Romeo & Juliette (Snow 2011)


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Show Information
English Title: Romeo & Juliette
Japanese Title: ロミオとジュリエット
Romanized Title: Romeo to Juliette

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2011
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 01/01 - 01/31; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 02/17 - 03/20
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 01/18; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 03/03

Based On: Gérard Presgurvic's "Romeo & Juliette"
Adaption/Direction: Koike Shuuichirou
Composer: Gérard Presgurvic
Musical Director/Music Adaption: Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, KAZUMI-BOY, Sakuragi Ryousuke
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):
Shinjin Kouen Director: Noguchi Kousaku

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 03/18/11)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No


RoleCastShinko Cast
RomeoOtozuki Kei Ayakaze Sakina
JulietteMaihane Mimi / Yumeka Ami†¹ Manaka Ayu
Lord Capulet Itsuki Chihiro Asakaze Rei
Lord Montague Asuka Yuu Ouga Mitsuki
Lady Montague Asaki Yumemi Konohana Inori
Benvolio Misuzu Aki Karyou Shizuru
Father Laurence Souno Haruto Hokaze Narumi
Paris Ayana Oto Mana Haruto
Tybalt Ozuki Tooma Rinjou Kira
Mercutio Sagiri Seina Ayanagi Shou
Lady Capulet Haruka Midori Chikaze Karen
The Nurse Saou Kurama Toumi Sarasa
The Prince of Verona Oonagi Mao Touma Kazuki
Love Daigo Seshiru Kujou Asu
Death Ayakaze Sakina Kiraha Reo
PeterUtakaze Sui Ouka Reno
JohnOuga Mitsuki Oosumi Rei

†  See below for switched-role schedule.

Other Cast: Maisaki Rin, Kaho Anna, Suzuhana Risa, Sahana Mako, Yuuki Senju, Satsuki Aina, Hanaka Yurin, Suzuse Miuto, Renjou Makoto, Kaon Yuuki, Hinazuki Otoha, Shiranagi Suzu, Kise Mirano, Momohana Hina, Shouno Chio, Maisono Ruri, Hanabuki Noa, Asei Itsuki, Chise Hijiri, Suzuran Maaya, Amane Sara, Yuuto Iriya, Subaru Hanaka, Anno Konomi, Daiki Ryou, Meika Rara, Ai Sumire, Hanae Chiho, Tsukishiro Kanato, Ouji Kaoru, Hoshino Anri, Amatsuki Tsubasa, Shiramine Yuri, Kazushiro Runa, Hizakura Honori, Tachibana Kou, Aoi Miki, Himehana Yukino, Machi Yuuka, Karen Emiri, Ou Ibuki



(From the Takarazuka Revue home page.)

In the Italian city of Verona, the two distinguished families of the Montagues and the Capulets have since olden times been engaged in a feud that has been repeated throughout the generations. The current lords of Montague and Capulet maintain their hostilities toward each other, ignoring the remonstrations of their wives and the Prince of Verona. Their continued feud has embroiled even the young generation.

Within the Capulet family, a proposal has been made for the marriage of a daughter, Juliette, with Count Paris, Verona's wealthiest citizen. The Count has offered to take care of the debts the Capulet family has been running up. Tybalt, a nephew of Lord Capulet, has loved Juliette since childhood, and he is opposed to the proposal. However, Lord Capulet rebuffs his nephew, and he schemes to bring the pair together at a masquerade.

Benvolio and Mercutio, who are friends of Lord Montague's son Romeo, goad him to sneak into the ball. Once inside, Romeo encounters the girl of his destiny, with whom he is bound by an invisible thread. The girl is Juliette, who now is trying to evade the man her parents have chosen for her. These two anxious lovers are convinced in an instant by what has appeared right in front of their own eyes. However, Tybalt makes a commotion, saying that a member of the Montagues has sneaked into the ball, and Romeo makes a quick exit. Although Juliette is aware that the person she has fallen in love with is a Montague, she cannot suppress her thoughts about him. In the meantime, Romeo, filled with thoughts of Juliette, finds himself unable to leave the Capulet residence. The couple is reunited while Juliette is on her balcony, as she thinks wistfully of the lover whom God has delivered to her. The couple makes an oath of love that transcends their family background, and they vow to marry before the engagement between Juliette and Count Paris can be made formally.

Romeo visits Father Laurence the following morning to ask him to conduct the wedding ceremony between him and Juliette. The priest is surprised by the news of a Montague marrying a Capulet. Even so, he appreciates Romeo's firm determination and also that the marriage could well help resolve the hostilities between the two families. Father Laurence instructs Romeo to come to the chapel that afternoon with Juliette during confession hour.

Helping out is Juliette's nanny, who is moved by the depth of love the couple has for each other. That afternoon, Romeo and Juliette exchange vows of eternal love in the presence of Father Laurence. The couple may be infinitely happy now, but little do they know of the tragedy that will soon come their way.

Other Information

  • First performed in 2010 by Star Troupe at the Umeda Arts Theater and Hakataza Theater.
  • Final show for Hanaka Yurin, Ouka Reno, Kise Mirano, Chise Hijiri and Suzuran Maaya; Yuuki Senju retired on the first day of rehearsals.
  • ¹ Yumeka Ami was absent due to poor health from Feb. 24th - Mar. 11th. Maihane Mimi played Juliette in all performances until Yumeka recovered.
  • Due to the Tohoku earthquake and the following after-shocks, performances were canceled after the first act on the 11th and all day the 12th. The 17:30 performance on Thursday the 17th was also canceled for reasons of electricity conservation etc. The company offered refunds to those who purchased tickets.
  • The remaining performances, from Tuesday the 15th until the final performance on Sunday the 20th, will continue to run as "charity performances for the Tohoku earthquake". There will also be donation boxes in the lobby of the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater.

Switch-role schedule
Takarazuka Grand Theater
1/01Sat 13:00Maihane Mimi
1/02Sun11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/03Mon11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/04Tue11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/06Thu11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/07Fri 13:00Yumeka Ami
1/08Sat11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/09Sun11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/10Mon11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/11Tue 13:00Maihane Mimi
1/13Thu11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/14Fri 13:00Maihane Mimi
1/15Sat11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/16Sun11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/17Mon 13:00Yumeka Ami
1/18Tue11:00Yumeka Ami
1/20Thu11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/21Fri 13:00Yumeka Ami
1/22Sat11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/23Sun11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/24Mon 13:00Maihane Mimi
1/25Tue11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/27Thu11:00Yumeka Ami 15:00Maihane Mimi
1/28Fri 13:00Yumeka Ami
1/29Sat11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/30Sun11:00Maihane Mimi 15:00Yumeka Ami
1/31Mon 13:00Maihane Mimi
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
2/17Thu 16:00Maihane Mimi
2/18Fri 13:30Yumeka Ami
2/19Sat11:30Yumeka Ami 16:00Maihane Mimi
2/20Sun11:30Yumeka Ami 16:00Maihane Mimi
2/22Tue11:30Maihane Mimi 16:00Yumeka Ami
2/23Wed13:30Maihane Mimi 18:30Yumeka Ami
2/24Thu13:30Yumeka Ami¹ 18:30Maihane Mimi
2/25Fri 13:30Yumeka Ami¹
2/26Sat11:30Yumeka Ami¹ 16:00Maihane Mimi
2/27Sun11:30Maihane Mimi 16:00Yumeka Ami¹
3/01Tue13:30Yumeka Ami¹ 18:30Maihane Mimi
3/02Wed 13:30Yumeka Ami¹
3/03Thu13:30Maihane Mimi
3/04Fri 13:30Maihane Mimi
3/05Sat11:30Yumeka Ami¹ 16:00Maihane Mimi
3/06Sun11:30Maihane Mimi 16:00Yumeka Ami¹
3/08Tue11:30Yumeka Ami¹ 16:00Maihane Mimi
3/09Wed13:30Yumeka Ami¹ 18:30Maihane Mimi
3/10Thu13:30Maihane Mimi 18:30Yumeka Ami¹
3/11Fri 13:30Maihane Mimi*
3/12Sat11:30Maihane Mimi* 16:00Yumeka Ami*
3/13Sun11:30Yumeka Ami 16:00Maihane Mimi
3/15Tue13:30Maihane Mimi 18:30Yumeka Ami
3/16Wed 13:30Maihane Mimi
3/17Thu13:30Yumeka Ami 18:30Maihane Mimi *
3/18Fri 13:30Yumeka Ami
3/19Sat11:30Maihane Mimi 16:00Yumeka Ami
3/20Sun11:30Yumeka Ami 16:00Maihane Mimi

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