Never Say Goodbye


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English Title: Never Say Goodbye -The Footsteps of Lovers-
Japanese Title: NEVER SAY GOODBYE -ある愛の軌跡-
Romanized Title: NEVER SAY GOODBYE -Aru Ai no Kiseki-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2022
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 02/28[1] - 03/14; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 04/02 - 05/01
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 04/14

Author/Director: Koike Shuuichirou
Composer: Frank Wildhorn
Music Director: Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa, Shimazaki Tooru, Sakuragi Ryousuke, KAORIalive, Suzukake Miyuki
Conductor (Takarazuka): Sasada Aiichirou & Nishino Jun
Conductor (Tokyo): Nishino Jun
Shinjin Kouen Director: Kumakura Asuka

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 05/27/22)
Available on DVD: Yes (release date 05/27/22)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Georges Malraux, a photographer famous for his collection of photographs of the Parisian way of life Makaze Suzuho Kazeiro Hyuuga
Katherine McGregor, a rising playwright who is concerned about social problems Jun Hana Haruno Sakura
Peggy McGregor, Katherine’s granddaughter Jun Hana Yamabuki Hibari
Vincent Romero, a matador Serika Toa Takato Chiaki
Komarov, a spy attached to the Ministry of Culture of the Soviet Union Natsumi You Ibuki Yuuha
Mark Stein, a film producer Kotobuki Tsukasa Oumi Runo
Paolo Caleras, the producer of Radio Barcelona Matsukaze Akira Mashiro Yuuki
Peter Carraway, Katherine's colleague; a fellow writer Haruse Ouki Kokaze Haku
Francisco Aguilar, Director of Communications for the Olimpíada Popular; one of the leaders of PSUC Sakuragi Minato Anon Yuusei
Anita, a fortune-teller Setohana Mari Koko Sakura
John (Cynthia in shinko), a Hollywood writer Akine Hikaru Mizune Shiho
Joaquin, a matador Akine Hikaru Kagayaki Yuu
Max van Dyck, a Dutch wrestler participating in the Olimpíada Popular Shidou Ryuu Manase Mira
Dave (Tina in shinko), a Hollywood writer Akina Rui Yumekaze Sayaka
Ramon, a matador Akina Rui Hiiro Fuuka
Mario's mother Hanabishi Rizu Hanashiro Saaya
Bob (Paula in shinko), a Hollywood writer Mizuka Ichi Aria Kii
Carlos, a matador Mizuka Ichi Aoi Yuuki
La Passionaria Rui Makise Asagi Hiiro
Betty, a Hollywood writer Koharuno Sayo Misei Hanna
Isabella, Paolo's best singer Koharuno Sayo Hanamiya Sara
Antonio, a matador Homare Seri Hijiri Toa
Bill Grant, a British high jump athlete participating in the Olimpíada Popular Rukaze Hikaru Ooji Rise
Mayor of Barcelona Wakato Ritsu Setsuki Renya
Nick (Nicole in shinko), a Hollywood writer Kihou Kanata Ayahi Hana
Alfonso Rivera, a member of POUM - Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification Sumikaze Nagi Azusa Io
Nasel, a boxer participating in the Olimpíada Popular Yuuki Shion Ruki Miusa
Ellen Parker, a Hollywood actress; Georges' girlfriend Amairo Mineri Aimi Sara
Bjorn, a Swedish fencing athlete participating in the Olimpíada Popular Takato Chiaki Arashino Shin
Millie (Mick in shinko), a Hollywood writer Koko Sakura Kagayaki Yuu
Juan, a matador Manase Mira Iku Iriya
Teresa, Vincent's girlfriend Mizune Shiho Kanna Himari
Pedro, a matador Setsuki Renya Nao Reito
Patty (Patrick in shinko), a Hollywood writer Hanamiya Sara Hiiro Fuuka
Hans, a Norwegian fencing athlete participating in the Olimpíada Popular Kazeiro Hyuuga Houjou Noan
Tarrick, a boxer participating in the Olimpíada Popular Anon Yuusei Sendou Naru
Enrique Romero, Vincent's grandson Nao Reito Kazato Yuu

  • Some characters' gender was changed in shinko production, which led to subsequent name changes: John -> Cynthia, Dave -> Tina, Bob -> Paula, Nick -> Nicole, Millie -> Mike, Patty -> Patrick.

Other Cast: Manami Hikaru, Konan Makoto, Ibuki Yuuha, Hanashiro Saaya, Kokaze Haku, Haruno Sakura, Oumi Runo, Yumekaze Sayaka, Kagayaki Yuu, Aria Kii, Kanna Himari, Ayahi Hana, Ruki Miusa, Asagi Hiiro, Arashino Shin, Mashiro Yuuki, Azusa Io, Fuuki Ruru, Mai Kokoro, Hiiro Fuuka, Aimi Sara, Yamabuki Hibari, Ooji Rise, Misei Hanna, Sendou Naru, Aoi Yuuki, Hijiri Toa, Akito Sei, Houjou Noan, Nagisa Yuri, Kazahane Saki, Iku Iriya, Hasaki Urara, Hanasaki Miku, Namiki Eito, Kazato Yuu, Yuisa Kanon, Hanano Miyu, Sumino Tsumugi, Akane Ryou, Orifumi Ao



Raceface ("Spanish" makeup)
Nazi imagery (salute, flags)
Use of the word 'g*psy'
Coercing/manipulating a person via drugs

In the midst of the wilds of Catalonia, Spain, Peggy McGregor, who has come all the way from the United States of America, is looking for her grandfather's remains. She was told those remains had been buried under an olive tree.

Back in the year 1936 in Hollywood, at Club Coconut Groove where celebrities gather, there is an announcement about the production of a new film A Tempest in Spain. Ellen Parker and the real and active matador Vincent Romero are to respectively play the parts of Carmen and Escamillo, in addition to other actors. Katherine McGregor, the film's original author, rushes into the club during the course of the announcement. She has learned that the film's scenario is quite different from her original work and demands suspension of the production. However, Mark, the film's producer ignores her. Her violent loss of temper throws the club into an uproar. Then flashlights shine and a man appears. He is the one and only Georges Malraux who won great fame for his collection of photographs of Parisian manners and customs. Katherine draws close to him and asks him to give her the film. However, he refuses to do so, driving her into a fury. Before leaving, she tells him that she will never say goodbye to him unless he gives her the film.

That same night, Katherine boldly calls on Georges’ atelier in order to get the film. There she sees Georges’ unpublished photographic works of art and takes interest in them as well as in Georges himself. He tells her that he is a déraciné who was born in a poor town in Poland and ran away from home to see the wide world. He says that he has become a photographer in hopes of taking photographs that show the realities of life. He also says that her play A Tempest in Spain is based only on the stereotyped American way of looking at things. He advises her to observe things through her own eyes to really see what is real. Katherine answers that she is trying to find the realities of life like him but in her own way. She plans to visit Spain on the way to Moscow where she will attend the World Writers’ Conference. In the course of talking with Georges, Katherine feels respect for him, while he feels attracted to her sincerity.

Georges gets an entry visa as a special correspondent and goes to Spain accompanying Mark, Ellen and other staff who will hunt for locations there. At that time in Barcelona, Olimpíada Popular is being held in order to counter the Berlin Olympics sponsored by the Nazis. The American production staff including Georges watches its opening ceremony rehearsal. Ellen is impressed by its heated atmosphere, and asks Georges to take souvenir photographs of her with Vincent and the other matadors who will participate in the opening ceremony. However, Francisco Aguilar, Director of the ceremony and communications of the organization committee of Olimpíada Popular comes in and takes away Georges camera saying that photographs likely to compromise the purity of the workers' festival should not be published. Georges is violently against Aguilar. Katherine arrives accompanied by Komarov, an agent of the Ministry of Culture of the Soviet Union. Komarov is successful in persuading Aguilar to give the camera back to Georges. Katherine and Georges feel thrilled by their unexpected reunion. Then news arrive that the Spanish armed forces have risen in revolt in various parts of Spain following General Franco's insurrection in Morocco under Spanish rule. The rebel troops advance toward Barcelona, so that the Olimpíada Popular is forced to be cancelled. The rebel troops are backed by Germany and Italy. Aguilar urges the people to stand up to defend Barcelona against the fascists. Georges realizes that he is in the thick of an event that may change history and decides to remain in Spain.

The rebel troops come close and street battles begin throughout Barcelona. Georges runs around the streets with his camera and records history in the making. Katherine again meets Georges on the street and tells him that she will go with him in spite of the danger in order to see what he sees. Vincent joins the militia and fights alongside the foreign athletes who have decided to remain in Spain. After violent battles, the rebel troops end in retreat, and the people excite in their victory.

Vincent brings Georges and Katherine to the crypt of the Templo Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family) where people are rejoicing over the victory. The foreign Olympians such as Max from the Netherlands and Bill from the United Kingdom are determined to fight against the fascists and organize a militia named Centuria Olimpíada. Ellen arrives at the crypt in search of Georges. When she sees Katherine accompanying Georges, she presses him asking if he still loves her. He replies that Katherine is the woman he has been looking for. Ellen gets angry and leaves. Georges then tells Katherine that it was his destiny to meet her, and together they can find the same things. He declares his deep love for her. The two promise to love each other forever, passionately kissing.

Georges enthusiastically photographs the Centuria Olimpíada drills which have just started. Katherine accepts Paolo's request to participate in an international broadcasting program of Radio Barcelona. The people of Barcelona who are determined to fight for freedom join the drills one after another. Aguilar abruptly shows up before them and declares that the militias should be organized under the direction of PSUC (Partido Socialista Unificado de Cataluña: United Socialist Party of Catalonia). Alfonso Rivera of POUM (Partido Obrero de Unificacion Marxista: Workers' Party of Marxist Unification) accuses Rivera of trying to put the militia under the Soviet Union's control. They are in sharp opposition. Vincent angered by their confrontation speaks once and for all that he and his friends have set themselves up to protect those they love and that in no way do they want to be involved in any political conflict. Georges stands up for Vincent saying that the enemy they should confront is the fascists. He continues that it is not the time for quarreling with each other as that would only break up the Republic.

Aguilar and Komarov, heading policemen, appear before the people celebrating the festival of San Jorge. Aguilar announces that from this moment on, PSUC rules the country along with the help of the Soviet Union, and will arrest all those who disagree. Aguilar asks Katherine to continue the international radio program, which is receiving great response overseas. Although Georges fears that she may be exploited by PSUC, Katherine tells him that letting the world know of the situation in Barcelona is the very task she has been looking for and parts from him.

The members of Centuria Olimpíada disappointed by the internal divisive quarrel that continues in Barcelona become less closely united. Georges aware of the situation tells them that they should not break up. However, Vincent asserts that Georges who sees things only through camera lenses should not say things that sound big. Hearing Vincent, Georges feels inspired. He sees the truth he has been searching for in the members of Centuria Olimpíada. They are voluntarily fighting at the risk of their lives without hesitation. He wishes to live a true life and decides to fight with them. They hear that rebel forces have attacked Guernica, a town in the northern part of Spain. They listen to the radio news broadcast by Katherine. However, in the course of the broadcasting, her voice stops. Georges feels that something has happened to her. He makes a plan to rescue her...

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  1. The Grand Theater run was originally scheduled from February 5th to March 14th, but was delayed due to national emergency closures related to the omicron variant of COVID-19. Because the shinjin kouen cast was not able to rehearse, the shinjin kouen performance originally scheduled on March 1st at the Grand Theater was cancelled.

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