Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone / Enter the Revue


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English Title: Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone / Enter the Revue
Japanese Title: マラケシュ・紅の墓標 / エンター・ザ・レビュー
Romanized Title: Marrakech: Kurenai no Bohyou / Enter the Revue

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2005
Performances: Grand Theater, 3/25 - 5/9; Tokyo, 5/27 - 7/3; Hakataza Theater, 8/2 - 8/24
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 4/12; Tokyo, 6/7

Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone:

Author: Ogita Kouichi
Director: Ogita Kouichi
Music: Takahashi Kuni, Saitou Tsuneyoshi, Aoki Tomoko, Oota Takeshi
Choreography: Iga Yuuko, Miori Yumino, Kawasaki Etsuko
Conductor (Takarazuka): Okada Yoshiki
Conductor (Tokyo): Kiyokawa Tomomi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Ogita Kouichi

Enter the Revue:

Author: Sakai Sumio
Director: Sakai Sumio
Music: Yoshida Yuuko, Kuratomi Shinichi, Tama Shouichi
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, KAZUMI-BOY
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo): Izawa Ichirou

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 8/5/05)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: Yes
In Enter the Revue: The music was replaced in scene 8C "Midnight City C New Orleans".


RoleCastShinjinkoen Cast Hakataza Cast
Ludwig Adler (an enigmatic man staying at the Hotel Coupee)Haruno Sumire Asaka Manato Haruno Sumire
Olga O'Brien (a Russian woman searching for her missing husband)Fuzuki Miyo Sakurano Ayane Fuzuki Miyo
Yvette d'Amboise (a revue star; Ludwig's former lover)Toono Asuka Kashiro Kiho Kashiro Kiho
Sonia (Yvette's attendant)Yashiro Kou Nanase Kira Yashiro Kou
Leon (Ludwig's work partner; a half-blood)Juri Sakiho Hanagata Hikaru Ayabuki Mao
Clifford O'Brien (Olga's husband; a surveyor from England)Ayabuki Mao Nozomi Fuuto Misuzu Aki
Gunther (an art collector who persistently follows Yvette)Ranju Tomu Mochizuki Rise Aine Harei
Benoit (Yvette's patron)Ootomo Reika Natsuzora Momomi Shima Arata
Commissioner Croque (chief of police for the French government of Marrakech)Ban Akira Shihou Nanami
Lalla (Leon's mother; a Berber)Kyou Misa Tama Mayura
Corvette (owner of the Hotel Coupee)Natsumi You Mineki Ayato Natsumi You
Sofia (Corvette's daughter)Sakurano Ayane Miono Seira Sakurano Ayane
Marielle (Sofia's tutor)Eri Chiaki Shiou Miyabi Eri Chiaki
Natalia Walenkov (Olga's aunt; a refugee of the Russian nobility)Rika Masumi Hanagiri Wakana Rika Masumi
MacNaughton (lawyer for the O'Brien estate)Yuuma Rin Shiyou Rene
Vladimir (lawyer for the Walenkov estate)Misuzu Aki Yuugiri Rai
Ari (Leon's associate)Takashou Mizuki Hinata San Kiryuu Sonoka
Ivun (Leon's associate)Kiryuu Sonoka Ougi Megumu Taka Reira
Hassan (Leon's associate)Mineki Ayato Yuuzumi Shun Mineki Ayato
Snake DancerSuzukake Miyuki Sakura Ichika Suzukake Miyuki
Alexander (a ballet dancer whom Olga once loved)Mayuzuki Kou Yuuna Hayaki Mayuzuki Kou
Fatima (Leon's lover; a dancer)Kashiro Kiho Kayou Kirari Mebuki Yukina
Nadine (a dancer at Leon's establishment)Maishiro Nodoka Aizumi Moeri Maishiro Nodoka
Sara (a dancer at Leon's establishment)Hanano Juria Hanazuki Yuma Hanano Juria
Iris (a dancer at Leon's establishment)Maina Rion Mebuki Yukina Maina Rion
Ismer (a Berber)Aine Harei Ayashiro Rea
Aman (a Berber; Ismer's youger sister)Sakura Ichika Hatsuhime Saaya Hanazuki Yuma
Suzanne (a guest at Hotel Coupee; an upper-class white woman)Shou Tsukasa Hanasaki Ririka
Dr. Patrice (a guest at Hotel Coupee; an upper-class white man)Taka Reira Tsukio Kazusa
Mathilde (a guest at Hotel Coupee; an upper-class white woman)Utahana Yumi Seika Mai
Claude (a guest at Hotel Coupee; Mathilde's husband)Tachibana Riya Seiki Hanna
Aureli (a maid at Hotel Coupee)Kasumi Fuuka Maina Rion
Elizabeth (Clifford's older sister)Mizuki Mai Hanano Juria
Johnson (steward of the O'Brien estate)Shima Arata Tsukiji Kanade
Luda (Natalia's private secretary)Suzuha Ranno Shizuka China
Officer Louis (Croque's subordinate)Hanagata Hikaru Amamiya Nao Shihou Nanami
Officer Henri (Croque's subordinate)Nozomi Fuuto Saezuki Runa Asaka Manato
MuhammadNatsuzora Momomi Uraki Hiroto Natsuzora Momomi
IbrahimTsukiji Kanade Kouga Asahi Seiki Hanna
Nurse SimoneTama Mayura Ryou Kagura
CamilleNanase Kira Umesaki Ibu Nanase Kira
CecileHanagiri Wakana Hitomi Yuyu
EdwardMochizuki Rise Mineno Kazuma
BernardShihou Nanami Tonan Sakira
GeorgeHinata San Amon Machi
NicolasAsaka Manato Seto Kazuya
New Commissioner Gerard Hanagata Hikaru
Madame Eugene Utahana Yumi
Sergei Hinata San

Other Takarazuka Cast: Hatsuki Yoshiya, Koko Maria, Natsushiro Ranka

Other Tokyo Cast: Hatsuki Yoshiya, Koko Maria, Natsushiro Ranka, Nono Sumika, Shiraki Akari, Ootori Mayu, Aura Maki, Kachou Shiho, Hanamine Chiharu, Haruhana Kirara, Kira Masato, Ayasaki Mei

Other Hakataza Cast: Ougi Megumu, Yuuzumi Shun, Amamiya Nao, Miono Seira, Uraki Hiroto, Koko Maria, Mebuki Yukina, Yuuna Hayaki, Saezuki Runa, Hitomi Yuyu



Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone

Marrakech is found in the heart of Morocco in North Africa. Facing the Atlas Mountains, it is considered the remotest gateway city to the desolate desert.

The story opens in the Sahara. Clifford O'Brien and his surveying team are lost; stranded and struggling to survive in the harsh desert night. They long to return to England, or if nothing else, to reach Marrakech - at least in a city they can be buried in actual graves. Clifford vows to survive and find his way back to his wife Olga.

Olga herself travels to Marrakech, searching for her missing husband. Born to the Russian noble family Walenkov, she fled the Russian Revolution and married Clifford, an English noble. She has since been wondering if she truly loves him. She has come to Marrakech, a gateway to the desert, in order to prove her love for him.

Yvette and her attendant Sonia also arrive in Marrakech. Yvette is a famous star of Paris's Moulin Rouge and is hoping to find a Monsieur Corvette, who was once her patron. She is being followed by a German man named Gunther and believes Corvette can protect her.

At the square called Jemma el Fna, which means the gathering of the dead, Olga loses sight of the two lawyers who have come along with her. They run into Leon and Fatima, who warn the lawyers to beware of swindlers while at the same time picking the hapless men's pockets. Leon also invites MacNaughton and Vladimir to come to his restaurant, which features the best food and dancers in Marrakech. Leon is a half-white, half-Berber man who thrives on conning the rich white people of the city.

Just as Olga fears she is completely lost, a European gentleman comes to her aid. He introduces himself as Ludwig Adler and offers to accompany her to her hotel, where he also happens to be staying. On their way they speak of the current French protectorate administration of Marrakech. Ludwig says that Olga couldn't understand the problems of the Berbers, since she is simply a traveler passing through. Olga protests that she isn't just a tourist and explains to him about her missing husband. As they near Hotel Coupee they come across Leon, who is a colleague Ludwig's. Olga then tells Ludwig that she can find her own way from there and thanks him for accompanying her. She goes away, leaving him behind with Leon.

Leon and Ludwig are both con men working under Corvette. Being a half-blood, Leon prefers the company of his fellow Berbers to Ludwig, who is too kind-hearted and difficult to work with. Leon tells Ludwig and Ari to meet at his restaurant that evening for a new scheme. He also briefly runs into Croque, a Frenchman and the chief commissioner of police in Marrakech. Croque generally does not trust Leon or his boss Corvette, but accepts bribes from them as long as they don't cause too much trouble.

Yvette appears, interested to find another person in the city who is also from France. She and Sonia ask the police chief where to find Monsieur Corvette. Croque is pleased to see Yvette, whom he recognizes as a star of the Moulin Rouge. He sends a police officer along with Leon and Ari to direct the women to Corvette. When Yvette asks after him, Leon says Corvette is managing a hotel but now close to retirement. Sonia counters that he's a Mafia man and always will be.

Back at Hotel Coupee, Ludwig meets with Corvette and his daughter Sofia. The girl is quite taken with Ludwig, and Corvette doesn't seem entirely against the idea of their union. Ludwig simply changes the subject with a smart remark about Corvette's cover as a hotel manager "retiring" in Africa. He learns that Olga has arrived at the hotel and goes off to find her. Meanwhile the other hotel guests gossip about the rebellion in North Morocco. They all agree that without the railroad as a way out, they would not feel safe among the Berbers. Corvette and Sofia are defending the Bedouin just as Ismer and Aman enter. The two Berbers admit that they're used to being misunderstood by the white people, but feel that Corvette and Ludwig are different. Like the Bedouin, they are men who have no true home.

Ludwig meets with Olga again, who thanks him again for helping her. He asks if she's learned anything about her husband, and she wonders if her search is in vain. Ludwig distracts her from worrying by showing her a beautiful rose made of stone. They can easily be found in the desert, but he makes a living selling them at exorbitant prices to tourists. Ludwig also asks Ismer and Aman to look into the disappearance of the English surveying party. Olga is impressed by his candor, and asks if she may have a desert rose. He argues that he's already given away the secret of their worth and must now sell her one at a lower price. But Olga doesn't care about their value; she wants one because it reminds her of a rose she once had in Paris. Ludwig admits that he also has memories of Paris, although he's originally from Moravia, which Olga realizes is near Russia. The two reflect that while their hometowns are close to each other, they would rather go back to Paris than return to their birthplaces. Then Yvette and Sonia enter, shocked to find Ludwig also in Marrakech.

That evening Olga, MacNaughton and Vladimir pay a visit to Leon's establishment. Lalla, Leon's mother, also comes to the restaurant, asking her son to come home. Leon quickly sends her off, more interested in leaving the city than returning home. Yvette and Sonia show up as well, and Leon asks how they know Ludwig, having seen the "touching reunion". Yvette is distracted, however, when she sees Olga. She speaks with false politeness to the Russian woman, trying to ascertain Olga's relationship to Ludwig. Even though Olga says they just met, Yvette warns the woman that her connection with Corvette means she could do anything she wanted to Olga. Sofia, also in the restaurant, warns Yvette not to use her father's name lightly. Immediately after Olga excuses herself and leaves, Ludwig enters. He admonishes Sofia to go home, and Leon teases him for his woman trouble.

Leon then takes Ludwig aside to speak alone. He wants to get out of Marrakech and go to Paris, and has a plan for a profitable con. Ari, Ivun and Hassan also want in on the conversation. Leon explains to them all that they can exploit the rebellion in North Morocco to con Europeans out of huge sums of money. They will spread a rumor that the railroad has been destroyed and Berbers are coming to kill all the white people. A panic will break out, and they can make the Europeans pay to be smuggled out of Marrakech. Leon says he is the only person that everyone will trust, since he's half-white and half-Berber. Ari interjects that the person he can't trust is Ludwig, the foreigner. Leon stands up for his friend, saying he will take responsibility for everything, and Ari ominously tells him not to forget those words. Ludwig drops out, feeling the scheme will fail and put off by Ari's suspicion. As the group breaks up Fatima approaches Leon, worried that he will leave her. Even after his reassurance she says she can't believe him, and Leon replies that perhaps it's better for Fatima not to trust him.

At the Hotel Coupee, Yvette finally meets with Corvette. She knows that he was the one who brought Ludwig to Marrakech. Yvette also sees Olga and apologizes for her earlier rudeness. She admits that Ludwig was once her lover, but says it's an old story and an old wound. Yvette then leaves as Ludwig comes in. Olga suggests he go after Yvette, but Ludwig says he'd rather talk about other things and invites her to walk with him. She agrees, since she can't sleep; although she isn't sure whether it's from concern for her husband or something else. He comments that it's almost as if she's a stranger to herself. Olga feels she has no self-confidence; she doesn't know what she wants, what she's hoping for or who she loves. Ludwig says the way to gain self-confidence is for her to choose something herself for once. She reflects that when she tried choosing something for herself, it ended up being a mistake; the decision to love someone. Ludwig realizes that he feels the same about his former love, and the two share their stories from Paris.

Ludwig met Yvette at the Moulin Rouge, where she was the star dancer. However, he was poor and ended up working there to make a living. Ludwig and Yvette felt an instant attraction to each other and fell in love, but her patron Corvette stood in their way.

Olga and her aunt Natalia also went to Paris, displaced from Russia after the revolution. Olga soon fell for a ballet dancer named Alexander, another Russian refugee. But Natalia was unimpressed by his lack of fortune, and in order to make money began selling off the family jewels. The most prized among them was a golden rose. Benoit, also a patron of Yvette's, hoped to buy the rose as a gift for her. His friend Gunther, however, protested wasting such a treasure on a mere actress. Eventually the golden rose and the rest of the fortune was sold, and Alexander left Olga; he was only interested in her money. In the midst of her despair she met Clifford, and Olga's mother urged her to marry him because of his noble status.

Corvette was the man who bought the golden rose, and he sent Ludwig to give it to Yvette as a gift. Ludwig wished it could truly be a present from him, and so did Yvette. But the jealous Benoit came to take the jewel and threatened the two of them with a gun. Ludwig fought him, and in the struggle Benoit lost his weapon. Fearing for both of their lives, Yvette grabbed the gun and shot Benoit. In order to protect Yvette, Ludwig insisted that he was the one who committed the murder and fled Paris as if guilty.

Back in the present, Ludwig suggests they should retire as it will soon be morning. Olga says she hates the morning, when new things must begin, and wishes the night could continue forever. She admits to Ludwig that he reminds her of her time in Paris, and of her loneliness. Ludwig says she isn't just remembering, it's something she's always had; the same as his own loneliness. Their hearts are both wounded by the memory of lost love in Paris. This kindred feeling brings them together, and although Ludwig resists at first, he agrees to stay with Olga at least until morning.

The morning comes all too soon, however, with the news that one of the English surveyors has appeared from the desert. He says everyone was separated and doesn't know if the others are still alive. Clifford's sister Elizabeth begins to despair, but Natalia only thinks of the property Olga will gain if her husband is truly dead.

Leon continues to insist to Fatima that no matter what, he will leave the country and live a life of luxury. As he dreams of going to Paris, so does Ludwig. He tells Olga that they can start over there together. With a new dream in Paris, they will be able to face every morning.

Yvette, meanwhile, is worried for her safety. She has seen Gunther in Marrakech and tells Sonia to ask Corvette for protection. Gunther has followed her, still lusting after the golden rose he saw in Paris those many years ago. He also witnessed Yvette's crime and demands she face judgment. Unable to deal with her guilt, she attempts to slit her wrists. Fortunately Sonia steps in before it's too late, and brings Ludwig to see her one last time. As a parting token of her love, Yvette gives the rose to Ludwig.

Leon executes his plan, telling the European guests in his restaurant that Bedouin have surrounded the city and are planning to kill them. He doesn't have time to finish, however, as Croque then enters with Fatima. She has exposed Leon's plan, and Croque assures everyone that Marrakech is safe. The people all rail against Leon, calling him a swindler and a lying Berber. Fatima insists that Leon is the only liar among the Bedouin. The police close in but he escapes, running to Ludwig for help. Ludwig suggests he hide in the desert, but Leon is adamant that he will reach Paris.

As Leon runs off, a crazed Gunther appears from the shadows. He vows to finally claim the golden rose and pulls out a knife. He and Ludwig struggle, but Gunther eventually stabs him in the stomach. Undeterred, Ludwig removes the knife and fatally stabs Gunther in turn, then flees the scene.

In the midst of his escape Leon runs past Ari, who guns him down. Despite what Leon may have thought, Ari says that they were never friends and cruelly tells him to die and go to the white man's heaven. Doubting such an afterlife is in store for himself, Leon expires in the street.

Through all of the commotion, MacNaughton and Vladimir search frantically for Olga. Ludwig manages to find her first. Speaking to Olga from the shadows, he tells her they'll never be able to go to Paris, because he wouldn't make her happy. He says he is a cruel man, someone she just passed by and never really knew. Ludwig then disappears again, leaving behind the golden rose for her. MacNaughton and Vladimir finally catch up to Olga as she cradles the jewel in her hands.

As Ludwig fades into the desert, Clifford miraculously emerges alive. He says he was saved by the Bedouin. He is overjoyed that Olga came all the way to Marrakech for him, and although he has no gifts to give, he offers her an amazing rose-shaped stone he found in the desert. Now they can start their life again, and Olga agrees to never look back. A new journey is just beginning for the two of them.

Corvette must finally let go of his daughter, as she has decided to marry Olga's young lawyer Vladimir. It is revealed that Sonia is Sofia's mother, although she is not staying to be with her child. She and Yvette head back to Paris, certain that one day they will find happiness again.

Enter the Revue

Act 1 : Prologue (Enter the Revue)

A splendid staircase appears right in the middle of the stage decorated in a fine Art Deco style. Singing gentleman S shows up and sings the theme song on the staircase. Two gentlemen in black tailcoats go up and dance with the singing gentleman between them. They invite everybody to the dreamy world of revue.

Singing gentleman S ~ Haruno Sumire

Act 2 A : Chansons de Paris -A-

A mademoiselle sings Paris, c'est du champane. Gentlewomen surround the two singing gentlewomen. They sing songs of Paris in medley.

Singing gentlewoman S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Dancing gentlemen B ~ Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki

Act 2 B : Chansons de Paris -B-

A gentleman sings Revoir Paris.

Singing gentleman B ~ Ayabuki Mao

Act 2 C : Chansons de Paris -C-

Gentlemen and gentlewomen dance to Paris Un Tango.

Singing gentlewoman A ~ Toono Asuka
Singing gentleman B ~ Ranju Tomu

Act 2 D : Chansons de Paris -D-

While a gentleman sings Ne me quitte pas, two gentlemen and three gentlewomen dance.

Singing gentleman A ~ Juri Sakiho
Dancing gentlemen ~ Takashou Mizuki, Kiryuu Sonoka
Dancing gentlewomen ~ Suzukake Miyuki, Kasumi Fuuka, Maishiro Nodoka

Act 2 E : Chansons de Paris -E-

The gentlemen and gentlewomen greet Etoile appearing from below. As soon as Etoile sings Paris Paname, the gentlemen and gentlewomen all start parading.

Etoile ~ Haruno Sumire
Singing gentlewoman S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Singing gentlewoman A ~ Toono Asuka
Singing gentlemen B ~ Ayabuki Mao, Ranju Tomu
Dancing gentlemen B ~ Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki

Act 3 : Nostalgie

Before an Art Deco style curtain, a comedian comes out calling out to the audience and sings. Pierrots and Columbines dance.

Singing man ~ Juri Sakiho
Pierrots ~ Natsumi You, Shou Tsukasa, Ootomo Reika
Columbines ~ Hanano Juria, Sakurano Ayane

Act 4 : L'amour

In the evening of a festival. Louise, star Columbine of an itinerant troupe, beautifully sings and dances in the big top. The members of the troupe which include Pierrots, dancers, nobles, and men and women of the village gather and excitedly praise her. Standing between some packing crates and looking through a slit in the curtains, a Pierrot in love with Louise looks at her with passionate eyes. He barely manages to hand her a bouquet of red roses. He and Louise happily dance. However...

Pierrot S ~ Haruno Sumire
Louise ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Harlequin ~ Ranju Tomu
Pierrots ~ Natsumi You, Shou Tsukasa, Ootomo Reika
Floral dancers ~ Sakura Ichika, Kashiro Kiho

Act 5 : Circus Animal Tamer

An animal tamer stands on stage in the big top. Eight Belles Charmantes in black panther disguise and the animal tamer sensually and vigorously dance.

Animal Tamer ~ Juri Sakiho
Belle Charmante A ~ Toono Asuka
Belles Charmantes ~ Suzukake Miyuki, Kasumi Fuuka, Suzuha Ranno, Taka Reira, Nanase Kira, Mochizuki Rise, Kayou Kirari

Act 6 : Bon Voyage

The sounds of an airplane can be heard. Three young men with small bags on a trip walk while singing. They (Parisians) take off their jackets, put on new jackets taken out of the bags and head for downtown New York.

Young men on a trip ~ Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki

Act 7: New York City

On the stage made up of glass and mirrors reminiscent of the streets at the foot of skyscrapers glistening in the afternoon sun, men and women walk around singing and dancing.

Singing American girl ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Young men on a trip ~ Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki

Act 8 A : Midnight City - A: At dusk in the big city

The night in the big city wears away. A few mannequins are standing between the mirror and the show window of a department store.

Mannequin A ~ Maishiro Nodoka

Act 8 B : Midnight City - B: At midnight

An African mannequin appears at the center of the stage. The rhythm of a heartbeat is heard from afar. The African drums rhythmically sound out. The African savanna appears on the windowpane tinted with a rosy flush. Men beat the drums. The stage takes on an image of a nocturnal macadam jungle.

Man of Africa S ~ Haruno Sumire
Men of Africa A ~ Ayabuki Mao, Kiryuu Sonoka
Mannequin A ~ Maishiro Nodoka

Act 8 C : Midnight City: New Orleans

The tune changes from African rhythm into soul and jazz.

Man of new rhythm S ~ Juri Sakiho
Woman of new rhythm S ~ Toono Asuka
Man of new rhythm A ~ Takashou Mizuki
Men of new rhythm (singers) ~ Mayuzuki Kou, Yuuma Rin
Women of new rhythm (singers) ~ Utahana Yumi, Eri Chiaki, Mizuki Mai

Act 8 D : Midnight City: Jazz Rhythm: Chicago and New York

The tune takes up a contemporary rhythm. The scene changes back to the New York of skyscrapers. A young man sings swing numbers, and others dance with the young man at their center.

Man of skyscraper S ~ Haruno Sumire
Woman of skyscraper S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Men of skyscrapers A ~ Juri Sakiho, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki, Kiryuu Sonoka
Man of New Orleans A ~ Takashou Mizuki
Women of skyscrapers A ~ Suzukake Miyuki, Maishiro Nodoka, Toono Asuka

Act 9 : Bonfire of Gypsies

Bonfires are in flames in front of the curtain.When a young Gypsy man comes out and sings, four Gypsy women chase him.

Young singing Gypsy man ~ Ayabuki Mao

Act 10 : En Aranjuez Con Mi Amor

A young man appears and sings in a bright streak of light on an abstract Spanish style stage on a hill. A man of shadow comes into view suddenly while women of blue dance while praying.

Man of Aranjuez ~ Haruno Sumire
Man of shadow ~ Juri Sakiho
Women of Aranjuez ~ Takashou Mizuki, Suzukake Miyuki, Kasumi Fuuka, Aine Harei, Maishiro Nodoka, Misuzu Aki, Kiryuu Sonoka, Taka Reira, Yuuzumi Shun, Asaka Manato, Nozomi Fuuto, Yuuna Hayaki

Act 11 : Finale -A- (Chorus Line)

Debutantes perform in a chorus line before an Art Deco stage decoration.

Act 12 A : Finale -B- (Grand Escalier)

A young man comes out and sings in front of the grand staircase. Women surround him.

Grand Escalier (man) S ~ Haruno Sumire

Act 12 B: Finale -B- (Grand Escalier)

The women give place to the men who dance to Quand on n'a que l'amour.

Grand Escalier (man) S ~ Haruno Sumire

Act 13 : Finale -C- (Grand Escalier)

Four pairs dance to Quand on n'a que l'amour.

Grand Escalier (man) S ~ Haruno Sumire
Grand Escalier (woman) S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Grand Escalier (men) A ~ Ayabuki Mao, Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei
Grand Escalier (women) A ~ Suzukake Miyuki, Maishiro Nodoka, Toono Asuka

Act 14 : Finale -D- (Grand Escalier)

A gentleman of Etoile sings When I Dream, the theme song of the show Enter the Revue, and leads all the performers to parade in splendor.

Gentleman of parade S ~ Haruno Sumire
Gentlewoman of parade S ~ Fuzuki Miyo
Gentleman of Etoile ~ Juri Sakiho
Gentleman of parade A ~ Ayabuki Mao
Gentlewoman of parade A ~ Toono Asuka
Gentlemen of parade B ~ Ranju Tomu, Aine Harei
Gentlemen of parade C ~ Misuzu Aki, Kiryuu Sonoka, Hanagata Hikaru, Mochizuki Rise
(All other performers)

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