Ghost at Midnight / Les Cherubim


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English Title: Ghost at Midnight / Les Cherubim
Japanese Title: 真夜中のゴースト / レ・シェルバン
Romanized Title: Mayonaka no Goosuto / Re Sheruban

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1997
Performances: Grand Theater, 9/19 - 11/3
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 10/7

Ghost at Midnight:

Based On:
Author/Director: Nakamura Satoru
Music: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Wakao Risa
Shinjin Kouen Director: Ueda Keiko

Les Cherubim:

Author/Director: Nakamura Kazunori
Music: Nishimura Kouji, Kai Masato, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreography: Nakura Kayoko, Sha Tamae, Ai Erina, Iga Yuuko

Available on DVD: VHS only


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Charles (140 year old ghost)Todoroki Yuu Takashiro Kei
Marie (TV reporter)Hanafusa Mari Aida Megu
Arabella (A maid in the castle)Kisaki Miri Konno Mahiru
Margaret (daughter of a count. Charles' fiancee)Hoshina Yuri†  Ai Youko
William (Charles' younger brother)Aran Kei Yumeki Noa
Thomas (Charles' father)Asuka Yuu Yuuki Mao
Jeanne (Charles' mother)Akari Nami Mizutani Shino
George (Arabella's brother)Kazahaya Yuu Machika Meguru
Austen (manager of the castle)Yabuki Shou Namiki Akira
Second Lieutenant EldredgeTakashiro Kei Hatsune Mayo
Bernard (commisioned officer)Kotobuki Tsukasa -
Haggard (commisioned officer)Amaki Kaori -
Cartland (commisioned officer)Yumeki Noa Aomi Taku
Dawson (commisioned officer)Ayabuki Mao -
Eric (TV director)Wao Youka Shiomi Maho
Phineas (cameraman)Kaede Saki Tatsuki You
Steve (assistant cameraman)Shiomi Maho Ayabuki Mao
Viscount Barend (current lord of Podorough castle)Ebira Kaoru Yuu Naoki
Lady BarendSaotome Sachi Arisa Miho
Eileen (The Barend's daughter) Aida Megu Nijino Yumeka
Wilcox (a banker)Tasai Shun Aiki Shuri
Anette (Wilcox's secretary)Itsumine Aki Kisaki Miri
Henry (steward of the current Podoroough castle) Tatsuki You-
Mrs. McAllisterMiho Keiko
AnnaKonno Mahiru
Julia Morio Kazumi
AuctioneerMirai Yuuki -

†  10/2 - 11/3 Konno Mahiru
‡ 10/2 - 11/3 Nijino Yumeka

Other Cast: Mitsumi Akiho, Kaou Remi, Hanamiya Airi, Tachibana Riya, Mimi Anri, Haru Ayuka, Mariho Erina, Tamaki Kaho, Saezuki Akira, Sugata Kou, Minaho Karin, Matsuyuki Kanako, Ere Marina, Yurika Shiho, Marina Miho, Maisaka Yukiko, Asaka Serena, Ayuna Sae, Shiroka Koyu, Yuu Naoki, Kasai Hitomi, Yumena Saya, Kasumi Fuuka, Namiki Akira, Kazami Yoshiki, Saeki Seiya, Misumi Kanon

83rd Class - Group A: Amase Izuru, Koizumi Kirara, Asana Irumi, Suzuha Ranno, Hanaki Yuina, Yuuho Satoru, Shirakawa Ruri, Natsu Hiromi, Chisaki Maria, Takami Ryou, Fuuga Minato, Anjou Shiki, Tatsumi Kiwa



Ghost at Midnight

In the present day, the TV director Eric and his film crew are in Scotland, filming an old castle for some reason or other. At an auction, Eric buys his reporter Marie a pendant. This pendant helps to awaken the ghost of the castle, a man dead for 140 years, and former heir to the castle, Charles. Charles has awakened because that pendant was a gift he gave to his lover, Arabella. Also, the current owner of the castle is about to lose possession of it due to some evil bankers. (Who are maybe going to knock it down for a golf course or something like that? Evil bankers in Takarazuka shows seem to like doing those sorts of things.) So Charles talks to Marie, and then possesses Eric, but that doesn't seem to get through the thick skulls of the people in the castle, so he appears in front of them again.

He tells his own sad story. He had fallen in love with Arabella, a girl he grew up playing with because her mother was his nursemaid. However, their social classes keep them apart now as adults. But Charles is stubborn, and refuses to marry the girl his parents had picked out for him (Margaret). Which might not have been the smartest plan, because a women spurned... Margaret joins forces with Charles' ambitious younger brother William and the castle's manager. Charles, meanwhile, is caught up in the Crimean War and heads off to fight, leaving Arabella behind....

In the war, most of Charles' men die in battle, or under the harsh conditions of the cold field hospitals. One of his officers, Eldredge, gives him a pendant he meant for his own sweetheart, and tells Charles to give it to Arabella when they get married. Eldredge dies in his commander's arms. At last Charles returns home, only to learn that Arabella is gone. She was ill for some time, and rumor has it that her brother took her away, and she died somewhere. When Charles hears this he flees from the castle, and dies soon after.

He finishes telling his story, and then asks Marie and Eric to help him find Arabella's grave, so that he can give her the pendant at last. At first Eric refuses, and Marie decides she will help Charles alone. She tells Charles that he seems real to her, not a ghost, and she wants to be with him. He talks her out of this idiocy by pointing out that he's dead, plus she has someone close to her who would miss her if she dies. Meanwhile, Eric's crew has talked him into helping find Arabella's grave, pointing out that they can use this as a story. With the help of the owners of the castle, they begin digging through the records looking for evidence of Charles or his brother William. They find William's diary. They also experience an odd flashback where they see William trying to pay off Arabella's brother. The brother realizes that William is working against Charles, and accuses him of it. William stabs and kills Arabella's brother. Suddenly, he looks up and sees Marie! The vision fades.

Eric, meanwhile, has tracked down Arabella's grave. He and Marie bring the pendant to the grave, and then Eric admits that the story of Charles and Arabella has shown him that he wants to love Marie as much as Charles loved Arabella.

Les Cherubim

Scene 1: Prologue

The queen of revue sings out an invitation to come to the world of revue. The stars sing, and as they sing, everyone comes out to dance. The rockettes come out and perform a line dance.

Queen of Revue: Hanafusa Mari

Revue Gentleman S: Todoroki Yuu
Revue Lady S: Hanafusa Mari
Revue Gentleman A: Wao Youka
Revue Lady A: Itsumine Aki, Hoshina Yuri
Revue Gentleman B: Aran Kei
Revue Lady B: Kisaki Miri, Konno Mahiru

Scene 2: Gigolo

As the gigolo sing, men and women dance passionately together. Three women appear before the gigolo, and the men begin to maneuver for their love. The women fall in love with the gigolo, but the gigolo abandon them.

Young Gigolo: Shiomi Maho, Yumeki Noa, Takashiro Kei, Ayabuki Mao

Gigolo S: Todoroki Yuu
Gigolo: Yabuki Shou, Kaede Saki, Kotobuki Tsukasa, Amaki Kaori, Shiomi Maho, Yumeki Noa, Takashiro Kei, Tatsuki You, Ayabuki Mao
Women of the Night: Marioka Tomomi, Morio Kazumi, Miho Keiko, Kasai Hitomi, Mirai Yuuki, Ai Youko

Gigolo S: Todoroki Yuu
Women of the Night A: Itsumine Aki, Hoshina Yuri, Aran Kei

Scene 3: Fascinating Love

In the landscape of the near future a young man's perfect love rises up. As he is making her acquaintance her heart's shadow sneaks up before him and wounds him. The woman, impressed by his courage, sings praises of him. His soul is resurrected, and the stage changes into the beautiful world the young man seaks. The two travel to this happy world.

Saria: Hanafusa Mari
Belgoroth: Wao Youka
Demon: Ebira Kaoru
Diana: Kaede Saki, Kotobuki Tsukasa, Shiomi Maho, Yumeki Noa, Takashiro Kei, Mirai Yuuki, Ayabuki Mao, Hatsune Mayo, Kao Remi
Saria's Shadow: Nijino Yumeka
Master Demon: Yabuki Shou, Amaki Kaori, Kazahaya Yuu, Yuuki Mao

Scene 4: Latin Medley

Cumbanchero Man S: Aran Kei
Cumbanchero Men A: Yumeki Noa, Takashiro Kei

Latin Man S: Todoroki Yuu
Latin Woman S: Hanafusa Mari
Latin Man A: Wao Youka
Latin Women A: Itsumine Aki, Hoshina Yuri
Latin Man B: Aran Kei

Estrelita: Hanafusa Mari

Scene 5: Revolution Tango

A boy thinks of his older brother. The brother has left a letter for his lover and gone off to fight for his country. Revolutionaries dance to a tango piece, and at the end the brother is killed. The lover holds the letter in her hand and dances as she remembers the one she loved.

Revolutionary: Todoroki Yuu
Companions: Wao Youka, Kaede Saki, Kotobuki Tsukasa, Amaki Kaori, Aran Kei, Shiomi Maho, Takashiro Kei, Tatsuki You, Ayabuki Mao
Boy: Mirai Yuuki

Lovers: Hanafusa Mari, Itsumine Aki, Morio Kazuki, Kasai Hitomi, Hoshina Yuri, Yumeki Noa, Yuuki Mao, Kasumi Fuuka, Kao Remi

Scene 6: Finale

A line dance. The gentlemen and ladies dance on the Grand Staircase, leading up to the beautiful finale.

Singing Gentleman: Aran Kei
Singing Lady: Kisaki Miri

Lady S: Hanafusa Mari
Gentleman A: Wao Youka

Gentleman S: Todoroki Yuu
Lady S: Hanafusa Mari
Gentleman A: Wao Youka
Gentleman: Aran Kei
Lady: Hoshina Yuri

Scene 7: Parade

Etoile: Mimi Anri

Other Information

This is the debut for for Todoroki Yuu as top star, and is the only show she is with Hanafusa Mari, who joined with Shizuki Asato and Wao Youka to form the Cosmos Troupe.


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