Itoshiki Hito yo

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English Title: Beloved
Japanese Title: 愛しき人よ
Romanized Title: Itoshiki Hito yo

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2004
Performances: Bow Hall, 4/17 - 4/26; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 5/1 - 5/7

Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Saitou Yoshimasa
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Aoki Tomoko

Available on DVD: VHS only


Endou Kazumi (first lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Army)Kiriya Hiromu
Josephine du HargrieveShirosaki Ai
Kawashima Yoshiko (Manchurian princess brought up as a Japanese, worked as a Japanese spy, famous for her male drassing)Shijou Rui
Kevin Hildebrand (Hitler Youth leader)Tsukifune Sarara
Oliver Hitzfeld (Nazi leader)Isono Chihiro
Ichinomiya Wakana (Kazumi's former fiance)Natsukawa Yura
Genedine Henry (a student putting himself through school. Works at the Cabaret Convent)Yoshizuki Eri
Ivan Aleinikov (mastermind and puppeteer of Kawashima and the Rins)Isshiki Ruka
Michel Bardes (Josephine's fiance)Kusunoki Keika
Sekine Junichi (Wakana's husband) / Fugi (emperor of the Manchurian empire)Takaki Amane
Francois AnelkaHoujou Rumi
Baron HargrieveMoeki Ayato
Rin Reiga (Chinese spy, Kawashima's underling)Mihou Aya
Millie Bergman (radio announcer)Otoki Sunao
Jorg Schweinsteiger (Hitler Youth leader)Aoki Izumi
Daimon Makoto (second lieutenant, Kazumi's underling)Mano Sugata
MichaelaTouka Yurino
MichaelSeijou Kaito
Boris Bransenra (radio announcer)Ryuu Masaki
PaulaMoeka Yuria
Tanya Kauffman (Nazi)Shimizu Kyouka
Willie Moreno (Josephine's secretary)Shiratori Kasuga
Elaina SereskyAsahana Rinka
Kazumi's ShadowKouzuki Ruu
Mina Berbatov (Polish, Kevin's lover)Kagetsu Miyako
MariaSaran Erika
TerryKao Amiri
Rin Sunga (Reika's brother)Asumi Rio
GorgesSawaki Rizu
SamanthaHino Anji



NOTE: If you have a better grasp of the plot, please, PLEASE make corrections to this summary!

Act I

Recently engaged Endou Kazumi is ordered to Paris to act as a liason with the German army. While abroad, one of his army friends steals and marries his girl.

In Paris, Baron Hargrieve is working against the Nazis and so is taken into custody. While attempting to escape he wrestles with Kazumi and is accidentally shot. Kevin sends Kazumi to carry an official appology from the army to Hargrieve's only daughter Josephine. It was in fact a trap, and the Nazis follow Kazumi to kill Josephine. He saves her, but she isn't grateful, hating the Nazis and Japanese for what they've done. She asks Kazumi to kill her. He shoots wide, and tells her the old Josephine is dead and a new one is born. They find a connection and with time they fall in love, but Kazumi is not entirely happy, for he still hasn't told her he was the one to shoot her father.

Elsewhere, the spy Kawashima Yoshiko is on a mission to find the Blue Diamond. She is also sent to interfere with Kazumi as part of her plan to help egg on a war.

Meanwhile, Genedine is in love with Mina and completely jealous of her love for Kevin. The Nazis use Genedine's jealousy to help lay a trap, because they believe Kevin's loyalty is compromised by his love for the Polish Mina. Kevin meets to tell Mina that the German army will be invading Poland, and the two decide to flee Paris together.

Kazumi meets with Josephine and tells her he was the one to shoot her father. He says he had to tell her, because he loves her. She asks to be left alone. As she is alone, she meets Michel Valdez, an old aquaintence, who comforts her. He has come from America to bring her back with him to America, to Hollywood so that they can rekindle their old flame.

Kazumi learns he is being ordered to Shanghai. At that moment, his ex-fiance Wakana arrives in Paris with the news that her husband has been killed. She comes to Kazumi for comfort, but he tells her that it's over between them. She tells him that they're destined to be together and that she'll follow him forever. When Kazumi goes to tell Josephine he will come back for her after Shanghai, she tells him she is going to America with Michel.

As Kazumi drinks away his sorrows, Kevin and Mina come to beg his help in their escape. Kazumi tries to warn them that it is too dangerous, but suddenly Genedine arrives and tells them that he can help them escape. Secretly, he has made a deal with the Nazis that Mina will be unhurt if he turns them over.

Kazumi writes Josephine a letter telling her that he'll wait for her at Marsailles, but Michel intercepts it and doesn't pass it on. Instead, he plans an earlier departure to sneak Josephine out of the country before Kazumi realises it. Meanwhile, Genedine and Mina are killed by the Nazis and Kevin swears revenge.

Before she leaves, Josephine sends a diamond necklace to Kazumi.

Act II

In Shanghai, Kawashima is having fun playing with Kazumi, but Reiga gives him an excuse to leave. However, she tells him that she hates the Japanese, because they killed her parents. Kazumi sees the similarities between Reiga and Josephine, and feels drawn to protect her.

In Paris, the Nazis are still hunting Kevin, who is waging one-man war against them.

Kawashima is still searching for the blue diamond necklece, which she believes will bring the Japanese army power when combined with the Emerald Tablet, a huge jewel she owns. Kazumi secretly wonders what exactly Josephine expected him to do with the Blue Diamond necklace which she gave to him.

In Los Angeles, Josephine's new Paramount movie opens. At the screening, Michel asks her to marry him.

The German amy is losing to the Allies, and they plan to wthdraw from Paris. Kevin tracks them down just as they do and in the ensuing gunfight is killed.... by Genedine, who actually didn't die after all at the docks.

In Shanghai, we find out that Kawashima has Wakana, and is stringing her along by promising her Kazumi. Meanwhile, Kawashima doesn't need Reiga anymore and so sends assassins after her, but Kazumi arrives in time to save her and her brother. Reiga tells him that she has a boat arranged, going to America. Kazumi tells her he can't leave. He's a Japanese soldier, and he'll see this war through to its end. He gives Reiga the necklace to return to Jospehine.

He learns of Kevin's death from Daimon, but intends to remain in Shanghai to protect Fugi, the puppet emperor of Manchuria and see him safely delivered to Tokyo, despite Kawashima's plans. Kawashima, deprived of her necklace, shoots Wakana. Ivan turns on her, telling her it was all a lie, including the Blue Diamond and Emerald Tablet. Kawashima goes crazy and blinds Kazumi with her knife.

In America, Josephine learns that Kazumi is being put on trial for treason. Reiga arrives from Shanghai and gives Josephine the necklace. Michel feels remorse, and gives Josephine the letter he hid from her long ago. He gives her a plan ticket to Tokyo, telling her she is the only one Kazumi has left.

In Japan, Kazumi is found innocent and set free. The cherry trees are blooming when he gets a visitor.

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