Kiyokawa Hayami



Picture Credit: Gone With the Wind program

Standard Profile Information

Name: Kiyokawa Hayami
Kanji: 清川 はやみ
Current Troupe:
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Emi-chan
Height: 158 cm
Birthday: Feb. 23rd
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kyoto
Favorite Food: noodles, chocolate
Favorite Flower: Any of them
Favorite Colors: green, red, orange shades
Hobbies: watching movies, traveling
Collections: Kyodo dolls
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role: All of them, but recently (1979) she had enjoyed playing Juliet's nurse from Romeo and Juliet.
Would Like to Try Playing:

Class: 1935 (25th Class)
Debut: (1936) La Romance
Troupe History:
1960 - 1981 Acting Senka
1958 - 1960 Moon Troupe
YEAR - 1958 Acting Senka
1950 - YEAR Snow Troupe
YEAR - 1950 Moon Troupe


1981: Love Exclusive (Flower - Bow Hall), Mr. Campbell
1981: Love Exclusive (Snow - Bow Hall), Mr. Campbell
1980: Rainbow Bridge (Star - Bow Hall), King
1980: Little Women (Snow - Bow Hall), Mr. Laurence
1980: Draw Your Sword (Flower - Bow Hall)
1979: Romeo and Juliet (Moon - Bow), Juliet's Nurse
1978-79: The Distant Danube / Echoes (Flower), Werner
1978: Prince Hayabusawake's Rebellion / Love Message (Moon), Manu
1978: Marius (Moon - Bow), Cesar
1978: Gone With the Wind (Snow), Dr. Meade
1977: Gone With the Wind (Star), Dr. Meade
1976: Spark & Spark / Puss In Boots (Moon), The Great King Honor
1976: Poem of the White Heron / Monsieur Papillon (Snow), Don Inigo
1975: Fairies in the Attic / My High Swing (Star)
1975: Lovers Who Dream / Bon Balance (Flower)
1974: Purely, Righteously, Beautifully / Yu the Beautiful (Star/Flower), Yin Tung
1973: Chinese Milk Vetch (Snow), Lumber Dealer
1972: Town of Shooting Stars / June Bride (Snow), Gan-san
1971: The Little Mermaid (Moon), Grandmother
1970: Even Those Bright in Color / Love Parade (Snow), Lady Ritzberg
1969: Love Parade (Snow), Lady Ritzberg
1968: Princess Sen / 7 -Seven- (Star), Sakazaki Naomori
1968: Redhead from Amagasaki / Over the Rainbow (Star), Mrs. Harukawa
1967: White Heron / Beneath the Brilliant Stars (Flower), Milk Nurse
1965: Yohi and Baihi / The Blue Suitcase (Snow), Ei-yan
1962: The Emperor and the Witch, Chen Fulin
1961: A Tale of a Castle Tower / Les Saltimbanques, Baron Rigoband
1959: North American Tour
1958: Broadway Cinderella / Children Among the Flowers, Emily / Witch
1957: One Wonderful Sunday / The Tale of Genji, Minister of the Left
1957: Rainbow Takarazuka / Indian Love Call, Helman
1956: Snow and Roses / The Tower of Otena, Gonji
1955: Kismet (Flower), Merchant
1955: Yu the Beautiful (Star), Wan Lin
1954: Momotaro (Imperial Theater), Sankichi
1953: The Chronicle of Momotarou (Moon - Nagoya), Racoon Miyoshi
1953: The Chronicle of Momotarou (Flower)
1953: The Chronicle of Momotarou (Moon)
1953: A Woman's Life (Star - Imperial/Nagoya), Okane
1952: Turandot (Moon), Schirina
1951: Ukare Jizo / Under the Southern Cross (Snow), Kohama / Gonzales
1951: Yu the Beautiful (Star), Qian Lin
1951: Four Fantasias / Elegy of a White Flower (Snow - Nagoya), Ambassador Lindstone
1950: Boogie-Woogie Hotel / In Your Heart Again (Nagoya), Pat / The Count
1949: Xiang Fei / Aloha 'Oe (Nagoya), Rosalie
1947: Puppet Ship / The Tale of Ali Baba, Venerable Old Man / Casim Baba
1947: Red Flower of Tahiti / A Midsummer Night's Dream, Jotefa
1938: Unforgettable Song / Cherry Blossom Girl / From Manchuria to Northern China (Star - Tokyo)
1937: Manhattan Rhythm (Star - Tokyo)

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

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