A Dream in Lilac / Jewel de Paris!!

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English Title: A Dream in Lilac -The Pride of the Droysen Family- / Jewel de Paris!! -The Jewels of Paris-
Japanese Title: ライラックの夢路 -ドロイゼン家の誇り- / ジュエル・ド・パリ!! -パリの宝石たち-
Romanized Title: Rairakku no Yumeji -Doroizen-kei no Hokori- / Jueru do Pari!! -Pari no Housekitachi-

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2023
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 04/22 - 05/28; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 06/17 - 07/16
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 05/11; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 06/29

A Dream in Lilac:

Based On: the Droysen family in early 19th century Germany
Author/Director/Choreographer: Sha Tamae
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

Jewel de Paris!!:

Based On: famous landmarks in Paris
Author/Director: Fujii Daisuke
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

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RoleCastShinko Cast
Heindrich, eldest son in the Droysen familyAyakaze Sakina
Elise, woman training to be a professional musicianYumeshiro Aya
Franz, second son in the Droysen familyAsami Jun
The Dreamer, a witch / Ayesha, witch and despised womanMiho Keiko (Senka)
Humboldt, Brandenburg bank president, Dietlinde's father Souno Haruto
Bajina, Ayesha's uncle Touma Kazuki
Hoffmann, printing company representative Mana Haruto
Major Weber, major in the Prussian mallet Kujou Asu
Constance, aristocrat and friend of the Droysen family Anno Konomi
Mrs. Meinek Ai Sumire
Schinkel, Eichtar's friend Ouji Kaoru
Carl, Zukunft Ironworks Craftsman Amatsuki Tsubasa
Mrs. Galetti Shiramine Yuri
Georg, third son of the Droysen family Kazuki Sora
Dreamer, witch Himehana Yukino
Viera, old apple-seller Sara Anna
Meinek, aristocrat and friend of the Droysens Kanou Yuuri
Eichtal, journalist Suwa Saki
Dietlinde, banker's daughter Nonoka Himari
Dreamer, witch Kirara Umi
Michael, Zukunft Ironworks Craftsman Manomiya Rui
Galetti, aristocrat and friend of the Droysens Seika Rian
Anton, Elise's friend, craftsman Agata Sen
Officer, Weber's subordinate Hiyori Haruma
Alexia, peasant of Brandenburg Kotohane Riri
Craftsman, Zukunft Ironworks Craftsman Asato Mire
Randolph, fourth son of the Droysen family Ichika Ao
Dreamer, witch Arisu Himeka
Böckler, NCO in the Prussian army Sakishiro Kei
Officer, Weber's subordinate Mayuzuki Rea
Aristocratic woman Suzuhana Miu
Craftsman, Zukunft Ironworks Craftsman Mareha Rinto
Kurt, Zukunft Ironworks Craftsman Seimi Yuu
Dreamer, witch Neiro Yui
Josef, fifth son of the Droysen family Kase Kyou

Other Cast: Soumi Haruma, Manaha Ayane, Rina Kurumi, Saran Reia, Amasaki Rea, Chihaya Mao, Manahi Michi, Aoha Reiya, Ayato Shion, Asahana Suwan, Nanoha Mito, Fuuga Kanade, Wakana Tatsuki, Kotomine Saara, Aisora Minami, Kishiro Yuriya, Misaki Kei, Kisui Naoto, Mikage Kurara, Tsukise You, Kirino Asato, Kasumi Sana, Yumeto Miwa, Amane Kotoha, Yumehi Mari, Fujikage Yura, Ayana Miki, Shiraki Hana, Mizuki Serena, Kazetachi Niki, Ayazuki Haruto, Himena Tamaki, Touzuki Riku, Otose Chiharu, Konomi Yuki, Enri Kouki, Sakou Niina, Mizuki Kochou, Hoshizawa Arisa, Sakaki Ayumu, Kotoka Himawari, Kiyoha Mirei, Senno Arata



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A Dream in Lilac

In early nineteenth century Germany the country is changing at a breakneck pace, influenced by the British Industrial Revolution. The Droysen family, Junkers (nobles who owned knightly estates) of the Kingdom of Prussia, still embody the spirit of chivalry. Their vast territory is filled with lilac flowers in spring. Heindrich von Droysen, the eldest Droysen brother, dreams of the five brothers coming together to develop a new industry, the railroad industry, inspired by the five brothers who founded the financial powerhouse Rothschild family, the richest family in the world.

One day, Heindrich is introduced to Elise, an aspiring musician, by his youngest brother Joseph, a music student. Though Heindrich and the strong-willed and smart Elise clash over trivial matters, the two gradually become attracted to each other. The wheels of the Droysen family’s railroad business begin to turn after meeting Elise’s childhood friend, Anton, an ironworker.

Heindrich believes that the establishment of the railroad industry will lead to the development and unification of the German Confederation. It also aligns with his goal to run a successful business working closely together with his brothers. Heindrich is troubled by Franz, the bureaucrat second son that tends to oppose him although he respects his older brother, and the rumors regarding their late father that he hears from Georg, the third son who is a soldier. In addition to this, the speculations of a lending bank, pressure from the government and many other issues also weigh on Heindrich. But in overcoming them, he always has the support of his brothers and the love of Elise.

A romantic tale presented as the Grand Theatre debut performance of the new top pair of Snow Troupe, Sakina Ayakaze and Aya Yumeshiro.

Jewel de Paris!!

The city of Paris, steeped in glamorous yet bewitching beauty. A revue featuring a series of dramatic scenes about famous and fascinating landmarks in Paris. The new top pair of Sakina Ayakaze and Aya Yumeshiro, along with other members of Snow Troupe who sparkle like jewels, present a bewitching world filled with glamorous dreams of Paris. The Takarazuka Grand Theater performance will serve as the debut show for the 109th class.

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