Great Pirates/Jazzmania


Picture Credit: Caithion, national tour flier

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English Title: Great Pirates/Jazzmania
Japanese Title: 大海賊―復讐のカリブ海/ジャズマニア
Romanized Title: Daikaizoku: Fukushuu no Karibukai/Jazumania

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2001
Performances: Tokyo Theater, 08/18 - 09/24; National Tour, 10/27 - 11/18

Great Pirates:

Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Nakamura Satoru
Supervision: Shibata Yukihiro
Composer: Minami Yasuo, Nishimura Kouji, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Seri Machika, Wakao Risa


Author/Director: Miki Akio
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Yoshida Yuuko, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Nakura Kayoko, Ai Erina, Miori Yumino, Wakao Risa

Available on DVD: VHS only


RoleCastShinjin Kouen CastNational Tour Cast
Emilio (son of the governor of Santa Catalina. To carry out a vengeance on Edgar, he joins the band of Caribbean pirates headed by Luckcome) Shibuki Jun Yamato Yuuga Shibuki Jun
Elaine (Edgar's younger sister)Emi Kurara Kanou Chika Emi Kurara
Edgar (governor of Jamaica, formally captain of an English pirate ship)Kozuki Wataru Hokushou Kairi Yamato Yuuga
Kidd (Luckcome's follower)Iori Naoka Ryouga Haruhi Kiriya Hiromu
Anne (Luckcome's daughter)Saijou Mie Shiina Aoi Hanase Mizuka
Luckcome (Caribbean pirate, captain of Adventure)Ritsu Tomomi Moeki Ayato Ritsu Tomomi
Pedro Fernandez (governor of Santa Catalina, Emilio's father)Kouki Subaru Ken Ruisu Kouki Subaru
Esmeralda (wife of the governor of Santa Catalina, Emilio's mother)Natsukawa Yura Takigawa SuekoNatsukawa Yura
Frederic (captain of the Royal forces)Oozora Yuuhi Takaki Amane Koshino Ryuu
Rockwell (Edgar's follower)Yamato Yuuga Mano Sugata Tsukifune Sarara
The Reverend (Luckcome's follower)Yoshizuki Eri Kusunoki Keika Kouki Subaru
Baker (Luckcome's follower)Taiju Maki Natsume Rin Ryuu Masaki
Doctor (Luckcome's follower)Shiomi Maho Isshiki Ruka Asama Moyu
Big Ear (Luckcome's follower)Kiriya Hiromu Shijou Rui Hokushou Kairi
Shark (Luckcome's follower)Isshiki Ruka Ayana Oto Ken Ruisu
Gunshot (Luckcome's follower)Kusunoki Keika Seo Mitsuki Arika Jun
Seagull (Luckcome's follower)Kanou Chika Mihou Aya Suzushiro Marina
Grim Reaper (Luckcome's follower)Ken Ruisu Asabuki Yuika -
Mouse (Luckcome's follower)Shijou Rui --
Quick Shot (Luckcome's follower)Mano Sugata --
Jose (child Emilio's guard)Kitajima Mami Natsume Rin Kitajima Mami
Pirate daughter DonnaHonami Aria Yukina Tsugumi Honami Aria
Pirate daughter JuliaTakigawa SuekoOtoki Sunao Takigawa Sueko
Pirate daughter LuciaKajou Aria Shirosaki Ai Kajou Aria
Heinz (Edgar's follower)Ryouga Haruhi Aoki Izumi -
David (Edgar's follower)Hokushou Kairi Ryuu Masaki -
Maria (Elaine's companion)Mihara Shiho Hanase Mizuka Mihara Shiho
Harrison (captain of an English merchant ship)Arika Jun Fuuga Minato Moeki Ayato
Elma (Elaine's lady's maid)Honami Aria Madoka Sakura Kazaho Yuuri
Hannah (Elaine's lady's maid)Mihou Aya -Amano Hotaru
Prince WilliamKoshino Ryuu Ken Ruisu Kitajima Mami
Sir James (Elaine's fiance)Asama Moyu Fuuga Minato -
Anna (a woman from Santa Catalina)Mimi Anri Saijou Mie Takigawa Sueko
Doña Elma (a woman from Santa Catalina)Hanase Mizuka Kajou Aria Kajou Aria
Mike (man in the bar)Kouki Subaru Ken Ruisu Fuuga Minato
Alma (woman in the bar)Natsukawa Yura Takigawa SuekoNatsukawa Yura
Elsa (woman in the bar)Mimi Anri Saijou Mie Honami Aria
Nellie (woman in the bar)Akane Mitsuki Memu Chisato -
Lena (woman in the bar)Kazaho Yuuri Houjou Rumi -

Senka: Hatsukaze Midori (show only), Kozuki Wataru, Iori Naoka
Other Cast: Takaki Amane, Madoka Sakura, Memu Chisato, Natsume Rin, Houjou Rumi, Fuuga Minato, Moeki Ayato, Shiina Aoi, Seo Mitsuki, Yukina Tsugumi, Asabuki Yuika, Mihou Aya, Otoki Sunao, Suzushiro Marina, Aoki Izumi, Ayana Oto, Hazuki Sara, Amano Hotaru, Touka Yurino, Shirosaki Ai, Seijou Kaito, Natsuki Reo, Aoba Michiru, Hihou Kokoro, Shiki Erio, Aino Riho, Asagiri Shino, Miyume Himari, Shimizu Kyouka, Ayazuki Seri, Ayahashi Miyu, Moeka Yuria, Shiratori Kasuga, Ryuu Masaki, Enoki Touya, Atsuki Renka, Kusakaze Nana

Other Tour Cast: Hanase Mizuka, Memu Chisato, Seo Mitsuki, Aoki Izumi, Hazuki Sara, Touka Yurino, Seijou Kaito, Hihou Kokoro, Aino Riho, Shimizu Kyouka, Ayahashi Miyu



Great Pirates

Since Columbus had discovered the New World, the Caribbean became a part of the European history, and the pirates helped incorporate the Caribbean into the European sphere of influence with their art of navigation. From the middle of the sixteenth century, other European countries began challenging the Spanish monopoly over the New World, and their pirates followed suit. It was not long before England and other European Protestant countries started using pirates to do damage to Spain, whose Catholicism they were hostile to and whose Caribbean possessions they envied. England licensed its pirates to operate in the Caribbean and financially aided them. Such privateers, then, assailed and sacked the Spanish colonies, and even started smuggling.

One day lately in the seventeenth century, Spanish Santa Catalina Island is assaulted and its town is burnt down by the English pirates headed by Edgar. The governor and his wife are killed. However, the governor's son, Emilio, manages his escape and dives alone into the sea.

He miraculously drifts ashore Tortsuca Island, which is home to Captain Luckcome's pirate ship, Adventure. After listening to Emilio's tragedy and ardent revengeful thought of Edgar, Luckcome invites Emilio to join his band of pirates. He swears to become a pirate at all costs in order to carry out his vengeance on Edgar.

Adventure has a crew of strong personalities including Captain Luckcome, his daughter Ann in love with Emilio, Kidd who has a short temper and is chivalrous, Doctor who always stays cool, well informed Big Ear who sets a right mood at a right moment, reliable veteran Prayer, young Horn Shark and Bullet, apprentice Black-Tailed Gull. Emilio undergoes all sorts of hard trainings with them dreaming of the day he will take his revenge on Edgar. Five years later when Captain Luckcome decides to retire, Emilio is elected new captain. Emilio, gifted with intelligence, judgment and courage, has grown up to win the respect of his comrades. Even Kidd who used to pick quarrels with him willingly accepts Emilio as captain.

On a voyage, Emilio and his band assault an English merchant ship named Royal Pacific. Emilio wonders why Royal Pacific continues to resist even after Adventure has hoisted her flag of skull and crossbones. After Emilio goes aboard Royal Pacific, her captain surrenders and tells him that he has tried to keep his defence under the order of Captain Frederic of the Royal forces on board as a passenger. Emilio examines the stern and finds a young lady named Elaine hiding. She bravely tries to strike him with a short sword, reminding Emilio of himself in the past. He wishes to talk with her alone. Seeing Emilio acting gentlemanly, Elaine feels assured enough to show interest in knowing why he has become a pirate. When Emilio explains that he feels unbound and true to himself, she finds herself miserable and, at the same time, attracted to him. He is also attracted to her. However, he realizes that she lives in a different world from his. Emilio decides to go away, leaving her on board Royal Pacific.

Rockwell, Edgar's follower, captures Luckcome and Ann who have left the ship. In fact, Elaine is a younger sister of Edgar who is now regarded as a hero of England and has just been appointed governor of Jamaica. On the day Emilio met her on board Royal Pacific, she was attended by Captain Frederic and heading for Jamaica to marry the attorney general of Jamaica in obedience to her elder brother's order.


Act 1 : Prologue A,B

An overture with the roaring brass. After a short interval of silence, a cool jazz flows out. Men with soft hats and coats come into the scene to perform a mass dance and, then, to swing together.

Jazzmania Man S - Shibuki Jun
Jazzmania Woman S - Emi Kurara
Jazzmania Man A - Hatsukaze Midori

Act 3 : Ad-lib 1

A sexy trio sings "Airmail Special"

Trio - Mimi Anri, Touka Yurino, Kajou Aria

Act 4,5 : Downtown Dream A,B

Downtown Star - Hatsukaze Midori

Act 6 A : Ad-lib 2

Swing Star - Kozuki Wataru, Iori Naoka

Act 6 B : Ad-lib 3

Pianist - Kiriya Hiromu

Act 7 : Stars and Stripes A

GI's on their way home from the European fronts are dancing in full joy, though partners are all men.

GI Joe - Shibuki Jun
GI (A) - Oozora Yuuhi, Yamato Yuuga

Act 8,9 : Stars and Stripes B,C

Their ship arrives at the port. GI's find their girlfriends one after another and go away in couples. A girl left alone starts dancing with a GI.

GI Joe - Shibuki Jun
Girlfriend - Emi Kurara
GI (A) - Oozora Yuuhi, Yamato Yuuga

Act 10 : New York Rhythm A

As two musicians energetically sing and dance in the monochromatic scene representing the origin of jazz, a universe of urban rhythm appears.

B & W Singer - Iori Naoka

Act 11 : New York Rhythm B

Black Singer (man) - Hatsukaze Midori
Black Dancer (man) A - Shiomi Maho
Black Dancer (woman) A - Saijou Mie

Act 12 : New York Rhythm C

White Singer (woman) - Emi Kurara
White Gentleman S - Oozora Yuuhi
White Gentlewoman S - Mihara Shiho

Act13 : Stormy Weather

A star heartily sings Stormy Weather

The Singer - Shibuki Jun
Stormy Dancer A - Kozuki Wataru
Stormy Dancer - Kiriya Hiromu, Yamato Yuuga

Act 14 : Boogie-Woogie New York

All performers enthuse on the boogie-woogie, dynamically dancing and singing toward the intermediate climax.

The Man - Shibuki Jun
White Singer (man) - Hatsukaze Midori
Black Singer (man) - Kozuki Wataru, Iori Naoka

Act 15 : Love Song

The star singers sing in duet on the silver bridge.

The Man - Shibuki Jun
The Woman - Emi Kurara

Act 16-18 : My Funny Valentine A-C

Dynamic dancing scenes are representing the showdowns between Al Capone and Eliot Ness.

Eliot Ness - Kozuki Wataru
Al Capone - Iori Naoka

Act 19 A,B : Blues in the Night A,B

In Monte-Carlo in the night, a man heads to the party held in a hotel. At the gorgeous dancing party, the man meets again the woman he once loved. However, he parts from her after shortly dancing with her.

Act 20 A : Sing, Sing, Sing

A young man and a young woman vividly sing, Sing, Sing, Sing.

Jazz Singer - Yamato Yuuga

Act 20 B : Fascinating Rhythm

Two men sing, and then, start dancing passionately.

Singing Gentleman - Shiomi Maho, Oozora Yuuhi
Singing Gentlewoman - Natsukawa Yura, Mihara Shiho

Act 21 : Strike Up the Band

Chorus Boy - Kiriya Hiromu

Act 22 : Charade

Three pairs dance to the songs sung by Latin singers.

Star (man) S - Shibuki Jun
Star (woman) S - Emi Kurara
Star (man and singer) - Hatsukaze Midori
Star (man) A - Kozuki Wataru, Iori Naoka

Act 23 : Parade A

Etoile - Mimi Anri

Act 24 : Parade B

Parade (man) S - Shibuki Jun
Parade (woman) S - Emi Kurara

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Great Pirates (National Tour) - Review by Ekusudei

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