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Standard Profile Information

Name: Shirosaki Ai
Kanji: 城咲 あい
Current Troupe:
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Ai-chan
Real Name: 中村愛 (Nakamura Ai)
Height: 163 cm
Birthday: January 24, 1983
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Kokubunji, Tokyo
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower: Roses, tulips
Favorite Colors: Pink
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: Thought it up with classmates
Favorite Role: Rosa Heming in "Senor Don Juan" shinjinkouen, Izayoi in "Namida Bashi, Egao Bashi", and Josephine in "Itoshiki Hito Yo"
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 2000 (86th Class) Lived in a Dream
Troupe History:
2000 - 2009 Moon Troupe


2009: Last Play / Heat on Beat!, Esmeralda
2009: Elisabeth, Sophie
2008-09: Floating Bridge of Dreams / Apasionado!!, Kozaishou no Kimi
2008: The Great Gatsby (Nissay), Daisy (lead musumeyaku role)
2008: Me and My Girl, Jaqueline Carstone / Sophia Brighton
2007-08: Hollywood Lover (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Rose L'Amour (lead musumeyaku role)
2007: Mahoroba / A Magician's Misfortunes, Marek
2007: Love at Dal Lake (National Tour), Rita, Etoile
2007: Higher than the Sky of Paris / Fancy Dance, Elsa
2006: Oklahoma! (Nissay), Laurey (lead musumeyaku role)
2006: Rome at Dawn / Les Bijoux Brillants, Cleopatra
2006: Yearning for My Husband (Bow Hall), Kogou (lead musumeyaku role)
2005: Jazzy Fairies / Revue of Dreams, Rosie Wilcox
2005: Ernest in Love (Umeda Arts), Cecily
2005: Elisabeth, Black Angel / Madeline
2004: The Glow of Sunset in Asuka / Takarazuka Splendor II, Ikoma
2004: Beloved (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Josephine (lead musumeyaku role)
2003-04: Seal of Roses
2003: Bridge of Tears, Bridge of Smiles (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Izayoi (lead musumeyaku role)
2003: Takarazuka Floral Diary / Senor Don Juan, Catherine
2003: Spring Again / Love Goblin (Bow Workshop), Yono / O-haru
2002: At the End of a Long Spring / With a Song in My Heart
2002: Slapstick (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Margaret
2002: Guys and Dolls
2001: Blood and Sand (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Permitas (boy)
2001: Great Pirates / Jazzmania
2001: Liebessonate / ESP!!
2001: Practical Joke
2001: Now the Violets are Blooming / Liebessonate
2000: Prisoner of Zenda / Jazzmania
2000: Golden Pharaoh / Miracat

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2006: Rome at Dawn
2005: Jazzy Fairies, Shannon (lead musumeyaku role)
2005: Elisabeth, Sophie
2004: The Glow of Sunset in Asuka, Menou (lead musumeyaku role)
2003-04: The Seal of Roses, Jennifer / Paula (lead musumeyaku role)
2003: Senor Don Juan, Rosa Hemming
2002: At the End of a Long Spring, Natalie
2002: Guys & Dolls, Sarah Brown (lead musumeyaku role)
2001: Great Pirates, Lucia
2001: Liebessonate (Takarazuka)
2001: Liebessonate (Tokyo)
2000: Prisoner of Zenda

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Special Performances

2009: 0 -Zero- (Sena Jun Dinner Show)
2009: The Road to 100 Years - Kageki 1000th Issue Commemoration Special
2008: Takarazuka Special 2008 - La Festa!
2007: TCA Special 2007 - 'Allo! Revue!
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2006: Dream Memorandum
2006: TCA Special 2006 - Wonderful Dreamers
2005: Golden Steps
2004: TCA Special 2004 - Takarazuka 90
2004: Sweet & Chic (Kiriya Hiromu Dinner Show)
2003: TCA Special 2003 - Dear Grand Theater

After Takarazuka

2014: Live Performance: 『FEEL』
2014: Dance tte Omoshiroi? Vol. 7
2014: Shirosaki Ai Birthday Live
2013: Live Performance: 『REAL』
2013: Last+a
2012: Live Performance: 『Shirosaki Ai TALK 2 LIVE』
2011: Destiny
2011: Hakkenden : Murasame Koi Kidan, Princess Fuse
2010: I² Dinner Show


  • She married K-Ballet's dancer Fuzuki Isaka on 09/22/15
  • In 2013, she joined Dance Company Lasta and announced she would begin performing regular dance shows with them.
  • Happy Rose - Her current blog
  • Happy Rose - Her old blog
  • Youtube Page
  • Member of the 1st group of Sky Fairies.
  • In 2004, she won the Shinjin-shou - it means "rookie of the year".
  • Originally she wanted to be an otokoyaku, but she stopped growing and wasn't tall enough. She says she is glad she became a musumeyaku, however.
  • One of the four Moon Troupe members to be featured in Takarazuka Young Star Guide: Musumeyaku Edition.
  • Like Mirai Yuuki, played the role of Sophie in both the Shinjin Koen (Moon 2005), and Grand Theatre (Moon 2009), productions of "Elisabeth".
  • She has an older brother and an older sister. She is the youngest child in her home.
  • Performs occasionally, but mostly teaches a physical fitness course called "Body Make Jazz."

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