Mayuzuki Kou



Picture Credit: Zaraphena | Sabrina/Exciter!! Program

Standard Profile Information

Name: Mayuzuki Kou
Kanji: 眉月 凰
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Tomoyo
Real Name: 石丸智代 (Ishimaru Tomoyo)
Height: 168 cm
Birthday: September 4th
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Okayama
Favorite Food: Sphagetti, white peach
Favorite Flower: Kocho orchid, Casablanca
Favorite Colors: Blue, white
Hobbies: Driving, going to theater
Collections: Shiny things, DVD
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: Associated with her birth month
Favorite Role: Duke Friedrich from Ephemeral Love National Tour
Would Like to Try Playing: Traditional Japanese roles, costume roles

Debut: 1992 (78th Class) This Boundless Love
Troupe History:
1997/10 – 2011/04 Flower Troupe
1996/03 – 1997/10 Star Troupe
1993/01 – 1996/03 Snow Troupe


2011: Prelude of Love / Le Paradis!!, Giles Simpson
2010: Mélancolique Gigolo / Love Symphony (National Tour), Bart
2010: Sabrina / Exciter!!, Baron St. Fontanel
2010: Gu Bijin, Kai Ou
2010: Partners (Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Miura Shinsuke
2009: Side Story: The Rose of Versailles -André- / Exciter!, Adjutant Hebert
2009: Fifty-Fifty (Bow Hall), Mr. Coleman
2009: Sorrowful Córdoba / Red Hot Sea II (National Tour), Count Sebastian
2009: The Legend, Soono Clan Chief
2008: Gin-chan's Love (Drama City/Nippon Seinenkan), The Managing Director
2008: Love and Death in Arabia / Red Hot Sea, Aziz
2008: Mélancolique Gigolo / Love Symphony II (Chunichi), Bart
2007: Adieu Marseille / Love Symphony, Guillaume
2007: The Tale of Genji - Lived in a Dream II (Umeda Arts), Minister of the Left / Reizei Emperor
2007: Akechi Kogorou's Incident Report -The Black Lizard- / Tuxedo Jazz, Kaguya
2006: Mayerling / Enter the Revue (National Tour), Duke Friedrich
2006: Phantom, Mauclerc
2005-06:Palermo Shines in the Setting Sun / Asian Winds!, Enrico
2005: Marrakech: A Crimson Tombstone / Enter the Revue, Alexander
2004: La Esperanza / Takarazuka's Dancing Dreams, Enrique
2004: Javanese Dancer (National Tour), Quatro
2004: Endless Flight / Season of Angels / Applause Takarazuka!, Nobitende
2003: In the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail (National Tour), Albert
2003: A Flute Named Wind / A Revue Is Born, Oono Shuuri
2002-03: Elisabeth: The Rondo of Love and Death, Hubner
2002: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Cocktail (Hakataza), Saeki no Murajikomaro
2002: In the Amber-Hued Rain / Cocktail, Poiret
2001: Michelangelo / Viva!, Cardinal Caraffa
2000-01: Ludwig II / Asian Sunrise, Attendant Mile
2000: Lived in a Dream / The Beauties!
2000: Tango Argentino / The Revue IV (Chunichi), Marchello
1999: Tango Argentino / The Revue '99, Bill
1999: Romeo and Juliet '99 (Bow Hall), Paris
1999: Japan Overture, Koyama Kurayoshi
1998: Spring Again / Southern Cross Revue (National Tour)
1998: Véronique (Bow), Felicien
1998: Speakeasy / Sniper, Patrick
1998: That's Revue (Chunichi), Kanazawa
1997: That's Revue (Tokyo), Kanazawa
1997: Vanished With the Musashino Dew (Bow Hall), Itou Magonosuke
1997: The Spirit of the Samurai / Fascination II, Shimada Kai
1996-97: Elisabeth (Star), Black Angel, Madeline
1996: Who is Bad? / Passion Blue
1996: The Story of a Sword, Love, and a Rainbow / Jubilation! (National Tour)
1996: Elisabeth (Grand Theater), Black Angel
1995: Goodbye Merry-Go-Round (Drama City), Michel
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Ma Belle Etoile, Ootomo no Miko
1995: Goodbye Merry-Go-Round (Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan)
1994-95: An Actor's Revenge / Sagittarius
1994: A Battlefield for the Two of Us (Bow Hall)
1994: Gone with the Wind
1993-94: Seal of the Bourbons / La Cote d'Azur
1993: Heaven and Hell / Take Off
1992: Random Harvest / Fancy Touch (Takarazuka)
1992: Dance Festival / Spartacus

Shinjin Koen Roles

1998: Speakeasy, Larry Rockit
1997: That's Revue, Denroku (Tokyo)
1997: The Spirit of the Samurai, Katsu Kaishuu
1996-97: Elisabeth (Star), Rudolph
1996: Who Is Bad?, Moltines
1996: Elisabeth (Grand Theater), Elemer Batthyány
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino, Midori
1995: JFK,Theodore Sorensen
1994-95: An Actor's Revenge, Jintarou
1994: Gone with the Wind
1993-94: Seal of the Bourbons, Michel
1993: Heaven and Hell

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Special Performances

2011: Eighteenth ISOLABELLA Salon Concert
2007: Etude (Haruno Sumire Dinner Show)
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2004: The Rose of Versailles 30
2001: Flower Troupe Encourage Concert
2000: TCA Special 2000 - King of Revue
1999: '99 TCA Special - Hello! Wonderful Time
1999: Third Takarazuka Kyougen Club
1998: '98 TCA Special - Takarasienne!
1998: Miki in Budokan

After Takarazuka

01.12-18.12.2011 - 前川清・秋元順子特別公演『ザ・ナイスガイ』『ザ・ファンタスティック・トゥ』
24.12.2011 - lunch and dinner show STAY GOLD in Riiga Hotel, Tokyo


  • Graduated at the top of the 78th class.
  • One of four Takarasiennes (Ayabuki Mao, Mayuzuki Kou, Mimi Anri, and Sena Jun) to be in three productions of Elisabeth, and the first one to do so when she participated Flower production in 2003.

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