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Picture Credit: Personal Calendar 2018 / A Passage Through the Light bromide

Standard Profile Information

Name: Nozomi Fuuto
Kanji: 望海 風斗
Current Troupe: Snow
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Current Top Star (Retiring April 11th)

Nickname: Daimon, Fuuto, Nozo
Height: 169 cm
Birthday: Oct. 19th
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Yokohama, Kanagawa
Favorite Food: Anmitsu, Onigiri
Favorite Flower: Chinese Peony, Dahlia
Favorite Colors: Grey, Silver
Hobbies: DVDs, Watching movies
Collections: Perfume, t-shirts, silver accessories
Origin of Stage Name: From her favorite kanji
Favorite Role: Don Juan from Don Juan
Would Like to Try Playing: A cheerful, comedic role

Debut: 2003 (89th Class) Takarazuka Floral Diary
Troupe History:
2014 - Current Snow Troupe
2003 - 2014 Flower Troupe


2021: Fortississimo / Silk Road, Ludwig van Beethoven
2020: Once Upon a Time in America, Noodles
2019: Spreading Golden Wings / Music Revolution! (National Tour), Vittorio Alidoro
2019: When the Last Sword Is Drawn / Music Revolution!, Yoshimura Kanichirou
2019: On the Twentieth Century (Tokyuu Theater Orb), Oscar Jaffee
2018-19: Phantom, Erik (the Phantom)
2018: Arch of Triumph / Gato Bonito!!, Boris Morosow
2018: The Spirit of the Samurai / Super Voyager! (National Tour)
2017-18: A Passage Through the Light ~Maximilien Robespierre, the Revolutionary~ / Super Voyager!, Maximilien Robespierre
2017: In the Amber-Hued Rain / "D"ramatic S (National Tour), Duc Claude de Bernard (top star debut)
2017: The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic 'S'!, Takasugi Shinsaku
2017: One Night of Stars / Greatest Hits! (Chunichi), Genta
2016: Caleb Hunt, Private Eye / Greatest Hits!, Jim Creed
2016: Don Juan (KAAT / Drama City), Don Juan (lead role)
2016: The Wanderer Kenshin, Kanou Souzaburou
2015: Sorrowful Cordoba / La Esmeralda (National Tour), Ricardo Romero
2015: One Night of Stars / La Esmeralda, Genta
2015: Al Capone -The Hidden Truth of Scarface- (Drama City / Akasaka ACT), Al Capone (lead role)
2015: Lupin III / Fancy Guy!, Count Cagliostro
2014: Elisabeth, Luigi Lucheni
2014: The Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie Antoinette (Chunichi), André Grandier
2014: The Love of the Last Tycoon / Takarazuka Dazzling Dreams, Bronson Smith
2013: New Wave! -Flower- (Bow Hall) (lead role, shared with Serika Toa and Seto Kazuya)
2013: The Poem of Love and Revolution / Mr. Swing!, Marquis Francois de Pingeot
2013: Sengoku Basara (Tokyu Theater Orb), Sarutobi Sasuke
2013: Ocean's 11, Terry Benedict
2012: Victorian Jazz (Bow Hall), Nigel Cunningham (lead role)
2012: Saint-Exupéry / Conga!!, Horst Rippert
2012: At the End of a Long Spring / Canon ~Our Melody~ (National Tour), Brice
2012: Resurrection / Canon ~Our Melody~, Mikhaylov
2011: A Small Flower Has Bloomed / Love Potion II (National Tour), Dairoku
2011: Phantom, Richard
2011: Prelude of Love / Le Paradis!!, Garry Miller
2010: Code Hero (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Hal
2010: Sabrina / Exciter!!, Frank
2010: Gu Bijin, To Jou
2010: The Bund / Neon Shanghai (Bow Hall), Liu Wei Qiang
2009: Side Story: The Rose of Versailles -André- / Exciter!, Veil
2009: Fifty-Fifty (Bow Hall), Kirk
2009: Sorrowful Córdoba / Red Hot Sea II (National Tour), Paco
2009: The Legend, Hyong Moon
2008: Gin-chan's Love (Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Jimmy
2008: Love and Death in Arabia / Red Hot Sea, Yesim
2008: Pale Kiss (Bow Hall), Professor Hellsing, Dave
2007: Adieu Marseille / Love Symphony, Gerard (as a boy)
2007: Hello! Dancing (Bow Hall)
2007: The Black Lizard/Tuxedo Jazz, Mitsumura
2006: Mind Traveller (Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Eddie
2006: Phantom, Phantom's Follower
2006: Scout (Bow Hall), Griffin
2006: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds!
2005: Ernest in Love (Nissay Theatre)
2005: Marrakech / Enter the Revue, Henri
2005: Kurawanka (Bow Hall), Bimbogami, Tokubei
2004: La Esperanza / Takarazuka Dancing Dreams
2004: Naked City (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan)
2004: Endless Flight / Season of Angels / Applause Takarazuka!, Ambassador
2003: A Flute Named Wind / A Revue is Born (Tokyo)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2009: Side Story: The Rose of Versailles -André-, André Grandier (lead role)
2009: The Legend, Damdeok / Hwanwoong (lead role)
2008: Love and Death in Arabia, Ibrahim
2007: Adieu Marseilles, Simon Bellard
2007: The Black Lizard, Terasaka
2006: Phantom, Sergio, Young Carrière
2006: Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun, Ricardo
2005: Marrakech, Clifford O'Brien
2004: La Esperanza, Tom
2004: Season of Angels, Georges
2003: A Flute Named Wind (Tokyo)
2003: Senor Don Juan (Grand Theater)

Concerts / Dinner Shows

2020: Nozomi Fuuto Mega Live Tour "Now! Zoom Me!!" (Concert)
2016: Yoshio Inoue Sings Disney ~ Dream Goes On! Special Guest (Osaka)
2012: The Beauty (Aine Harei Dinner Show)
2011: For You (Matobu Sei Dinner Show)
2010: Ever green -Like a Spring Breeze- (Sakurano Ayane Music Salon)
2006: Flower Troupe Encourage Concert
2006: Sensation! (Ranju Tomu Dinner Show)
2005: Paris Festival 2005

Special Performances

2019: Takarazuka Special 2019 - Beautiful Harmony
2018: Takarazuka Special 2018 - Say! Hey! Show Up!!
2017: Takarazuka Special 2017 - Je t'aime Revue -90th Anniversary of Mon Paris-
2017: 54th Takarazuka Buyoukai
2015: Takarazuka Special 2015 - New Century, Next Dream
2014: Takarazuka Special 2014 -Thank you for 100 years-
2012: Takarazuka Special 2012 - The Stars ~Pre- Pre- Centennial~
2011: Takarazuka Special 2011 - Dreams Built on Tomorrow
2010: Takarazuka Special 2010 - Forever Takarazuka
2009: Takarazuka Special 2009 - Way to Glory
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2005: TCA Special 2005 - Beautiful Melody, Beautiful Romance, Chorus
2003: TCA Special 2003 - Dear Grand Theater


  • Graduated 2nd in her class.
  • She is probably the one Takarasienne in the company’s history who had the most Phantom experiences. She appeared in three versions of Maury Yeston's Phantom. Shinjin Kouen Young Carrière and Phantom’s Follower (Flower 2006), Richard ( Flower 2011) and in the title role as the Top Star of Snow Troupe in 2018-2019.
  • Member of the 5th group of Sky Fairies.
  • Featured in New Generation.

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