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Standard Profile Information

Name: Serika Toa
Kanji: 芹香 斗亜
Current Troupe: Cosmos
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Current Top Star

Nickname: Kiki
Height: 173 cm
Birthday: January 20th
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Kobe, Hyogo
Favorite Food: strawberries, freshwater eel
Favorite Flower: gerbera daisies, baby's breath, dahlias
Favorite Colors: white, navy blue, black
Hobbies: going for drives
Collections: accessories
Special Talent: percussion
Origin of Stage Name: thought of it with her family
Favorite Role: all the roles she has received
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 2007 (93rd Class) Secret Hunter
Troupe History:
2017 - Current Cosmos Troupe
2012 - 2017 Flower Troupe
2007 - 2012 Star Troupe


2025: 110 Years of Takarazuka Love Songs / Razzle Dazzle
2024: Great Pirates / Heat on Beat! -Evolution- (National Tour), Emilio
2024: Le Grand Escalier
2023: Pagad / Sky Fantasy!, Joseph Balsamo
2023: Xcalibur (Toshima Arts), Arthur (top star debut)
2023: Casino Royale, Le Chiffre
2022: High & Low -The Prequel- / Capricciosa!!, ROCKY
2022: Never Say Goodbye, Vincent Romero
2021: Promises, Promises (Drama City / Toshima Arts), Chuck Baxter (lead role)
2021: Sherlock Holmes / Délicieux!, James Moriarty
2021: Hotel Svizra House (Toshima Arts / Umeda Arts), Herman Klausner
2020-21: Anastasia, Gleb
2020: Flying Sapa (Akasaka ACT), Noah
2019-20: El Japón / Aqua Vitae!!, Alejandro
2019: Memories of Barcelona / Nice Guy!! (National Tour), Antonio Jimenez
2019; Ocean's 11, Rusty Ryan
2019: Die Räuber (Drama City / Nippon Seinenkan), Karl Moor (lead role)
2018: Castle of the White Heron / Outsiders in the Renaissance, Lorenzo de Medici
2018: The Sky Is on the Banks of the Red River / Citrus Breeze -Sunrise-, User Ramses
2018: West Side Story (Tokyo International Forum), Bernardo
2017: Hanna's Florist (Akasaka ACT), Abel Johansson
2017: Wind Over Yamatai-koku / Santé!!, Kukochihiko
2017: My Hero (Akasaka ACT / Drama City), Noah Taylor (lead role)
2016-17: Snowflake Anthology / Golden Desert, Ger
2016: Romanesque Mask / Melodia (National Tour), Chevalier Danceney
2016: Me and My Girl, Sir John Tremayne, Gerald Bolingbroke (shared roles)
2016: Ernest in Love (Umeda / Chunichi), Algernon, Lane (shared roles)
2015: The New Tale of Genji / Melodia, Koremitsu
2015: The Rose of Versailles / Takarazuka Fantasia (Umeda / Taiwan Tour), Andre
2015: Embraced by the Seas of Calista / Takarazuka Fantasia, Roberto Gorgi
2015: Ernest in Love (Tokyo International Forum), Algernon Moncrieff
2014: Elisabeth, Rudolph, Gyula Andrássy (role switch with Yuzuka Rei)
2014: The Rose of Versailles: Fersen and Marie Antoinette (Chunichi), Oscar
2014: The Love of the Last Tycoon / Takarazuka Dazzling Dreams, Wylie White
2013: New Wave! -Flower- (Bow Hall) (shared lead with Nozomi Fuuto and Seto Kazuya)
2013: The Poem of Love and Revolution / Mr. Swing!, Charles-Louis Trudaine de Montigny
2013: Forever Gershwin (Bow Hall), George Gershwin (lead role)
2013: Ocean's 11, Linus Caldwell
2012: Streak of Light (Drama City)
2012: Saint-Exupéry / Conga!!, Albert
2012: At the End of a Long Spring / Canon ~Our Melody~ (National Tour), Jean
2011-12: Ocean's 11, Bob
2011: Lancelot (Bow Hall), Mordred
2011: Nova Bossa Nova / A Second Fortuitous Meeting, Keter
2011: Mei-chan's Butler (Bow Hall / Nippon Seinenkan), Aoyama
2010: Takarazuka Floral Dance Scrolls / An Officer and a Gentleman
2010: Romeo & Juliette (Umeda / Hakataza), a Montague
2010: The Prisoners of Lilac Walls (Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan), Jose
2010: The Treasure Sword of Habsburg / Bolero
2009: Saikai / Soul of Shiva!! (National Tour)
2009: The Legend of the Great King and Four Gods Ver.II
2009: My Dear New Orleans / A Bientôt
2008: The Scarlet Pimpernel
2008: Anna Karenina (Bow Hall)
2007-08: El Halcon / Revue Orchis
2007: Kean (Nissay)
2007: Sakura / Secret Hunter

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2014: The Love of the Last Tycoon, Bronson Smith (HY: Nozomi Fuuto)
2013: The Poem of Love and Revolution, Andrea Chénier (HY: Ranju Tomu) (lead role)
2013: Ocean's 11, Danny Ocean (HY: Ranju Tomu) (lead role)
2012: Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (HY: Ranju Tomu) (lead role)
2011-12: Ocean's 11, Rusty Ryan (HY: Suzumi Shio)
2011: Nova Bossa Nova, Mar (HY: Kurenai Yuzuru / Makaze Suzuho / Yumeno Seika)
2010: An Officer and a Gentleman, Zack Mayo (HY: Yuzuki Reon) (lead role)
2010: The Treasure Sword of Habsburg, Karl Alexander von Lothringen (HY: Makaze Suzuho)
2009: The Legend of the Great King and Four Gods Ver.II, Saryan (HY: Yumeno Seika)
2009: My Dear New Orleans, Pete (HY: Miya Rurika)
2008: The Scarlet Pimpernel, Farleigh (HY: Mahiro Shun)
2007-08: El Halcon, The Adjutant (HY: Miya Rurika)
2007: Secret Hunter

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

2023: KISS (Dinner Show)
2022: Fly with Me (Makaze Suzuho Concert)
2019: Takarazuka Special 2019 - Beautiful Harmony
2019: 55th Takarazuka Buyoukai
2018: Paris Festival 2018
2017: Takarazuka Special 2017 Je t'aime Revue -90th Anniversary of Mon Paris-
2016: Takarazuka Special 2016 ~Music Succession to Next~
2015: 53rd Takarazuka Buyoukai
2014: Takarazuka Special 2014 -Thank you for 100 years-
2014: Paris Festival 2014
2012: Takarazuka Special 2012 - The Stars ~Pre- Pre- Centennial~
2012: Reon!! (Yuzuki Reon Concert)
2011: Takarazuka Special 2011 - Dreams Built on Tomorrow
2011: Rendez-Vous (Todoroki Yuu Dinner Show)
2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful


  • Her mother is former Takarasienne Shirakawa Aki (65th class). Her father is pro baseball player Yamaoki Yukihiko.
  • Member of the 9th Group of Sky Fairies.
  • Featured in New Generation II.
  • Featured in Rising Star Guide 2013.
  • The nickname Kiki was given to her by former top star Aran Kei during her time in Star Troupe.
  • After attending a performance of The Glow of Sunset in Asuka / Takarazuka Splendor II, she was inspired to take the TMS entrance exam in the following year and passed the test on her first try.
  • She graduated 28th in her class.
  • Her appointment as top star coincided with the 25th anniversary of Cosmos Troupe's founding.
  • She has had the longest official run as nibante in the revue's history, at over eight years and across two troupes. Her first time wearing the feathers of a nibante was in the parade of Embraced by the Seas of Calista / Takarazuka Fantasia, and her final time wearing them was in the parade of Casino Royale.
  • She is the only sienne, current or former, to have performed in each of the revue's productions of Ocean's 11 - Star 2011-12, Flower 2013, and Cosmos 2019. She also played major roles in the shinjin kouen of the Star Troupe (Rusty Ryan) and Flower Troupe (Danny Ocean) runs, and eventually reprised her Star Troupe shinko role of Rusty Ryan in the Cosmos Troupe honkouen.
  • She won the 2012 Rookie of the Year Award, as well as the 2016, 2019, and 2021 Effort of the Year Awards.
  • She has been the image character for Hankyu Travel International since 2015.
  • The 芹香 (serika) in her stage name comes from the word "celica" (coelica in Latin) meaning "heavenly" or "celestial", while the 亜 (a) is derived from the stage name of her mother, 白川亜樹 (Shirakawa Aki). The 斗 (to) in her name was selected from a baby name dictionary.
  • Per her first photobook, her best subject in school was English, while her worst was math.
  • She comes from a tall family - her mother is 171 cm tall, her father is 192 cm tall, and her older brother is 203 cm tall.
  • She has a toy poodle named Candy-chan! The day after the senshuuraku of Hanna's Florist, she happened to visit a pet shop and immediately fell in love with the dog she saw there, but decided against buying her at first. After spending a single night thinking about it, she realized she couldn't bear to not have the dog in her life and came back for her the very next day. Originally, Serika wanted to name the dog Karaage (fried chicken) due to her appearance, but her family opposed it.
  • Her family also has a rescued chihuahua mix named Pudding-chan, who would often have sleepovers at Serika's apartment.
  • Originally scheduled to reprise her performance as Arthur in a 2024 re-run of Xcalibur, the show was cancelled on 12/19/23 due to troupe safety concerns.

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