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Takamiya Sachi



Picture Credit: Nov. 1977 KAGEKI

Standard Profile Information

Name: Takamiya Sachi
Kanji: 高宮 沙千
Current Troupe: Retired
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired Top Star (1974-1976, unofficially)

Nickname: Piiko
Height: 160 cm
Birthday: Aug. 24th
Blood Type:
Hometown: Osaka City
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower: roses, cattleya
Favorite Colors: white, brown, navy
Hobbies: travel
Collections: accessories
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role: Onaka from "The Three Little Musketeers of Edo," Tamayuu from "Man of Starlight" (1977 Otome)
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1965 (51st Class) We Love Flowers
Troupe History:
1976 - 1979 Senka (vocal)
1965 - 1976 Snow Troupe


1978-79: Hokashu / C'est Charmant! (Star)
1978: For Whom the Bell Tolls (Star), Rosa
1977: The Revue (Snow), Sumire singer
1977: Le Pierrot (Snow), Golden Singer / Flower Fairy Singer
1976: Man of Starlight / Non, Non, Non (Snow), Tamayuu (musumeyaku lead)
1976: Poem of the White Heron / Monsieur Papillon, Yuu-hime / Yuri-hime / Aminta (musumeyaku lead)
1975-76: The Rose of Versailles: Andre & Oscar, Marie-Antoinette (musumeyaku lead)
1975: Burning in Firenze / Bon Balance, Pamela (musumeyaku lead)
1975: Burning in Firenze / The Star -Goodbye Maho Shibuki-, Pamela (musumeyaku lead)
1974: Scarlet Camellia, Blooming in the Snow / Funky Jump
1974: Bamboo / Romance Romantique (National Tour)
1974: Young Lion, Shake Your Mane / Inspiration
1974: Bridegroom Contest / Romance Romantique
1974: Bamboo / The Love Robbers (Shinjuku Koma), Piccolia
1973: Golden Sound (Star - special guest)
1973: Growing Up / The Love Robbers, Oiran Omaki / Piccolia
1973: Bamboo / Cante Grande, Juanita (musumeyaku lead)
1973: Spring Again / Sunrise Again (Fukuoka Sports Center)
1973: Falling Cherry Blossoms / Rhapsody in Love, Kame-no-Tsubone
1973: Chinese Milk Vetch / Rhapsody in Love
1973: Famous Music of Takarazuka / Parade Takarazuka (Flower - special appearance)
1972: Shining Now! (All Troupes)
1972: Melody of Falling Leaves / Nova Bossa Nova, Otsugi / Estrela (musumeyaku lead)
1972: Kagura / The Flower (Snow/Star)
1972: Town of Shooting Stars / June Bride, Maudry
1972: Kagura / The Flower, singer
1971-72: The Three Little Musketeers of Edo / Sunrise Again, Onaka
1971: The Youth of Peter I / Nova Bossa Nova, Sophia / Estrella (musumeyaku lead)
1971: The Youth of Peter I / Joy!, Sophia
1971: Crimson and White Plum Blossoms / Singer's Singer
1970: Snow Woman / Pollyanna's Smile, Aunt Polly
1970: Flower of Takarazuka / Hello! Takarazuka
1970: Spring Again / Folies Takarasienne
1970: Takarazuka Expo '70: Flower of Takarazuka / Hello! Takarazuka (Grand Theater)
1969: Noto Love Song / Love Parade
1969: Carousel, Nettie Fowler
1969: Festival / Hamlet
1968: Little One-Inch / Takarazuka '68
1968: Indigo, White and Crimson / Tristan and Isolde (Chunichi)
1968: Tristan and Isolde / Xango
1968: Tristan and Isolde / Love and Dream and Party
1968: Wisteria Viewing Banquet / Xango
1967: Oiran and Her Son / Xango
1967: Unforgettable Song / Cheers to Takarasienne!
1966-67: Murasaki Shikibu / Love Love Love

Shinjin Kouen Roles

1969: Love Parade, Franci

Concerts / Dinner Shows

1977: 14th Takarazuka Festival


  • Has two daughters, Takamiya Chinatsu and Takamiya Rina, who were also musumeyaku.
  • They share a web site and run a business on the side giving lessons to TMS exam students, and random people who want to learn to sing karaoke better.