Actresses Who Have Performed an Etoile

An etoile ("star" in French) is the opening song in a parade — the "beginning of the end" of a revue or 2-act musical. The etoile is most often a solo sung by a musumeyaku but may be performed by an otokoyaku in some cases. Also, as this list shows, the etoile is not exclusively a solo — it can also be a duet or performed by a small group of stars.

A star chosen to sing an etoile is often a talented and prominent singer within the troupe — some musumeyaku with strong voices may be chosen to sing an etoile even when they are underclassmen. Sometimes, however, the etoile is used to feature a star who is retiring in that performance.

The below list currently features Grand Theater / Tokyo Theater performances only. For small theater / tour etoiles, please see Actresses Who Have Performed an Etoile (Small Theater)

Note: Please feel free to add any missing information. For current actresses, please leave the 'became top' field blank unless they have already become a top star / top musumeyaku.

TroupePerformanceEtoileBecame TopRetired in this PerformanceNotes
Star 1789: The Lovers of Bastille
Snow A Dream in Lilac -The Pride of the Droysen Family- / Jewel de Paris!! -The Jewels of Paris-
Cosmos Casino Royale -My Name's Bond- Hasaki Urara No
Moon Ohten no Mon / Deep Sea -The Carnival of the Sea Gods- Momoka Yuki, Amana Ruria, Shirakawa Riri, Kiyora Haryuu, Saaya Ichigo No The etoile was performed on a switch cast schedule
Flower Mayerling / Enchantement -A Luxurious Perfume- Hoshizora Misaki No
Star Dimitri -Purple Flowers Scattering at Daybreak- / Jaguar Beat Miyako Yuuna No
Snow The Pleiades in the Blue Chikaze Karen No Yes
Cosmos High & Low -The Prequel- / Capricciosa!! -Follow Your Heart- Rui Makise No Yes
Moon The Great Gatsby Ichino Rin No
Flower Years of Pilgrimage: The Wandering Soul of Franz Liszt / Fashionable Empire Wakakusa Moeka No Yes
Star A Second Fortuitous Meeting Next Generation -Midnight Girlfriend- / Gran Cantante!! Tenju Mitsuki No Yes
Snow Yumesuke's Dream-Senryo Souvenir / Sensational! Arisu Himeka No
Cosmos Never Say Goodbye -The Footsteps of Lovers- Amairo Mineri No
Moon Color Me True / Full Swing! Kazama Yuno, Shirakawa Riri, Kiyora Haryuu No
Flower Genroku Baroque Rock / The Fascination! Sakino Mion No
Star The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls / More Dandyism! Arisa Hitomi No
Snow City Hunter -The Stolen XYZ- / Fire Fever! Ai Sumire No
Cosmos Sherlock Holmes -The Game Is Afoot!- / Délicieux! -Sweet Paris- Haruno Sakura Yes (Cosmos) No
Moon Ouranki / Dream Chaser Misono Sakura Yes (Moon) Yes top musumeyaku at the time
Flower Augustus -The Illustrious One- / Cool Beast!! Towaki Sea No
Star Romeo & Juliette Kozakura Honoka No
Snow fff -Fortississimo- / Silk Road ~A Bandit and a Jewel~ Arisu Himeka No
Cosmos Anastasia Kanon Mai No No
Moon Welcome to Takarazuka -Snow and Moon and Flower- / A Farce in Pigalle (Frénésie à Pigalle) Shirayuki Sachika No
Flower Haikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern Oto Kurisu No No
Star Valley of Xuanyao / Ray -Stellar Light- Sakuraba Mai No No
Snow Once Upon a Time in America Maisaki Rin No Yes
Cosmos El Japón / Aqua Vitae!! Koharuno Sayo No
Moon I Am From Austria Harune Aki No No
Flower A Fairy Tale / Charme! Mebuki Yukina No Yes
Star God of Stars / Éclair Brillant Maisora Hitomi Yes (Star) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
Snow When the Last Sword Is Drawn / Music Revolution! Haori Yuuka No No
Cosmos Ocean's 11 Hanamiya Sara No
Moon Unmatched in Dreams and Reality / Krung Thep Kouzuki Ruu, Kagetsu Miyako No No
FlowerCasanova Oto Kurisu No No
StarBeside the Foggy Elbe / Estrellas Katori Reira No Yes
SnowPhantom Ai Sumire No
CosmosCastle of the White Heron / Great Figures of the Renaissance Amairo Mineri No
MoonElisabeth Misono Sakura Yes (Moon) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
FlowerMessiah / Beautiful Garden Tenma Michiru, Wakakusa Moeka No Yes Tenma - retired in this performance
SnowArch of Triumph / Gato Bonito!! Ai Sumire No
StarAnother World / Killer Rouge Otosaki Itsuki No
CosmosThe Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River / Citrus Breeze -Sunrise- Hoshikaze Madoka Yes (Cosmos) No top musumeyaku at the time
MoonCompany / Baddy Kagetsu Miyako, Shirayuki Sachika, Amashi Juri No
FlowerThe Poe Clan Shiroki Mirei No No
SnowThe Path Light Falls Upon / Super Voyager! Saou Kurama No Yes
StarThe Cinema Rhapsody / Bouquet de Takarazuka Amairo Mineri No transferred to Cosmos Troupe following this performance
CosmosLand of the Gods / Classical Bijoux Hoshikaze Madoka Yes (Cosmos) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
MoonAll for One Shirayuki Sachika No
FlowerWind Over Yamatai-koku / Santé!! Otohane Emi, Asazuki Kiwa, Sarasa Nachi Yes No Asazuki transferred to Snow Troupe following this performance, and also eventually became top musumeyaku for Snow
SnowSun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic 'S'! Maaya Kiho Yes (Snow) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
StarThe Scarlet Pimpernel Kozakura Honoka No
CosmosChateau de la Reine / Viva! Festa! Ayaka Mari No No
MoonGrand Hotel / Carousel Rondo Urara Senri No
Flower Snowflake Anthology / Golden Desert Kano Maria Yes (Flower) Yes
SnowCaleb Hunt, Private Eye / Greatest Hits! Tsukishiro Kanato Yes (Moon) No
Star One Samurai from Kagoshima / Romance!! Katori Reira No No
Cosmos Elisabeth Seoto Risa No No
Moon Nobunaga / Forever Love!! Saou Kurama No No
Flower Me and My Girl Mebuki Yukina No No
Star Die Fledermaus / The Entertainer! Shirotae Natsu No
SnowThe Wanderer Kenshin Arisa Hitomi No Arisa was out with the flu for part of the Grand Theater run, during which Saizuki Tsukushi replaced her as etoile (in the DVD recording as well)
CosmosShakespeare / Hot Eyes!! Sakuragi Minato, Kazuki Sora, Rukaze Hikaru No
Moon Manon / Golden Jazz Seijou Kaito No No
Flower The New Tale of Genji / Melodia Otohane Emi No No
Star Guys and Dolls Marino Yui No Yes
SnowOne Night of Stars / La Esmeralda Toumi Sarasa No Yes
CosmosA Song For Kingdoms Junya Chitose No No
Moon1789: The Lovers of Bastille Touka Yurino No No
FlowerEmbraced by the Seas of Calista / Takarazuka Fantasia Mebuki Yukina No No
StarLike a Black Panther / Dear Diamond!! Otohana Yuri No Yes
SnowLupin III / Fancy Guy! Yumeno Seika No Yes
CosmosOath of the Midnight Sun / Phoenix Takarazuka!! Misaki Rion, Asaka Manato Yes (Cosmos) No Misaki - top musumeyaku at the time; Asaka - became top star following this performance
MoonPuck / Crystal Takarazuka Umino Mitsuki Yes No
FlowerElisabeth Kano Maria Yes (Flower) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
StarThe Lost Glory / Passionate Takarazuka! Hinami Fuu Yes (Star) No
SnowMaeda Keiji / My Dream Takarazuka Misuzu Aki No Yes
CosmosThe Rose of Versailles: Oscar Misaki Rion Yes (Cosmos) No top musumeyaku at the time
MoonTakarazuka Dance / Guide to the Future / Takarazuka Flower Poems 100!! Nagina Ruumi No
FlowerThe Love of the Last Tycoon / Takarazuka ∞ Dazzling Dreams Senna Ayase Yes (Flower) No
StarNapoleon, the Man Who Never Sleeps Hokushou Kairi Yes (Star) No
SnowShall We Dance? / Congratulations Takarazuka!! Manaka Ayu Yes (Snow) No Top musumeyaku at the time
CosmosGone With the Wind Misaki Rion Yes (Cosmos) No top musumeyaku at the time
FlowerThe Poem of Love and Revolution / Mr. Swing! Nana Kurara No No
MoonArsène Lupin / Fantastic Energy! Kotone Kazuha No No
StarRomeo & Juliette Marino Yui No No
SnowThe Rose of Versailles: Fersen Yumeka Ami No No
CosmosThe Count of Monte Cristo / Amour de 99!! Mikaze Maira No
FlowerOcean's 11 Hanagata Hikaru No No
MoonThe Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre Hanase Mizuka No Yes
StarTakarazuka Japonisme / A Second Fortuitous Meeting 2nd / Etoile de Takarazuka Yuuka Riko No No
SnowJin / Gold Spark! Maisaki Rin No No
Cosmos Legend of the Galactic Heroes @ Takarazuka Ozuki Tooma No No
MoonRomeo & Juliette Shirayuki Sachika No
FlowerSaint-Exupéry / Conga!! Aine Harei No Yes
StarDanza Serenata / Celebrity Shirahana Remi No Yes
Cosmos Brilliant Days / Climax Kazari Jin, Hanatsuyu Sumika, Momochi Ito No Yes all three retired in this performance
SnowDon Carlos / Shining Rhythm! Toumi Sarasa No No
MoonEdward VIII / Misty Station Ayahoshi Rion No Yes
FlowerResurrection / Canon ~Our Melody~ Nozomi Fuuto Yes (Snow) No
StarOcean's 11 Suzumi Shio No No
CosmosClassico Italiano / Nice Guy!! Momochi Ito No No
SnowThe Man in the Iron Mask / Royal Straight Flush!! Haruka Midori No Yes
MoonThe Man from Algiers / Dance Romanesque Ayahoshi Rion No No
FlowerPhantom Hatsuhime Saaya No No
CosmosA Beautiful Life / Luna Rossa Nanase Ririko No Yes
StarNova Bossa Nova / A Second Fortuitous Meeting Otohana Yuri No No
MoonPrince of the Land of Roses / One Kiryuu Sonoka, Ayahoshi Rion, Kotone Kazuha No Yes Kiryuu - retired in this performance
FlowerPrelude of Love / Le Paradis!! Amasaki Chihana No Yes
SnowRomeo & Juliette Maisaki Rin No No
TroupePerformanceEtoileBecame TopRetired in this PerformanceNotes
CosmosFor Whom the Bell Tolls Junya Chitose No No
StarTakarazuka Floral Dance Scrolls / An Officer and a Gentleman Yumeki Anru No No
MoonThe Gypsy Baron / Rhapsodic Moon Hanahi Mira No No
FlowerSabrina / Exciter!! Eri Chiaki No Yes
SnowRoget / Rock On! Haruka Midori No No
CosmosTrafalgar / Funky Sunshine Hanakage Arisu No Yes
MoonThe Scarlet Pimpernel Hazaki Mana No No
FlowerYu the Beautiful Sakura Ichika No No
SnowThe Dawn at Solferino / Carnevale: A Sleeping Dream Mirai Yuuki No Yes
StarThe Treasure Sword of Habsburg / Bolero Otohana Yuri No No
Cosmos Casablanca Nanase Ririko No No
MoonLast Play / Heat on Beat! Otoki Sunao No Yes
FlowerThe Rose of Versailles -André- / Exciter!! Misuzu Aki, Sakura Ichika No No
SnowRussian Blue / Rio de Bravo!! Amase Izuru No Yes
StarThe Legend of the Great King and Four Gods Ver.II Otohana Yuri No No
MoonElisabeth Otoki Sunao No No
Cosmos Raindrops Fall on Roses / Amour, it's something like... Miwa Asahi No Yes
SnowNishiki-e of the Wind / Zorro - The Masked Messiah Otozuki Kei Yes (Snow) No
StarMy Dear New Orleans / A Bientôt Toono Asuka Yes (Star) Yes top musumeyaku at the time
FlowerThe Legend of the Great King and Four Gods Amamiya Nao No No
MoonFloating Bridge of Dreams / Apasionado!! Ken Ruisu, Touka Yurino, Hazaki Mana No No
Cosmos Paradise Prince / Dancing For You Kazune Miou No Yes
SnowKing Solomon's Ring / La Mariposa Otozuki Kei Yes (Snow) No
Star The Scarlet Pimpernel Otohana Yuri No No
FlowerLove and Death in Arabia / Red Hot Sea Sou Kazuho, Aine Harei, Misuzu Aki, Hanagata Hikaru, Mano Sugata Yes No Sou - became top star of Snow Troupe
MoonMe and My Girl Izumo Aya No Yes
Cosmos A Morning Breeze / Passion -A Journey of Love- Otono Izumi No Yes
SnowI Love You -Je t'aime- / Miroirs Otozuki Kei Yes (Snow) No
StarEl Halcon / Revue Orchids Minami Mari No Yes
FlowerAdieu Marseille / Love Symphony Sakura Ichika No No
MoonMahoroba / A Magician's Misfortunes
Cosmos Valencian Passion / Space Fantasista!! Hokushou Kairi, Kazune Miou Yes No Hokushou - became top star of Star Troupe
SnowElisabeth Haruka Midori No No
Star Cherry Blossoms / Secret Hunter Yuzuki Reon Yes (Star) No
Flower Akechi Kogorou's Incident Report - The Black Lizard / Tuxedo Jazz
Moon Higher than the Sky of Paris / Fancy Dance Otoki Sunao, Touka Yurino, Shirahana Remi No No
Cosmos Sketches from the Life of Ryoma Sakamoto / The Classical Music -I Love Chopin- Kazune Miou No No
SnowLucifer's Tears / Tarantella!
StarToo Short a Time to Fall in Love / Neo-Dandyism! Otohana Yuri No No
FlowerPhantom Kashiro Kiho No No retired in the following small-theater performance
MoonRome at Dawn / Les Bijoux Brillants Todoroki Yuu No No top star of Senka at the time
Cosmos Never Say Goodbye Shijou Rui Yes (Cosmos) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
SnowThe Rose of Versailles: Oscar Miho Keiko No No
StarThe Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie Antoinette Izumo Aya No No
FlowerPalermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds! Kashiro Kiho No No
MoonJazzy Fairies / Revue of Dreams Shirosaki Ai No No
Cosmos A Kiss to the Flames / Neo Voyage Hatsukaze Midori No Yes
SnowMilan Wrapped in a Fog / Wonderland Maikaze Rira Yes (Snow) No top musumeyaku at the time
StarShigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Soul of Shiva! Ema Naoki, Nishiki Ai, Shinobu Murasaki, Hoshikaze Erena No No
FlowerMarrakech / Enter the Revue Juri Sakiho No No retired in the following small-theater performance
MoonElisabeth Mimi Anri No Yes
Cosmos Hotel Stella Maris / The Legend of the Revue Ayano Kanami Yes (Moon) No transferred to Moon Troupe to become top musumeyaku following this performance
SnowIn Quest of the Blue Bird / Takarazuka Dream Kingdom Ai Youko, Kojou Yukino, Haruka Midori No Yes Kojou - retired in this performance
StarCh'ang-an, Full of Swirling Flowers / Romantica Takarazuka '04
FlowerLa Esperanza / Takarazuka Dancing Dreams Ayabuki Mao No No
MoonThe Glow of Sunset in Asuka / Takarazuka Splendor II Hokushou Kairi, Aoki Izumi, Mano Sugata Yes No Hokushou - became top star of Star Troupe
SnowSusano-o / Takarazuka Glory! Shirahane Yuri Yes (Star & Snow) No
Cosmos Phantom Ayano Kanami Yes (Moon) No
StarA Love Story in 1914 / Takarazuka Splendor Tatsuki You, Suzumi Shio, Yuzuki Reon Yes No Yuzuki - became top star of Star Troupe
FlowerEndless Flight / Season of Angels / Applause Takarazuka! Toono Asuka Yes (Star) No
MoonThe Seal of Roses Kajou Aria No Yes
Cosmos Lightning in the Daytime / Temptation! Ayano Kanami Yes (Moon) No
SnowRomance de Paris / Les Collages Takashiro Kei Yes (Cosmos) No
StarA Song for Kingdoms Aran Kei Yes (Star) No
FlowerA Flute Named Wind / A Revue Is Born Todoroki Yuu Yes No top star of Senka at the time
MoonTakarazuka Floral Diary -Dance of Spring- / Senor Don Juan Mimi Anri, Hanase Mizuka, Shijou Rui Yes No Shijou - became top musumeyaku of Cosmos Troupe
Cosmos Pierre the Mercenary / The Star Dust Party Miwa Asahi, Otono Izumi, Kazune Miou No No
SnowIn the Tender Light of a Fine Spring / Joyful!! Miho Keiko, Kazahaya Yuu, Mirai Yuuki, Ai Youko, Mio Urara No No
StarThe Glassy Landscape / Babylon
FlowerElisabeth Toono Asuka Yes (Star) No
MoonAt the End of a Long Spring / With a Song in My Heart Kajou Aria No No
Cosmos Legend of the Phoenix -Calaf and Turandot- / The Showstopper Mizu Natsuki Yes (Snow) No
SnowMemories of Barcelona / On the Fifth
StarThe Prague Spring / Lucky Star! Sendou Kaho No No
FlowerIn the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail Sena Jun, Ayabuki Mao, Ranju Tomu Yes No Sena - became top star of Moon Troupe; Ranju - became top star of Flower Troupe
MoonGuys and Dolls Mimi Anri No No
Cosmos Castel Mirage / Dancing Spirit! Ayano Kanami Yes (Moon) No
StarRevolt of a Gallant Poet / Southern Cross Revue II Asazumi Kei, Matobu Sei, Suzumi Shio, Yuzuki Reon Yes No Matobu - became top star of Flower Troupe; Yuzuki - became top star of Star Troupe
SnowFlaming Love / Rose Garden Miho Keiko No No
MoonGreat Pirates / Jazzmania Mimi Anri No No
FlowerMichelangelo / Viva! Haruno Sumire Yes (Flower) No
MoonLiebessonate / ESP!! Kiriya Hiromu Yes (Moon) No
Cosmos The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette- Hanafusa Mari Yes (Snow & Cosmos) No top musumeyaku at the time
StarThe Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre Chikoto Himeka No No
SnowIn Search of El Dorado / Passage Miho Keiko No No
StarRevolt of a Gallant Poet / Dreams Fly Around the World Akisono Mio No No
MoonViolets Just About Blooming / Liebessonate Mimi Anri No No
TroupePerformanceEtoileBecame TopRetired in this PerformanceNotes
FlowerLudwig II / Asian Sunrise Ayano Kanami Yes (Moon) No
MoonPrisoner of Zenda / Jazzmania Mimi Anri No No
Cosmos Nostalgia Across the Sea / Millennium Challenger! Izumo Aya, Ryou Akino, Suzuna Saya No No
SnowDepartment Store / Arch of Triumph Asami Hikaru Yes (Snow) No
StarGolden Pharaoh / Miracat Asazumi Kei, Yumeki Noa No No
MoonLuna / Blue Moon Blue (Tokyo) Hanase Mizuka, Kanou Chika, Mamiya Yuki, Shiina Aoi No No
FlowerLived in a Dream / The Beauties! Maikaze Rira, Eri Chiaki (switch) Yes No Maikaze - became top musumeyaku of Snow Troupe
MoonLuna / Blue Moon Blue (Grand Theater) Hanase Mizuka, Saijou Mie, Kanou Chika, Shirahane Yuri Yes No Shirahane - became top musumeyaku of Star & Snow Troupes
Cosmos Black Rose of the Desert / Glorious!!
SnowThe Man Called Bacchus / Splendor of a Thousand Beats '99 Konno Mahiru Yes (Snow) No
StarMy Love Lies Over the Mountains / Great Century Akisono Mio No No
FlowerTango Argentino / The Revue '99 Ayano Kanami Yes (Moon) No
Cosmos Passion: Jose and Carmen / The Revue '99 Mimi Anri No No
MoonOrpheus in Spiral / Nova Bossa Nova - - - no etoile
SnowMeet Again / Nova Bossa Nova - - - no etoile
StarWest Side Story Akisono Mio No No
Moon Dark Brown Eyes / Le Bolero Rouge (Tokyo) Shiomi Maho, Chihiro Reika, Kiriya Hiromu Yes No Kiriya - became top star of Moon Troupe
FlowerDawn Overture Haruno Sumire Yes (Flower) No
Cosmos Elisabeth Ryou Akino No No
Moon Dark Brown Eyes / Le Bolero Rouge (Grand Theater) Juri Sakiho, Chihiro Reika No No
Snow House Amid the Thickets / Ravir Konno Mahiru Yes (Snow) No
Star Emperor / Hemingway Revue
Flower Speakeasy / Sniper
Cosmos Excalibur / Citrus Breeze Ryou Akino No No
Moon West Side Story
Snow Shun'ou Fu / Let's Jazz Shiokaze Kou, Kaede Saki, Aran Kei, Shiomi Maho, Takashiro Kei, Ayabuki Mao Yes No Aran - became top star of Star Troupe; Takashiro - became top star of Cosmos Troupe
StarLove at Dal Lake Akisono Mio No No
SnowGhost at Midnight / Les Cherubim Mimi Anri No No
FlowerThat's Revue Sen Hosachi Yes (Flower) Yes top musumeyaku at the time
MoonEl Dorado Yamato Yuuga Yes (Cosmos) No
StarThe Spirit of the Samurai / Fascination II Akisono Mio No No
SnowRomanesque Mask / Golden Days Mimi Anri No No
FlowerHollywood Babylon / Southern Cross Revue Haruno Sumire, Asami Hikaru, Asazono Miki, Sena Jun, Asahina Kei Yes No Haruno - became top star of Flower Troupe; Asami - became top star of Snow Troupe; Sena - became top star of Moon Troupe
MoonDescendant of Baron / Grandes Belles Folies Hoshino Hitomi No No
StarElisabeth Tsukikage Hitomi Yes (Star & Snow) No
MoonCesare Borgia / Prestige Hoshino Hitomi No No
SnowNatasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse! Mimi Anri No No
FlowerHow to Succeed Junna Risa Yes (Flower) Yes top musumeyaku at the time
StarWho is Bad? / Passion Blue Izumo Aya No No
MoonCan-Can / Nightless Castle in Manhattan Juri Sakiho, Hoshino Hitomi, Naruse Kouki, Sen Hosachi Yes No Sen - became top musumeyaku of Flower Troupe
SnowElisabeth Shu Michiru No Yes
FlowerPeople Who Love Flowers / Hyperion Iori Naoka, Takumi Hibiki, Hatsukaze Midori Yes No Takumi - became Top Star of Flower Troupe
SnowLove Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Ma Belle EtoileShu Michiru No No
StarThe Story of a Love, Sword, and a Rainbow / JubilationIzumo Aya No No
Moon Me and My GirlKazahana Mai Yes (Moon) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
Flower East of Eden / Dandyism!Nagisa Aki Yes (Star) No
Snow JFK / 1001 Baroque NightsShu Michiru No No
Star A Map Without BordersTsukikage Hitomi Yes (Star, Snow) No
Moon Hard-Boiled Egg / Exotica!Kazahana Mai Yes (Moon) No
Flower Sorrowful Cordoba / Mega VisionJunna Risa Yes (Flower) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
SnowAn Actor’s Revenge / SagittariusShu Michiru No No
FlowerWinter Storm ~Death in St. Petersburg~ / Hyper Stage!Morina Miharu Yes (Flower) No Top musumeyaku at the time
StarCasanova, Memento of a Dream / La Cantata!Izumo Aya No No
MoonThe Afterglow of Eire / Takarazuka Ole!- - - no etoile
Snow Gone with the Wind -Scarlett-Hanafusa Mari Yes (Snow & Cosmos) No became top musumeyaku following this performance
Flower Black Jack: A Dangerous Bet / PhoenixTsukikage Hitomi Yes (Star, Snow) No Performed only for part of the run, as she was one of the Flower Troupe members who joined Anju Mira in the London Tour (Chihiro Reika replaced her for the rest)
StarI Won’t Forget the Young Days’ Song / Jump Orient!Izumo Aya No No
MoonGone With the WindHoshino Hitomi No No
SnowSeal of the Burbons / La Côte d'AzurShu Michiru No No
MoonKasenshou / The Door to Here / Million Dreams
FlowerBay City Blues / It’s a Love StoryTsukikage Hitomi Yes (Star, Snow) No
StarEphemeral Love / PapalagiShima Yuuka No No
SnowHeaven and Hell / Take Off- - - no etoile
MoonGrand Hotel / Broadway BoysHane Chisato No No
FlowerMelancholic Gigolo / La Nova!- - - no etoile
StarHojushou / Parfum de Paris Izumo Aya No No
SnowChuushinguraJunna Risa Yes (Flower) No
FlowerRandom Harvest / Fancy TouchMineoka Nachi No Yes
MoonPuck / Memories of YouHane Chisato No No
StarLegend of the Midnight Sun / One Night MirageIzumo Aya No No
SnowThis Love Until the Cloudy HorizonJunna Risa Yes (Flower) No
FlowerDance Festival / SpartacusMitsuki Ayu No No
MoonRomance in the Coffee Plantation / Dreamy FragranceHane Chisato No No
StarSunset of the Forbidden CityShima Yuuka No No
MoonSilver Wolf / Break the Border!Hane Chisato No No
SnowThe Great Gatsby / Lovers’ ConcertoJunna Risa Yes (Flower) No
FlowerThe Emblem of Venezia / Junction 24Makoto Tsubasa, Hana Youko, Kousaka Chiaki, Aika Mire Yes No Makoto - became top star of Moon Troupe, Aika - became top star of Flower Troupe
StarPortraits of Lovers / Narcisse NoirKaai Moto No Yes
MoonThe Rose of Versailles: OscarAsanagi Rin No No
SnowKagenshou / Saburomaru and His Comrades / Sweet TyphoonIchiro MakiYes (Snow) No
FlowerChou-Saishi’s Choice / The Flash!Mineoka Nachi No No
TroupePerformanceEtoileBecame TopRetired in this PerformanceNotes
StarThe Apollon Mystery / Jesus DiamanteShima Yuuka No No
Flower The Prelude to Winter / The Showcase
MoonThe Kawagiri Bridge / Le PoisonAsanagi Rin No No
SnowDusk-Colored Half Moon / Paradise Tropicana
StarMayflower / Takarazuka Revue ‘90 Kaai MotoNo No
FlowerThe Rose of Versailles: FersenJunna Risa Yes (Flower) No this performance was also her hatsubutai
MoonGreat Expectations / The Modern- - - no etoile
SnowThe Castle Tower Enveloped in The Smell of Flowers / Bright Delight TimeNishina Yuri No No
MoonAngel's Smile, Devil's Tears / Red Hot Love
StarThe Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie-Antoinette
SnowThe Rose of Versailles: Andre and OscarNishina Yuri No No
FlowerThe Romanov Jewelry / Gitan des Gitans
MoonThe New Tale of Genji / The Dreamer
StarSpring Dance -Flowery Kabuki of Love- / Diga Diga Doo
SnowMonsieur du Paris / La Passion!
FlowerCongress Dances (Der Kongreß tanzt) / The Game
MoonLove and a Foghorn and a Silver Watch / Rainbow Shower
FlowerTakarazuka Dance Festival '88 / Spring Again / Forever! Takarazuka
StarWar and Peace
SnowChronicles of Tamayura / Dynamo!
MoonSouthern Grief / Viva! Shiva!
FlowerKiss Me Kate
StarFiery Bolero / Too Hot!
MoonMe and My Girl
SnowGone With the Wind
MoonMe and My Girl (TGT, 11/13 - 12/20)
SnowPear Blossoms - Dancing in the Palace / The Revuescope
FlowerA Single Rose / The Revuescope
StarPortraits of Parting
MoonMe and My Girl (TGT, 5/15 - 6/23)
SnowTakarazuka Dance Eulogy / The Red Rose of Samarkand
FlowerThe White Horizon / The Beat of Rhapsody
StarYukariko / Jubilee Time!
MoonParis, That's a Sad Sonata / La Nostalgie
StarMagnificent Fantasia / Boogie Woogie Folies
SnowThree Waltzes
FlowerAntony and Cleopatra / The Heroes
MoonFans of Many Flowers -An Ode to Summer- / Sorrow
StarRevue Symphony
SnowThe Legend of Oeyama / Sky High Sky
FlowerA Madrigal of the Breeze / Memoirs du Paris
MoonThe Legend of the Pulsing Flower / The Swing
FlowerTender Green / Androgyny -Beautiful Young Ladies-
StarFlowers Strewn on the Western Sea / The Revue III
SnowKaleidoscope of Love / And Now!
MoonA Tale of Two Cities / Heat Wave
FlowerIf there's Love, I'll Live Forever -Napolean and Josephine-
StarSorrowful Cordova / Lumiere
Snow Flower Fantasies / Spreading Golden Wings

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