Morio Kazumi



Picture Credit: "The Rose of Versailles" Book 1989 (Kavo)

Standard Profile Information

Name: Morio Kazumi
Kanji: 森央かずみ
Current Troupe: Retired
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Kazumi
Height: 160 cm
Birthday: December 15
Blood Type:
Hometown: Osaka
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors:
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1987 (73rd Class) Takarazuka Dance Eulogy
Troupe History:
1987 - 2004 Snow Troupe


2004: Susano-o / Takarazuka Glory!, Sadoga-hime
2004: The Letter that was Never Sent (Bow Hall), Sofia
2003: Romance de Paris / Les Collages, Elise
2003: In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring / Joyful!! (national tour), Kita-no-Kata
2003: In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring / Joyful!!, Moegi
2002: Hopscotch (Bow Hall), Carrie Mason
2002: Memories of Barcelona / On the Fifth, Esmeralda
2002: Complete Devotion (Drama City), O-ran
2001-02: Flaming Love / Rose Garden, Xiang Fei
2001: Anna Karenina (Bow Hall), Darya Alexandrovna (Dolly)
2001: In Search of El Dorado / Passage, Maid
2000: Department Store / Arch of Triumph, Lucienne
2000: The Man Called Bacchus / Splendor of a Thousand Beats (National Tour), Marquis Flovel's Wife
1999-00: The Man Called Bacchus / Splendor of a Thousand Beats '99, Margot
1999: Say it Again (Bow Hall), Charlotte
1999: Meet Again / Nova Bossa Nova, Madam X (understudy)
1998-99: Lovers' Suicide (Bow Hall)
1998: Icarus (Bow Hall)
1998: Frozen Tomorrow: Bonnie & Clyde (Bow Hall), Mary
1998: House Amidst the Thickets / Ravir
1997-98: Shun'ou Fu / Let's Jazz, Hinagiku
1997: Ghost at Midnight / Les Cherubim, Julia
1997: Romanesque Mask / Golden Days, Emilie
1997: Natasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse! (Chunichi)
1996-97: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan)
1996: Natasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse!, Yvette
1996: Elisabeth, Tutor, Court Lady, Prostitue
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Ma Belle Etoile
1995: JFK / 1001 Baroque Nights, Campaigner Woman, Secretary, Reporter
1994-95: An Actor's Revenge / Sagittarius
1994: Blown by the Wind (Bow)
1994: Gone With the Wind, Honey
1994: Light & Shadow (Drama City)
1993-94: Seal of the Bourbons / La Cote d'Azur
1993: Heaven and Hell / Take Off, Company Woman, Gigi
1992-93: Valentino (Bow Hall)
1992-93: Chuushingura, Sumi, Geisha
1992: This Boundless Love
1992: Myth of the Lovers (Bow Hall), Higashida Hikaru
1991-92: The Great Gatsby / Lovers' Concerto
1991: Spotlight Magic (Bow Hall)
1991: Kagenshou / Saburomaru and His Comrades / Sweet Typhoon
1991: Illumination Black (Nippon Seinenkan)
1990: Dusk-Colored Half Moon / Paradise Tropicana
1990: In Spring Under the Blossoming Trees (Bow Hall)
1990: The Castle Tower Enveloped in the Smell of Flowers / Bright Delight Time
1989: Rose of Versailles -Andre and Oscar-, Rose Woman B, Noble, Townswoman, Rockette
1989: Illumination Black (Bow Hall)
1989: Monsieur du Paris / La Passion!
1988-89: Book of Lingering Memories (Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan)
1988: Chronicles of Tamayura / Dynamo!, Rockette
1988: Gone with the Wind
1987: Pear Blossoms - Dancing in the Palace / The Revuescope, Kage Chorus, Rockette
1987: Takarazuka Dance Eulogy / The Red Rose of Samarkand (Tokyo)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1993-94: Seal of the Bourbons, Henriette
1993: Heaven and Hell, Margaret
1992-93: Chuushingura, Oyuki
1992: This Boundless Love
1991: The Great Gatsby
1991: Sweet Typhoon
1989: Rose of Versailles -Andre and Oscar-
1989: Monsieur du Paris
1988: Chronicles of Tamayura
1988: Gone with the Wind
1987: Pear Blossoms - Dancing in the Palace
1987: The Red Rose of Samarkand (Tokyo)

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

1999: Revue Special '99
1995: Noche de Amor (Kouju Tatsuki Dinner Show)
1994: Paris Festival 1994


None yet.

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