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Standard Profile Information

Name: Sen Hosachi
Kanji: 千 ほさち
Current Troupe: Retired
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired Top Musumeyaku Star (1996 - 1998)

Nickname: Hosachi
Real Name: Matsuda Noriko (松田典子)
Height: 162 cm
Birthday: August 16, 1974
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Osaka Prefecture
Favorite Food: Japanese food
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors: Blue, red, white
Hobbies: Skiing
Collections: Perfume, various accessories
Special Talent: Ballet, Japanese dances, violin, piano
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1994 (80th Class) Phoenix
Troupe History:
1996 - 1998 Flower Troupe
1995 - 1996 Moon Troupe


1998: Speakeasy / Sniper, Polly Peachum
1998: Véronique (Bow), Veronique
1998: That's Revue (Chunichi), Sen
1997: That's Revue, Sen, Etoile
1997: Blue Swan (Bow), Sandra
1997: Gone with the Wind, Scarlett II
1997: Hollywood Babylon / Southern Cross Revue, Lea Montes
1996-97: Ryoma (Drama City), Oryou (top musumeyaku debut)
1996: Cesare Borgia / Prestige, Sancha
1996: Beyond the End (Nippon Seinenkan), Ootori Fujiko (lead musumeyaku)
1996: Can-Can / Nightless Castle in Manhattan, Clodinne
1996: The Visitor (Bow Hall), O-Sen and Patricia
1995: Me and My Girl, The Honorable May Miles
1995: Beyond the End (Bow Hall), Ootori Fujiko (lead musumeyaku)
1995: Hard-Boiled Egg / Exotica!
1994: The Afterglow of Eire / Takarazuka Ole!

Shinjinkouen Roles

1996: Can-Can, La Mome Pistache (lead musumeyaku)
1995: Me and My Girl, Sally Smith (lead musumeyaku)
1995: Hard-Boiled Egg, Rosemarie (lead musumeyaku)
1994: The Afterglow of Eire, Sara

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Special Performances

2004: TCA Special OG Version - Golden Memories
1998: '98 TCA Special - Takarasienne!
1997: Adieu Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
1997: '97 TCA Special - The Festival
1996: '96 TCA Special - Melodies and Memories
1995: '95 TCA Special - Magnifique Takarazuka
1995: Aria Dream Song (Ichiro Maki Concert)
1994: Dreamin' of Nights (Makoto Tsubasa dinner show)


  • Switched to the stage name Mori Hosachi (森 ほさち) after leaving Takarazuka.
  • Had a blog which she abruptly shut down on July 25, 2012, due to cyber stalking. She resumed acting months later, but then retired from acting on March 1, 2015 when she turned forty.

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