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Standard Profile Information

Name: Eri Chiaki
Kanji: 絵莉 千晶
Current Troupe:
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Chiaki
Real Name: 山城幸子 (Yamashiro Sachiko)
Height: 162.5cm
Birthday: December 16
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Osaka Prefecture
Favorite Food: Hakata pan-fried gyoza, bagels, cilantro
Favorite Flower: rose
Favorite Colors: white, pink
Hobbies: reading, going to the onsen, going to movies or shows
Collections: earrings
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role: Akashi no Ue from The Tale of Genji - Lived in a Dream II, High Priestess from The Legend, Paula from Sorrowful Cordoba National Tour, Mrs Brown from Me and My Girl
Would Like to Try Playing: An etoile, the soloist during a duet dance on the Grand Staircase, a role like Marie from Hurricane, a woman who is both evil and good.

Debut: 1993 (79th Class) Broadway Boys
Troupe History:
1994 - 2010 Flower Troupe


2010: Sabrina / Exciter!!, Maude Larrabee
2010: Gu Bijin, Gu Bijin's Mother
2010: Partners (Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Founder of a Religious Sect
2009: Side Story: The Rose of Versailles -André- / Exciter!
2009: Me and My Girl (Umeda), Mrs. Brown
2009: Sorrowful Córdoba / Red Hot Sea II (National Tour), Paula
2009: The Legend, High Priestess
2008: Side Story: The Rose of Versailles -Alain- / Enter the Revue, Catherine
2008: Love and Death in Arabia / Red Hot Sea, Mabloka
2008: Pale Kiss (Bow Hall), Maria Westenra
2007: Adieu Marseille / Love Symphony, Yvette
2007: The Tale of Genji - Lived in a Dream II (Umeda Arts), Akashi no Ue
2007: Akechi Kogorou's Incident Report -The Black Lizard- / Tuxedo Jazz, Katsuyo
2006: Mayerling / Enter the Revue (National Tour), Marinka, Sztaray
2006: Phantom, Mireille
2006: Appartement Cinema (Drama City), Patricia
2005-06: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds!, Countess Trigona
2005: Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone / Enter the Revue, Marielle
2004: La Esperanza / Takarazuka Maimu
2004: Naked City (Bow Hall), Big Mama
2004: Endless Flight / Season of Angels / Applause Takarazuka!
2003: In the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail (National Tour), Mimi
2003: A Flute Named Wind / A Revue is Born, Namie-no-Kyoku
2003: Immortal Thorns (Drama City), Carol
2002-03: Elisabeth: The Rondo of Love and Death, Countess Liechtenstein
2002: Akanesasu Murasakino Hana / Cocktail (Hakataza), Kagami no Ookimi
2002: In the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail, Mimi
2002: Diamond Eyes (Drama City)
2001: Michelangelo / Viva!, Angelo 3
2001: Manon (Bow Hall), Cantaora
2000-01: Ludwig II / Asian Sunrise
2000: Lived in A Dream / The Beauties!, Echo of Time, (Berlin alt.) Yuugao & Jijuu
2000: Tango Argentino / The Revue IV (Chunichi), Madelaine
1999: Tango Argentino / The Revue '99, Madame Rosay
1999: Endless Love (Nippon), Alice
1999: Japan Overture, Kamekichi
1998: Speakeasy / Sniper, Mrs. Lamonte
1998: Endless Love (Bow Hall)
1997-98: Pale Dawn (Bow & Nippon Seinenkan)
1997: That's Revue
1997: Gone with the Wind, Marilyn
1997: Hollywood Babylon / Southern Cross Revue
1996-97: Hong Kong Nocturne (Bow Hall)
1996: How to Succeed
1996: HURRICANE (Bow Hall)
1996: Hana wa Hana nari / Hyperion
1995: East of Eden / Dandyism!
1995: Champion! (Bow/Nippon Seinenkan)
1995: Sorrowful Córdoba / Mega Vision
1994: Winter Storm ~Death in St. Petersburg~ / Hyper Stage!
1994: 'Allo, 'Allo, Camelot? (Bow)
1994: Black Jack / Phoenix
1993: Kasenshou / The Door to Here / Million Dreams, Kage Chorus
1993: Mélancolique Gigolo / La Nova! (Tokyo)
1993: Grand Hotel / Broadway Boys, Kage Chorus

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1999: Tango Argentino, Madelaine
1999: Japan Overture
1998: Speakeasy, Celia Peachum
1997: That's Revue, Ryoko
1997: Hollywood Babylon, Mary
1996: How to Succeed, Hedy La Rue (act two)
1996: Hyperion
1995: East of Eden
1995: Sorrowful Córdoba
1994: Winter Storm ~Death in St. Petersburg~
1994: Black Jack

Concerts / Dinner Shows

2012: Elizabeth Special Gala Concert (2012)
2009: Twelfth ISOLABELLA Salon Concert
2007: Etude (Haruno Sumire Dinner Show)
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2006: Flower Troupe Encourage Concert
2001: Flower Troupe Encourage Concert
2000: LOVE BEAT (Iori Naoka Dinner Show)
1999: Crescendo (Kaede Saki Dinner Show)
1996: Pure Love! (Aika Mire Dinner Show)
1993: Midsummer Serenade (Makoto Tsubasa & Shizuki Asato Dinner Show)


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