Silver Wolf /Break the Border!


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English Title: Silver Wolf /Break the Border!
Japanese Title: 銀の狼/ブレイク・ザ・ボーダー!
Romanized Title: Gin no Ookami / Bureiku za Boodaa!

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1991
Performances: Grand Theater, 9/20 - 10/29

Silver Wolf:

Based On: n/a
Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Music: Yoshizaki Kenji, Takahashi Kuni
Choreography: Shou Sumire

Break the Border!:

Author/Director: Ishida Masaya
Music: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko, Nishimura Kouji
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Nakagawa Kumi, Ieki Hiroshi, Shou Sumire, Maeda Kiyomi


RoleCastShinjin Kouen Cast
Silver (a silver-haired assassin)Suzukaze Mayo Maori Yuki
Mireille (Barrault's daughtor, Jean Louis' wife)Asano Kayo Kazahana Mai
Sophie (one of Ray's friends, mistress of a brothel)Kyou Misa Natsukawa Yura
Barrault (assassinated presidential candidate)Natori Rei Mayama Haru
Pierre (a peasant acting as Barrault's substitute)Natori Rei Mayama Haru
Potos (Jean Loius' powerful opponent)Aikawa Maki Koshi Haruki
Yvette (prostitute)Maiki AyaMihara Shiho
Crauchet (member of the Diet and weapons dealer)Oomine Mayu
Louis (police chief)Namine Michiru
Trantinien (a Parisian detective after the Silver Wolf)Wakao Risa Yoshizuki Eri
Jean Loius (Barrault's close associate)Kuze Seika Oomi Hiro
Claire (Michel's wife)Wakana An
Penelope (Crauchet's wife)Natsuki Mami
Jeanne (a journalist for the Tribune)Murasaki Tomo Asabuki Minami
Simone (prostitute)Hane Chisato Yamabuki Sayo
Batista (one of Ray's assassins)Maori Yuki Takachiho Mai
MarcelMayama Haru
Morris (police seargent)Oomi Hiro
Ray (trains assassins)Amami Yuuki Shiokaze Kou
Briller (rookie Parisian cop)Shiokaze Kou
Marianne (Crauchet's daughter)Aihara Serika
Lisa (Michel's daughter)Hoshino Hitomi
BellRan Reika Hanaoka Miyuki
ValerieNatsukawa Yura Aihara Serika

Other Cast: Aoi Miya, Asahi Mari, Rika Masumi, Sachikaze Irene, Wakaki Moe, Mashiro Tomona, Akatsuki Nagisa, Towa Ayumi, Koshi Haruki, Marina Tomo, Nakajou Mari, Takachiho Mai, Ujou Kaoru, Sono Nanami, Amaji Yuka, Taka Yuuki, Taiga Ren, Asabuki Minami, Matsunami Mitsuru, Kai Chihiro, Konami Azusa, Satsuki Futaba, Asano Kayo, Hanazono Yukari, Nanami Hikaru, Akiji Shinobu, Kazusa Mahiro, Toki Yufuka, Misato Maya, Matsudaira Rubi, Yoshizuki Eri, Yuuki Kaoru, Natsuno Saki, Minazuki Shizuka, Yamabuki Sayo, Kusanagi Yuki, Wakae Yuki, Fujishiro Maki, Mizuho Tamaki, Juri Sakiho, Kazahana Mai, Takashou Mizuki, Nashiro Aoi, Takamure Ayu, Runa Mari, Suzuna Mio, Ayaki Nao, Ooga Ayumi



Silver Wolf

The man known as Silver fights with demons from his past without knowning what they are. He lost his memory during some traumatic event, and was taken in by Ray. He now works with Ray to kill corrupt politicians and other powerful men. However, he has a very nihilistic outlook, believing he has nothing to live for, no matter how much Ray argues with him.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate Barrault has been assassinated, but the only ones who know are his daughter Mirielle, her husband Jean Louis, and a few of Jean Louis' men. The quick to anger and devious Jean Louis has replaced Barrault with an easy to control look alike, telling Mirielle that it's what her father would have wanted. Mirielle doubts her husband more and more, but also fears his corrupt power over the police force and other institutions.

Silver fails to complete a mission, thrown into flashbacks when the man's waife and daughter plead for their lives. He lets them live, and now can be recognized. Ray tries to convince him to leave with himself and Simone and flee to Tunis.

And then one day, Silver sees Mirielle and Jean Louise and knows that with them lies the key to his memory. He refuses to leave with Ray, and instead kidnaps Mirielle at gunpoint. As the two talk a terrible and dark picture of the past begins to emerge....

Break the Border!

Scenes 1-3 Prologue

In front of a magnificent totem pole and a camp of Indian tents, Geronimo, a big chieftain, sings the theme song. The braves of the tribe demonstrate their youthful power in dance. Pretty maidens dance in a beautiful line.

Geronimo: Suzukaze Mayo
Indian Boys: Wakao Risa, Kuze Seika, Amami Yuuki
Indian Girls: Asano Kayo, Hane Chisato, Murasaki Tomo

Scenes 4-6 Old and New

A stern ballet mistress puts her young hopefuls through a strict regimen of exercises. A youth peeks through he window, finds his girlfriend and tries to pass her a bouquet and a love letter. A security guard throws him out. Later with some friends the youth bursts into the classroom. The girls flee but the ballet mistress is trapped and forced to dance rock and roll.

Youth: Suzukaze Mayo
Girl: Asano Kayo
Ballet Mistress Kyou Misa
Gangsters: Wakao Risa, Kuze Seika

Scenes 7-9 Modern Times

At a prison workshop lady jailers keep a sharp eye on their long suffering prisoners. A handsome prisoner enchants his keepers. The love of his jailers for him makes escape impossible.

Prisoner: Amami Yuuki
Lady Jailer; Murasaki Tomo

Scenes 10-12 The New World

Deep in the jungle of the ancient world a leader of the new world appears and sings a song about the forthcoming wonderful world.

Leader of the New World: Suzukaze Mayo
Ancient Princess; Asano Kayo
Singers; Wako Risa, Kuze Seika

Scenes 13-15 The Light and Shadows of Time

A lady of beauty and mystery dances and sings with two young guys on a huge clock face.

Lady; Suzukaze Mayo
Young Guys; Kuze Seika, Amami Yuuki
Girl (dancer); Kazahana Mai

Scenes 16-20 Finale

1. Two debonair guys belt out a jazz tune that sets girls dancing.
2. A star of the jazz world is surrounded by gentlemen admirers as she sings.
3. Perfect love is shown in dance by a happy couple.
4. The entire troupe joins biding the audience farewell.

Other Information

  • Silver Wolf was serialized as a comic by Chiho Saitou in the 1999 Takarazuka Graphs, from January to June, along with 4 other productions. The five were collected in a comic book of the same title in 1999: (Flower Comics Special, ISBN:409133802X).
  • Silver Wolf was performed again as a national tour by Snow Troupe in 2005.


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