaru
Oberon (king of the fairies)Maori Yuki Yoshizuki Eri
Snout (in Bobby's band)Mayama Haru
Poppy Seed (fairy)Mihara Shiho
Bobby (protector of the forest, boy, wants to be a rock singer)Amami Yuuki Shiokaze Kou
Tracy (Maria and Barry's daughter, in Bobby's band)Asabuki Minami
Helen (Hermia's cousin, in love with Daniel)Shiokaze Kou, alternate: Ayaki Nao Ayaki Nao
Caird (teacher)Yoshizuki Eri
Dew Grass (fairy)Kazahana Mai

Other Cast: Wakana An, Natsuki Mami, Ran Reika, Mashiro Tomona, Akatsuki Nagisa, Nakajou Mari, Takachiho Mai, Ujou Kaoru, Matsunami Mitsuru, Kai Chihiro, Konami Azusa, Satsuki Futaba, Asano Kayo, Hanazono Yukari, Kazusa Mahiro, Toki Yufuka, Misato Maya, Hanaoka Miyuki, Matsudaira Rubi, Yuuki Kaoru, Minazuki Shizuka, Yamabuki Sayo, Aihara Serika, Wakae Yuki, Fujishiro Maki, Mizuho Tamaki, Takashou Mizuki, Nashiro Aoi, Takamure Ayu, Hoshino Hitomi, Runa Mari, Suzuna Mio, Ooga Ayumi, Mahoroba Yuu, Mizushima Aoi, Jouka Azuki, Tsubura Hitomi, Honami Aria, Subaru Kazuki, Misugi Chika, Kitajima Mami, Maine Azusa

Grand Theater only: Akiji Shinobu

78th Class, Group B: Chihiro Reika, Sonomiya Reina, Asada Kou, Miyasu Ari, Shiran Masumi, Hazumi Rui, Shizuki Kou, Hanabuki Mai, Hiro Miyoshi, Ootaka Tsubasa, Hibiki Maria, Yuuki Mao, Hanasaki Rika



As the show opens, it's Midsummer's Eve at a boy's school somewhere in Britain. We meet the old man, Edward, who owns the building and the grounds around it, as well as his two granddaughters Helen and Hermia. It's time for the annual concert on the Stone Stage, which the school holds every year. The boys all gather to sing a chorus, lead by their teacher Caird. Suddenly, the concert is interrupted by a bunch of local boys, hooligans dressed up as cowboys and indians. The parents and students head inside the school to continue the concert.

Hermia, meanwhile, lags behind. She sees fairies around the Stone Stage, fairies which no one else can see. Suddenly, just like her grandfather once told her, a fairy is born on the Stage. She is dragged away by her cousin, Helen. Meanwhile, the new fairy is greeted by the king and queen of the fairies, and given the name "Puck". Oberon and Titania immediately try to drag the new fairy into their fight over whether humans are disgusting creatures with no redeeming value, or worth giving a chance. Oberon orders the fairies to show Puck the human world.

Puck wanders around the school, playing tricks on the humans who can't see him and learning about them. Suddenly, one girl senses him. The fairies tell him to hide quick, and he waits until everyone has left before emerging again. But Hermia has been hiding in wait for him. She has the Second Sight. The two become great friends, but eventually Hermia has to go to bed.

The other fairies scold Puck, because becoming friends with a human will make Oberon extremely angry. They also tell Puck that humans with Second Sight forget all about faries when they grow up. Puck doesn't believe them, so they wait and watch time pass. Helene grows up, hoping to become beautiful. Puck tells the deaf human that's impossible. Lionel the violinist grows up wanting to be a genius violinist, and then a conductor. Daniel grows up a regular preppy young man. Hermia grows up to be beautiful and sweet.

It is soon time for the 49th anniversary of the school, and all of the young adults return home to celebrate. Daniel is rich and in charge of a company. He asks Edward to sell him the school so that he can build a pool resort in the forest, but Edward angrily refuses. Helen's parents nag Edward to appreciate their daughter more, instead of poor, orphaned Hermia. Bobby the little cowboy is working at the school now, along with his group. They have high hopes of becoming a rock band and are always sending out demo tapes and practicing. Puck is crushed to realize that Hermia can't see or hear him anymore.

Bobby and his group are rather noisy, so they go out into the woods to practice.

Later, Hermia appears with Lionel in tow. It turns out that she has just turned down his marriage proposal. Daniel immediately buts in and says, "Of course she can't marry you, she's marrying me!" This gets him a prompt slap in the face. When others ask Hermia if she already has someone, she relies that she does, and he's out in the forest. She runs out the door into the forest, and Lionel and Daniel run after her. Helene follows, determined to get Daniel for her own.

Everyone is running around through the woods. Oberon sees this as a perfect opportunity. He takes a spiteful Puck and sends him off in search of the flower which makes ugly things beautiful. In short order, Titania is bewitched into thinking she loves Bobby, who has aquired donkey's ears. Daniel and Lionel find themselves enraptured with Helen. Left alone with Hermia, Puck tries one more time to get her to feel him. She soon does, and the two kiss in joy.

However, this is a terrible crime. Oberon sentences Puck to a year of silence, unable to use his prized possession, his voice. If he speaks before the year is over, he will lose his memory and become mortal. Hermia's memory of the fairies is taken away once more.

Puck serves out his year working at the school. Bobby and all the other workers find out that their demo tape was accepted, and leave to make their fortunes, leaving poor Puck with all their chores. The year passes, and another Midsummer's Eve approaches. It will be the 50th anniversary. Everyone gathers once more. Suddenly a man appears, and says that the mortgage on the school will be foreclosed, and everyone will have to leave immediately. They try to bargain to at least have their concert on the Stone Stage, but the man says that will not be possible. Bobby offers to pay the loan with the money from his band's hit single, but it is not enough.

Suddenly, Daniel steps forward and offers to pay it. He has one demand, and that is that Edward give him Hermia. Edward says that it is Hermia's decision to make. At first she hesitates, and makes Daniel swear that he won't build a pool resort in the forest. He agrees, and the wedding is set for the next night, Midsummer's Eve! Puck is crushed.

Later, we learn that the man foreclosing on the school is actually one of Daniel's. He set up the entire scenario in order to get Hermia, and Helen's parents helped him. Puck arrives and ends up with the disc to Daniel's special computer. Along with Bobby and the gang, they realize that Daniel still intends to build th pool resort. They start plotting. Meanwhile, Helen and Lionel are making plans of their own. Neither of them wants to see Daniel and Hermia married.

The day arrives. Helen gives Lionel two glasses of wine, one with a red ribbon. Lionel's job is to give the one with the ribbon to Daniel, so that he falls asleep. With him asleep, the wedding can't take place. Meanwhile, Bobby is singing his hit on the Stone Stage. As the song concludes, he grabs a glass of wine from Lionel passing by, and then starts to make his accusations against Daniel... only to pass out. Both plans to stop the wedding are ruined, and in the chaos it seems that Daniel and Hermia will be married after all. Puck can't allow it. Despite warnings from the other fairies, he speaks to the startled humans and reveals Daniel's schemes. He also sings one last song about his love for the wood where he was born, before lightning strikes and he disappears from the Stone Stage.

Helen resolves to leave, unable to stand what her parents tried to do. With her goes Lionel, and the two leave hand-in-hand.

Later, a bedraggled figure is found under some bushes and dragged out into the clearing. It is Puck, only he has no memory of who he is or who anyone else is. He doesn't even remember Hermia, but she tells him she has known him for a long time, since he was born. She shows him the Stone Stage, and the two climb up onto it together.

Memories of You

Scene 1 Prologue

"Memories of You" - Amami Yuuki

Scene 2~3 Prologue B

"Love!" - Suzukaze Mayo

Asano Kayo, Kuze Seika, Wakao Risa, others.

Scene 4 For Mister Stone A

"Memories of You" - Amami Yuuki

Kazahana Mai, others.

Scene 5 For Mister Stone B

"Banana Boat" (Harry Belafonte)

Scene 6 For Mister Stone C

"Coconut Woman" (Harry Belafonte)

Scene 7 For Mister Stone D

"Fantasia For Mister Stone"

Suzukaze Mayo

Amami Yuuki, Kuze Seika, others.

Scene 8 One Love A -Classical Carnival-

"First Kiss" - Wakao Risa & Hane Chisato

Scene 9~13 One Love B~F -Classical Carnival-

"The Love I Pray For" - Amami Yuuki
"Jewel of Love" - Asano Kayo & Amami Yuuki
"Memories of You"

Kuze Seika, Shiokaze Kou, Kazahana Mai, Maiki Aya, others.

Scene 14 One Love G

"West Wind" - Maori Yuki

Suzukaze Mayo & Wakao Risa

Scene 15 Memories of You A -A Nostalgic Age-

"Ghost Song" - Natori Rei, Yoshizuki Eri, Natsukawa Yura, Namine Michiru

Scene 16~17 Memories of You B -A Nostalgic Age-

"Memories Frab A" — Amami Yuuki, Kuze Seika, Wakao Risa, Asano Kayo, Shiokaze Kou, others.
Tom: Suzukaze Mayo

"Memories Frab B (Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's An Irish Lullaby))"

Scene 18~19 Memories of You C -Beautiful People-

"A Nostalgic Age, Beautiful People" - Suzukaze Mayo

Scene 20 Epilogue A

Amami Yuuki, others.

Scene 21 Epilogue B

"Amor Amor" - Kuze Seika & Hane Chisato

Suzukaze Mayo, others

Scene 22 Epilogue C

"The Man Who Sells Happiness" ("Le Marchand De Bonheur")


Scene 22 Epilogue D

"Sumire Hana Saku Koro"

Suzukaze Mayo & Asano Kayo pair dance.

Scene 22 Finale

"Memories of You"
"Sayonara Takarazuka"

Etoile: Hane Chisato

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Puck / Memories of You - Review by Ekusudei

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