In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring/Joyful!!


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English Title: In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring/Joyful!!
Japanese Title: 春麗の淡き光に/Joyful!!
Romanized Title: Shunrei no Tanki no Hikari ni/Joyful!!

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2003
Performances: Grand Theater, 1/1 - 2/4; Tokyo Theater, 3/28 - 5/4; National Tour, 6/21 - 7/13
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 1/21; Tokyo Theater, 7/8

In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring:

Based On: "A Variant of the Legend of Shutendoji"
Author/Director: Ueda Shinji
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko, Ogawa Hiroaki, Terada Takio
Choreographer: Hanayagi Yoshijirou
Conductor (Takarazuka): Sasada Aiichirou
Conductor (Tokyo):
Shinjin Kouen Director: Oono Takuji


Author/Director: Fujii Daisuke
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Kuratomi Shinichi, Miyahara Tooru, Kikawada Shin
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, ANJU, Iida Satoko
Conductor (Takarazuka): Misaki Megumi
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 12/5/06); Shinjin Kouen: VHS only
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


RoleCastShinko Cast
Fujiwara Yasusuke (Shutendoji) / Fujiwara Yasumasa (Yasusuke's younger brother) Asami Hikaru Otozuki Kei
Wakasa (Younger sister of Yorimitsu and Yorinobu Minamoto ; in love with Yasusuke)Maikaze Rira Yamashina Ai
Minamoto Yorimitsu (Chief of the imperial horse agency ; Yasusuke's intimate friend) Takashiro Kei Hijiri Rei
Fujiwara Kaneie (Prime minister ; head of Hokke branch of the Fujiwara family) Natori Rei Souno Haruto
Watanabe no Tsuna (One of the Yorimitsu's best four) Yuu Naoki Kamizuki Akane
Sakata Kintoki (One of the Yorimitsu's best four) Amaki Kaori Anjou Shiki
Urabe no Suetake (One of the Yorimitsu's best four) Amase Izuru Manami Sora
Usui Sadamitsu (One of the Yorimitsu's best four)Otozuki Kei Saou Kurama
Kita-no-kata (Kaneie's wife) Asuka Yuu Mio Urara
Mibu-no-naishi (Kaneie's younger sister) Akari Nami Shioka Yurisa
Noyori Tomochika (Chief of the imperial police and justice agency) Mirai Yuuki Amase Izuru
Shinobi (Noyori's wife) Ai Youko Maisaki Rin
Minamoto Yorinobu (Second secretary of the ministry of civil administration) Sou Kazuho Ouki Kaname
Court Lady 1 Shirahane Yuri Kaho Anna
Court Lady 2 Maisaki Rin Suzuhana Risa
Lady Attendant Asaki Yumemi Morisaki Kaguya
Lady Attendant Shioka Yurisa Jin Reika
Page GirlYamashina Ai Haruka Midori
Kidomaru (Shuten Douji's man)Tatsuki You Soraki Reika
Torakuma Douji (Shuten Douji's man) Kazahaya Yuu Kibune Nao
Ibaraki Douji (Shuten Douji's man) Machika Meguru Makise Kai
Yase Douji (Shuten Douji's man) Kazami Yoshiki Sawane Kazuki
Katsuragi Douji (Shuten Douji's man) Misumi Kanon Hiiragi Tomoe
Hoshiguma Douji (Shuten Douji's man) Hijiri Rei Ozuki Tooma
Yaguma Douji (Shuten Douji's man) Kamizuki Akane Tani Mizuse
Moegi (Shuten Douji's) Morio Kazumi Asaki Yumemi
Sunao (Shuten Douji's) Miho Keiko Shirahane Yuri
Komidori (Shuten Douji's) Arisa Miho Yumezono Mai
Ukon (Shuten Douji's) Yurika Shiho Natsuo Komaki
Kuchiba (Shuten Douji's) Mio Urara Kojou Yukino
Government Official 1 Makise Kai Shiraho Rin
Government Official 2 Kibune Nao Isaki Maoto
Government Official 3 Souno Haruto Aya Mizuki
Government Official 4 Soraki Reika Misaki Rei
Government Official Anjou Shiki Oonagi Mao
Laborer 1Sawane Kazuki -

Other Cast: Asakura Momoko, Hozuki Haruna, Hanaoka Rara, Hanao Konomi, Mariki Towa, Yumeka Ayari, Sahana Mako, Murasaki Itsumi, Shiyuu Mirei, Aoi Fubuki, Yuuki Senju, Daigo Seshiru, Maasa Hitomi, Sen Hafuri, Saika Ryou



In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring

In the reign of Emperor Ichijo during which the Hokke branch of the Fujiwara family is at its zenith, a band of robbers are breaking into the houses of people having relations with the Hokke (north) branch. A leader of the robbers represents himself as Shutendoji disguising himself as a demon.

Kaneie Fujiwara, Prime Minister and head of the Hokke branch, gives a splendid party to appreciate the cherry blossoms at his mansion. While he is enjoying a dance with his wife Kita-no-kata and younger sister, Mibu-no-naishi, he is told that Shutendoji and his band have broken into the premises. To Kaneie's face, Shutendoji says, "Fujiwara's regency and dictatorship shall not continue eternally", then runs away with his man Kidomaru disguising himself as a cowherd. Kaneie furiously shouts, "That is defiance against the Hokke branch of the Fujiwara family". He gives orders to hunt down Shutendoji to Tomochika Noyori, imperial police chief, who suspects Yasusuke Fujiwara of being Shutendoji. Kaneie's wife and younger sister alike insist that such a fine young man as Yasusuke cannot act like a demon. Tomochika feeling confident of his arrest of Yasusuke challenges the ladies by telling them that he has positive proof of Shutendoji's identity.

Tomochika lays a trap for Shutendoji. On a clear starry night, Shutendoji and his men are caught in the trap and fight hard with policemen led by Tomochika. Shutendoji, in fact Yasusuke, fiercely crosses sword with Tomochika and has his left cheek deeply cut before running away. With the scar that certainly reveals Shutendoji's identity, Yasusuke cannot attend a Kyokusui party where guests make poems sitting beside a curved stream in the garden. As the last resort, he thinks out a plan to have himself replaced by his younger brother Yasumasa in Dazaifu (today's Fukuoka in Kyushu) who is his double. Yasumasa, who at first refuses to act as a substitute for his brother, determines to go to the Kyokusui party in his place in order to help him.

On the day of the party, Kaneie and Tomochika expect Yasusuke any moment at the place of meeting. There comes "Yasusuke" without the scar on his left cheek which would identify him as Shutendoji. Kaneie is so enraged at the blunder that he dismisses Tomochika from the chieftainship on the spot. Kaneie now orders Yorimitsu Minamoto, chief of the imperial horse agency, and his younger brother Yorinobu, second secretary of the ministry of civil administration, to hunt down Shutendoji.

Wakasa, Yorimitsu's younger sister, is in love with Yasusuke. She is present at the party in hopes of seeing Yasusuke whom she has lost sight of for some time until then. She sees through that he is not Yasusuke, saying that he can hoodwink all but a woman in love with the true Yaususke. Some days later, Yasusuke sees her and confesses that he is Shutendoji. He tells her that he has no choice but to live as Shutendoji, now that he has the ineffaceable scar on his left cheek. His choice means a long goodbye to her.

Yorimitsu studied with Yasusuke at Kangakuin, private academy originally founded by Fuyutsugu Fujiwara for the education of the sons of the Fujiwara family. He still is friends with Yasusuke, and fully understands him. However, he has to hunt down Yasusuke as Shutendoji in compliance with the governmental order. Yorinobu considerate of his younger sister's anxiety invites Yasumasa to his house and inquires about his elder brother Yasusuke. Although he sympathizes with his brother, Yasumasa thinks Yasusuke should pay the penalty for his offences. Yasumasa asks Yorinobu to take him into his service because he himself wants to arrest his elder brother. In joining Yorinobu's service, he decides to abandon the surname of Fujiwara and to call himself Yasumasa Hirai.

Yasusuke shows up before his men who are restless since the incident where their leader Shutendoji was injured. He tells them that he is going to kill himself in the cavern of Mount Oe and goes away.

A few days later, Yorimitsu receives a letter from Shutendoji saying that he is in Mount Oe. Yorinobu starts with Wakasa for Mount Oe, where he plans to ask Yasusuke to run away with her. At about the same moment, Yorimitsu heads for Mount Oe with his troop and Yasumasa.


Chapter 1 : Full Band Orchestra (Overture)

Preface : Ad Libitum (Liberty)

Six gods each representing a sax, guitar, trumpet, contrabass, piano, and drum appear from nowhere to get together. After tuning, they marvelously sing a cappella. Then the music starts.

Act 1 : Introduction (Prelude)

New Conductor shows up on the front bridge. New Conductor sings out in ballad the commencement of a new show, birth of a new life, and excitement.

New Conductor - Asami Hikaru

Act 2 : Anima (Soul)

Instruments in black tailcoats vigorously sing the gospel-like theme song.

New Conductor - Asami Hikaru
Joyful Woman S - Maikaze Rira

Act 3 : Vivo (Vitality)

New Conductor first dances with men, and then with Woman S in duet. Women in tailcoats join them and all the performers energetically dance together.

New Conductor - Asami Hikaru
Joyful Woman S - Maikaze Rira
Joyful Man S - Takashiro Kei

Act 4 : Presto (Rapidity)

Maestoso in gold appears. He dances on the front bridge as he sings the theme song. Chorus line including the musical gods fill the stage.

Maestoso - Asami Hikaru

Act 5 : Moderato (Mildness)

Maestoso and Muse beautifully sing in duet.

Maestoso - Asami Hikaru
Muse - Maikaze Rira

Chapter 2 : Piano (Concerto of Love)

Act 6 : Largo (Luxury)

The musical gods perform a dance in the ballet style with the musical god of piano in their center. A musical genius shows up and sings.

Musical Genius - Takashiro Kei

Act 7 : Trillo (Shaking)

Contessa and Aria are on the scene. When a musical genius woos her by playing the piano, piano-key-dancers jump out of the piano one after another just like his opuses.

Musical Genius - Takashiro Kei

Act 8 : Tempo Rubato (Seizure)

When the piano of decor opens up, modern musicians come out. They vividly dance with the piano-key-dancers into night.

Musician - Takashiro Kei

Chapter 3 : Contrabass (Pathetic Blues)

Act 9 : Mordente (Sensitive)

A supreme gigolo called Special Finger comes up with the wooden contrabass and sings blues to the contrabass.

Special Finger - Asami Hikaru

Act 10 : Breath (Respiration)

Special Finger sensually dances with women coming out of the contrabass.

Special Finger - Asami Hikaru

Chapter 4 : Guitar (Frantic Zapateado)

Act 11 : Tarantella (Frenzy)

In Spain, Appassionato appears wellcome by the six musical gods and starts violently stepping the zapateado.

Appassionato - Maikaze Rira

Act 12A-F : Alla Zingara (Vagrancy)

Stars appear one after another, and sing modernly arranged famous Spanish tunes in medley.

Appassionato - Maikaze Rira
Tigre - Takashiro Kei

Act 13 : Delicato (Seduction)

The incarnation begins to dance the zapateado calmly at first. Then it steps passionately with men coming on the scene one by one. The men vigorously dance with the incarnation in their center.

Incarnation of Blood - Asami Hikaru

Act 14 : Crescendo (Development)

Performers with shawls pompously march in parade.

Tigre - Takashiro Kei

Act 15 : Pizzicato (Excitement)

The incarnation of blood and Appassionato sensually dance the Spanish duet.

Incarnation of Blood - Asami Hikaru
Appassionato - Maikaze Rira

Chapter 5 : Drum (Passionate Session)

Act 16 : Pedal (Stepping)

After a performance of the musical gods, dancers in trousers with suspenders vividly and rhythmically dance.

Crush - Tatsuki You /Sou Kazuho /Otozuki Kei

Chapter 6 : Sax (Seductive Melody)

Act 17 : Fermata (Pause)

Comme ca, a traveler, sings his wish to meet people in a new town. Cuban men and women are passionately dancing at a plaza. A woman invites Comme ca to join them.

Comme ca - Asami Hikaru

Act 18 : Slur (Karma)

When the rhythm changes, Cuban Venus turns up and bewitchingly sings as if she looked for a partner for the night. Although she is surrounded by many men, she invites Comme ca to dance with her. They enjoy a moment of dancing as a matured man and woman. However, they are separated by a wave of crowd.

Comme ca - Asami Hikaru
Cuban Venus - Maikaze Rira

Chapter 7 : Trumpet (Aream Jazz)

Act 19 : Adagio (Serenity)

Cuban Venus is gone and Comme ca is left alone. He dances looking back upon the dreamy moment with Cuban Venus.

Comme ca - Asami Hikaru

Act 20 : Da Capo (Life)

The spirits of music appear and vividly dance expressing the joy of living. When Comme ca shows up in white, their dance reaches the zenith and evolves into a chorus line.

Comme ca - Asami Hikaru
Joyful Woman S - Maikaze Rira

Chapter 8 : Percussion (Gospel of Hope)

Act 21 : Con Ernegia (Strength)

When light focuses on Maestoso, he voices his joy with the expression: "Joyful, Joyful". The entire stage lights up again and gospels praising Maestoso are sung in chorus.

Maestoso - Asami Hikaru

Act 22 : Maestoso (Solemnity)

Prince of Music magnificently dances with Princess of Music wearing a gorgeous veil.

Prince of Music - Asami Hikaru
Princess of Music - Maikaze Rira

Chapter 9 : Full Band Orchestra (Overture of Glory)

All the performers sing in medley as they vividly march in parade.

Act 23 : Fine (Clear Sky)

Joyful - Asami Hikaru
Fine Woman S - Maikaze Rira

Act 24 : Joyful (Jubilation)

Joyful - Asami Hikaru
Fine Woman S - Maikaze Rira
Fine Man S - Takashiro Kei

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