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Picture Credit: Soragumi Hong Kong Dream Stage | The Rose of Versailles (2001)

Standard Profile Information

Name: Sono Mikage
Kanji: 苑 みかげ
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Zuukawa, Riidaa (Leader)
Height: 173cm
Birthday: June 7
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kishiwada, Osaka Prefecture
Favorite Food: curry, watermelon
Favorite Flower: rose
Favorite Colors: orange
Hobbies: film appreciation, crafts
Collections: Boarder T-shirts
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role: Claude from Crossroad, Kashim from the Black Rose of the Desert shinjin kouen, the German ambassador Count Roiss from the Utakata no Koi national tour
Would Like to Try Playing: Nagai Izuminokami Shigeaki from Ame Agaru, Inspector Zenigata from Lupin III

Debut: 1995 (81st Class) A Map Without Borders
Troupe History:
1998 - 2002 Cosmos Troupe
1995 - 1997 Moon Troupe


2002: Legend of the Phoenix -Calaf & Turandot- / The Showstopper, Chinese Singer
2002: Castel Mirage / Dancing Spirit! (National Tour), Mr. McGovern, Welles
2001-02: Castel Mirage / Dancing Spirit!, Gambino
2001: The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette-, Jorgen
2001: Nostalgia Across the Sea / Millennium Challenger! (Chunichi), Souma Saburouta
2000: Nostalgia Across the Sea / Millennium Challenger!, Souma Saburouta
2000: Mayerling / Glorious!! (National Tour), Roiss
1999: Passion: Jose and Carmen / The Revue '99 (Tokyo), Nazarro
1999: Crossroad (Nippon Seinenkan), Claude
1999: Passion: Jose and Carmen / The Revue '99 (Grand Theater), Nazarro
1998-99: Elisabeth, Kempen
1998: Excalibur / Citrus Breeze
1998: Mugen Houjushou / This is TAKARAZUKA! (Hong Kong Tour)
1997: El Dorado (Grand Theater)
1996-97: The Descendant of a Baron / Grandes Belles Folies
1996: Cesare Borgia / Prestige
1996: Beyond the End (Nippon Seinenkan)
1995: Me and My Girl
1995: A Map Without Borders (Star)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2001-02: Castel Mirage, Claudio di Stephano
2001: The Rose of Versailles 2001 -Fersen and Marie Antoinette-, Count of Mercy-Argenteau
2000: Nostalgia Across the Sea, Akizuki Yatarou, Count Borodin
2000: Black Rose of the Desert, Kashim
1999: Passion: Jose and Carmen, Lieutenant Zuniga
1998-99: Elisabeth, Moritz Szeps
1998: Excalibur, Henry
1997: El Dorado (Grand Theater), Don Ricardo
1996-97: The Descendant of a Baron, Kennith
1996: Cesare Borgia, Andrea
1995: Me and My Girl

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

2002: Cosmos Troupe Encourage Concert
2001: Gypsy Night (Asamiya Mayu Dinner Show)
2000: Adieu Takarazuka 1000days Theater
1998: Revue Special '98
1998: Bow Voyage!
1997: Revue Special '97 - Christmas Eve in Takarazuka


  • She was chosen to write the monthly GRAPH column about her classmates (the 81st class) in 2001.
  • † Sono Mikage was absent from the Theater Drama City run of Crossroad. Saeki Chihaya filled in for role of Claude.

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