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English Title: Scout
Japanese Title: スカウト
Romanized Title: Sukauto

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2006
Performances: Bow Hall, 3/24 - 4/2

Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Tama Shouichi, Aoki Tomoko
Choreographer: Iga Yuuko, Hirasawa Satoshi

Available on DVD: No


Sean FinlayRanju Tomu
SashaKashiro Kiho
Jammin'/Roy Takashou Mizuki
Frank Yuuma Rin
ElisabethKasumi Fuuka
SamAine Harei
OzMisuzu Aki
La RouxSakura Ichika
EliottMineki Ayato
NicoleMaina Rion
ArthurShiyou Rene
BillOugi Megumu
KincaidAsaka Manato
MatildaHanasaki Ririka
Griffin Nozomi Fuuto
Man Uraki Hiroto
Bina Mebuki Yukina
Jessica Nono Sumika
MomoShiraki Akari
WallaceOotori Mayu



Sean Finlay is head of a dance troupe, and his girlfriend Jessica is a member. Then, one day when walking home he hears a voice calling his name just before he is struck by a car. He emerges from a coma after three months. Jessica comes to visit him. She recieves a phone call, and Sean, oddly, can hear the distorted voice on the other end of the line. The caller demands Jessica come home, and Sean realizes with a shock that Jessica is seeing someone new. He tells her to go, but feels that something is wrong, particularly when he notices an odd figure following her. He calls for the doctors and sends them after her, but they are too late. Jessica gets into a car accident just outside of the hospital and dies.

Sean sees again the figure that was following Jessica, and demands an explanation. The figure, named Oz, demands one as well, surprised that Sean can see him. We learn that he is a demon, and that there are in fact many demons following humans and playing a "game" to see how many they can kill and in what kinds of creative ways. Enraged, Sean tries to attack them, but can't even land a punch against their odd powers.

He is also plagued with his very own demon, named La Roux, who tells him that she has him marked as her next plaything. He tries to fight with her as well, but when he gives up she grows bored and leaves. An odd man appears, named Sam. He listens to Sean's story and believes him. He gives him a necklace with a charm on it, and tells him a park where they can meet in the future.

Sean returns to his dance group, warning them that there are demons who will come after them and take advantage of any unhappiness or upset in their lives. He tells them this is how Jessica died. One of the members, Frank, grows upset and angry. It is Frank who called Jessica on that day, and he thinks Sean is accusing him of killing her. The group becomes upset, and Sean leaves.

He goes to the park and there meets a strange girl named Sasha. Even before speaking, she addresses him by his name, and tells him that sometimes she just knows these kinds of things. She denies being able to read minds. She, too, has a charm from Sam and believes in his ability to see demons. She tells him that must be a handy skill to have. Sean is taken-aback by this simple view, then cheered.

Later, Frank runs into some very suspicious customers. They demand he apologizes, but he is feeling ornery and refuses. Too late he realizes they're some kind of organized crime. Their leader gives orders for him to be thrown into the harbor. Sean suddenly bursts onto the scene and rescues his friend by offering to take his place. Impressed by his bravery, the crime lord lets both men go. Frank thanks Sean, and Sean gives him his necklace for protection.

Sam is trying to come up with some way to fight back against the demons while they have the advantage of Sean's sight. He invents a strange kind of laser gun, but when blasted with it, La Roux claims it gave her a nice massage. Meanwhile, Sasha returns home and tells her grandmother all about her meting with Sean. The veiled and cloaked old woman acts very oddly, asking if Sasha likes the young man. We can see a crowd of demons circling them as the old woman drapes a black veil over Sasha's head.

Sam and Sean are talking in the park when Sasha appears, moving like a sleepwalker and speaking very oddly. She says she has come to tell Sean something. "I love you!" she says, and then, message delivered, runs away. Sean follows her and rips off the veil. With the veil gone, Sasha almost seems to wake up, and is very flustered over what she has just said. But before she can escape again, Sean admits that he loves her too, and that everything he will do from now on will be to protect her. She leaves, and Sam takes the veil from Sean, as he is very interested in studying it.

The grandmother continues to act very oddly, giving her granddaughter a "supplement", which she takes obediently, and asking the entranced Sasha over and over again: "Do you love him? Do you hate him?" Sean arrives, and Sasha is nearly hysterical, begging him not to leave her and clinging to him one moment, thrusting him away the next. Finally, she pushes him out the door. Troubled, he leaves.

The demons come to taunt him, bing along their newest member, a bright and bubbly... Jessica!? The young woman has been transformed into a demon as well. Disgusted, he escapes from them all. Sam finds him and shows him a knife he has made after studying the veil and learning the secrets of the demon's energy. They are excited to finally have a way to fight back, but when Sean goes to visit Sasha he finds her dying from the "supplements" her grandmother (La Roux) has been feeding her. He confronts Sam, telling him he is going to get her back, but to do this he needs to die. At first, Sam refuses to shoot his friend, and then wrestles the gun from Sean's own hand. He begs Sean to wait until he can come up with some other way. But in the chaos the gun goes off, and Sean dies. The demons gather to celebrate.

Sean re-awakens as one of them, and there finds Sasha... a Sasha with no memories of him. The demons taunt him, and Sean pulls Sam's knife, holding La Roux hostage. Oz returns Sasha's memories, and the confused girl comes back to herself and finds Sean shouting at her to run and return home. She reluctantly leaves. The demons disappear.

Sean wakes up, after three months in a coma. Jessica appears, and he is shocked to realize things are repeating themselves when her phone rings. He stops her from driving away by keeping her keys, telling her to take the bus. She is confused, and his odd behavior begins to scare her, particularly when Oz begins manipulating him and he ends up hitting Jessica instead of Oz. She runs away, and Oz follows after her, the same as before. Sean sends the doctors after her, and an angry Oz returns a few moments later. But just as Oz moves to get his revenge, Sean hears a voice calling his name. It is the same voice which called out to him before his accident. Sasha appears.

Sasha reveals it was all a test, done by a higher power. She was a scout, sent to see if he would be worthy to join them in fighting back against the demons. Sean is shocked, but overjoyed. He teases her until she reluctantly admits that the confession of love before was true, and the two leave together.

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  • Ranju Tomu's final production with Flower Troupe before switching to Cosmos.


Scout - Review by Ekusudei

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