Romanesque Mask / Golden Days


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English Title: Romanesque Mask / Golden Days
Japanese Title: 仮面のロマネスク / ゴールデン・デイズ
Romanized Title: Kamen No Romanesuku / Gooruden Deizu

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1997
Performances: Grand Theater, 3/28 - 5/5; Tokyo Theater, 7/4 - 7/30
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 4/15; Tokyo Theater, 7/15

Romanesque Mask:

Based On: Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos
Adaptor/Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Terada Takio
Choreographer: Nakura Kayoko
Shinjin Kouen Director: Saitou Yoshimasa

Golden Days:

Author/Director: Miki Akio
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Yoshida Yuuko, Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Kita Hiroshi, Hayama Kiyomi, Yamada Taku, Shuri Misao, Nakura Kayoko

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 6/5/06)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Vicomte de ValmontTakane Fubuki Takashiro Kei
Marquise de MerteuilHanafusa Mari Kisaki Miri
Chevalier de DanceneyTodoroki Yuu Shiomi Maho
Comte de GercourtWao Youka Yumeki Noa
Madame de TourvelHoshina Yuri Konno Mahiru
Cécile VolangesKisaki Miri Aida Megu
AzolanAran Kei Ayabuki Mao
JulieKonno Mahiru Nijino Yumeka
Court Director (Madame de Tourvel's husband)Ebira Kaoru Mirai Yuuki
Madame de RosemondeKyou Misa Arisa Miho
Minister LeBlancAsuka Yuu Yuu Naoki
Madame VolangesSaotome Sachi Ai Youko
GavotteSuzuka Teru Machika Meguru
RobertIzumi Tsukasa Tatsuki You
Madame Etienne Akari Nami
Madame Delannoy Itsumine Aki
Blanche Tasai Shun
Madame Blanche Marioka Tomomi
Guise Yabuki Shou
Emilie Morio Kazumi
Etienne Katsuragi Nanaho
Madame Girardot Mimi Anri
Madame Chalier Suzusato Yuuka
Madame Bonheur Kouzuki Mari
Lady Chaillot Miho Keiko
Yvonne Kasai Hitomi
SimonKaede Saki
MarcKotobuki Tsukasa
VictoireMidori Hanaka Hanabuki Mai
RichardAmaki Kaori
Mademoiselle DominiqueMayo Sakura
Nouveau Hazuki Rei
RivièreYuu Naoki Saeki Seiya
LouisKazahaya Yuu Hatsune Mayo
JeanMirai Yuuki Kaou Remi
Jill Ai Youko Ere Marina
Chevalier de BellerocheTakashiro Kei Hanamiya Airi
SophieAida Megu Matsuyuki Kanako
LaFontShiomi Maho Sugata Kou
PascalYumeki Noa
Luardi Hanabuki Mai
Daphne Mizutani Shino
LiesaHaru Ayuka Maisaka Yukiko
EtoileMimi Anri

Other Cast: Tamaki Kaho, Yumena Saya, Kasumi Fuuka, Yuuki Mao, Takase Yuu, Namiki Akira, Kazami Yoshiki, Aomi Taku, Tachibana Riya, Misumi Kanon, Asaka Serena, Ayuna Sae, Shiroka Koyu, Akasaka Miki, Aiki Shuri, Minaho Karin, Mitsumi Akiho, Mariho Erina, Yurika Shiho, Marina Miho

83rd Class (Grand Theater)

83rd Class - Group B (Tokyo): Mio Urara, Aine Harei, Takuma Saki, Hiiro Moe, Mamiya Yuki, Hijiri Rei, Makise Kai, Houjou Rumi, Rei Yuuki, Tsukishiro Misaki, Ayane Eika, Renjou Runa, Moeki Ayato



(Original English language program summary, with minor edits)


Les Liaisons Dangereuses

From the Novel by Laclos


Paris, 1830. After the fall of Napoleon, Imperial Rule is restored by Charles X, younger brother of Louis XVI who was guillotined during the French Revolution. The aristocrats are somewhat fearful of the changing status quo, but nonetheless continue to live in luxury. In this social circle of truth and deception, much attention is gathered on one particular young noble, the Viscount Valmont. The Viscount family was ruined, but using his talent and charisma, he plans to make his house powerful once more.

Although he keeps company with many women, he has never been able to forget his past lover the Marchioness Merteuil. She became a widow at a young age, and was the object of many nobles' affection, but was regarded as an unobtainable beauty.

At a soiree held by Marchioness Merteuil, Valmont meets Mrs. Tourvel, a temple master's wife who is known for her high moral virtues. Valmont, who in all his lovers has never known such a woman, is deeply intrigued by her. He is aware that the temple master is away on a long business mission, and plans to seduce her during her husband's absence.

Merteuil suspects his intentions and observes amused, but at the same promises to become his lover should his plan succeed. On the other hand, she knows that Count Gercourt, by whom she was once betrayed, is engaged to marry her cousin Cecile de Volanges. In order to exact her revenge on Count Gercourt, she asks Valmont to tempt Cecile.

Meanwhile, the innocent and honest Baron Danceny meets Cecile at a soiree and is strongly attracted to the charming girl. He makes frequent visits to the Volanges residence to teach her music, and falls more deeply in love with her. But he hesitates to confess his love because she has a fiance.

In the meantime, Valmont visits Mrs. Tourvel at her Rosemonde residence in the Loire and soon begins to make heated advances. Mrs. Tourvel is afraid to betray her husband and refuses him consistently, but at the same time is struggling to resist his charms. Valmont senses her torment, and sends a letter to Merteuil informing her that he will return to Paris to let the situation cool down.

Merteuil is vexed at Valmont's uncharacteristic lact of action, and thinks up a plan. She discloses to Cecile's mother, Mrs. Volanges, that Danceny has attempted to seduce Cecile, and suggests she let Cecile go to the Rosemonde residence where Valmont is staying. Valmont is to lay the cloth for an easy seduction by acting as mediator between Danceny and Cecile, and approaches the naïve Cecile who falls easily into his hands. Danceny, who knows nothing of the situation, gladly accepts an invitation from Valmont to visit the Rosemonde residence. Cecile is still in love with him, and is infinitely ashamed of her actions.

Valmont at last seduces Mrs. Tourvel, and asks Merteuil to fulfill her promise. Merteuil however refuses, indicating that she believes he is still attached to Mrs. Tourvel. Merteuil has seriously fallen in love with him now is jealous of Tourvel.

Several days later at masquerade, Valmont pulls Mrs. Tourvel from her husband's side and dances with her, but soon tears himself from her and dances with Merteuil, drawing her intimately to him. Mrs. Tourvel, shocked by his conduct, hides away in a nunnery and is thought to have disappeared.

Danceny is told by Merteuil that Valmont seduced Cecile, and challenges him to a duel. On the day of the duel, Valmont fires shots into the air and hearing them, Danceny is alarmed by the racket and leaves. Soon after, revolutionary movement activities begin to increase and society once again is enveloped by an atmosphere of dark unrest verging on war. Valmont decides to join the King's army, and Merteuil leaves Paris in order to escape the war fire.

The two lovers Valmont and Marteuil are unwilling to part with the days of pleasure they enjoyed at the center of society. Ignoring the approach of war, they continue to dance the last waltz.

Grand Revue

Golden Days


In the 1930's, the United States held great appeal and the entertainment industry flourished. In this revue, the brilliancy and youth of the American dream is developed to the bold and showy rhythm in the spirit of the hey-day of jazz. Feel the dynamism of the Snow Troupe and the energy of the Debutantes in this powerful revue.

Scene 1-4 Prologue (The Golden Sunrise)

In the dark, a lone man sings. The sun begins to rise and day breaks. On a large staircase which is brilliantly lit by the sun, people dance and sing of the joy of life. A gospel is performed in praise of the sun.

Golden Star 1... Takane Fubuki
Golden Star Woman... Hanafusa Mari
Golden Star 2 ...Todoroki Yuu
Golden Boy 1... Wao Youka
Golden Girl 1... Hoshina Yuri
Golden Boy 2... Aran Kei

Sunrise Star... Takane Fubuki

Scenes 5-7 Harem Night (A Caravan)

Gangsters meet in the harem at night, and the gang dance. A femme fatale appears. When one of the gangsters touches her, he is lured into the world of the dead.

At the nightclub "Sugar", a gangster is spirited away to the world of love and death by sexy singers, sexy dancers and shady gigolos.

Gangster... Todoroki Yuu
Femme Fatale... Hoshina Yuri

Scenes 8-10 The Last Dream (A Studio)

A man sings a song in reminiscence of the time he lived in a studio. L'amant and la maitresse dance to the memory of love which lives in his heart. The door of the dream studio opens and the man enters the dream. Hot Fun and the Gambler appear. When the man is intoxicated by the dream world, the studio returns to its former beauty and his sweetheart appears. They dance intimately and disappear into the dream.

Last Dreamer... Takane Fubuki
Sweetheart... Hanafusa Mari
Gambler 1... Wao Youka
Hot Fun 1... Itsumine Aki
L'amant... Shiomi Maho
La maitress Midori Hanaka

Scenes 11-15 Broadway Melody (Manhattan Night)

A sea of automobiles. Among the sparkling buildings, the young Manhattan Lovers sing a poem extolling Broadway. Their girlfriends accompany them.

A group of young couples appears in Central Park at night. They sing and dance a medley of Broadway's love songs. A happy night.

Manhattan Lover (male) 1... Todoroki Yuu
Manhattan Lover (female) 1... Hoshina Yuri
Manhattan Lover (male) 2... Wao Youka, Aran Kei
Manhattan Lover (female) 2... Midori Hanaka, Kisaki Miri

A lonely man appears in front of a park fountain. A statue of the fountain begins shaking, an imaginary lover appears and the man sleeps in happiness for a moment before she disappears into the fountain again.

Broadway. A man rushes out into the city singing a love song to Broadway, and a large group of lovers accompany him. Brilliant neon signs, singing and dancing. The man and his lover, this time real, sing a happy love song together.

Manhattan Guy... Takane Fubuki
Imaginary Lover/Manhattan Girl... Hanafusa Mari

Scenes 16-18 Hot Jazz (Free as a Bird)

A place surrounded by a wall in the middle of nowhere. A cool guy and his followers dance energetically to a jazz beat. A hot guy appears and they become hostile. At the climax, the wall crumbles. The men run away. In the red sunset, they become free birds.

Hot Guy... Takane Fubuki
Cool Guy 1... Todoroki Yuu
Cool Girls... Itsumine Aki, Hoshina Yuri

Scene 19 Introduction

A singer introduces the Debutantes

Singer... Wao Youka

Scene 20 Golden Dream '97

A chorus line dance.

Scene 21-23 Finale (Golden Fire)

The Burning Star sings in the golden light. Men and women dance a dance of passion with the Burning Dancer Man 1 and the Burning Dancer Woman 1 as leaders. The Star Man and the Star Woman appear and dance with the Final Star for the last time.

Burning Star... Takane Fubuki
Burning Dancer Woman 1... Itsumine Aki, Hoshina Yuri

Burning Dancer Man 1... Wao Youka

Final Star... Takane Fubuki
Star Man... Todoroki Yuu
Star Woman... Hanafusa Mari

Scene 24 Finale (Golden Days)

A glittering parade, beginning with a super star song.

Final Gentleman 1... Takane Fubuki
Final Lady 1... Hanafusa Mari
Final Gentleman 2... Todoroki Yuu
Final Lady 2... Hoshina Yuri
Final Lady (Etoile)... Mimi Anri

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