Submissions - Takarazuka Actresses

If you would like to submit an actress to the Wiki, please follow the rules below. Failure to follow the rules could result in your submission being deleted by an editor.

1. Make sure the actress you want to list is not already listed. All actresses' profile pages are listed Japanese-style, with their family name first. (i.e. - "Asami Hikaru", not "Hikaru Asami.")

2. Please add the actress to both the appropriate "surname" page and the "first name" page. See Adding An Entry - Walkthrough. Because all profile pages are named "Surname FirstName", you can use the parenthesis method when adding a link to the surname page, but you MUST use the bracket method when adding her to the "first name" page, because putting parentheses around "FirstName Surname" will link to a page that does not exist. Do not create a "FirstName Surname" page. Use the brackets. See Making a Wiki Link for more details on this.

We have provided a hirigana chart to help in determining what an actress' first and last name are; often the actress' first name is spelled in hirigana.

3. Use the Actress Profile Template when creating her profile page. See Using Templates for more information.

4. If you wish to upload a picture, please make sure it follows the Adding Images guidelines. There should be no more than two pictures on any profile page; one out-of-costume picture and one in-costume picture. These should be solo pictures, or very closely cropped so that the Takarasienne is the only one in view.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: The Takarazuka Revue discourages the posting of its images on fan sites. However, Japanese copyright law indicates that images of items from a personal collection are allowed to be shared on the internet. Therefore, ANY IMAGES POSTED HERE MUST BE SCANNED FROM YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION.

If we are contacted by any copyright-holders to the images in question, they will be removed from this site.

5. Do not post your personal opinion of the actress in her profile. You may, of course, post whatever opinions you'd like to offer in comments on the profile, but it should not be posted as part of the profile itself because we want to separate facts from opinions and gossip. The "other" section of the profile is for you to write whatever other facts you have discovered, be it that she's married now and has a personal website or whatever. We encourage you to use this section of the profile to give us whatever interesting tidbits you can about her life, personality, hobbies, etc.

The Editors retain the discretion to modify your entry, correct any mistakes, delete or change images, or remove public access to uploading any new images to the profile.

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