JFK / 1001 Baroque Nights

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English Title: JFK / 1001 Baroque Nights
Japanese Title: ジョン・F・ケネディ / バロック千一夜
Romanized Title: Jon F. Kenedi / Barokku Sen Ichi Ya

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1995
Performances: Takarazuka, 05/12 - 06/26; Tokyo, 08/02 - 08/29
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka, 06/06; Tokyo, 08/15


Based On:Life of the John F. Kennedy, the 36th President of United States.
Author/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Music: Yoshida Yuuko, Kai Masato
Choreography: Shou Sumire, Maeda Kiyomi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Ogita Kouichi

1001 Baroque Nights

Based On:
Author/Director: Kusano Akira
Music: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Takahashi Kuni
Choreography: Maeda Kiyomi, Shou Sumire, Nakura Kayoko, Ueshima Yukio

Available on DVD: No (VHS only)


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
John Fitzgerald KennedyIchiro Maki Aran Kei
JaquelineHanafusa Mari Hoshina Yuri
Robert KennedyTakane Fubuki Shiomi Maho
Rose (John's mother) Kyou Misa Kasai Hitomi
Editor-in-Chief / Onassis Asuka Yuu Kishiro Miki
Khrushchev Ami Jun Mirai Yuuki
Joseph Kennedy (John's father) Kodai Mizuki Kotobuki Tsukasa
Ethel (Robert's wife) Saotome Sachi Maki Megumi
Lyndon Johnson Izumi Tsukasa Kazahaya Yuu
Patricia (John's sister, Peter's wife) Akari Nami
Martin Luther KingTodoroki Yuu Kaede Saki
Joe Kennedy (John's older brother) / Schlesinger (President Kennedy's aide) Tasai Shun Takaragi Aya
Nixon / McNamaraChiya Akira Mashio Izuru
Rusk (President Kennedy's aide) Iraka Maya
Edgar HooverKouju Tatsuki Takakura Kyou
Eunice (John's sister, Shriver's wife) Itsumine Aki
Jean (John's sister) Marioka Tomomi
Red Fey (President Kennedy's aide) Yabuki Shou Amaki Kaori
Salinger (President Kennedy's aide) Asakage Rui
Coretta King (Dr. King's wife) Shu Michiru Miho Keiko
Shriver (John's brother-in-law, Eunice's husband) Yuumi Reo Ounami Tsubasa
Truson (President Kennedy's aide)Katsuragi Nanaho Asada Kou
Theodore Sorensen (President Kennedy's aide)Wao Youka Mayuzuki Kou
Peter Lawford (John's brother-in-law, Patricia's husband) Takakura Kyou Yumeki Noa
Edward (John's brother) Takaragi Aya
Castro Kaede Saki Takashiro Kei
Marilyn MonroeHoshina Yuri Midori Hanaka
Lee (Jacqueline's sister)Midori Hanaka Hanabuki Mai

Other Cast: Haruno Wakaba, Morio Kazumi, Marika Nami, Misuzu Ririka, Kojou Ran, Suzusato Yuuka, Kouzuki Mari, Mayo Sakura, Hazuki Rei, Arisa Miho, Yuki Wakana, Amamiya Moe, Yuu Naoki, Aki Mizuho, Hibiki Maria, Hanabuki Mai, Akasaka Miki, Hitomi Rika, Yuuki Mao, Ai Youko, Mizutani Shino, Kisaki Miri, Takase Yuu, Aiki Shuri, Tatsuki You, Michi Kiyora, Komari Nana, Saezuki Akira, Ayabuki Mao, Haru Ayuka, Hatsune Mayo, Aida Megu, Mariho Erina, Tamaki Kaho, Sugata Kou, Minaho Karin, Namiki Akira, Yumena Saya,
Other Cast (Grand Theater only): Yuuna Aki




A tragic incident shook the country on November 22, 1963. The President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, was murdered in Dallas, Texas. His brother, Robert Kennedy, heard the sad news and had nothing to say because of the shock. A Minister, Martin Luther King, who was a strong supporter of Kennedy, prayed to God for his soul.

In 1952, John F. Kennedy, nicknamed Jack, had a large scale Senate Election Campaign. A Times Herald journalist, Jacqueline Bouvier, got to know his past by gathering data and interviewing him.

The Kennedy family was made up of rich Irish immigrants. The father Joseph, who had worked as American ambassador to Great Britain before World War Two, was also a man who had earned a large fortune on Wall Street. He trained his sons strictly under the family precept, "Be the best. Being second or third does not mean anything." His dream was to make one of his sons the President of the nation, and the oldest son Joe was expected to make that dream a reality.

The second son Jack was weak, but he applied to enter the Navy after he graduated from Harvard University. With his father:s support, he was appointed commander of the PT Boat 109.. But he was despised by his crew. On one occasion, however, his ship clashed with an enemy ship and sank. At that time, Jack swam supporting one of his crew, Red Fay, on his back and both narrowly escaped death. He became a war hero from this heroic act and was honored by his Government.

Joe then volunteered for dangerous duty to get a similar honor to that bestowed on Jack, but he died in action. After that, the head of the Kennedy family tried to entrust Jack with the task of entering politics. He encouraged a hesitant Jack who actually wanted to be a novelist, saying that Robert would also support him. Jack thus decided to go into politics, taking over his older brother`s duty.

Jacqueline became attracted to Jack during her information gathering assignments. Jack also fell in love with her, and proposed to her, likening their future to "a trip to the moon".

Though Jack was defeated in the Vice Presidential elections, he was not overly concerned because he did not want the Vice President`s potion. Instead, he made up his mind to run for Presidency in 1960.

The United States was wrestling with internal problems of racial discrimination, and the external problem of Castro`s coming into power in Cuba with the support of Russian Premier Khrushchev. Jack envisioned building a new era by formulating the "New Frontier" policy.

In the pre-Presidential Democrats` election, Jack`s rival candidate was Johnson. Jack made it known that he supported Martin Luther King, who promoted civil rights through such moves as Sit-In Campaigns. And young people backed Jack`s "New Frontier" policy, helping him beat Johnson. As a result, Jack was elected the Democrat`s candidate. Hoover, a neighbor of Johnson and the Secretary of the FBI at the time watched this tide of events with great bitterness.

In the Presidential election, Jack and another candidate, Nixon from the Republican Party, participated in a TV debate for the first time in U.S. history. Anyone watching the debate could see who was going to win. So in January, 1961, Jack was elected the President of the United States of America at the young age of forty-three.

From his new office, Jack gave new commands one after another. He devoted himself to his policies, along with his new Cabinet ministers called the "Best and Brightest". He nominated Robert as the new Sectary of Justice, However, Hoover resent being given orders by young Robert and began planning to bring down Jack.

On another front, Jacqueline was paid much attention by the public in interviews as the new First Lady. Journalists reported her as being a spendthrift. Moreover, Jack warned her to watch this kind of coverage. She gradually became tired of her constrained life as First Lady.

One day, Peter Lowford held an informal party in his Hollywood bungalow. This is where Jack became acquainted with Marilyn Monroe.

Jack`s birthday party that year was to be a splendid event arranged by his party. The main guest was Marilyn Monroe. Jacqueline misunderstood the relationship between Jack and Monroe and chose not to attend the party. The gulf between Jack and Jacqueline seriously widened from this point on. Jacqueline, whom Onassis invited to Greece, left for Greece to stay out of the public eye and to meet her sister who was living there.

Jack`s birthday party, which included the star Marilyn Monroe, was a great success and attracted many guests. During the party, however, Jack received news that the Department of Defense had confirmed a nuclear missile base in Cuba built by the Soviet Union. He took the situation very seriously and immediately convened a National Security Meeting. He also appealed to Khrushchev to put an end to this dangerous building up of arms. The Soviet Union agreed to abolish its missile base in Cuba. Thus, the danger of missiles in Cuba was eliminated through pressure from the military without using actual force.

Jack began to prepare for the next election. As a part of the campaign he had been considering a parade, riding in an open car in Texas. Hoover, suspecting certain discord toward Kennedy politics in Texas, suggested Jack put a stop to the parade plan, but the young leader would not change his mind.

Then the fateful day approached.

1001 Baroque Nights

Titled "Baroque - A Thousand and One Nights" in the program

What a beautiful, fascinating, passionate world it is! Have you ever considered what would happen if the baroque culture of Europe were to be blended with the cultures of the Middle East, India, and Africa? Let`s enter such a hypothetical world to enjoy a fantastic show which exposes a series of new fantasies.

Scene 1-2 Prologue A
An elephant`s cry can be heard everywhere, then baroque music fills the air. Some fascinating figures appear from this exciting set of excessive beauty, singing to the rhythm as if under a spell.

The set changes, and an African rhythm takes over. A troop of dancers dance to this ancient rhythm, expressing the force of life through dramatic body movements. As this excitement reaches a climax, the surroundings are transformed into a great desert.

Baroquers: Ichiro Maki, Hanafusa Mari, Takane Fubuki, Todoroki Yuu, Kouju Tatsuki
Black Baroque Man: ((Asuka Yuu)
Black Baroque Woman; Kyou Misa

Scenes 3-4 Prologue B
A golden elephant, with a singer above it, features in the center of the stage. The singer sings a theme song, while people dance passionately and mysteriously under the sun, praising love and life.

Suddenly the sky is covered in a tapestry-like patter and the world begins to burn furiously.

Man S: Ichiro Maki
Men A; Takane Fubuki, Todoroki Yuu, Kouju Tatsuki, Wao Youka
Women A; Hanafusa Mari, Itsumine Aki, Hoshina Yuri

Scene 5 Iron Chef
Black baroque people wake within a mysterious atmosphere. Africans in white costumes and with umbrellas in their hands form lines and bring out dishes for a banquet.

African Man S: Todoroki Yuu

Scene 6-7 The First Night - The Great Dinner
Ladies dine in an elegant setting. The meal is served and when a lde of one dish is removed, a priest appears. Then suddenly a blackout changes the world dramatically. Servants flirt with giraffe girls. And when the lights come on again, the ladies have been transfromed into gentlemen in tuxedos.

Ladies: Takane Fubuki, Kouju Tatsuki, Yuumi Reo, Wao Youka, Aran Kei

Scene 8 The Second Night - Ganges A
Ryer appears. Having lost her lover Otoba, she has turned into a snake and now roams the River Ganges. As she sings sadly of her hopeless love, a white boat carrying the body of Otoba floats down the Ganges.

Scene 9 The Second Night - Ganges B
Ryer and Otoba live on either side of the Ganges. the river keeps the loving couple apart. When their longing reaches the heavens, they cross the river and passionately embrace one another. However, the spirit of the Ganges causes them to be swallowed up in a wave and die. Ryer is transformed into a snake, and wanders the Ganges to this very day.

Ryer; Ichiro Maki
Otoba: Todoroki Yuu

Scene 10 - The Third Night - Arabian Nights Club A
A master of ceremonies and thieves in turbans and tuxedos appear on the scene. The MC declare that anyone can kidnap dancers from the Arabian Nights Club, so thieves rush tot he club to carry away the dancers. Comical thieves, Theo, Tao, and Pao, hearing this also go tot he club. At the entrance Theo says "Open, Sesame!"

Scene 11 - 12 - Arabian Nights Club B
The door opens, and a spectacular show awaits you at the Arabian Nights Club. Theo, Tao, and Pao sing to attract the beautiful dancers; Tao woos the showgirl who dances the belly dance. Pao has his eye on a woman doing a duet dance. Inside the club becomes chaotic with the thieves struggling to carry off the showgirls.

Scene 13 - Arabian Nights Club C
Once the confusion settles, Theo and a showgirl left on the stage turn into Prince Ali and Princess Jasmine. Thus the show comes to a beautiful end.

Theo; Ichiro Maki
Showgirl S; Hanafusa Mari
Tao; Takane Fubuki
Pao; Todoroki Yuu
Ceremony; Kouju Tatsuki
Prince Ali; Ichiro Maki
Princess Jasmine; Hanafusa Mari

Scene 14 - The Fourth Night - Africana A
A young African man in the city sings yearningly for "a long gone era". He has lost his own music. His is a rock and roll singer, born in African, and in search of his music. He can see his African homeland in the distance.

Scene 15 - 16 Africana B
Now in his mother country Africa, the young man walks on familiar turf. One of his friends welcomes him home. The sun will rise above sleeping African, and the two men will leave the city to commence a journey in search of nature and freedom. The singer finds his lost songs here in Africa. He sings these songs passionately, beautifully, and loudly in the rhythm of rock and roll. The scene shifts as it reflect the "aesthetics of excess".

Africana S; Takane Fubuki
Africana A; Todoroki Yuu

Scenes 17 - 19 - The Fifth Night- Bolero
The lights turn in the direction of love. A love song accompanies an endless bolero rhythm.

Bolero Singer; Ichiro Maki
Boldero Girl; Hanafusa Mari

Scene 20 - The Golden Elephant
In a timeless voice, an African couple under a parasol talks and sings about their love. Then the golden elephant reappears at the back of the stage, and the man above the animal starts to sing.

African S; Wao Youka

Scene 21 - Finale A
A black leopard dancer emerges. More and more dancers appear and begin a line dance.

Scene 22 - Finale B
The grand staircase is put in place, covered in an arabesque pattern like that in the Alhambra palace. Dancers in colorful zebra costumes dance to a vibrant African rhythm, which, in turn, changes to baroque music.

Zebra men; Takane Fubuki, Todoroki Yuu, Kouju Tatsuki,

Scene 23 - Finale C
Duet dance.

Baroque Singer: Ichiro Maki
Baroque Dancer; Hanafusa Mari, Hoshina Yuri

Scene 24 - Finale D
Parade by all performers.

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