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Picture Credit: Carly | February 2024 GRAPH / Frozen Holiday stage photo

Standard Profile Information

Name: Kazuki Sora
Kanji: 和希 そら
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Sora, Sou-chan
Height: 168 cm
Birthday: October 5th
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
Favorite Food: ice cream
Favorite Flower: casablanca lily
Favorite Colors: silver, black, navy blue
Hobbies: going for drives
Collections: fluffy things
Special Talent: putting in eye drops
Origin of Stage Name: received one character from a teacher she respects, and thought of it with her family
Favorite Role: Luigi Lucheni from the Elisabeth shinjin kouen, Anita from West Side Story
Would Like to Try Playing: a person who has embraced darkness

Debut: 2010 (96th Class) The Scarlet Pimpernel
Troupe History:
2021 - 2024 Snow Troupe
2010 - 2021 Cosmos Troupe


2023-24: Boiled Doyle on the Toil Trail / Frozen Holiday, Herbert Greenhough Smith
2023: Hyperbolic Chart (Snow - Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Fernando de Rossi (lead role)
2023: A Dream in Lilac / Jewel de Paris!!, Georg
2023: Bonnie & Clyde (Misonoza), Buck Barrow
2022: The Pleiades in the Blue, Shungui
2022: Lovers' Suicide: Love in Yamatoji, Kameya Chuubei (lead role)
2022: Yumesuke's Dream - Senryo Souvenir / Sensational!, Santa
2021: Promises, Promises (Drama City / Toshima Arts), J.D. Sheldrake
2021: Sherlock Holmes / Délicieux!, Inspector G. Lestrade
2021: Dream Plover (Bow Hall), Shirasawa Yuujirou / Takehisa Yumeji (lead role)
2020-21: Anastasia, Countess Lily
2020: The Magnificent Emperor (Nippon Seinenkan / Drama City), Ibrahim
2019-20: El Japón / Aqua Vitae!!, Tōkurō
2019: Memories of Barcelona / Nice Guy!! (National Tour), Feijo
2019: Ocean's 11, Linus Caldwell
2019: Dark Brown Eyes / Viva! Festa! in Hakata (Hakataza), Trio (Love)
2018: Castle of the White Heron / Outsiders in the Renaissance, Credi
2018: Hustle Mates! (Bow Hall) (lead role)
2018: The Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River / Citrus Breeze -Sunrise-, Kash
2018: West Side Story (Tokyo International Forum), Anita (female role)
2017: Land of the Gods / Classical Bijoux, Maxim
2017: Chateau de la Reine / Viva! Festa!, Pierre
2016: The Eagle with Two Heads (Bow Hall / KAAT), Storyteller
2016: Elisabeth, Black Angel
2016: Vampire Succession (Drama City / KAAT), Randy
2016: Shakespeare / Hot Eyes!!, John Heming
2015: Mélancolique Gigolo / Citrus Breeze III (National Tour), Bart
2015: A Song for Kingdoms, Messenger 3
2015: Top Hat (Umeda Arts), Manager Simpson, Jean, Fisherman
2014-15: Oath of the Midnight Sun / Phoenix Takarazuka!!, Lexel
2014: The Rose of Versailles -Fersen and Marie Antoinette- (National Tour), Louis Charles, Child Nobleman, Royal Guardsman
2014: The Rose of Versailles: Oscar, Noble Boy, Lanross
2014: Robert Capa / Citrus Breeze II (Chunichi), Cornell Capa
2013: Gone with the Wind, Young Man
2013: Mayerling / Amour de 99!! (National Tour), Criess
2013: The Count of Monte Cristo / Amour de 99!!
2013: Legend of the Galactic Heroes @ Takarazuka (Hakataza), Arthur Lynch
2012: Legend of the Galactic Heroes @ Takarazuka
2012: Brilliant Days
2012: Romanesque Mask / Apasionado!!II (Chunichi), Jean
2011: Classico Italiano / Nice Guy!!, Young Man Selling Flowers
2011: A Beautiful Life / Luna Rossa, Soldier in Shibata's Army, Soldier in the Eastern Army / Luna Rockette
2010-11: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Spanish Man, Fascist Soldier, Young Man, Rockette
2010: The Scarlet Pimpernel (Moon - Grand Theater), Servant / Rockette

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2016: Elisabeth, Luigi Lucheni (HY: Aizuki Hikaru)
2016: Shakespeare, Richard Burbage (HY: Saou Kurama)
2015: A Song for Kingdoms, Kheper (HY: Aizuki Hikaru)
2014-15: Oath of the Midnight Sun, Jacob Johan Anckarström (HY: Ozuki Tooma)
2014: The Rose of Versailles: Oscar, Oscar (HY: Ouki Kaname) (lead role)
2013: Gone with the Wind, Rene (HY: Nanami Hiroki / Yuumi Hiro)
2013: The Count of Monte Cristo, Luigi Vampa, (HY: Nanami Hiroki)
2012: Legend of the Galactic Heroes @ Takarazuka, Ansbach (HY: Nagina Ruumi)
2012: Brilliant Days, Ronaldo (as a boy) (HY: Hoshibuki Ayato)
2011: Classico Italiano, Matthew Osmond (HY: Sorahane Riku)
2011: A Beautiful Life, Mashita Nagamori (HY: Sorahane Riku)
2010-11: For Whom the Bell Tolls
2010: The Scarlet Pimpernel (Moon - Grand Theater)

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

2023: Vie. (Dinner Show)
2022: La Lumière ~Like the Dawn Moon~ (Asazuki Kiwa Music Salon)
2019: Takarazuka Special 2019 - Beautiful Harmony
2017: Takarazuka Special 2017 Je t'aime Revue -90th Anniversary of Mon Paris-
2017: Last Eyes!! (Asaka Manato Dinner Show)
2017: A Motion (Asaka Manato Concert)
2017: Million Carat!! (Misaki Rion Music Salon)
2016: Takarazuka Special 2016 ~Music Succession to Next~
2016: Bow Singing Workshop -Cosmos-
2013: Heroe (Yuumi Hiro Dinner Show)
2012: Paris Festival 2012

After Takarazuka

Theatre / Musicals

2024: 9 to 5 Judy (with Asumi Rio)


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  • Featured in New Generation III.
  • Featured in Rising Star Guide 2017.
  • Wrote the 2017 monthly Graph column about her classmates (the 96th class), entitled "Sora Kazuki's Numerous Records" (そらかずきのかずかずの記録). The pun is in the word "numerous", which is pronounced kazukazu.

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