Azusa Mayumi


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Picture Credit: princesslucia / Graph, February 1957 | jenebi / 1959 North American Tour Program

Standard Profile Information

Name: Azusa Mayumi
Kanji: 梓 真弓
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Musumeyaku
Status: Retired

Nickname: Ookawa-chan
Height: 154 cm
Birthday: Feb. 25th
Death: November 13, 1994
Blood Type:
Hometown: Kobe
Favorite Food: fruit
Favorite Flower: iris, carnation
Favorite Colors: purple
Hobbies: travel
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: from a poem by Kusunoki Masatsura: かへらじと かねて思へば 梓弓 亡き数に入る 名をぞとどむる - "I have already decided that I will not return here alive, so among the names of those fallen by the bow I shall inscribe my own name".
Favorite Role: little crane
Would Like to Try Playing:

Debut: 1943 (30th Class) Children of the Sun
Troupe History:
1968 - 1986 Senka (Japanese Dance)
1966 - 1968 Star Troupe
YEAR - 1966 Senka (Japanese Dance)
YEAR - YEAR Flower Troupe
YEAR - YEAR Senka (Theater)
YEAR - YEAR Star Troupe
1946 - YEAR Snow Troupe
YEAR - 1946 Flower Troupe
1943 - YEAR Flower Troupe (Western Dance)


1985: Flowers Strewn on the Western Sea / The Revue III, Kenreimonin
1985: Hana Mugen (Snow)
1984: Hanakuyou (Senka), O-Yotsu
1982-83: Lily in Love / Golden Dream (Snow), Grand Duchess
1981: Wandering Requiem (Snow - National Tour), Empress Alexandra
1981: Wandering Requiem (Snow), Empress Alexandra
1981: Flowered Garment / The Spirit (Flower - Chunichi)
1980: Hanakosode (Flower), Misao
1975: Spring Nightingale Song / Loving You (Moon)
1973: Famous Music of Takarazuka (Flower), Yugao
1969: Three Generations of Dance (Moon), Ayae / Wakakusa
1967: Farewell, My Youth / One World
1967: Kotobuki Shiki Sanbasou (Flower), Senzai
1960: Yamabuki / Splendor of a Thousand Beats (Star), Yamabuki
1959: North American Tour
1958: Autumn Dance -Melodies of Japan- (Snow)
1957: Autumn Dances (Moon)
1957: The Tale of Genji (Moon), Yuugao
1955: The Battles of Coxinga (Flower)
1955: Kismet (Flower), Misukah
1955: Yu the Beautiful (Star), Tao Niang
1954: The Boy Who Played the Flute (Flower)
1954: The Spider (Snow)
1954: Shirai Gonpachi (Flower)
1954: Momotaro (Imperial Theater), Kijiko
1953: A Woman's Life (Flower), Miyuki
1952: Le Chevalier de Paris / Kaguya-Hime (Flower), Flower girl
1952: The Tale of Genji / Broadway (Flower), Oborotsukiyo no Kimi
1951: Yu the Beautiful (Star), Tao Niang
1950: Montecarlo Wedding / Romeo and Juliet (Nagoya), Isabel / Anne
1949: The Three Cripples (Star)
1947: Sanza and Okuni / A Midsummer Night's Dream (Snow), Helena
1946: Essence / Madame Butterfly (Nagoya), Ada

Concerts / Dinner Shows

YEAR: Name of Show


  • In the 1950s she performed in several Takarazuka movies, including "A Girl's Detective Story" (Ojousama Torimonochou), "Madam Butterfly" (Chouchoufujin), & "50 Years Unfaithful" (Goju-nenme Uwaki).
  • In 1965 she made a guest appearance in Toho Kabuki, with Kamiyo Nishiki and Minami Yuuko.

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