This website is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not in any way affiliated with Hankyu or the Takarazuka company. The information and pictures on this website are meant to provide a good source of information in English for non-Japanese-speaking Takarazuka fans, and hopefully to attract even more interest in Takarazuka from the English-speaking parts of the world. We have the deepest respect and admiration for the Takarazuka Revue and wish to share our love for it with others.

The informational content on these pages has been compiled from various sources, and sometimes translated to the best of our ability from official Japanese pages. Due to the fact that we have imperfect knowledge of Japanese, there may be errors. Unless otherwise stated, information on these pages is considered public and may be taken for use on other websites; however, we do request that no one directly plagiarize the text itself. If you would like to use the actual text for your own site, please ask the author first.

The photographs on these pages are all copyrighted to the Hankyu corporation and have been scanned by us from our own personal collection. We have heard that the Hankyu corporation discourages the posting of photos of their actresses and performances on fan websites; copyright laws in the United States allow the posting of such pictures on personal fan sites and whenever possible, we use pictures from our own collections of official Takarazuka merchandise. We hold great respect for Takarazuka and the purpose of posting pictures here is to allow fans who cannot read Japanese webpages the opportunity to become familiar with the Takarazuka stars and performances. However, if you are an official or representative of the Hankyu corporation, and the content of this site offends you, please contact us and we will remove the offending material.





(Thanks to amaranti for the translation.)

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