The Poem of Love and Revolution / Mr. Swing!


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English Title: The Poem of Love and Revolution ~Andrea Chénier~ / Mr. Swing!
Japanese Title: 愛と革命の詩(うた)-アンドレア・シェニエ-/Mr. Swing!
Romanized Title: Ai to Kakumei no Uta -Andorea Shenie- / Mr. Swing!

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2013
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 08/16 - 09/23; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 10/11 - 11/17
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 09/03; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 10/24

The Poem of Love and Revolution:

Based On: opera Andrea Chénier by Umberto Giordano
Author / Director: Ueda Keiko
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko, Kai Masato
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Oishi Yuka
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo): Misaki Megumi
Shinjin Kouen Director: Ueda Keiko

Mr. Swing!:

Author / Director: Inaba Daichi
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 10/15/13)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Andrea Chénier (A French poet during the time of the French Revolution with a very high-minded spirit)Ranju Tomu Serika Toa
Maddalena de Coigny (A count's daughter who lives only for the love of Andrea Chénier)Ranno Hana Asazuki Kiwa
Carlo Gérard (A champion of the revolutionary government who loses his direction between the idealism and reality of the revolution)Asumi Rio Yuzuka Rei
Old Gerard (Gérard's father. An elderly servant who has been in the service of the Coigny household for several generations) Takashou Mizuki Maizuki Nagisa
Alphonse Loussier (An editor at an impoverished publisher. He has earned a reputation as a popular writer, having produced contemporary poems) Yuuma Rin Wataru Hibiki
Bersi (The maid of Maddalena, to whom she provides shelter after Maddalena loses everything in the revolution) Sakura Ichika Senna Ayase
Marie-Joseph Chénier (The younger brother of Andrea Chénier. A poet and popular writer who has made a name for himself for his contemporary poems)Hanagata Hikaru Yuunami Kei
Dumas Shihou Nanami Wataru Hibiki
Countess de Coigny Hanano Juria (1) Ousaki Ayaka
Jules Moran (A kindred spirit of Gérard. A cool-headed member of the Jacobins Party) Harukaze Misato Minami Maito
Ernesto Yuugiri Rai Saebana Riona
Aline Duran (A commoner painter who is pregnant with the child of the Marquis Pingeot, and who becomes his wife) Kayou Kirari Otohane Emi
Fouquier-Tinville Tsukio Kazusa Saebana Riona
Marquis Francois de Pingeot (A liberal member of the nobility who shares the aspirations of Andrea Chénier) Nozomi Fuuto Taiga Rin
Street performer who plays the Organ Ayashiro Rea Mineka Towa
Henri de Latouche Ayashiro Rea Kureha Maki
Marie CroissyUmesaki Ibu Nana Kurara
Abel de Fonda (A school friend of Andrea Chénier from the time they attended Navarre Academy. They work together for the revolution)Seto Kazuya Maki Izumi
Angel White (A symbol of the good things in this world) Saezuki Runa Nanaki Kaoru
Fabian Ootori Mayu Ranma Yuu
Jean Tenma Michiru Haryuu Mitsuki
Charles-Louis Trudaine de Montigny (A school friend of Andrea Chénier. Although he comes from a famous aristocratic family, he throws himself into the revolution) Serika Toa Kazumi Shou
Prison Jailer Maki Izumi Hiryuu Tsukasa
Young Victor Hugo Maki Izumi Sumizuki Naoto
Melville Lacotte Taiga Rin Miran Renna
PierreWataru Hibiki Sumizuki Naoto
Saint-BeuveWataru Hibiki Chiyuki Aki
LuluSenna Ayase Kaga Ririka
Pepe Kazumi Shou Mihana Rino
Marianne de Trudaine Kaga Ririka Haruhi Urara
d'Agout Haryuu Mitsuki Kureha Maki
Maurice Crillon Minami Maito Hiryuu Tsukasa
Angel Black (A symbol of the bad things in this world) Yuzuka Rei Yabuki Sena
Charles-Michel de La Sabliere Yuunami Kei Ayaki Hikari
Idea de Regurie Otohane Emi Sarasa Nachi
Judith Asazuki Kiwa Maaya Kiho
Rouget Hiryuu Tsukasa Aomiya Ruka

(1) Will not be performing in Mr.Swing! (both runs) and Andre Chenier (Tokyo run, from 10/31). Haruhana Kirara will take her role since then.

Other Cast: Mebuki Yukina, Ryou Kagura, Shiraki Akari, Kachou Shiho, Haruhana Kirara, Marika Yume, Hidaka Daichi, Kazusa Yoshiki, Saho Yukari, Nagisa Seina, Hanana Mio, Niina Kaho, Yumehana Ran, Sachika Seira, Mahou Tsugumi, Kotoka Chino, Ouma Shion, Hina Ririka, Hizuki Yume, Ouka Rina

Ken-1 Group C: Hanaki Maia, Aren Touma, Amaji Sora, Wakakusa Moeka, Takamine Jun, Sakurara Karan, Nanase Miki, Hiumi Arisa, Riou Jun



The Poem of Love and Revolution

This is the story of a poet who lived at the time of the French Revolution.

The poet's name was Andrea Chénier. He lived and died amongst love and bloodshed. The numerous words of truth spun by this revolutionary poet became poems for eternity. Even today, they continue to shine light on the hopes that rest in people's hearts.

It is July 14, 1789, and a shadow is cast over the feudal system that has continued for hundreds of years. France, racked by political instability, is on the eve of a revolution. The masses, disgruntled and angered at their unreasonable treatment at the hands of the aristocracy, rise up to the point of igniting. The aristocracy, who make no attempt to come to terms with the social unrest, continue to defend their way of life, as it has always been. An extravagant evening party is about to unfold at the estate of Count Coigny on the outskirts of Paris. The servants of the house busily go about their work, preparing for the feast. One of them, Carlo Gérard, develops a growing sense of dissatisfaction toward this inequitable society that discriminates against him based on his social status. He admires the idea of egalitarianism among the people, as espoused by Rousseau. Meanwhile, he is secretly in love with the Count's daughter, Maddalena de Coigny. She is inflicted with a sense of emptiness from being made up daily like a dress-up doll, and she waits impatiently for the day when true love comes calling. At that time, the guests arrive one after another and start to mingle, and Andrea Chénier appears at the estate. He may write poetry that is harshly critical of aristocratic society, but he is also a recognized poet, and in reality he is ashamed to be mixing with the people at the estate. He wishes for the day when he can live his life with a spirit that is free to wander. Andrea, Maddalena and Gérard have each been placed in different circumstances. Yet that evening, the three, who each harbor the hope for freedom of the human spirit, will come face to face with each other, on the occurrence of a huge historical event that will announce the death of the feudal system. This will be known as the French Revolution, which will begin with the occupation by the masses of the Bastille prison. Andrea's idealism and sense of mission are on fire at the beginning of this struggle to create an egalitarian society, while Gérard lines up to join the revolution, weapon in hand. Furthermore, the revolution forces the young woman Maddalena into the life of a wanderer.

The tidal wave of the times, when everyone believes that the ideal kind of society has arrived, will in time move in the wrong direction. Ironically, Andrea and Maddalena will be joined together by a thing called love. Idealism, which has been pushed to the forefront of reality, is toying with Gérard's life. Before long, a raging torrent that provides an omen of the tragedy to come will overwhelm all three of them.

Mr. Swing

Cool and passionate to the extreme. The rhythm emerges with dynamic movement, as the stage heats up, hotter and hotter. This is Mr. Swing! Ranju Tomu, now on the crest of a wave, opens the show together with the Flower Troupe, which is filled to the brim with individuality, as the "orquesta" (orchestra) plays fast and furiously.

Other Information

  • During a duet dance in Mr. Swing, Ranju Tomu's partner will be a switch role, scheduled as follows:
Grand Theater
08/16 - 08/29 - Seto Kazuya
08/30 - 09/12 - Serika Toa
09/13 - 09/23 - Yuzuka Rei

Tokyo Theater
10/11 - 10/14, 11/9 - 11/17 - Seto Kazuya
10/16 - 10/27 - Serika Toa
10/29 - 11/8 - Yuzuka Rei

  • 2013/03/11: Due to injury, Otohane Emi will be absent from Mr.Swing! till the end of the Tokyo run.
  • Marei Sayana was to perform but it was later announced that she will be absent from the Takarazuka run due to injury.
  • Mahou Tsugumi will be absent from the Grand Theater run since 08/18 (11 a.m. performance) due to injury.


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