Mayerling / Glorious!! (Cosmos 2000)

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English Title: Mayerling / Glorious!!
Japanese Title: うたかたの恋/ GLORIOUS!!
Romanized Title: Utakata no Koi / Glorious!!

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2000
Performances: National Tour, 6/10 - 7/2


Based On: The tragic real-life love story of the Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary and Marie Vetsera.
Author / Director: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Takahashi Kuni
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire


Author / Director: Fujii Daisuke
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Miyahara Tooru, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Kenji Nakao, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, Iida Satoko

Available on DVD: Performance Digest / Wao Youka Top Star Debut Documentary only (release date 6/20/06)


(some name romanizations are approximated)

Rudolf (Crown Prince of Austria)Wao Youka
Marie Vetsera (A baron's daughter)Hanafusa Mari
Archduke Johann Salvador (Rudolf's cousin)Kozuki Wataru
Millie Stübel (Jan's lover)Hanakage Misaki
Emperor Franz-Joseph (Rudolf's father)Oomine Mayu
Empress Elisabeth (Rudolf's mother)Ryou Akino
Stephanie (Crown Princess)Ayazono Yuki
Duke Friedrich (Chief Cabinet Secretary)Koshi Haruki
Archduke Ferdinand (Rudolf's cousin)Tsukifune Sarara
Baroness Vetsera (Marie's mother)Suzuna Saya
Hannah (Marie's younger sister)Shirakawa Ruri
Jessica (Marie's wet nurse)Suzuka Teru
Szeps (Editorial writer for a Vienna newspaper)Mutsuki Mao
Roshek (Rudolf's servant)Misa Noeru
Bratfisch (Rudolf's coachman)Asahina Kei
Count Hoyos (A close associate of Rudolf's)Hatsune Mayo
Prince Philipp Suzu Haruki
Countess Larisch (Rudolf's cousin)Futaba Miki
Countess Zeveka (of Poland)Yuuka Eri
Greta (Countess Zeveka's maid)Kajika Kumi
Eva (Stephanie's maid)Hanae Miku
Morris (Rudolf's adjutant)Hanamiya Airi
Criess (an officer)Takahane Ukyou
Hans (an officer)Yuumi Hiro
Crüger (an officer)Saeki Seiya
Bessel (an officer)Kazari Jin
Emile (Freidrich's subordinate)Kazaki Maya
Marinka (Bohemian songstress)Kuji Akari
Ophelia (Character in the play-within-a-play)Mebae Haruka
Mrs. Shlatt (an actress)Orika Narumi
Roiss (German ambassador)Sono Mikage
Mrs. BelgartAnri Michiru
Johanna (young woman)Takamiya Rina
Servant, othersNanaho Hikaru
Servant, othersToki Irisu



Austria, 1888. Crown Prince Rudolph is bored with the ostentatious royal life in the Austrian court. He is forced into a marriage contract with Stephanie, Princess of Belgium. The couple is incompatible and they live in unhappy discord. Grand Duke Jean Salvadore, Rudolph`s cousin, is in touch with the liberals of the realm and his lover, Milly, is a commoner. The Grand Dude has broken the shackles of convention and he enjoys a life of freedom much to his cousin`s envy.

During a performance of "Hamlet", Rudolph meets Maria Vetsera, the daughter of Baron Vetsera, the wealthiest man in Vienna. The Prince and Maria fall in love at first sight and continue meeting secret.

Duke Friedrich, the Minister of War, learns of the love affair. He plots to use the affair to his advantage and put his own nephew Ferdinand in Rudolph`s place as Crown Prince. The Duke reports to the Emperor that Rudolph is meeting liberals and that he is also having secret rendezvous with Maria.

When the Emperor learns that Rudolph has petitioned the Pope for a divorce from Princess Stephanie he flies into a rage and orders Rudolph and Maria to part.

Rudolph feels he must make a choice, the throne or Maria.

In January of 1889, Rudolph announces that he is going on a hunting trip. He departs for Mayerling with his beloved Maria.

Duke Friedrich discovers Rudolph`s plans. The Duke sends out a party who masquerade as revolutionaries so that Rudolph can be arrested as their leader.

Blissfully unaware of the tragedy about to unfold, Rudolph and Maria alone in the surroundings of peace ans beauty spend their last night together.

Special Revue


Scenes 1~4: Glorious America (1900s - New Orleans)

Sacchimo - Wao Youka
Lilu - Hanafusa Mari
Oliver - Kozuki Wataru
Kid - Asahina Kei
American 5 - Misa Noeru, Oomine Mayu, Suzuna Saya, Kuji Akari, Kajika Kumi
New Orleans Men - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

Scenes 5~8: Cotton Club (1920s - Harlem)

Gregory - Wao Youka
Zaza - Hanafusa Mari
Duke Ellington - Kozuki Wataru
Gentlemen - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

Benny Goodman - Kozuki Wataru
Rocket (Men) - Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

Scenes 9~10: Glen Miller (1940s - World War II)

Glen Miller - Kozuki Wataru
Helen / Shadow Solo - Tsukifune Sarara

Scenes 11~14: Rock 'n Revue (1950s~60s - Las Vegas)

Woman of the Rock 'n Roll Age S - Hanafusa Mari
Man of the Rock 'n Roll Age S - Asahina Kei

American Symbol - Wao Youka
Gallery Men - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

Singing Man - Kazaki Maya
Lover Men - Tsukifune Sarara, Yuumi Hiro
Lover Women - Hanae Miku, Orika Narumi

Singing Man - Hatsune Mayo
Singing Woman - Ayazono Yuki
Lover Men - Koshi Haruki, Saeki Seiya
Lover Women - Futaba Miki, Shirakawa Ruri

Singing Woman - Ryou Akino
Lover Men - Koshi Haruki, Saeki Seiya
Lover Women - Futaba Miki, Shirakawa Ruri

Singing Man - Asahina Kei

West Coast Man S - Asahina Kei
West Coast Woman S - Ryou Akino
Singing Man - Mutsuki Mao
West Coast Men - Hanamiya Airi, others

Lunna - Hanafusa Mari
Groupies - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

Destiny - Kozuki Wataru
Flamenco Men - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

American Symbol - Wao Youka
Lady S - Hanafusa Mari
Gentlemen - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

Scene 15: Janis Joplin (1970s - Folk Songs)

Requiem Singer - Kozuki Wataru

Scenes 16~19: Midnight America (1980s~90s - New York)

Neo - Kozuki Wataru
Toy-Boy S - Hanamiya Airi
Toy-Boys - Saeki Seiya, others
Janet S - Hanafusa Mari
Janets (Singers) - Asahina Kei, Kazaki Maya

Scenes 20~22: Mirai e (To the Future)

Millennium Star - Wao Youka
Millennium Boy S - Kozuki Wataru
Millennium Girl S - Hanafusa Mari
Millennium Boys - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others
Shadow Solo - Suzuna Saya

Scenes 23~24: GLORIOUS!!

GLORIOUS - Wao Youka
Glorious Man S - Kozuki Wataru
Glorious Woman S - Hanafusa Mari
Glorious Men - Tsukifune Sarara, Saeki Seiya, Hanamiya Airi, others

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