Angels at Dawn


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Show Information
English Title: Angels at Dawn
Japanese Title: 夜明けの天使たち
Romanized Title: Youake no Tenshi-tachi

Troupe: Star
Year: 1997
Performances: Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 9/22 - 9/29

Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Ogita Kouichi
Composer: Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Ueshima Yukio, Iga Yuuko

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 10/20/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


Alvar Grey (A wandering gunman)Kozuki Wataru
Joshua Branton (Branton's son)Ayaki Nao
Barry Branton (the outlaw who controls Ash Creek)Natsumi You
Sheryl (Banton's wife)Hazumi Rui
Augusta (Branton's ex-wife)Kyou Misa
Angela (The daughter of Oldran farm)Hisato Rie
Leroy (Angela's younger brother)Otowa Ryou
Calamity Jane (a female gunman)Izumo Aya
Clarence (Branton's underling. Deputy sheriff)Oohiro Ayumu
McPherson (the doctor)Tsukasa Yuuki
Jean Hammond (a friend of the people who raised Alvar)Yashiro Kou
Rachel (Jean's adopted daughter)Kuji Akari
Jessie (Rachael's lover)Asazumi Kei
Adela (the sheriff's widow)Hara Miteki



19th century western America: the Wild West. The wandering gunman Alvar arrives at Ash Creek, where he has been told Branton is living. Alvar is searching for Branton with one purpose: to kill him. When Alvar was a young boy, Branton killed the parents who raised him. Unable to do anything when they were killed right in front of him, he has sworn to hunt down Branton and get his revenge. In the Ash Creek saloon, Alvar runs into Clarence, one of Branton's men, and Joshua, Branton's son. The townspeople are disturbed by the dark stranger. Next Alvar tracks down the woman who wrote to him about Branton, Jean Hammond. Jean knows more about him than he likes, and when he demands to know why, she tells him that she was a friend of the people who raised him. She also knows who his real parents are, but Alvar says he's not interested.

Meanwhile, Joshua Branton is torn by conflicting loyalties. He hates what his father is doing, and he is in love with Angela. Angela and her brother Roy are Native Americans, and the land that they live on is a sacred place of their people which they are trying to protect. Branton wants to get rid of them, because gold has been found on the land. However, Branton's first wife (Joshua's mother) left him and moved in with the siblings to protect them. Alvar walks into this mire of relationships. Jean has told him to visit Angela's place, though she hasn't told him why. When he shows up he gets into an argument with Roy, who doesn't trust him and wants to know where he came from and who he is. They almost get into a gunfight, but Angela stops them. She talks with Alvar and explains about the situations in town and her people's sacred land.

Rachel, Jean's adopted daughter, comes to ask Alvar for help because the townspeople are meeting about Branton. Apparently, Branton has done something to try to keep apart an engaged couple, and he caught them fleeing town. Alvar says he works alone, but Joshua and Alvar talk, and Joshua explains that he hates his father and wants to put an end to it. They go to join the crowd. Into the saloon walks Branton, and Alvar has his perfect opportunity, but for some reason, he can't pull the trigger.....

Jean reveals to Alvar that Augusta is his real mother, and Branton his real father. Enraged and disbelieving, Alvar angsts for some time. A meeting with Angela helps him to sort out what he wants to do, and he decides to give up his revenge and stay in the town permanently. Act II begins. Alvar goes to meet with Augusta, but she refuses to talk to him. She threw away her children, she tells him. She wants nothing more to do with them. (Later she explains to Jean that it was for their own safety, but I didn't follow her logic in that one very well.) Alvar is sad, but resigned. Meanwhile, Branton has some kind of painful disease, and Clarence uses the opportunity to push his own agenda. He sets a trap for Roy, and kills him.

Angela is devastated. She tells Alvar that she doesn't know how she could have given him such advice before. Now she hates everyone: Branton, Joshua, Alvar... Alvar speaks with her and sooths her a little, reminding her that she loves Joshua. Once she is calmed, he goes to fetch Joshua. But while he is gone, Clarence and his men find her. Alvar and Joshua arrive too late. Joshua is completely beside himself. It's time to end it all, he says.

The two brothers go to face their father, but once there, Alvar still can't kill the man he built his life around murdering. In the end, it is Joshua who shoots his father. Then there was a conversation that I didn't follow very well, but it seemed like Joshua believes that their blood is cursed and all of the Branton's should die. Joshua and Alvar face off the next morning, despite everyone in the town trying to talk them out of it. Alvar kills Joshua, and then sets off on his journey once more.

Other Information

This show complements Angels at Dawn The Sorrow of Bullets, a 1998 Bow Hall show staring Ayaki Nao. In that version of the show, Joshua Branton's past is revealed in more detail and Alvar never makes an appearance.



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