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Name: Kashiro Kiho
Kanji: 華城 季帆
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Naru
Real Name: Suzuki Narumi (鈴木 生美)
Height: 164 cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: September 1, 1981
Hometown: Shizuoka Prefecture
Favorite Food: Cafe au lait, mitarashi dango
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors: White, beige
Hobbies: Driving
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: She thought about it with her family and someone she respects.
Favorite Role: All of them.
Would Like to Try Playing: A variety of roles.

Debut: 2001 (87th Class) The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette-
Troupe History:
2001 - 2006 Flower Troupe


2006: Mind Traveller, Pamela Austin (musumeyaku lead)
2006: Phantom, Sorelli
2006: Scout, Sasha (musumeyaku lead)
2005-06: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds!, Feliccita
2005: Marrakech / Enter the Revue (Hakataza), Yvette
2005: Marrakech / Enter the Revue, Fatima
2005: Kurawanka, Enyōhaku, Koito and Ohatsu
2004: La Esperanza / Takarazuka Dancing Dreams, Tracy
2004: Endless Flight/Season of Angels/Applause Takarazuka
2004: Naked City, Cathy
2004: Endless Flight / Season of Angels / Applause Takarazuka!
2003: In the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail (National Tour), Jill
2003: A Flute Named Wind / A Revue Is Born, Kuchiba
2003: Hey, Mr. Spring Wind / Love Goblin, Singing Torioi Woman / Oyae
2002-03: Elisabeth
2002: Shadow of the Moon (Bow), Tomokichi
2002: In the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail
2001-02: Canary
2001: Michelangelo / Viva! (Tokyo), Angelo 5
2001: The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette- (Grand Theater)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2006: Phantom, Christine (musumeyaku lead)
2005-6: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun, Giuditta Ferri
2005: Marrakech / Enter the Revue, Yvette
2004: La Esperanza, Frasquita
2004: Season of Angels, Margherita (musumeyaku lead)
2003: A Flute Named Wind, Kojiju, Kaede
2002-03: Elisabeth, Young Rudolf
2002: In the Amber-Hued Rain, Mimi
2001: Michelangelo
2001: The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette- (Grand Theater)

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Special Performances

2006: Flower Troupe Encourage Concert
2006: Sensation! (Ranju Tomu Dinner Show)
2005: I Got Music ~Haruno Sumire in Concert~
2005: TCA Special 2005 - Beautiful Melody, Beautiful Romance
2004: The Rose of Versailles 30
2004: TCA Special 2004 - Takarazuka 90
2002: TCA Special 2002 - Dream
2002: S (es) (Haruno Sumire Dinner Show)


2006: Quatre Saisons


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