Yurika Shiho


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Picture Credit: Je t'aime / Miroirs programme / Caithion / 2003 Otome

Standard Profile Information

Name: Yurika Shiho
Kanji: ゆり香 紫保
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Kayo, Ducky
Real Name: 山屋佳代 (Yamaya Kayo)
Height: 162 cm
Birthday: Oct 19th
Blood Type:
Hometown: Todashi, Saitama
Favorite Food: Rice, organic cooking
Favorite Flower: Orchid, Cherry Blossoms
Favorite Colors: Orange, white, gold, purple
Hobbies: Stage, cooking, driving
Collections: Accessories
Special Talent: Guitar, bass, drums
Origin of Stage Name: Someone she respects gave it to her
Favorite Role: Linda in Gone With the Wind, the wedding woman and wanderer in Say It Again, everything in Anna Karenina, White Street Hunter Boy in Takarazuka Dream Kingdom, Phyllis in A dream one day, A Condemned Criminal's Mother from Elisabeth
Would Like to Try Playing: Belle Watling in Gone with the Wind, Sophie in Elisabeth

Debut: 1995 (81st Class) A Map Without Borders
Troupe History:
1995 - 2009 Snow Troupe


2009: Nishiki-e of the Wind / Zorro - The Masked Messiah, Toypurnia
2009: The Last Snow of Spring (Bow Hall), Aunt
2008: King Solomon's Ring / La Mariposa
2008: Side Story: The Rose of Versailles -Girodel- / Miroirs, Nun
2008: I Love You - Je t'aime / Miroirs, Pensée
2007: Elisabeth, Condemned Criminal's Mother
2007: Hoshikage no Hito / Joyful!!II (Chunichi / National Tour), O-Shima
2006: Lucifer's Tears / Tarantella!, A lady
2006: Rose of Versailles: Oscar (National Tour), Catherine
2005: Silver Wolf / Wonderland ( National Tour)
2005: Milan Wrapped in a Fog / Wonderland, Lady Beauharnais
2005: Sleeping Moon (Drama City), Nohori
2004-05: In Quest of the Blue Bird / Takarazuka's Dream Kingdom
2004: Susano-o / Takarazuka Glory!
2004: Romance de Paris / Les Collages (Chunichi), Yasmine
2003: Romance de Paris / Les Collages, Paulette
2003: In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring / Joyful!! (national tour), Sunao
2003: In the Tender Light of a Fine Spring / Joyful!!, Ukon
2002: Saikai / The Splendor of 1000 Beats 2002 (national tour)
2002: Memories of Barcelona / On the Fifth, Zelda
2002: Gone with the Wind (Nissay), Linda
2001: Anna Karenina (Bow Hall)
2001-02: Flaming Love / Rose Garden
2001: In Search of El Dorado / Passage, Maid
2000: Department Store / Arch of Triumph, Yvette (special cast)
2000: The Man Called Bacchus / Splendor of a Thousand Beats (National Tour)
1999-00: The Man Called Bacchus / Splendor of a Thousand Beats '99
1999: Say It Again (Bow Hall)
1999: Meet Again / Nova Bossa Nova
1999: House Amid the Thickets / Ravir (Chunichi)
1998: House Amid the Thickets / Ravir
1998: Gone with the Wind (National Tour), Linda
1997-98: Shun'ou Fu / Let's Jazz
1997: Ghost at Midnight / Les Cherubins (Grand Theater)
1997: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Nippon Seinenkan / Aichi)
1997: Romanesque Mask / Golden Days
1996: Natasha of the Rainbow / La Jeunesse!
1996: Elisabeth
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino / Ma Belle Etoile

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2001-02: Flaming Love, Li Fei
2001: In Search of El Dorado, proprietress
2000: Arch of Triumph, Yvette
1999-00: The Man Called Bacchus, Marquise
1999: Nova Bossa Nova
1998: House Amid the Thickets
1997-98: Shun'ou Fu, Hinagiku
1997: Ghost at Midnight (Grand Theater)
1997: Romanesque Mask
1996: Natasha of the Rainbow
1996: Elisabeth
1995: Love Blooms Out on the Murasakino

Concerts / Dinner Shows / Specials

2007: Pure, Proper, Beautiful
2005: Golden Steps
1999: Revue Special '99


None yet.

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