Sumi Hanayo


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Picture Credit: Princess Kuroaza and the Charcoal Maker / Let Me Die in Your Arms program (1960)

Standard Profile Information

Name: Sumi Hanayo
Kanji: 寿美 花代
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired Top Star

Nickname: Matsu-chan, Ma-chan
Real Name: 高嶋節子 (Nakashima Setsuko) (Her maiden name was Matsudaira 松平)
Height: 162cm
Birthday: February 6, 1932
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Nishinomiya, Hyougo
Favorite Food: fruit
Favorite Flower: Chinese bellflower
Favorite Colors: light blue, dark brown, white
Hobbies: listening to music, going to the theater
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1948 (35th Class) Spring Dance
Troupe History:
1962 - 1963 Senka (Vocal)
YEAR - 1962 Star Troupe
YEAR - YEAR Moon Troupe


1963: Spring Evening Dream / Glorious Takarasiennes (Flower / Star)
1962: Made in Japan (Star)
1961: Takarazuka Music of Many Flowers / Splendor of a Thousand Beats
1961: Black Sun / The Sword Master and the Bota Mochi
1961: A Tale of Three Loves / Let's Go to Forte
1960: The Wife Who Was About to Cry / The Rokumeikan Incident / Open the Window
1960: Yamabuki / Splendor of a Thousand Beats (Tokyo), Pineapple Queen
1960: Mountain Man / Splendor of a Thousand Beats, Pineapple Queen
1960: Spring Dance / Viva Pinocchio, Pinocchio
1960: Princess Kuroaza and the Charcoal Maker / Let Me Die In Your Arms, Kogoro / Galoi
1959: North American Tour
1959: Princess Kuroaza and the Charcoal Maker / Chanson D'Amour, Kogoro
1959: Picture Scrolls of Japanese Beauties / Music Album
1958: Empress Koumyou / Three Waltzes, Princess Asukabe / Octave, Gerald
1958: Three Waltzes (Flower)
1958: White Globeflower / Flower Feast, Hanawaka
1957: Young People -A Sequel to High School Kids- / Autumn Dance
1957: The Red and the Black (Flower)
1957: Summer and Festival / Hawaii Chorus / Blue Straw Hat
1956: My Angela / The Eel Boat / Draw Your Sword
1956: Rosa Flamenca (Spanish Passion) (Moon)
1956: The Lion Dance / Little Women, Laurie
1955: Malta / The Battles of Coxinga
1955: The Tale of Soga / The Lovers of Milano
1955: Yu the Beautiful, Han Xin
1954: The Japan We Love / Hurrah for All Human Beings (Snow - Imperial Theater), Hans / Shami / Upton
1953: Annie Laurie (Moon), Henry
1953: The Dropped Gift / New York Fantasia (Imperial Theater)
1953: A Woman's Life (Nagoya), Gimpei
1952: Jewels and Robber, Carat
1952: Sarutobi Sasuke (Snow) (First Role as Star)
1952: Javanese Dancer (Snow - Nagoya), Osman
1951: The Honeybee's Adventure (Moon) (First Lead Role)
1951: Yu the Beautiful (Moon), Han Xin
1951: Yu the Beautiful (Star), Wang Ling
1951: Yakko Doujouji / Arabian Night (Moon - Nagoya), Hanashiten

Concerts / Dinner Shows

YEAR: Name of Show


  • Her younger sister also entered Takarazuka, using the stage name Chichibu Mihoko (later changing her name to Matsudaira Miho).
  • Sumi's niece (Matsudaira Miho's daughter) later entered under the name Matsudaira Rubi (74th class).
  • She made quite a sensation in 1960 when, after working solely as an otokoyaku up to that point, she appeared in net tights as the "Pineapple Queen" in "Splendor of a Thousand Beats."
  • Sumi was well known for being friendly and talking freely with her fans, which made her even more popular.
  • She appeared in several movies for Takarazuka in the 1950's, including "Tenkataihei", "Cheers, Jazz Girls" (Jazz Musume Kampai), "Madam Butterfly" (Chouchoufujin) & "Girl's School" (Onna no Gakkou).
  • In 1963, Sumi retired in order to marry Takashima Tadao (A television and movie actor). They were long seen as a happy couple, but recently it's become known that Takashima suffers from depression. The pair have three sons: Michiyo, born in 1964, Masahiro, born in 1965, and Masanobu, born in 1966. Both Masahiro and Masanobu grew up to become actors like their parents.
  • After leaving Takarazuka, Sumi signed with Toho Entertainment. She continues to work today, making regular appearances in television and at special events. Profile at Toho Entertainment