Minami Yuuko


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Picture Credit: Zephy | Seagulls, Over the Waves / The Prelude to Adolescence Program | 1951 Otome

Standard Profile Information

Name: Minami Yuuko
Kanji: 南 悠子
Current Troupe: Retired (passed away in 2013)
Role: Otokoyaku & Musumeyaku
Status: Retired Star

Nickname: Yuuko-san
Real Name: Ueno Yuuko (上野 悠子)
Height: 162 cm
Birthday: October 1, 1923
Blood Type:
Hometown: Tokyo
Favorite Food: so far everything
Favorite Flower: cattlea
Favorite Colors: blue
Collections: wine bottles
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: from a poem
Favorite Role: a beauty and a mountain robber from Takarazuka Odori Emaki, city woman from Yonosuke and Seven Women
Would Like to Try Playing: would like to try all roles

Debut: 1941 (29th Class) Masatsura's Departure for the Front Lines / The Song of Great Yamato
Troupe History:
1952 - 1971 Senka (Japanese Dance)
1950 - 1952 Star Troupe
1942 - 1949 Moon Troupe
1941 - 1942 Flower Troupe (Acting)


1970: Seagulls! Crossing the Rough Sea (Moon), Narada
1970: Fireman's Battle Song (Moon), Kinu (musumeyaku lead)
1970: Book of Sakura (Flower)
1969: Fireman's Battle Song (Moon), Kinu (musumeyaku lead)
1968: Red Flowers Fall in Menam / Hollywood Musical (Flower), Oichi
1963: Spring Evening Dream (Flower / Star)
1961: A Tale of a Castle Tower / Les Saltimbanques (Moon), Tomihime
1961: Misty Genji (Star)
1959: The Cat, the Young Priest, and the Doll / Let Me Die In Your Arms (Flower)
1959: Yodogimi (Star), Yodogimi
1959: Kappa of Love (Moon), Yuuzuki-hime
1959: Kappa of Love (Flower), Yuuzuki-hime
1959: Picture Scrolls of Japanese Beauties (Star)
1958: White Globeflower (Star)
1958: Yodogimi (Flower), Yodogimi
1958: Congratulatory Picture Scrolls of the New Year (Moon)
1957: Boating Woman / Manhattan Tale (Moon)
1957: Takarazuka Dance Scrolls (Flower)
1956: Benkei in a Boat (Flower)
1956: Hawaii Sakura Festival (2nd Hawaiian Tour), Daimyo / Ishi Umanosuke
1955: The Tale of Soga (Star)
1955: Yu the Beautiful (Star), Yu Ji (musumeyaku lead)
1955: Kismet (Flower), Jiyamira
1955: Japanese Festivals and Folk Songs / Spider / Foster’s Tale (Snow)
1955: The Snow Tale / Yellow Muffler (Moon)
1954: Spring Dance 1954 (Moon - Imperial Theater)
1954: Prince Igor / Okawabata / Vienna in the Dusk
1954: The Subscription List / Prosperity to the People
1953: Benkei in a Boat / Coppelia / The Land of Roses
1953: The Dropped Gift / New York Fantasia (Star - Imperial Theater), Daimyo
1953: Spring Dance (Flowery Takarazuka)
1952: A Lyrical Journey to the First Breath of Spring / Maytime (Nagoya), Shizuka Gozen / Willie
1952: The Lion Dance / Maytime
1952: Hawaiian Aunt / The Tale of Genji
1951: Yu the Beautiful (Flower), Yu Ji (musumeyaku lead)
1951: Yu the Beautiful (Star), Yu Ji (musumeyaku lead)
1951: Olden Tales: The Sparrow with the Slit Tongue / Spring Dance
1950: Love is Strictly Forbidden / Yama Rosa, Bernard
1950: Montecarlo Wedding / Romeo and Juliet (Nagoya), Rene / Romeo
1950: Montecarlo Wedding / Liliom, Rene / Liliom
1950: Lelio, The Liar / Romeo and Juliet, Lelio / Romeo
1949: Marriage at Rio / Tokyo ・ New York, Frank
1949: Xiang Fei / Aloha 'Oe (Nagoya), Qianlong Emperor / Ruth
1949: The Dancing Girl of Alexandria / Spring Dance, Arvine
1948: Xiang Fei / Blue Heaven, Qianlong Emperor / Grace
1948: Moon of Chang'an / Tale of Venice (Tokyo), Gratiano
1948: Cheerful Town / Spring Dance: Folk Paintings
1948: Rowdiness / Tale of Venice
1947: Princess Sen, Senhime
1947: Red Flower of Tahiti / A Midsummer Night's Dream, Tefla / Demetrius
1947: The Man Who Had Luck / Spring Dance: Flowers of the World
1947: Puppet Ship / The Tale of Ali Baba, Shouden / Mapuba
1947: Manon Lescaut / The Tale of Ali Baba, Fabien des Grieux
1946: Puppet Ship / Bolero / The Little Mermaid, Kodono / Bolero Man 2
1946: The Taima Mandala / A Lyrical Journey to the First Breath of Spring / Sentimental Journey
1944: Song of the Soldiers of Kyushu / Spy Extermination / Tied to a Stick / Vow to Take the Victory
1943: The Duck’s Success / Carrying a Letter / The New Princess Kaguya
1943: Love Chorus / Kagamijishi / Flag Fleet
1942: First North-Eastern China Tour
1942: Naval Flag / Ceremony to Release the Turtles / Song of Parting / The Maiden at Dojo Temple / A Song Which Crosses Oceans
1941: Japan of the Sea / Masatsura’s Departure for the Front Lines / The Spring Breeze Which Blows in the Evening / The Song of Great Yamato

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  • She was a member of Japanese Dance Senka.
  • She starred in a number of Takarazuka film productions, and in 1965 made a guest appearance in Toho Kabuki with Kamiyo Nishiki and Azusa Mayumi.
  • Passed away on March 2nd, 2013. She was 89 years old.