The White Horizon / Show Up Show -The Beat of Rhapsody-

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English Title: The White Horizon / Show Up Show -The Beat of Rhapsody-
Japanese Title: 遥かなる旅路の果てに / ショー・アップ・ショー -ビート・ラプソディ-
Romanized Title: Haruka Naru Tabiji no Hate ni / Shoo Appu Shoo -Biito Rapusodi-

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1987
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 2/13 - 3/24; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 6/4 - 6/30
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 3/3; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 6/16

The White Horizon:

Based On:
Author/Director: Oota Tetsunori
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Hashimoto Kazuaki
Choreographer: Jim Clark
Conductor (Takarazuka): Hashimoto Kazuaki
Conductor (Tokyo): Izawa Ichirou
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Show Up Show:

Author/Director: Kusano Akira
Composer: Terada Takio, Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Yamada Takashi, Nakura Kayoko, Sha Tamae
Conductor (Takarazuka): Okada Yoshiki
Conductor (Tokyo): Okada Yoshiki, Kitazawa Tatsuo

Available on DVD: No


RoleCastShinko Cast
Count SabininTakashio Tomoe Maya Miki
Elena ProzorovAkishino Miho Kousaka Chiaki
Dr. Mihail Kalatozov Ooura Mizuki Anju Mira
Olga (Mihail's fiancee)Hibiki Mito Hana Youko
Captain NikolaiAsaka Jun Takaragi Meri
Marquis ProzorovNaka Iori Ooki Hiroto
Madam Prozorov Kitakouji Miho Natsume Kana
Ania (Elena's sister)Mizuhara Tamaki Shino Yuka
Andre (a college student and revolutionary)Kou Kazuki Kusanome Moyu
Olivier (the president of a bank)Takara Junko Yuuki Kokoro
Maronin (a detective)Segawa Kae Kouju Tatsuki
Chief Merijanov (chief of police)Mitsuya Nao
Sergei (a butler)Miyama Shinobu Kaji Issei
Lazarev (the president of a horse race society)Mashio Chinami Yuuma Natsuki
FedyaMinami Kairi Akebono Maya
CharlottaKozue Manami Sawa Hitomi† 
AnetteMineoka Nachi Wakakusa Youko
Sara (Sabinin's mother)Hoshimura Reo
PashaYukikaze Rei Oomai Kaori
Captain YakovRyou Mio Ooshio Masumi
Lieutenant LomeikoOoki Hiroto Tachibana Sae
Kramskoi (art professor)Takatsuki Shou
Major AstrovAnju Mira Makoto Tsubasa
Major MaiskiiMaya Miki Aika Mire
MashaMayumi Shizuka Yumeno Chikoto
IrenaKousaka Chiaki Hijiri Masumi
NinaHana Youko Mika Sanami

†  Due to Sawa Hitomi being ill during Takarazuka shinjin kouen, Kozue Manami played the role.

Other Cast: Isono Chihiro, Yuuma Natsuki, Tsukioka Chikage, Miori Yumino, Kagami Chitose, Sayo Akari, Nashiro Erika, Sakuragi Seiko, Hoshino Mutsumi, Kitami Mari, Mashiba Shun, Aikaze Hikaru, Hijiri Masumi, Kurokawa Miyuki, Midori Akie, Asou Yumi, Kyou Maiko, Shione Makoto, Yuu Misao, Ooshio Masumi, Tachibana Sae, Sumireno Aika, Makoto Tsubasa, Yumeno Chikoto, Aika Mire, Hyou Yuuka, Mika Sanami, Kirihara Shouko, Moemi Serika, Shou Tsukasa, Souda Yasuko, Oomai Kaori, Asakaze Yuki, Shibuki Jun, Oogi Chihiro, Kurenai Kasumi, Sazanami Ai



The White Horizon

Russia — the 1890s.

The Romanov Dynasty which has provided Russia's rules for three centuries is in decline in terms of power even while continuing to enjoy the very peaks of immense prosperity. At various places throughout their vast realm riots and strikes are breaking out one after another.

Marquis Prozorov, the new Moscow Divisional Commander, is shot by a mysterious assailant on his arrival from Petersburg in Moscow Station. The Marquis suffers only a slight wound and is treated by Dr. Mihail Kalatozov and his fiancee Olga.

Captain Nikolai, Prozorov's aide, orders the Chief of Police to arrest the criminal at once. However, the attacker has fled into the slum, Hitrovka, an underworld populated by beggars, prostitutes and criminals where even the police fear to go.

Later the same day Prozorov's daughter, Elena, arrives at Moscow Station. She has great difficulty finding a carriage to hire, but Sabinin comes to her aid and graciously lends Elena his own carriage. Sabinin, who controls the slum, Hitrovka, is greatly enchanted by the lovely Elena.

The next evening Sabinin, Dr. Kalatazov and Olga attend a party at Prozorov's official residence. The talk at the party is all about the horse race to be held the following Sunday. Prozorov's horse Ermitage and Sabinin's horse Gagarlin are the favorites.

Everyone goes to the race and watches Ermitage finish second to Gagarlin. Captain Nikolai, Ermitage's rider, is bitterly angry. Nikolai loves Elena and already jealous of Sabinin he now wants violent revenge.

Sometime later, the Tsar Emperor of all Russia is assaulted by a ruffian. Prozorov accepts responsibility and takes his own life.

Grief striken, Elena leaves for Kharkov in the Ukraina to sell her father's villa. Sabinin follows her.

In the Ukraina they meet Captain Nikolai at his new posting. Nikolai provokes a duel with Count Sabinin. Nikolai shoots and misses. The count does not return the shot, and ends the duel. In shame, Nikolai resigns his military commission.

One stormy night while Sabinin is visiting Elena, Andre, a revolutionary student at the university bursts in. He begs for refuge. Their meeting is broken up the police who come to Elena's house in their search for the revolutionaries. The police seize Sabinin and Andre, and within a few days both are exiled to Siberia.

A year later Andre informs Elena that he and Sabinin have escaped from prison and the count is now hiding in Hitrovka.

Elena goes to him at once, declares her love and proposes they flee Russia together.

Sabinin heard that Olivier, a wealthy man and president of a bank, has proposed to Elena. Sabinin believes that Elena will be much better off with Olivier and so he lies to her. He tells her that she must go first and alone. He tells her that after he is certain he has given the police the slip he will follow.

In the obscurity of the shadows of Moscow Station, Sabinin sees his beloved Elena off. Immediately after a decrepit tramp stabs Sabinin. The tramp is Nikolai.

Sabinin gasps, "Good luck, Elena."

Show Up Show

Scenes 1-3 Prelude

An exciting dance to the theme song.

Show Men S: Takashio Tomoe, Ooura Mizuki
Show Girl S: Akishino Miho

Scene 4 Interlude

Entertainer A (man): Asaka Jun
Entertainers (women): Anju Mira, Maya Miki

Scene 5 Beat for Love

Two aviators pilot a butterfly.

Pilot (man): Ooura Mizuki
Pilot (woman): Segawa Kae

Scene 6 Interlude

Four singers sing a jazz song.

Singers (men): Asaka Jun, Kou Kazuki
Singers (women): Hibiki Mito, Kozue Manami

Scenes 7-9 Jazz Beat

A poor struggling drummer gets the opportunity of his dreams and becomes a star.

King of Jazz: Takashio Tomoe

Scenes 10-14 Dream

Three vagabonds happily dream they are guests at a grand party. After awakening they sing, "We have liberty....."

Dream Boys: Takashio Tomoe, Ooura Mizuki, Asaka Jun
Lady: Akishino Miho
Dream Girls: Tsukioka Chikage, Hibiki Mito, Kozue Manami, Mineoka Nachi, Mizuhara Tamaki

Scene 15 Interlude

A dance to Latin American music.

Show Dancer (man): Mashio Chinami
Show Dancer (woman): Miori Yumino
Singer: Mineoka Nachi

Scenes 16-17 Rhapsody

A musician finds his musical instruments have been broken and sings out his anger.

Musician: Ooura Mizuki

Scene 18 Interlude

Singer: Takashio Tomoe

Scene 19 Hallelujah

Beat Singer: Asaka Jun

Scenes 20-24 Finale

A kick line and grand promenade.

Singer: Ooura Mizuki

Singer of Rockettes: Akishino Miho

Singer: Takashio Tomoe
Dancers (men): Ooura Mizuki, Asaka Jun
Dancers (women): Akishino Miho, Hibiki Mito, Mizuhara Tamaki

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