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Standard Profile Information

Name: Aran Kei
Kanji: 安蘭けい
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired Top Star (2006 - 2009)

Nickname: Touko
Real Name: 安田 瞳子 (Yasuda Touko)
Height: 167cm
Birthday: October 9, 1970
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Shiga-ken
Favorite Food: Noodles
Favorite Flower: Moth orchid
Favorite Colors: White
Hobbies: Shopping, Music, DVDs
Collections: CDs
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: Thought of it with her family
Favorite Role: Hanafubuki Koifubuki - Ishikawa, Song of Kingdom - Aida, Ryuusei - Ryuusei
Would Like to Try Playing: "le rouge et le noir" -Julien Sorel

Debut: 1991 (77th Class) The Rose of Versailles -Oscar-
Troupe History:
2000 - 2009 Star Troupe
1992 - 2000 Snow Troupe


2009: My Dear New Orleans / A Bientôt, Joy Bee
2008: Side Story: The Rose of Versailles -Bernard- / Neo Dandyism! III (National Tour), Bernard Châtelet
2008: The Scarlet Pimpernel, Percy Blakeney
2008: The Red and the Black (Drama City/Nippon Seinenkan), Julien Sorel
2007-08: El Halcon / Revue Orchis, Tyrian Persimmon
2007: Secret Hunter/Neo Dandyism! II (Hakataza), Dagobert
2007: Sakura/Secret Hunter, Dagobert
2006-07: Hays Code (Drama City/Nippon Seinenkan), Raymond Woodrow (top star debut)
2006: Too Short a Time to Fall in Love / Neo-Dandyism!, Anthony Randolph
2006: Copacabana (Umeda Arts), Rico Castelli
2006: Rose of Versailles: Oscar (Snow), Andre (special appearance)
2006: Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie-Antoinette, Andre (Takarazuka), Oscar (Tokyo)
2005: The Rose of Versailles / Soul of Shiva! (Korean Tour)
2005: The Dragon Star (Drama City/Nippon Seinenkan), Ryuusei (Lead Role)
2005: Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Soul of Shiva!, Rasha
2005: A Song For Kingdoms (Chunichi), Aida
2004: Ch'Ang-an: Full of Swirling Flowers / Romantica Takarazuka '04, An Lu-shan
2004: Phantom, Count Philippe de Chandon
2004: Lightning in the Daytime / Temptation!, Edmond de Lambrouse (Toyko)
2003: Ganryuu (Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan), Sasaki Kojiro (Lead Role)
2003: Singin' in the Rain (Nissay), Don Lockwood (Lead Role)
2003: A Song for Kingdoms, Aida, Etoile
2002-03: The Glassy Landscape/Babylon, Franco Mira
2002: Butterfly Lovers / Southern Cross Revue in China (China), ''Villager S"
2002: The Prague Spring / Lucky Star!, Jan Palach
2002: Revolt of a Gallant Poet / Southern Cross Revue II (Chunichi), Fujiwara no Tokitsura
2001: Revolt of a Gallant Poet / Southern Cross Revue II (Tokyo), Fujiwara no Tokitsura
2001: Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre, Fersen
2001: Gone with the Wind (National Tour), Ashley Wilkes
2001: Revolt of a Gallant Poet / Dreams Fly Around the World, Fujiwara no Tokitsura
2000: Flower Blizzard, Love Blizzard (Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan), Goemon (Lead Role)
2000: Department Store / Arch of Triumph, Door Boy / Jaime (Takarazuka), Boris Morosow (special cast)
2000: The Man Called Bacchus / Splendor of a Thousand Beats (National Tour), Manderen
1999-00: The Man Called Bacchus / Karei Naru Sen Hyoushi '99, Manderen
1999: Icarus (Nippon Seinenkan & Aichi), Icarus (Lead Role)
1999: Meet Again / Nova Bossa Nova, Pierre, Mar/Brisa
1999: House Amid the Thickets / Ravir (Chunichi), Tokisada
1998: House Amid the Thickets / Ravir, Kazuma / traveling gentleman
1998: Gone with the Wind (National Tour), Ashley Wilkes
1998: Icarus (Bow), Icarus (Lead Role)
1998: Frozen Tomorrow ~Bonnie & Clyde~ (Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan), Jeremy Methvin
1997-98: Shun'ou Fu / Let's Jazz, Nakagusuku Anjin
1997: Ghost at Midnight / Les Cherubim, William
1997: Wuthering Heights (Bow Hall), Edgar
1997: Romanesque Mask / Golden Days, Azolan
1997: Natasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse! (Chunichi)
1996: Anaji (Bow Hall), Yangzi Long
1996: Natasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse!, Hon Sonka
1996: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Ma Belle Etoile (National Tour), Amano Inukai no Murajikatsumaro
1996: Elisabeth, Young Rudolph
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Ma Belle Etoile, Midori
1995: Grand Shanghai (Bow Hall), Wong Jin-Shun
1995: Goodbye Merry-Go-Round (Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan), Michel
1994-95: Yukinojou no Henge / Sagittarius, Mukutanoyoshi
1994: A Battlefield for the Two of Us (Bow Hall), a writer
1993-94: Seal of the Bourbons / La Cote d'Azur
1993: Heaven and Hell / Take Off
1993: C'est L'amour (Bow Hall)
1992-93: Chuushingura
1992: Takarazuka "Dreams" (Drama City)
1992: This Boundless Love
1992: Myth of the Lovers (Bow Hall)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1996: Natasha of the Rainbow, Sanjou Kaoru (Lead Role)
1996: Elisabeth, Der Tod (Lead Role)
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino, Ooama no Miko (lead role)
1995: JFK, John F. Kennedy (lead role)
1994-95: An Actor's Revenge, Yamitarou
1994: Gone with the Wind, Frank Kennedy
1993-94: Seal of the Bourbons, Colbert
1993: Heaven and Hell, Howard / Louis-Napoléon
1992-93: Chuushingura, Horibe Yasubei

Special Performances

2008: Takarazuka Special 2008 - La Festa!
2007: TCA Special 2007 - 'Allo! Revue!
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2006: TCA Special 2006 - Wonderful Dreamers
2006: Dream Memorandum
2005: Golden Steps
2005: TCA Special 2005 - Beautiful Melody, Beautiful Romance
2004: TCA Special 2004 - Takarazuka 90
2003: TCA Special 2003 - Dear Grand Theater
2002: TCA Special 2002 - Dream
2001: TCA Special 2001 - Takarazuka Dream Century
2001: Takarazuka Paris Festival 2001
1999: Revue Special '99
1999: '99 TCA Special - Hello! Wonderful Time
1998: '98 TCA Special - Takarasienne!
1997: '97 TCA Special - The Festival
1996: '96 TCA Special - Melodies and Memories
1995: '95 TCA Special - Magnifique Takarazuka
1994: Paris Festival 1994
1993: Paris Festival 1993
1991: '91 TMP Music Festival - Ethno Pops, Chorus

Concerts / Dinner Shows

2005: Hana no Michi ~ Yume no Michi ~ Towa no Michi
2005: Takarazuka Revue Charity Concert
2004: Sense (Dinner Show)
2003: Late Show (Dinner Show)
2000: Rough Time (Dinner Show)
1999: The Wonder Three

After Takarazuka

2018: A Little Night Music, "Countess Charlotte Malcolm"
2018: Tenth (in the 'Next to Normal' segment)
2017: The Scarlet Pimpernel, "Marguerite St. Just"
2016: The Scarlet Pimpernel, "Marguerite St. Just"
2015: Sunset Boulevard Norma Desmond (with Yumesaki Nene)
2014: Alice in Wonderland Alice Stetson
2014: Lady Day Billie Holiday
2014: Yuurei Helen Alving
2013: Dream, a Dream: Takarazuka WAY TO 100th ANNIVERSARY FINAL Special Guest
2013: Next to Normal Diana
2013: Tooi Natsu no Gogh Queen Eleanora (with Ayano Kanami)
2012: SUNSET BOULEVARD Norma Desmond (with Ayabuki Mao )
2012: Alice in Wonderland, Japanese Premier Cast Alice Stetson
2011: MITSUKO, Mitsuko Coudenhove-Kalergi with Mirai Yuuki, Ootsuki Sayu, Kamizuki Akane
2011: Antony and Cleopatra (staged in Japan and Korea (in Japanese with Korean subtitles) ) Cleopatra
2011: Melodies of Love~Dreams of Remembrance
2010: Wonderful Town Ruth Sherwood
2009: Aida, Aida

Concerts & Dinner Shows
2017: Ichiro Maki 35th Anniversary Concert (guest performer)
2016-17: Elisabeth OG Special Gala Concert, "Young Rudolph"
2015: Umeda Arts Theater 10th Anniversary「Golden Songs」 with Ichiro Maki, Juri Sakiho, Shizuki Asato, Haruno Sumire, Kozuki Wataru, Asami Hikaru
2015: Au Revoir Tokyo Kaikan with Kozuki Wataru, Sou Kazuho, Kiriya Hiromu, Shirahane Yuri, Toono Asuka
2014: Iwatani Tokiko Memorial Concert ~Ai no Sanka~ with Mori Keaki, Makoto Tsubasa, Shizuki Asato and Sena Jun
2014: Koshiji Fubuki 90th Anniversary Tribute Concert with Haruno Sumire and Emao Yuu
2014: Musical meets Symphony 2014-
2013: Karei Naru Musical - Christmas Concert 2013 (with Shibuki Jun )
2013: CHESS in Concert with Kamizuki Akane
2013: Wildhorn Melodies
2013: Musical Songs Concert SUPER DUETS with Ryuichi Kawamura.
2013: I Love Musical
2012: CHESS in Concert with Kamizuki Akane
2010: Koshiji Fubuki Tribute Concert with Haruno Sumire, Kozuki Wataru, Takashiro Kei, Aika Mire, Makoto Tsubasa, Mori Keaki and Minoru Kou
2010: Aran Kei Ark 2010
2010: Frank and Friends/MITSUKO
2009: UNO

2013: Highlights from 'Alice in Wonderland' the musical
2012: Antony and Cleopatra (Included in the 彩の国シェイクスピア・シリーズ NINAGAWA × SHAKESPEARE DVD BOX 9)
2012: Aran Kei Documentary
2010: arche (CD) (CD and DVD)
2010: Aran Kei's Ark 2010

2018: Tottemo Ghost (crowdfunded film)
2017: Ikimono ni Thank You animal variety show (invited guest)
2015: Deeree Girls Akimoto Takemi (adult) (together with Shirahane Yuri)
2014: Shokatsu Keiji 9 Sendou Yukiko
2014: Peter no Souretsu Imada Sayoko (together with Emi Kurara )
2013: Fuji TV Drama Special 2013 - DOLCE II Shinohara Keiko

2011: ARAN


  • Official Website
  • Ageny Profile
  • Official Instagram
  • Graduated at the top of her class (77th class).
  • First otokoyaku who is first of her class to be top star since Takumi Hibiki
  • Played soccer during high school
  • One of the very few that has played all three center roles (Oscar, Andre and Fersen) of Rose of Versailles
  • She is of third generation Korean descent (link)
  • She starred in the 'Zuka musical AIDA, staged outside the Takarazuka theatre, in both Tokyo and Osaka, Fall 2009

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