Genroku Baroque Rock / The Fascination!

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English Title: Genroku Baroque Rock / The Fascination!
Japanese Title: 元禄バロックロック / The Fascination(ザ ファシネイション)!
Romanized Title: Genroku Barokku Rokku / Za Fashineishon!

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2021 - 2022
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 11/06 - 12/13; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, January - February (dates TBA)
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 11/30; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, TBA

Genroku Baroque Rock:

Author/Director: Tani Takaya
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

The Fascination!:

Author/Director: Nakamura Kazunori
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


Starring Yuzuka Rei & Hoshikaze Madoka

RoleCastShinko Cast

Other Cast TBA



Chuushingura Fantasy: Genroku Baroque Rock

Written and Directed by TANI Takaya

Edo, that cosmopolitan city of riotous flowers. There, the finest scientific minds from all over the world gathered, creating a brilliant flowering of baroque culture.

Kuronosuke, a kind and serious clockmaker and former retainer of the Ako Domain, enjoyed a peaceful life in Edo despite his poverty, until the day he accidentally invented a clock that could turn back time... and his life changed completely. He used the clock to win handily at games of chance, but that wealth changed him. Kuronosuke thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of his success, but the one thing the watch wouldn’t work on was women, where he could never seem to succeed. However, a woman with a mysterious smile was watching all of it. She called herself Kira, and she ran a gambling house. Kuronosuke became gradually infatuated by her beauty, which turned to an unhealthy love.

One day, Kuranosuke, a former chief retainer of the Ako Domain, paid Kuronosuke a visit. He had come to ask for Kuronosuke’s help in taking revenge on Kozukenosuke, whose enmity with the Ako lord Takumi no Kami had resulted in his seppuku. The Kuronosuke he found there, however, was barely a shadow of his former self and integrity. Kuronosuke’s heart ached as he clutched the clock to his chest and listened to Kuranosuke wish he could turn back time. However, his expression changed entirely with Kuranosuke’s next words. Kuranosuke had learned that Kouzuke no Suke had an illegitimate daughter named Kira...

Chuushingura is based on a true story from the Genroku era, and has been retold in all kinds of fiction. In this interpretation, this tale, which has been universally loved since time immemorial, is presented by the Takarazuka Revue of the love and fantasy-filled Reiwa Era in a way that’s sure to entertain.

The times of Kuronosuke and Kira align, and love shines in the heart of Edo, in a clock romance ticking away in a world of baroque rock.

This work is director Tani Takaya’s Takarazuka Grand Theater debut.

The Fascination!

As there are increasing performances in the Takarazuka Revue, in 1921, the Flower Troupe and the Moon Troupe were born, and the first Flower Troupe performance was held. The year 2021 celebrates the 100th anniversary for the Flower Troupe. And in this performance, it will be led by the new top combi Yuzuka Rei and Hoshikaze Madoka.
The glamourous work of "The Fascination" will celebrate the establishment and 100th anniversary of the Flower Troupe. Please look forward to the gorgeous dance settings of the "flower" theme, that connects the tradition and future "fascination" of the flower troupe in this stage.

Other Information

  • Grand Theater debut for Hoshikaze Madoka as top musumeyaku of Flower Troupe.
  • Genroku Baroque Rock will be the Grand Theater debut work for Tani Takaya.
  • The Fascination! will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the formation of Flower Troupe.


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